Appalachian State is HOT HOT HOT!

Recently, Appalachian State University was in the news for winning a big football victory over Michigan. You may not have heard about it. It was also in the news because super smart Miss South Carolina talked about going there to continue her studies in “looking pretty, acting dumb”. You may not have heard about that, either.

But after today, you’ll never be in the dark about ASU ever again.

It’s not the biggest University in America, and it doesn’t have the biggest profile, but there’s something about Appalachian State that’s just…I don’t know…hot.



    1. lauren says:

      This makes it so much worse that we lost to these people.

    2. ASUstudents says:

      No article about winning against a D1 team but you guys pull out a video that came out about4 years ago…

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