Interesting Innovations

Whip out your Zapper

Interesting InnovationsA quick look in the mirror is all you need to spot Mount Everest on your cheek. You reach for the concealer, but nothing can cover up this monstrosity. You think a large bag over your head might be your only defense against the pointing fingers and pitying glances.

Zit Zapper to the rescue!

A new light pen called DermaStyle is promising to clear up acne faster than any prescription treatment or over-the-counter cream. The device, small enough to fit in your purse, need only be shined on those pesky pimples for a few minutes a day to generate noticeable results within the first week.


Nutritional Brewskies

Beer tastes good.

Beer makes us feel good.

But beer that’s good for us?


A Texas beer company has created a new brew that is not only vitamin-enhanced, but also eases hangovers. Stampede Plus (interesting name, isn’t it?) contains Vitamin B, the nutrient depleted by alcohol consumption. So this “special” beer apparently won’t leave us feeling like a load of crap the next day.


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