I Have Paris Hilton’s Email Address

feud.jpgOh celebrity cat fights — proof that girls really never outgrow their middle school caddiness. And the one silly socialite we love to hate, Paris Hilton, has again pissed off a friend, or should I say ex-friend (this girl seriously goes through BFF’s like it’s going out of style).

You’ve probably heard the latest on what went down yesterday between Miss Hilton and former Dancing with the Stars contestant, Shanna Moakler. But let’s recap.

Fellow MySpacer, Shanna posted Hilton’s email and phone number in her blog. Hilton’s rep is saying the whole incident was “unprovoked” and is calling Shanna “mean-spirited” and “childish.” Now ladies, if you’ve got nothing nice to say, you shouldn’t say anything at all.

Even though I think it’s all so hilarious, I have to agree that Shanna did act childishly. However, I doubt she threw Paris’ contact info up on her MySpace page for no reason. Paris is no angel.

Either way, these girls need to grow up and get a life. And maybe I should get one too and stop reading about all of their stupid drama every day (but I’m oh-so addicted).

Read the full story here.



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    2. Roma says:

      If somebody have Paris' mail

      please share your treasure!!!

    3. Balbina says:

      please share it with me i want to ask her to buy me a hause i am very poor and with two kids i work at school and i also attending college…

      Thank you,


    4. Daniel says:

      I Like Paris Hilton and I always will till the

      day I die, That is one lady I would love to meet

      Maybe in my next life. I like her for her not for what she did, but for her. hear is a kiss for her. X LOVE Dan

    5. Alia says:

      I really like paris helton and i have a msn and i would like to write to her and i am a big fan off and if any one nos please tell me please

    6. emily says:

      i am a paris hilton fan and i would love to meet her one day i hate the way people talk about her and they dont even know her but they speak about like that but any way i hate people like that xx

    7. marjorie says:

      hi pls…

      share ur blessings….

      pls tell me the email of paris….

      pls im begging u!!!!

    8. chuck williamson says:

      I LOVE Paris, she is so "HOT"!!! I would give anything to do a porn pic with Her!!!!!

    9. sadiq says:


      i like paris hilton so much. so please give me her email.

      i want to meet her.

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