Sex, Drugs, and College: How to Party Safely


With the return of classes comes the return of dorm hookups, frat parties, beer pong competitions, and keg stands. It’s all fun and games, until someone loses an eye!I don’t mean to get all Mom on you, but all of us have had at least one partying experience that ends in waking up with a hangover, vowing, “I’m never drinking again. No, seriously. Never again.”

Usually, this vow holds up until the next happy hour…

And now that shcool has started up for most of us and we are finally getting into our college routine, here comes National Campus Safety Awareness Month!

Unfortunately, when it comes to words of warning, cliché advice like “watch how much you drink” and “don’t go home with strangers” often goes in one ear and out the other, until you find yourself still tipsy, doing the walk of shame back to your dorm, heels in hand.

So, keeping in mind that you won’t be abstaining from alcohol or random hookups all together in the name of campus safety, here are my tips for keeping yourself safe:

Safety in numbers: Before you head out for the night find one of your suitemates or someone in your dorm to plan to head home with later that night. If you’re going to be belligerently drunk, at least have someone to stumble home with! It’s safer than walking back alone, and it’s a good bonding experience too.

Friends don’t let friends drink and text: Drunk-dialing is so 90’s. Now it’s all about the drunk text—a subtle message at 3:27AM asking “hey, you up?” (code for, “hey, want to ask me to come over?”) Want to avoid day-after awkwardness? Trade cell phones with your roommate. You’ll still have a phone in case of an emergency, but you won’t be able to call that cute guy in your study group.

Don’t drink and screw: I don’t mean to preach; have a good time and hook up by all means, but try to keep the shots to a minimum. It’s a lot easier to regret something (or someone) you did than to regret something or someone you didn’t do. There’s always the next night!

Don’t be afraid to be overly cautious: Not to rain on your parade, but sometimes it pays to be careful. My friend recently told me about a night in college that she went shot-for-shot with her boyfriend. 16 shots later, she was blacking out, and her boyfriend refused to take her to the hospital because he claimed he could handle it. Luckily, she woke up fine, save for not being able to recall about 12 hours, but uh, don’t do that.

If your friend is laying in a pool of her own vomit and looks like death, at least consider getting some help for her instead of propping up a pillow under her head and putting a bucket next to the bed.



    1. Ashleigh-Anne says:

      “If your friend is laying in a pool of her own vomit and looks like death”

      HAHAHAHAHA I LEGIT LOL-ED OUT LOUD AHAHHAHA THERE’S NO WAY THATS TOO FUNNY, bad experience, but a funny phrase for all the wrong reasons

    2. Some dude says:

      yo good tips… i def wished i read this before a certain night i passed out in the dorm bathroom…

    3. sunnyali says:

      HI. I M SUNNYALI MY MOBILE NO: 0323-5127855

    4. Wesley says:

      some dude sounds a lot like my boy manny who fortunately didn't miss his classes because a janitor woke him up in time.

      holy shit sunny. i refuse to call or text you merely for the fact that i don't plan on racking up long distance charges to kazakhstan or wherever you're from.

    5. yuo john says:

      when ever i drink too much i black out nd wake up in a pile of my own feces and vomit; next to which is a used condom with some blood. The smell is completely disgusting but im pretty used to it by now. however i do fear that soon i will start breaking out if i donlt start washing my face before blacking out.

      Is there any pill that will allow me to remember to wash my face before blacking out? I mean i tried taking a lot of ecstasy but it didnt work.

      what should i do?

    6. […] In terms of college standards, this girl had a really good night. The idea of making memories out of unmemorable nights is dangerous and unhealthy. Nobody enjoys getting sick, yet weekend after weekend some college students continuously push their alcohol intake limits. Pushing the limits in terms of sports or business is great, but pushing the limits when it comes to one’s health and safety is never a good thing. Heavy drinking causes memory loss, impaired motor skills, confusion, and dizziness. So why do college students drink? Because alcohol increases sociability and decreases inhibitions. These effects contribute to the stigma attached to alcohol. Perhaps the stigma attached to alcohol will ease when college students master the art of safe partying. […]

    7. bjkckjba says:

      Hahahahahahahahahhhahahaha at john

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    9. […] goes for ALL OF YOU, please NEVER NEVER do it alone!!! Stumbling in any condition at 2am anywhere is not safe enough to go it alone!!!), and certainly that is harder if you’re worried about running into […]

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