A Girl’s Favorite Sex Position is…

sexual position

Everyone has their own way they like it.

Their own fantasy, their own mood-lighting, their preferred music…when it comes to the sexual encounter, there are infinite ways we women get our libido up and running. But apparently, according to this iVillage poll, there’s one position that ranks above the rest.

And it’s surprising.

Over 200 women have taken the “What’s Your Favorite Sexual Position” poll in the last couple of days, having the option to pick either A) Missionary / Man on top, B) Woman on top, C) Doggy Style or D) Other.

You wanna know what choice is winning as of this posting?

Doggy Style.

Now, maybe this doesn’t surprise you, but I’m certainly taken back. I had no idea that so many women genuinely enjoyed this position. Without going TMI on you, I have to say I’m not D-Style’s biggest fan, and certainly wouldn’t pass up choice B for it.

It’s always seemed like guys get the most pleasure from this posish, especially since it lets them feel all powerful and caveman like. I’m sure there’s ways for women to find it sexually pleasurable…I’m just not one of them.

So tell me, girls…does everyone know (and feel) something I don’t? Is D-Style really the way to go? Or have men (weirdly) infiltrated the poll in an attempt to get women everywhere to fulfill their personal sexual needs?

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    1. Kelly says:

      I like it cause then you can *Attend* to yourself while having sex. Plus the guy can go for longer. It just takes a while to find a good angle at first.

    2. lauren says:

      I am not such a fan. It makes me feel a little too much like a prostitute.

    3. Crystal says:

      doggie-style = awsome!

      what’s not to love? it’s comfortable, easy, less tiring, convenient, and the list goes on….

    4. Darcy says:

      I rather hope that people don’t spend time thinking about the political correctness of their positions in bed and just enjoy themselves.

      If doggy style makes a girl feel like a prostitute…I think it has more to do with how the man is treating her than from what angle he’s banging her.

    5. chrisie says:

      I actually agree with Darcy on it being more of how the man is treating her than from what angle.

      But personally I enjoy doggy style, just because if you get the angle just right it feels really good, or for me, it goes in deeper I think.

      but my man can't ever finish like that, so we usually change positions a couple times anyway.

    6. Elaine says:

      Penetration is deep and wonderful. We still have control and power in such a position, I know I do.

      Different strokes for different folks, thank goodness, otherwise we'd all be bored silly!

    7. Katie says:

      I Love Doggy style!!! i guess what i like most i the feeling that i am pressed so closely to the man that i love. penetration is really deep and if he really wants to bring you over the edge, he can rach around to rub my clit. I don't feel like a prostitute at all. I feel like i have moreso given myself to him wholly. Also sometimes, i have found that the feeling of being possessed is a HUGE turn on!

    8. Adrienne says:

      More intense orgasms; perfect for hitting the famous G spot; very primal; the best method of achieving intense orgasms!

    9. Tiffany R. Barger says:

      i dont like doggie style because he goes in too deep and it hurts me. i love when he is on top taking control of it.

    10. Amy says:

      Well, I don't agree that doggy is that great! It is somewhat impersonal, and too much focused on the deed rather than connect between 2 individuals.

      My favorite is Girl-on-top facing is intense, comfortable, can give me blended clitoral and vaginal climaxes,and puts me in's me who decides when my bf climaxes..and I ensure he 'earns' it by giving me multiple Ossss..:P

      Typically a sex session lasts 45minutes to an hour..I guess student stamina lol!!! The most explosive variant of girl-on-top sex is 'WINDMILL' where I rotate on him as I squeeze his penis deep in with PC muscles.He doesn't last more than 3 rounds!

      Another trick I'd share with my gal pals is to perform super-hot Max-out foreplay to make him last. I use a white, moist (not wet), big- square handkerchief to tease my man's scrotum and the underside of his penis. As he nears climax, I pull his sac down and stop ejaculation. I do it 5-6 times before I begin sex!:) During girl-on-top sex, I double handkerchief foreplay thrill by pulling half the cloth between his ass crack and over perineum and wrapping his balls vertically tying a knot at the penis base. As I ride I tighten the sac-knot and squeeze his penis with my PC muscles. He MOANS!

