Virgins Just Wanna Have Fun (too!)

Holding, touching, kissing, fingering, licking, sucking, moaning, laughing, screaming, orgasming.

virgin.jpg Hot, right? Well now that I’ve gotten you all riled up, I’ll postpone telling you what all of those things have in common until later. First let’s talk magazines.

I compiled this list after I quit reading Seventeen Magazine. I still love their make-up section and some of their real-life articles are really interesting, but I got sick of skipping past the good chunks of pages about prom, college admission anxieties, and high school drama in general.

So in natural progression I thought I’d switch to Cosmo. It’s all the same material but for an 18+ audience right? Well sure it’s 18+, but is it really useful for this 20 year old? Not so much. Turns out, I can’t afford the clothes they advertise, I don’t have to deal with office politics yet, and most of all… I really don’t need their sex tips.

No, I’m not being cocky (you’ll see the irony in that in just a second)

I am a virgin.

No that’s not a typo, no I don’t mean I’m a virgin to reading Cosmo, or an alcohol virgin (lost that one a while ago). What I’m saying is that I still carry around that big fat V-card for the old fashioned no-strings-attached virginity.

Confused? Allow me now to Tarentino it and explain what those 10 delicious words are all about.

Holding, touching, kissing, fingering, licking, sucking, moaning, laughing, screaming, orgasming.

These are all things virgins can enjoy and, to the shock of many, actually do enjoy. I like to call it Virgin Sex: the ability, nay, the right we virgins have to experience sexual pleasure without the actual act of intercourse.

Sound a lot like foreplay? Well, it is, minus the “fore” part since for us, it’s the main event. I was surprised to learn that most non-virgins, (and even some virgins) think that it’s gotta be all or nothing. They think you go to funky town or you stay home. You either read Seventeen, or Cosmo.

Well what about middle ground? What about CollegeCandy? (Which I see as a good middle ground though also seriously lacking in some V-Card blogs.) What about the road that leads to funky town? (Well at least I think I’m funny.)

Well ladies, newsflash: if you think that no guy wants to engage in foreplay at all, and especially not without the guarantee of sex – you’re being cheated. I have met many a guy willing to jump in the sack with me, fully aware that I’m a virgin and that sex was not on the menu.

The best hook-up I’ve ever had was with just a random guy I met at a bar. When he started to kiss me, I said that I didn’t want to lead him on – I had already told him I was a virgin, and I really wasn’t going to have sex with him. He smiled. “I know, but it doesn’t mean we can’t have fun.” And have fun we did.

So to all you V-carders out there who feel like they’re missing out on the sensual college lifestyle (but who also don’t want to end up like this idiot): it doesn’t have to be that way! True it can be challenging to seduce a guy when you aren’t planning to follow through with intercourse, but as long as you are honest and stick to your guns, you too can enjoy your collegiate virginity.



    1. Tara-lynn says:

      Not to be mean, but hooray – lets celebrate you and your virginity – yawn…stretch…sigh…

      Well THAT was fun…I could see if you are doing it for some reason: world peace, waiting for love, marriage or you're some weird scientology sect – but you are just not doing it to SAY that you are not doing it.

      Rock out if that's your only identity – but whatev – you are just gunna disappoint yourself when you do if you have built it up in your head like this.


    2. Cathy says:

      ….I'm actually really glad you wrote this article, I'm not a virgin but i've recently (for my new years resolution) givin up sex, i hate have to worry about feelings and heart breaks, not to mention STD's or even getting pregnate. It's such a PITA. It was also a spiritial cleansing, and a Big Fuck you to to all the guys who will only talk to girls to "get some" more power to you, i wish i held on to my virginity a lil longer. I'm having fun and i'm happy and STD free and so that's all that really matters

    3. Jill says:

      So let me get this right you will suck a guy dry but you won't let him enter your vajayjay. Some virgin! It's like going to the greatest restaurants and just having the appetizer and saying you are satisfied.

      imo… this is more about control that really loosing your virginity. You want to carry that badge so you can look all moral and righteous. Puh-lease… if you're doing all those things with a random guy you met at a bar then what makes you so different from me?? Just coz you didn't have intercourse. Wake up and smell the no-whip,soy,double latte.

