Who Wants to Smell Like A Vagina?!

0920_vulva_perfume_wenn.jpg You know when you walk into your dorm room and get a little skeeved out because it’s like, real obvious someone just had sex in there?

Well, apparently, there are people who want that slight but noticeable smell around them at all times.

Vulva Original (I’m not joking) is one of the newest sexual oddities to hit the market.

Its developers insist Vulva “is not a perfume”. Instead, they describe their product as “a beguiling vaginal scent which is purely a substance for your own smelling pleasure.”


Developed in Germany, where a “research team” is working on complimenting the original scent with two new smells, “Exotic” and “Eighteen” (I mean, Jesus!).

Vulva Original doesn’t have much media surrounding it besides an explicit website with lots of vague references to sex.

Although, I guess if you’re selling something that supposedly smells like vajayjays, there really isn’t much to say besides “buy this if you like the smell of vagina”.

As for me, I’ll stick with my scented candles.



    1. Cardy Gan says:

      That makes some good sence or sent ha

    2. vagina smeller says:

      who wants to smell like that, everyone tries to cover that smell, even the girls themselves

      it lingers enough as it is

    3. Gbenga says:

      It appears as burning flame and therefore it gat to be hot

    4. L.L.Prasad says:

      I am a very enthusiatic to smell the vagina of women

    5. L.L.Prasad says:

      I want to smell the extreme bad smell of vagina of a woman to enjoy the sex. those who wants to provide the same i will ever grateful to you and i also wants to smell your ass hole also. thank you

    6. paul davis says:

      there are good vag smells and bad……..

      and many reasons for different smells. i have spoken to many woman about this. usually dried pee on pubic hair makes a musky smell. it can get strong. i prefer a slight hint of it without the pubic hair there. its much more tolerable. fresh womans cum usually doent smell or smell real bad. period is the worst smell because of dried blood and rotting flesh from the wall of the womb shedding shin. but some woman give off a smell that makes a man very excited and instantly hard. i believe its a pharamoan. i have smelled it rearely. now thats the best smell i have ever smelled. not all women have it. i think it may come before there period. i have smelled girls young and old. and i must say they almost all have a smell down there. baby wipes can get ride of the pee smell each time if used every time a woman wipes……….

      paul davis

      frankfort ny.

    7. vagsmelling guy says:

      I like to smell like a vagina.

    8. thinking... says:

      ya it has a very nice smell andf uniqe smell

    9. thinking... says:

      young girl has uniqe smell but old and mareid girl smell is not good, in my nigber i say to aswet young girl who is my girl friend for smelling his pussy firstly he say no but when i smell it i found a uniq smell

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