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Feed Your Libido

Lately, sex has lost its appeal. Your poor boyfriend has gone to great lengths to seduce you, but the only action he’s gotten has been a peck on the lips followed by a “Not tonight, baby. I have a headache.”

Do you and your man a favor and spark your sexual appetite with some food to put you in the mood:

1) Raw Oysters

A classic sexy food, oysters raise sperm count and testosterone production, because they are high in zinc. They also contain dopamine, a hormone that increases sexual urges.

2) Almonds

The smell of almonds has been known to arouse women. Surround yourself with almond-scented candles … or just feed your man a bunch of almonds so that he stores up energy for a serious sex session.

3) Chocolate

It’s been scientifically proven that chocolate makes us feel fabulous. That’s because it contains phenylethylamine, a chemical believed to produce the feeling of “being in love.” So there is no doubt that a little sweetness melting in your mouth couldn’t hurt.

So get munching, licking, sucking … whatever it is that will rev up your sex drive. After all, sex should not only be mid-blowing, but should also be fun.

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