Jennifer Love Hewitt Criticized For Not Being Thin

lovesplash_468×519.jpg Every girl knows that unless you’re some kind of anomaly and super okay with every inch of your body, the idea of being scrutinized in a bathing suit is a thought horrifying enough to keep most of us in sweats forever.

Why then, are so many people interested in breaking down celebrities who aren’t frighteningly thin?

Jennifer Love Hewitt is the most recent victim of badly angled paparazzi photos, and I have to say, I feel every inch of her pain. Sure, the girl isn’t skinny, but she’s not fat.

So there are a few instances of cellulite. So she has a waist thicker than a pencil. So she’s not wearing a ton of make-up at the beach. How many average women does this describe?

I’m happy that JLW isn’t thin. Even though I don’t watch her show (I mean, if we’re being honest here…it’s totally boring), I think she’s a good role model for girls all over the country who have boobs and an ass.

She’s on TV and she’s not a size 0. There’s hope for us all.

Like most women who see unflattering pictures of themselves posted online, JLW is pissed off that the photos are being used to cut her down.

What I should be doing is celebrating some of the best days of my life and my engagement to the man of my dreams, instead of having to deal with photographers taking invasive pictures from bad angles.” She posts on her website. “I know what I look like, and so do my friends and family. And like all women out there should, I love my body.”

To all girls with butts, boobs, hips and a waist, put on a bikini — put it on and stay strong.”

Bad angles or not, I’m glad she allowed herself to human and hurt by public scrutiny, and was brave enough to post something online.

It’s an old, tired, worn-out argument, but why being a size 2 or lower is so important to our society still doesn’t make sense to me. Aspiring to be fat isn’t something we teach our kids, so why does it work the other way around?

What do you think? Are you on JLW’s side? Or is being skinny really the only way to go?



    1. zoe says:

      i completely agree with you, theres more than one bloody shape to be isnt there? the more women out there like JLH who promote a healthy lifestyle, the better, but at the same time i have to question how helpfull it is to constantly have these articles everywhere encouraging women who have a butt, boobs and so on. god knows how many magazines etc have told me over the past couple of years while my body has been deciding on its adult shape how much more sexy men find curves, how great it is to have boobs and 'look like a real woman' great… if you have the ability to get said curves in the first place.

      loosing weight, for anyone, if they have dicipline, is possible. growing boobs and a butt, for me, without surgery, is not. i find it incredibly demoralising to read over and over again about how men dont want 'stick insects' and curvy girls are sexiest, i WISH i had curves, no, honestly, i do, but i dont. and im sick of the whole world acting like im some bitchy ice-queen who survives off lettuce and 7 gym trips a week. being slim and toned is my only way of feeling attractive so i wish all these blogs and magazines would cut us naturally a bit more straight up-and-down girls some slack!

    2. Mimi says:

      I absolutely agree with Zoe's comment. Though I appreciate JLH's words about loving your own body, I do feel like her last statement (“To all girls with butts, boobs, hips and a waist, put on a bikini — put it on and stay strong.”) would discourage those girls who do not have those curves that society says is 'essential' for sex appeal. I understand she was probably trying to make other women (who are accused of being fat because they aren't size 0s) feel comfortable in their bodies, but to me it seemed as if the message could be taken the wrong way by those of us who are naturally slim and without hourglass curves.

    3. holly says:

      I call this the jennifer love hewitt syndrome, did you see her body when she was a teen? she had the skinny skinny waist and arms,nice legs and HUGE breasts, how can you naturally have a waist that small and boobs that big? you're bound to pan out…(see Tyra Banks).

    4. Casey says:

      "How many average women does this describe?"

      But no one wants to be average. The fact that the "average woman" is curvier than what you see in magazines, TV, etc. is not the issue. It's the fact that women don't WANT to be average. They want to be toned and slender. So saying "you're fine, because you're average" Is like saying it's ok that you're big because you're just like everyone else. No one wants to be like everyone else. Everyone wants to be better then everyone else.

    5. Janers says:

      I think she looks great.

      That's all I have to say

    6. jfk says:

      She is not a size 2. Not saying she's fat but come on, I think that will only make girls look at her thinking she's a size 2 and thinking damn, I must be huge cause I'm a size 8. She's at least a size 8.

    7. CT says:

      jfk…umm did you even read the article? JLH never said what size she was and neither did the article. The writer said that society’s expectations of women is a size 2 and under. I applaud JLH for not being stupid like most of hollywood and which make’s girls who have a healthy body feel they are fat.

    8. IlluminaZer0 says:

      Thin ladies can have big breasts as breasts are not merely a product of fat, but glandular tissue as well.

      Aside from that, I think the problem with women is twofold: they are stuck in the entire "thin vs fat" mentality, and that many do not see the beauty of a well developed body.. (Only breasts and ass for the most part.) Too many women think that being in good shape is merely an issue of essentially starvation, something fundamentally counterproductive as it slows your metabolism. Ignorant of the benefits of eating nutritiously and the benefits of developing muscle tone.

    9. IlluminaZer0 says:

      About the "stick insects" comment: Those polls were probably with the intention of killing the mentality I described above… Though they probably did it in a completely off way if read it feeling alienated.

      Chances are that women such as Zoe have an "ectomorph" body type. And as a man I can attest to many men who have fetishes for that body type. (Look at all the Asian obsessed men…) As a person that loves weight lifting I can also attest that while it may be more difficult for this body type to gain muscle tone gym can still help with those curves.😉

      Before someone brings it up… I understand what people are saying about not being able to match the "ideal." I'm a man that has a natural case of Gynecomastia… Meaning that regardless of how hard I work out I will most likely never achieve a flat chest. (Which really sucks, as I've hit 6.2% body fat with muscle tone to match and still had moobs) I cannot think of much more debilitating then a man with natural "women like" breasts.

    10. Janers says:

      she says she's a size 2

      she looks fine,

      people want to see airbrushed out stick people not what people really look like. Women have curves, Kate moss has cellulite. Women aren't perfect little barbie dolls.

      I think curvy women like Nadia Bjorlin or Selma Hyack(spelling?) have gorgeous bodies esp compared to the stick girls.

    11. Ragtop says:

      Sorry folks, I love JLH but in my book she's fat.

    12. Playa says:

      Jennifer Love Hewitt is smokin!

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