TechCrunch.com Rocks My World


As a professional procrastinator, I’m always in search of fun and interesting websites to occupy my time. And although I wouldn’t call myself a “techie”–I’m no nerd — I have to admit that I love techcrunch.com. It’s a blog-like website that reports on and reviews new internet products. Yeah, it doesn’t really sound intriguing, but it is.

I just read about this sweet new social networking site called Kaneva; they call it “a place for 3D friends.” It’s a lot like myspace, but cooler. You create a regular 2D profile, but then you can transfer it to your “virtual world,” which is made up of your own personalized 3D apartment (i.e. your ideal dorm room) and hang outs (i.e. frat houses or the tanning salon). Best of all, you get to design what they call an “avatar” — a 3D person who you can make look just like you. You can even throw a dance party with your other virtual friends.

I spent a good two hours setting up my profile and let me tell you, I was up extremely late finishing up my 10-pager. Oops.

Anyway, you have to check both sites out.

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