New Bra/Torture Device Hits the Market

faveofreedom1.jpg Have you ever thought, “you know what? Screw traditional strapless bras, I want to squish my boobs into a semi-torture device!”

No? Well, someone has.

The Faveo Freedom Bra, invented by “scientist / business woman” Joanne Morgan, is supposedly the next best thing in undergarments, but looks to me like the next best thing in uncomfortable.

After buying a strapless dress and having no bra to wear with it, Morgan decided that instead of returning her purchase, she as going to whip something up herself. “I started to experiment with new ways to invent a bra.”

Morgan is quoted as saying, “I had my Eureka moment after a couple of glasses of wine.”

Her “Eureka moment” seems to consist mostly of a belty-strap thing that squeezes each individual boob and a piece of fabric that goes over the front. How this actually provides support or is even worth buying is beyond me, but maybe that’s just because I’m not a “scientist / business woman”.

Want to see more? Check out the instructional video after the jump!

What do you think? Would you drop $50 on this bra / belt / fabric that squashes your boobies?

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    1. hanabira says:

      it looks horrible- how could this ever give a nice shape?

    2. Mal says:

      I'm thinkin that i wouldn't be worried about nice shape… i'd be worried about how my boobs would be feeling crammed into that thing!!!:)

    3. viv says:

      No way, Jose

    4. Krisi M says:

      If you want to look like you have "rock in a sock" tits, buy it!

    5. RICK says:


    6. Yani says:

      This bra is horrible.. this looks like a torture device , plus it is not sexy at all. I think any man would get turned off by looking at this on their wife or girlfriend.. I will stick to Victori's Secret or Frederick of Hollywood, Thanks!

    7. whoosit says:

      This absurd contraption will one day be in a Bizzare Bra Hall of Fame.

    8. Bree says:

      This bra doesn't really look like it gives too much lift, and additionally, I would be afraid of it popping off during the day.

    9. Sandra says:

      I think this would be a really a great item for myself.Its looks a little tough to use but I would take a chance and buy one.Where can I purchase this item?

    10. karensarahjane says:

      Hi – i've bought this bra, it doesn't squish your boobs at all! and is about 100 times more comfortable than a strapless bra! have you girlies never tried one of those horrible stick ons that rip your nipple off when you take them off? the journalist has tried it… and she reckons its brillinat. i suggest you try before you comment- because this bra is actually a miracle- the models boobs are picked up about 4 inches

      amazing! ps i'm a liquor girl!

    11. Shopalicious says:

      I guess this is the polar opposite to bandeau-style strapless bras that squish the girls flat! Maybe there's a chance that it works?

      Lisa, editor

    12. Karissa says:

      I honestly don't think I'd ever try something like this! This particular bra has a de-motivational poster that jokes about it over at

    13. TheGirlNextDoor says:

      OMG, this thing makes boobs look so unnatural! It's so ugly! I don't care if it's comfortable or not I don't want my boobs looking like THAT.

    14. Allyson says:

      I can't tell if the lady in the video just has really weird looking boobs or if that's the bra.

    15. Sally says:

      I think the concept is cool, if you watch the entire video you learn a lot about it. It makes sense with the silicone how it is comfortable and how it stays on and provides lift and shape. I actually think it's a great idea for a night out. Wouldn't wear it for an everyday bra, and I imagine that is not the intended purpose. It looks like it would be very comfortable too.

    16. Melody says:

      Watching the video gives you a better understanding of the bra – and it sounds as though it would probably work pretty well. I think it might be better if there were more 'demo' photos – showing women of different sizes/shapes so you actually get a better idea of how it fits.



    17. Allyce says:

      Call me Lazy, but it appears to be to much effort to get it just right. I am already always late for funtions and this wouldn't help. Alternatively I would now have an excuse for being late.:)

    18. lola says:

      I want to know how to make one. do you use a smaller bra cup? And also can you wear one that dose not have the sticky stuff?

      I love it!!!

    19. Booby Lover says:

      I'll offer to hold them up for you ladies😉

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