Get Me Out Of This Co-Ed Bathroom!!

54578576_dfedb6bda9_m.jpg I’m a progressive girl. I’m all about equality.

But give me my own bathroom.

Co-ed bathrooms are one of college’s biggest mysteries. Who thought it would be a good idea? Who decided that it would be totally cool to completely devoid college kids of any type of privacy? Did none of the inventors of co-ed bathrooms ever have a crush?

And if they did, how could they fathom perhaps bumping into that crash while they still had pimple stuff on their face and crow’s nest on top of their head?

I just don’t understand it. The bathroom is sacred. Private. It’s not a place I want to discuss homework or chat about the newest TV show.

I don’t want to step out of the shower and come face to face with the captain of the lacrosse team. I don’t need that sort of horrible awkwardness in my life.

Also, in case no one’s noticed, guys and girls take very different approaches bathroom etiquette. Guys often think nothing of taking the entire sports section into the stall with them and staying in there for hours, while girls prefer to get in and get out without anyone really seeing.

Dealing with a dining hall “situation” (that bean burrito went through you a lot faster than expected) in a public restroom is bad enough, but passing a guy going into a stall at the same time as you? Incredibly, painfully embarrassing.

Has anything good ever happened in a coed bathroom? Has a romance ever blossomed by the hair-clogged showers or toothpaste encrusted sinks? Have the genders ever come together in perfect harmony underneath the harsh florescent lighting? I don’t think so.

After years of strict separation in high school, many freshmen probably look upon co-ed bathrooms as a titillating experience during their first weeks, but as time goes on, they learn the tired lesson that bathrooms aren’t for sharing.

Got a co-ed bathroom story? Let us know!



    1. Darcy says:

      You know, I actually don't mind it much. I've brushed my teeth with guys at the urinals behind me, and I've showered while looking at the gigantic unpedicured feet in the next stall while shouting profanities over the sound of falling water. It was fun

    2. John Ianetta says:

      I don't see a problem with coed bathrooms. Nothing like getting a peek at a hot girl's vagina (or if you are a girl) a guy's package. Seriously, we should all be comfortable in our own skins and our genitals don't need to be private.

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    4. rajesh says:

      I would love to be in a co-ed bathroom just so I can see girls naked or in their beautiful skin. It's also a great place to get close to girls and become friends as well and seeing them as one of you instead of some mysterious goddess that is always charming and hard to get. There is nothing wrong with being close and comfortable across genders. However it's understandable that sometimes it can be awkward. That's true of any public bathroom, not just co-ed. I do like my privacy and I would have issues with that but that's not always. So it's a good tradeoff for me.

    5. kevin says:

      Her in Europe co-ed rest rooms are no big deal. It seems only like the prudish Americans have a problem. But then here in Europe we teach our kids to be not ashamed of your bodies and that sex is alright. Which might explain why we have lower violent sexual crimes than in the US.

    6. bobby says:

      suck it up, slut

    7. Sarah says:

      totally agree with Jess on this one.

    8. jason says:

      suck it slut

    9. Stefani says:

      Co ed bathrooms? What happens if girls and guys see eachother naked in the showers? Does that mean they have sex?

    10. Sheree Wright says:

      I really don't see how co-ed bathrooms are going to hurt anyone – genitals are your friend and they are meant to be shared with everybody.

    11. Michael says:

      I am out of school but when I was in school we had co-ed floors. Bathrooms were still same sex but it was no big deal to see someone of the other sex in the wrong bathroom. I must admit the first time I was taking a shower and a girl walked in and started taking a shower I was somewhat startled…but after it happens a few times it is no big deal. On our floor it was not a big deal if someone of the opposite sex was using the toilet either. There were a couple of time I was in the girls bathroom puking when we had keg parties and the girls were very nice about it, one time I was so sick one of the girls actually helped me take off my clothes and get in the shower to get myself cleaned up. There was nothing sexual about it. Now that I am thinking about was really a pretty cool experience. I think seeing the girls naked all of the time was a good experience for someone who is 18-20 years old, it makes you much less inhibited and less crazy about seeing girls naked?

    12. Courtney says:

      I think co-ed restrooms are insane. There are enough problems with sexual assault, perverts, rape, people using toilet cams, up the skirt cams, sexting, etc…in a normal atmosphere. Even if nothing happened, the fact that someone can think of your body later during there "private time" makes me ill. I have never been prude; in fact I’m quite the opposite, but there has to be a line. My body is my body and I have enough trouble with men gawking and making comments when I'm clothed in public. I don't trust people I don't know. I will never step foot in a co-ed restroom and when I have kids they won’t be going to any college with one.

    13. Christopher says:

      I am living in a co-ed bathroom and it is very awkward. The way the bathroom is structured it could be very easy for a guy to just walk in and take a peak at my body. My body is my body and I should be the one to say who should see it. And just to the previous comment that 'genitals should be shared' or whatever crap those private parts are apart of someone else's body who has full right to say whether or not they should be 'shared'. And they should also be 'shared' by someone that you trust not some creeper that wanted to take a peek.

      I understand love your body and all but privacy and permission should still be considered!

    14. Zipaa says:

      Pathetic welps, nothing wrong with co-ed bathrooms.

    15. C-man says:

      see right here people like you make the college life awkwark as HELL!! im out…

    16. bobby says:

      video started playing in the sidebar when I loaded this page.

      collegecandy, don't do this.

      maybe this was an accident, but your website has already been added to my personal block list.

    17. Ques says:

      personally when i was in college we didnt have coed bathrooms but there were always guys in the girls bathroom and girls in the guys bathroom its college who cares there are going to be embarresing moments and who cares if u run into that "crush" or whatever because im pretty sure that u would wanna see them naked anyway

    18. Stacy says:

      Do guys accidentally pop boners in their? That would be embarrassing. As a girl were lucky…when were wet no one knows.

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