Apparently, Girls Like Muscles

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At least, that’s what a new study reveals which was conducted between 2002 and 2006 on college campuses across the country.

According to the study, men who are “well-muscled” are way more likely to have more sexual partners and more flings than their compatriots who are less brawny (but perhaps more brainy?) The article also points out that these muscle men are twice as likely to have affairs with women who are married or in serious relationships.

All of to which I respond, “no shit!”

Of course women are more likely to be physically attracted to well-built, machine-like guys! The act of sex, while encompassing any number of emotions, is an inherently physical act. If a girl is choosing a guy for a hot night of passion, what girl wouldn’t choose the beautiful sculpture of a man with abs of steel, rippling pecs and bulging biceps over the beer-bellied guy who looked like he could have posed for Picasso, with jiggling love handles and hair growing out of places never before thought possible? Your average girl is gonna take the Adonis every day the week and twice on Thursdays. And you know what? Despite not falling into the muscle-man category, I don’t blame you girls in the slightest.

So why am I not driving myself crazy to bulk up and get huge so I can land the girl? Well, there’s a catch.

Luckily for all us non-muscled guys, the study claims that girls really only prefer well-built guys for their trysts. When it comes to relationships, girls actually tend to fall in love with the less burly guys, because they are deemed to be “more faithful and romantic” while the meatheads strike girls as “more domineering and volatile.” Nice.

Again, none of this is news to me. You see, despite my recent proclivity to seemingly have one one night stand after another, my natural inclination is to be in a relationship. I enjoy being in a relationship. I operate well as a boyfriend. And so to be told that my workout routine (or lack thereof) reflects that part of my personality comes as no surprise to me.

Nor does it surprise me that over the long term, girls would be more attracted to the less-brawny types. Why? Because an amazing sex-life simply doesn’t last forever. In the long run of any relationship, physical attraction ultimately MUST give way to emotional and intellectual attraction in order for the relationship to survive. And on this note, please allow me to reveal one of my longest-held stereotypes. Generally speaking (and I mean generally… this obviously doesn’t hold true for every single guy), I believe that guys who are crazy about lifting weights do so because they are compensating for something. No, not for the size of their genitalia (although I’m sure that’s true for some). More often, they are compensating for the fact that their personalities rival those of brick walls. Some guys can spark a fire inside of girls with their striking wit and their sparkling sense of humor. But your basic jock isn’t going to have much to say if the conversation isn’t focused on him and how much he can bench press. He needs an “in,” and his “in” is his body.

Anyhow, I’m sure none of this really comes as breaking news to you girls either, as its you guys who are actually deciding to sleep with the jacked-up badasses while falling in love with the skinny softies. But now you have something to think about the next time you’re on the beach ogling that gorgeous guy with the perfect torso who, quite frankly, damn well knows that every girl within a two mile radius wants to get him in the sack. He might be a great lay, but he’ll never be the long-term answer to all your dreams.

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    1. Darcy says:

      Another kind of smugness is for a guy to completely let go in terms of physical appearances because of over-confidence in his personality.😛 I know, that sentence sounds so weird, but I've seen it happen.

      A nice balance is best, of course. Us girls would all like a cute and smart boyfriend to have fabulous sex with, and then a great conversation with afterwards.

    2. […] I am skinny. I know girls like muscular guys It’s time to get that nutrious meal and do some exercise, anyone wanna join me for jogging […]

    3. Luis says:

      You forgot the footnote that says every girl absolutely hates fat guys.

    4. Eric says:

      I think thats a pretty generalized opinion. I work out 6 days a week and am a muscular guy, but at the same time I like to believe I am intelligent and personable as well.

      I think the "guys that lift weights are compensating for something" opinion is just an excuse for people that are too lazy to get to the gym and stay fit and healthy..Just my opinion..

    5. paul says:

      ha ha what a load of bullshit!

    6. cris says:

      damn did you see the pic of the blond hair german at the top of the page his body is cut but why does it look like hes looking into the sun

    7. Tim Seaton says:

      I just want to add, a lot of guies like perfectly chissled men too. I know I do! Hands off girls!

    8. Ryan says:

      Women love muscles duh! They also like successful men who are ambitious, loving, caring and have a personality. I don't like the generalisations on people who build muscle. I work out 6 hours a day, 7 days a week and can honestly say it has nothing to do with what you are talking about.

      Trainning is like a meditation a challenge in the day its more to do with goal setting and trying to beat your personal bests in the gym then to do with building muscle at all. I don't work out for women I work out for myself. This type of goal setting builds character or I should say a stronger character then the lazy beer chugging wanker who has no sense of purpose in their life.