      Then I tighten his scrotum handkerchief knot to rub against my clitoris…double sensation get me multi O's! He finally gets SHOT. HARD!!😉

      Girls, try all this and lemme know how it went!!


    11. Tomi says:

      I love dogy postion! It is sutable position to penetrate to both direction(viginal and annal)

    12. kitty says:

      woman on top…:)

    13. teresa says:

      Not a big fan of doggy style…..I am more of a rider….Cowgirl or better yet the reverse cowgirl

    14. mike says:

      i love doggy but girl on top is the way to go.

      its even better if a girl knows how work her ass and hips…

      you know who you are!!!!

    15. bella says:

      i think woman on top is the best position for woman…:). n i love 2 be on top..:)

    16. suzy says:

      woman on top

    17. ashley says:

      on top is best position

    18. Heather says:

      From what I’ve gathered, I think doggie style is great for guys in general and for females who can’t orgasm through other positions. I do like it on occasion.

      My BF is really big and so for me, multiple orgasms is pretty much a given. My favorite is the women on top facing him. I straddle my BF and move along the base of his penis. I have moaning orgasm after orgasm and he usually lasts for 20-30 minutes.

      He’s really big and I love being on top so I can maximize the pleasure of having clitoral and deep vaginal orgasms by moving at my preferred rate.

    19. tania says:

      i like it cuz he just pounds me till i bleed!

    20. Tracy says:

      Girl on top position facing him is my favorite! I agree with Heather…being on top and in control is important for me to get my orgasms my way and also delay his climax. It also put my tight, athletic bod (especially my boobs, flatboard stomach with a navel ring and thighs) on display for him. I am a model, so I may be a bit of a show-off..:P

      Amy, your handkerchief technique sounds hot! Will surely try it next time. I've used a scarf to stroke my bf's balls before…but this handkerchief knot during sex is new stuff.

      I'll share how it went!

    21. Chino says:

      umm. im a guy. i like doggy style, but i am ALWAYS afraid that im going to hurt my girl friend. umm. she enjoys it i assume.(she requests it from time to time)

      but i like, as a guy, girl on top. better experiences, she has control so that i dont hurt her. but hey, sex is about freedom and enjoying what you are doing granted you also please your partner(im a pleaser, im sorry)

      i think whatever is right for you, you should do it.(not anyone directly, just in general)

      have fun with it.

    22. Sweetie_pk says:

      Girl on top is best position for girls.But i enjoy when she lay down with back up .I fully strech on her.

    23. d says:

      doggy style feels amazing and just hits the right spot

    24. sexyboi says:

      helicopter!! haha

    25. lily says:

      i dont like doggy style either. it hurts. i prefer girl on top n missionary

    26. Fuck says:

      If she'll have sex it's good enough but I do prefer cowgirl

    27. lou says:

      I had sex with a girl last night and I was quite surprised that after I had given her oral,she muttered something and got straight into the doggie position.This girl seems quite shy and a little awkward which I find kind of cute.I hope she chose that position for her enjoyment(because I find that sexy) rather than being submissive.

    28. I had sex with a girl one time, i never saw her again.

      1. Thats FUNNY says:

        hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhhhhahahahahahaha AWESOME!!!!!

    29. Shelley says:

      Amy, interesting. I'm gonna try that.

      I'm a huge fan of the doggie. The hit is right on the g-spot and I don't usually last for more than 30s in that position. And it's just so naughty and dirty. Sure it makes me feel like a prostitute, which is a plus–I *love* being treated like a hooker in bed… as long as I'm treated like a lady out of bed =)

      1. Amy says:

        Shelley…did you try the handkerchief trick? How did it go?

