Nair Wants Hairless Little Girls

nair prettyYou know Nair.

That smelly white cream you put on your face for 3 minutes every couple of weeks to keep the girlstache away? That stuff that can burn your face off if you don’t wipe it in time? That stuff you hate?

Well, they’re coming after your little sisters.

In an all-new advertising campaign, Nair is targeting “first-time hair removers”—girls ages 10-15.

With a sparkly new bottle and two new scents, kiwi and peach (which, I’m assuming, smells exactly like every other Nair scent: sh*tty), “Nair Pretty” is all about enticing girls without much hair to take off every spare stub.

“I am a citizen of the world,” the bottle proudly states. “I am a dreamer. I am fresh. I am so not going to have stubs sticking out of my legs.”

While I’m not convinced there’s a direct correlation between hairy legs and having no dreams, the marketers behind “Nair Pretty” seem pretty sure that they’re doing a monumental good in the lives of little girls everywhere.

“When a girl removes hair for the first time, it’s a life-changing moment” claims the Vice President of marketing for the company that purchased the Nair franchise in 2001.

If she means life-changing as in realizing that society hates hairy girls and she’ll be chained to her razor for the rest of her life…than sure.

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    1. Bicycle Guy says:

      Society wants hairless females these days and I agree with that. If ten year old girls dread the arrival of pubic hair why shouldn't they have a product that fills their desire to stay hairless "down there"? Bravo Nair!

    2. Wow says:

      To the user above me…

      Um…maybe because they are 10?!?!

      No 10 year old girl should be using nair…especially since she would barely have any.

      Lets not make little girls feel bad about them selves

      on a mean note to the guy up there-stop watching child porn.

    3. Anonymous says:

      Society wants hairless little girls because they are H・A・W・T

      @ Wow NO U!!!11111

    4. Lucy says:

      Um, to Anonymous…gross.

      Yeah, Nair would probably be too advanced for me if I was ten. Aiming for ages 13-15 would seem a lot better. I didn't even know I was supposed to shave my legs when I was ten.

      I'm not that horribly offended by it though. They're just trying to expand their product to all ages, money, money.

    5. Valerie says:

      I thin anon. was joking. I hope. But this is really disgusting. Aren't there laws against marketing to children? And if there is nair for 10 year old girls, why don't we start marketing to 10 year old boys to 'improve' their appearances. sick.

    6. Worried Mom says:

      My daughter is 9, and is asking to shave her legs…Her hair is dark and very noticable..She is soft hearted and takes comments about it to the heart, and get really upset about it… I felt the same way growing up…It's better than shaving and cutting her legs to pieces and end up having scars…

    7. Evil Cookie says:

      I remember when I was about that age. I had thicker, darker hair on my legs, and people had no problem pointing it out, especially in a malicious manner. I would have done anything to get rid of it. I agree with Worried Mom, a hair removal product marketed toward kids would be millions of times safer than a little girl experimenting with mommy or daddy's razor when they tell her that she's not allowed to shave her legs.

    8. love it says:

      I think we should allow hair to grow naturally and leave it alone. Nice hairy little girls. mmmmmmm

    9. Mel Whitsel says:

      Give your young daughters a gift lasting their lifetime!

      Start waxing their body hair when they grow their first fuzz and it is just long enough for waxing. Age has nothing to do with when to start! Every little girl is different and begin growing fuzz at different ages.

      When more begins growing, repeat the waxing immediately. Four to six times is about all that is needed. Elapsed time between waxings will become farther apart. Follow ups will become rare if ever.

      She should never need a dozen treatments. Before this number of times:


      Isn't this a wonderful gift to give your daughters? No shaving needed. No plucking. Only a very rare waxing will ever be needed.

      For this method to work, YOU MUST START EARLY! This has nothing to do culture, social or religious beliefs. Your childs hair will begin growing when it is ready to grow.

      You will most likely have to do home waxing. Most salons will not wax children. If they don't or can't understand your feelings and desires, they may try to report you to CPS or the cops. I feel sorry these busybodies, but don't give them any opportunity to ruin your life!

      Live your own life even if you disagree with me. Be happy.

      Thank you for your time. Best wishes. Mel.

    10. I want to! says:

      I am 12, and have a lot of light brown hairs on my leg. i wanna shave, and my mom has ffinaly given in but insists she helps me the first time. we bought intuition, but havent used it cause shes just TOO BUSY. her words. not only am i getting impatient, but think- i am 12! when something goes thru ur mind, u need to get what u want or cant stop thinking bout it. i am now so self concious b/c of my furry legs… in gym, i sweat in pants, at practice for sports, leggings and while i swim… i hide them and go in a corner for a lot of the outer water wamups. PLEASE, DONT DO WHAT MY MOM DID! ive turned into a nervous wreck b/c of her. when she is 10 i suggest go up to her and say whenever u feel like getting a razor DONT B SHY and tell me. if my mom did that boy it wuoldve been a lot less stressful. do u want ur kids to feel how i do?

    11. Cyn says:

      My daughter is 11 and I was actually thinking of getting something like this for her. Only because she's extremely hairy – and when I say that I don't mean the normal hair most kids have on their legs and arms, etc. I mean … hairy like a guy. She did start shaving under her arms but hasn't touched her legs yet. I haven't decided for sure whether to let her use something like Nair or an electric shaver (after the long stuff is cut off first).

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