      Weight trainning or building a body is not easy or something people do not choose but more likely they can't achieve because they don't have the mental will or character to do it.

      So stop making excuses about why certain men are more attractive to the opposite sex and realise that they earn't that right through grit determination.

      Something serriously lacking in your personality (or should I say unattractive in your personality)

    9. aethyrsleepr* says:

      Way to generalize all men who are in shape. I bet if you consciously looked after your own fitness and worked out you wouldn't say this.

    10. josh says:

      Ryan no offense but if you're not training to be a professional bodybuilder, or powerlifter and you're working out 6 hours a day, 7 days a week then not only are you overtraining but you must also have a damn lot of time on your hands

    11. adam says:

      K, now my turn.

      1) Having an extremely well-built body puts you well above the rest of the bachelor pool. I used to be a skinny little shit and got nowhere with women. Now girls literally eye fuck the shit out of me.

      2) You act like guys with muscles are all "domineering." That's just bullshit. You can be flabby and average and also have a shitty personality. You can also be muscular and be funny and have a caring personality. Now that's the combo!!!

      3) Have you ever made a girl come ever time you've fucked her? Yea, maybe its the muscles?

    12. Random DudE says:

      i agree wid Adam…muscle does make a bit of a adds to your looks….and definitely having muscles doesnt mean that you dont have brains…so "brain and brawn" Vs "only brain"…huh brain looses any day! so decide which side are you on?

    13. Austin says:

      Just because a guy has muscles doesn't mean he isn't smart or isn't suitable for long term relationships. I've been working out for 4 years and am pursuing a mechanical engineering degree. I've also had my share of relationships in the past. Maybe some guys don't like looking like twigs that can be snapped in two. Girls like a guy who takes care of himself. Maybe some guys want a little bulk. Who cares. You make it sound like, because or your own physical appearance, you feel the need to put down those who care about how their bodies. Tell me what's wrong with exercising. Lots of people do it. Oh, and "meatheads. Seems like you lack confidence with yourself which isn't gonna get you anywhere with a women.

    14. T Freckman says:

      Your post leaves out so many relevant factors I am almost forced to suppose it all stemmed from your sense of inadequacy. I am a 51 year old man. I have been a competive body builder and powerlifter for most of my teen/adult life. I weigh 250 lbs, wear a 52 jacket (athletic cut) have a 19 inch bicep and do not use steroids. I am also a retired US Army 1SG, graduated with a BS in Accounting (magna cum laude) have been married to the same woman for 30 years, have, well, you get the picture.

      I admit that some men who work out do it for all of the wrong reasons. A few of the more vapid posts (above) seem to bear that out.

      I guess the point is don't generalize. Some big guys just like to work put and don't do it to "get laid."

    15. colby r says:

      I have a very big problem with your statements above. I workout 6 days a week, and am in competitive bodybuilding and play on my college rugby team. I have a 53 inch chest, 21 inch biceps, and last but not least, a 3.59 cumulative GPA at a major University. Your comments just show that, in the past and maybe present, you have failed with women, and blame that on your looks, or lack of. To all my fellow so called “meat heads” lets keep doing what we do guys, and pump iron, pull good looking women, and make pencil neck guys jealous!

      1. asf says:

        no need to capitalize 'university' since your not using it as a proper noun here

      2. Auz says:

        lol powned……

      3. Jon says:

        Note how the chap above started the first three sentences with the pronoun "I". This was followed by the first sentence not containing the pronoun "I" which contained a value judgement, suggesting the original author of the stimulus article had "failed" with regards to the opposite sex. In Australia, we would call the guy who talks about himself all day (and incidentally, rattle off their body measurements to 2 significant figures and GPA to 3 significant figures) a self absorbed wanker which in more politically correct terms would be termed a 'narcissist'.
        With regards to the merits of weight training, regardless of one's predisposing body type, everyone can benefit from incorporating it into their weekly fitness regime. Sure some body types may respond better to weight training, but then again I have seen ectomorphic body types who have been able to put on some muscle mass. Then again I wouldn't mind having the frame of Roger Federer or Rafa Nadal who are indeed ectomorphic or as the eloquent Colby would put it, 'pencil neck' guys.
        PS Using GPA to add weight to the implied assertion that one is intelligent is rather tragic.