    30. Big Lou & amy says:

      My favorite is the Idaho buck ( girls legs pent to shoulders .my girl is petite is Awesome for her its Doggy-style she turns into a drill sargent givin commands as I pound her its very tiring as we both collapse after 45 min to a hour of sex…… Lets me do the Idaho its Worth it:)

    31. Kenedy koome says:

      Guys i like dogstyl or fucking a girl wl she’s seated n am studing,it’s waoooh

    32. mikey says:

      i prefer the doggy style……uuhh it feels soso good. Anytime i bang my girl in dat position she cries out in pleasure “ah ah uuuuuhhhh oohh god baby kep bangin harder” damm it turns me on d more,,,,,,,,

    33. Bhim Pand says:

      i like girls on top

    34. yogesh says:


    35. Lyra says:

      I love this position, it feels kinkier to me. Not sure why. God it feels amazing…gets the job done:)

    36. bigdaddy says:

      All the comments r very interesting, all the single girls here get back to me and ill show u the real doggy style! And that girl that says the guy fucks her till she bleeds?? :s ewww that’s fuked…..r u sure ur not on ur period wen he fucks you? Anyways I enjoy doggy style, and sometimes switch it up and let my gf b in charge.

    37. Educationist says:

      Tracy you are correct. My wife Susan likes to be on my top. This is the best for both of us as I love to kiss continuously while having sex and she has her boobs pressed against my chest which gives her pleasure. This way it delays my ejaculation and thus her orgasm. We have truly been enjoying a good sex life since we married last six years. She is a white blonde girl and I am from India but we both love and she is truly my soul mate.

    38. 2580pet says:

      Personally I ly D-style bcoz it meks one fully satisfied in bed 4 it hits the g-spot n wat meks it intresting it meks mah gf moan n calling me names try thar u wil feel great its real kul try it.

      1. Thom says:

        Please learn to spell. It is quite easy, really. Maybe take some remedial English classes, or something! Thanks.

    39. diego says:

      gal on top. . .

    40. joseph says:

      wowww this cool but d best style i tink is girl on top cuz it d most lovly sex position girls lov this style, u no d guy have access to suck her nipple trace her waist kiss her ad this makes yur girl feel gud. guuuuushhh

      1. Sorry Say What says:


    41. valerie says:

      I feel so old fashioned and stupid but… I like missionary. And I hate when my hubby pulls away from me to make faster thrusts, I rather like lots of body contact and kissing.

    42. kitkat says:

      You prudish ladies need to get over yourselves.

      “I don’t like DS cuz it makes me feel like a prostitute”?

      If you’re not a prostitute, and you’re not a whore, why would you feel like a prostitute? Is your man treating you like a whore, or do you have personal issues? Why would one angle be more “whorish” than another? Its all sex; the dingdong goes in the hoohoo. Even if we were talking about anal. What would that make you? A desirable woman who knows how to satisfy her man?

      I feel sorry for your husbands/BF’s, stuck with miserable duds like you😦

    43. Sir shadow says:

      I am all for pleasing my girls but i love girl on her back and girl on top doggy style isnt really my thing but if its requested ill b glad to do it. Girl on top feels really amazing if she can contract her vaginal muscles while sliding up. Girls keep riding guys ask the girl wat she likes maybe u will b better off. Make sure guys unless she says no eat her out

    44. Khan says:

      I like D style and girls on top thatst all give you more enjoyment and also my gal like tis…

    45. dIlawar says:

      Well personally I haven’t made love to any girl but I really like standing position when man comes from behind while both r standing straight esp when he is taking her ass.hell it turns me on and I masturbate straigghtaway.

    46. khan says:

      i like dogi position in this position a girl looks so sexy it may b a bit harmful for her i persenel like to fuck a girl by lying her down and up her legs.

    47. khan says:

      Always i like to fuck a girl by lying her down under my body up her and cought her both both bobs tite in my fists and wile fucking speaking to her hot and full sexy talk without any shame

    48. Guesty says:

      As a guy, I prefer woman-on-top because I am lazy and would rather let the chick work.

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