Male Models? This Woman Wants Her Men Fat!


Here at CollegeCandy, we like ourselves a good man. Someone hot, smart, funny…fat?That last word is probably not on many of our “Things I Want in a Guy” lists, but at least one woman is speaking out about her love of the Corpulent Man.

European author Tobsha Learner is in love with a “voluptuous” man.

Describing him as “Paddington Bear with dangly bits”, Learner explains that her man’s weight—and his apparent acceptance of it—makes him much more alluring than the “fatless, hairless, allure-free atheistic” many male models and celebrities carry around these days.

“My eye has changed when I now contemplate the current ideal of male beauty that is thrown at us innocent, but equally voyeuristic, women from the billboards” Learner writes. “The hollowed cheeks, thin flanks, bony hands and knees that once said edgy, dangerous, a challenge to seduce and illicit in bed, now says undernourished, undersexed, uncomfortable, narcissistic (narcissists are lousy lovers) and probably a closet smoker.”

Learner isn’t into being with a man who spends more on beautification than she does, and also admits that her mate’s weight allows her to feel better about her own body.

She goes on to say that sex with a guy much heavier than her has it’s own anthropologic (think caveman alpha male) magnetism, and “the cuddle factor is huge”.

Personally, I agree with part of what this FFA (that’s Female Fat Admirer if you didn’t already know) is saying. I enjoy a man who’s still got some “rugged” in him, whether it means an unshaven chest, a complete lack of knowledge of anything manicure or pedicure related, or just a simple love of the outdoors and grass stains. I was horrified to learn a boy I recently dated shaved his chest because he thought it’s what all girls wanted, and cringe every time a straight man walks near a bottle of hair gel.

And yes, Tobsha, being with a guy who isn’t so wrapped up in his appearance probably means he’s not going to hound you to wear high-heels to bed or click his tongue disapprovingly when you reach for that second Oreo. There is something comforting in that fact, I’ll agree with you there.

But even though I’ll travel halfway down your road, I can’t go all the way, because I do feel that if I’m in the gym every other day, my man should be conscious of his health as well. I’m trying to be healthy and fit. I want someone who thinks the same way. He doesn’t have to be a bodybuilder or a triathlete (God knows I’m not), but being active and in-shape is a must.

What do you think, lovelies? Do you, like Learner, think chubby guys are the way to go? Do you even care? Or must you always have beefcake with a side of shaven armpits?

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    1. Sara says:

      My boyfriend is slowly turning into a beefcake on me-and its pissing me off. Hes "guy dumb" about girlie things but the time he spends worrying about his body pisses me off. I sometimes wish he'd just let it go and go back to being scrawny.

    2. deni says:

      I think it doesn't matter wether a man is chubby or not, in fact it doesn't matter at all, because women are looking for character, attitude and self esteem in a man, not the way he looks.

    3. Blaine Garrett says:

      I think there is some balance between being comfortable and being healthy. I know a lot of women are actually turned off by the hard body muscular physiques. However, on the other end of things is the portly man that is more apt to get diabetes, heart disease or any number of conditions related to excessive weight. However as a slightly furry guy as well as considered overweight (by those silly height weight scales), I appreciate this post. However, chances are, I am not going to trade in the cobb salad for twinkies to gain a more alluring portly bod any time soon.

    4. Dani says:

      I may be in the minority here, but I'd take a guy with the physique of a male model any day over a fat/pleasantly plump/chubby guy, all other things being equal. I just find it hard to resist flat abs and svelte bodies.

    5. Miguel says:

      Well, although I am a man that is SOLELY attracted to other big men, I would implore you to realize that the man in todays world really doesn't have to be skinny or chubby to be a bad guy and vice versa. In fact, I think that a man that is chubby is more aware of the realities of life and might be that much more understanding when a woman loses her physique because we all know that it's a harder world out there for woman than men when it comes to the physical and appearance. Think twice about looking at a man that is cute but people might not approve because he is chubby? That might be the man of your dreams ladies….Best to you all…

    6. Emily says:

      I lean towards the bigger guys. The bigger the better.:) I like the chubby guys with soft bellies. It just the way I am.

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