    4. Tessa V says:

      I think this is a great article. I am a 20-yr-old virgin, and it's about time that somebody pointed out that we do have wants, needs, and some good ideas about how to have fun.

      In response to some of the other comments, I didn't see this as some self-praising piece. I'm not a virgin because of some moral or religious reason, nor am I waiting for true love, the truth is, I'm just paranoid about "waking up pregnant," as they say, which would be somewhat dream crushing during my junior year of college.

      Thanks again for the article, it's a perspective on virginity I think a lot of people forget to take.

    5. Darcy says:

      I say, have sex if you want to, and stay a virgin for the same reason! It's really very simple, which is why I never understood losing it at 14 or keeping it till 40 was such a big deal.

    6. jake says:

      I hate to tell you this but you're not a virgin. If you dont consider oral sex to be sex, then you're not doing it right. Oral sex is way more intamate then intercourse, I mean you actualy have to be face to **** with it.

    7. travis says:

      you suck guys and you say you're a virgin jen?! haha! nice try, but you're no virgin– join the slut club.

    8. megan says:

      thanks for writing this

      i'm a virgin as well and i still have ALOT of fun with guys

    9. bill says:

      Please visit jesus-is-lord website.

      Thank you.

    10. AkaRai says:

      Quite frankly, you're dead wrong, and NOT a virgin.

      The definition of a virgin is "one who is pure and untouched" and obviously if you've had a dick in your mouth, or a tongue in your snatch, you are neither pure, nor are you untouched.

      The definition of sexual intercourse is "contact between the male and female genitals OR contact between one set of genitals and any part of another person's body."

      You're ignorant, and only lying to yourself if you believe you're in some way more pure or less of a slut because you let semen splash against your face and mouth rather than your vagina. Stop being a stupid hypocrite, and accept the fact that you're simply an uneducated coward.

    11. Johnny says:

      This blog entry made me smile.:)

      I mean, you tell a guy at the bar that you're a virgin, he gets all turned on, imagining how he'll fuck you tonight. Of course, being a dry vagina you are, you tease him for a while, untill it's late, and you send him home with a kiss on the forehead.

      Next morning he calls a friend and tells him about how he 'picked up and almost fucked a virgin'.

      You log onto your blog and write about the 'romantic experience' with a guy who said '[even if we don't have sex] it doesn’t mean we cannot have fun'.


    12. Wolverine says:

      What is this?

      If you wanna be a virgin for whatever reason then do it by yourself!

      No need to tell anyone else do the same as you did.

      They all have their own life and you're not a god to tell them what is right or wrong.

      Save it for yourself whatever you think!

      Jeez.. *middlefinger*

    13. Ron says:

      do you realize that only 1 of 2 things will happen as a result of this. you are gonna get fucking mouth herpes or end up getting raped because you got some guy riled up and told him no when you led him on……. your fucking stupid, this blog is fucking stupid and no one gives a shit who you fuck, good bye

    14. Mike says:

      Anyone who involves themselves in these activities, should consider themselves anything but a virgin, except under the most narrow-minded of definitions. You are taking part in sexual activity and risking yourself to STD's (SEXually transmitted diseases). A zebra of a different stripe is still a zebra.

    15. Jen says:

      Gee, some of these comments sure are rude and out of line.:/ Personally, I'm really glad you wrote this article.😀 My boyfriend and me are both virgins and we've been together for over 9 months. When people ask about it, they react very surprised when I tell them this and they say they feel sorry for my boyfriend. But I think that's ridiculous! We can get each other off without actual sexual intercourse, so I don't see the problem.

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