Oops, I “forgot” my underwear!

britneymryuck.jpgWhen I see these types of pictures, my mind immediately screams DEAR LORD! and shuts down. It screams and freezes up for a few reasons.

The first one being I DON’T WANT TO SEE BRITTANY’S COOCH. Not in any capacity do I want to see that girl’s vagig. Hell to the NO.

The second reason these pictures render me thoughtless and actionless is because I can’t understand why ANYONE would wear a short dress without underwear.

The ONLY excuse is that maybe you’re heading over to a significant other’s place for a fun little rendezvous. “Hitting the clubs” is not a legitimate justification for leaving your panties at home.

So why are so many ‘celebrities’ doing just that? I don’t rightly know. My guess is it’s purely an attempt to get noticed. It has to be.

Why else would you risk disease (think of all the places you’re going to sit, what’s been there before…my god. I’m puking), a bare ass grope, or a possible crowd flash? The truth is, I don’t think you’d risk any of these things unless you’re a glutton for attention.

It’s quite possible that Brittany was insane during this period (it happened right before she sheared her own head) but was Lindsay Lohan insane when she stepped out of a car swarmed by paparazzi with no drawers on? What about Paris Hilton? Look, I’m all for being wild and free and crazy, but most of us aren’t going to be photographed while doing it. If you’re famous, chances are someone’s going to take your picture when you step out of that car. And if your cooch is there for all to see—all will see it.

It’s got to be a vanity thing. A weird, warped vanity thing combined with a need to be seen. Unless they just forgot. And in that case…they all need to go back to rehab and be taught how to think.

What’s your opinion on short skirts and bare bottoms?



    1. My own little secret says:

      Obviously you've never tried it. I double dare you to try it for 2 weeks, then give your opinion! Chicken!!!!!!!! And, obviously you've never had yeast infections and been to your gynecologist, who, by the way, recommends letting your privates breathe away from those silk panties that are actually the worst thing you can wear.

    2. katz says:

      Suggest you read Pantiless in New York City regarding yeast infections. i’m not advocating exhibitionism (tho I would emphasize presonal freedom where it shouldn’t bother anybody at all) but historically, “panties’ are a rather recent imposition as far as women’s fashion goes. As “My little secret says” says gynecologists recommend not trapping germs such as yeast where they’ll have a nice, warm, moist, dark cozy place to grow out of control!

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