    16. marco says:

      Wow, most intelligent people would analyze their thoughts before publishing them. Then, through careful analysis they would find the holes and faults with their thinking. You really missed the mark toward the end where you started expressing opinion. Your study results at the beggining seem pretty accurate.
      I have been weightlifting since I started doing pushups at 12 yo., it became a way of living for me that feels great, have been successfully married for longer than you (I know because a man with my level of maturity and experience would not make comments like yours)…and…I keep my physique on only several hours a week while a care for my loving family and my business the rest of the time. I see more skinny men abusing their families than well adjusted muscular men. My joints, for your narrow mindedness, feel stronger and smoother and less painful when I keep in top shape than when i go through long periods of no workouts. I may not have the sharpest wit but my co-k hangs well and my spouse loves it. Maybe you should study interviewing BEFORE you practice writing. Your the kind of guy who Creates Stereotypes to support your own agenda. Sheesh, get schooled !

    17. AnonymusTroll says:

      A new study has shown women who date guys because of their muscles are twice as likely to get fat than women who date men of power lol

    18. AnonymusGeek says:

      I think guys who focus way to much on their appearance are gay.

    19. How To Mack says:

      This is quite possibly the worst thing that I have ever read…
      made me want to puke!

    20. kLPantera says:

      I lift weights, run, and also intelligent. So you article sounds a bit biased. Venting much?

      1. kLPantera says:


      2. Bob says:

        Intelligent huh? That's why you forgot the copula (the to be verb "am") in your first sentence and why you forgot the "r" on the end of "you" in your second sentence. I've met plenty of smart beefcake, but even they would take the time to write a proper sentence which you seem utterly incapable of.

    21. dave says:

      i have a friend whos about 180lbs and not too ripped, but you can see his abs and you can tell he lifts weights even when he's wearing a baggy t-shirt. So let me say this. He pulls girls and i dont care what anybody says, girls are attracted to a soemwhat muscular guy. My friend has had girls actually come up to him and ask for his number many times. But as for the last part of what this guy wrote is bullshit becouse my friend has also had some great relatioships with girls that have lasted. I agree that this guy is kind off mad becouse he wont/cant put in the work to get a muscular body so he just writes this and says that in the end, the muscular guy loses out and ends up single. NOT true. The only part he a was right about was the first part. Becouse that was a real study done. you can google it and see it for yourself.

    22. Hal says:

      Lol ,why can you be a muscular guy and a romantic bf? Cuz u suk and jealous?

    23. Guest says:

      Buff men are wife and girlfriend stealers and most husbands and boyfriends will typically kill them out of jealousy.

    24. AUz says:

      I work out and i Historys my fav subject! u treat guys who work out like dumb blondes

    25. elnino559 says:

      i was very out of shape and a year later i've become ripped … but i'm still the same guy. though i am well aware that a lean, well-muscled body improves sex appeal, one-night stands isn't the end point for what i (and most other men) do in the gym. it's about taking care of yourself and looking your best!

    26. faith says:

      lets take our shirts off comfortably all together

    27. Derek says:

      Well, it just goes to show you that there's a lot more to long-term attraction than just good looks. You definitely get more initial attention the higher up you are on the "hotness scale" but It takes a lot more than looks to be compatible with someone and to keep the relationship going long-term.

    28. faith says:

      here is fastest result to get six pack

    29. very interesting. But I still strongly believe that most guys still wanna be 'muscular' without looking steroidal or scary because s*x is what most guys are looking for.

    30. nickyhansard says:

      It’s funny that there are so many guys here writing that it isn’t true because they’re buff but also smart, yet they aren’t smart to comprehend the many disclaimers in the article about it being a generalisation and there being exceptions. Did it occurr to you that maybe you guys might be the exception because the typical egomaniacal meathead probably doesn’t care enough about the subject to even look up an article like this.

      Out of the percentage of buff friends I have, the majority fit the bill. Sexually appealing guys that typically get laid whenever they want but have the intelligence and imagination of a door, that’s not to say they have a particularly bad personality but that in of itself doesn’t make somebody interesting.

      I workout (I’m not particularly buff) and I believe I’m intelligent and reasonably interesting but I’m very shy because I was a fat kid. So I might be an exception to the stereotype but I am compensating for something, it gives me a confidence boost and increases the chances of a girl actually trying to get into my pants. Than when I’m comfortable with them they see those other aspects of me.

      For the record I do have a partner and I think she’s much more attractive than me but I have enough of both the mental and physical attributes to keep her interested short term and long term.

    31. no one told u not to b buff and steel wives and girl friends mr. insecure, and muscles doesn't land a sensitive loving partner mr. Buljy Booms

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