Show Your Uterus Who’s Boss


This scenario is all too familiar: You, crunched over in a ball with an empty bag of potato chips and chocolate bar wrappers strewn about yelling out “Why God why!?” while wondering if you’re considered ‘Promises Rehab’ status if you take ten Advil.If there is anything that my period cramps have taught me it’s that I soo do not want to have children. They say cramps are supposed to prepare your body for childbearing. I even read that because of this fact, I should ‘man up and face the pain’.

Nothing says “Let’s get pregnant” like debilitating cramps that ruin my weekend and keep me in fetal position for hours at a time. Childbirth is going to be like cupcakes and dandelions. Can’t wait.

When it comes to cramps I would say I take the opposite route of “manning up”. Heating pads, drugs, exercise, (booze?), whatever is necessary to help me get rid of the pain, I welcome with open arms.

So imagine my delight and rapid trip to my local health food store when I saw this article.

Borage Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, and Black Currant Seed Oil are all anti-inflammatory oils that help to reduce prostaglandins (molecular compounds released when your old uterine lining starts breaking down and causes your uterus to contract).

To help ease the pain and make life enjoyable for you (and those around you) the article suggests these natural alternatives.

Four to Seven days before the onset of your period, Take:

* 500-1000 mg dose of Evening Primrose Oil once a day in capsule form (available at vitamin shops and health food stores)

* 200-400 mg of magnesium

* 100-200 mg of vitamin B6 (evidence shows that B6 helps to reduce bloating. Calcium and Magnesium also are shown to help ease cramps and spasms).

Avoid foods that cause inflammation such as sugar, meat and dairy (unless organic, meat and dairy are pumped with antibiotics which can cause inflammation).

Exercise! Not only does a sweat session help guard you against inflammation, we all know by now that exercise releases endorphins which will help you feel better overall.

Don’t wait until you are crying/screaming/contemplating suicide to down those painkillers.

Starting a week before, take one painkiller a day to block prostaglandin production.

It’s time to show your uterus who’s the boss.

Got any other uterus-kicking tips? You KNOW we want to hear ’em!



    1. Stacy Kidd says:

      Peppermint tea is fantastic for those cramps too. It's refreshing and also does wonders for your digestive system, as well as help beat off those colds/flus. I swear by it:)

    2. FAUchick727 says:

      My period kicks my ass every month so give me two weeks and I am going to give it a try. Have you tried these yet? And where can I get peppermint tea?

    3. Jes says:

      Since I'm one of those girls who not only gets debilitating cramps every month, I get full-blown migraines to accompany them, the only way I survive is with lortabs, chocolate and a heating pad.

      But for those like me who've suffered from terrrrrible cramps, migraines and PMS since you were 13… I'd say get on birth control. The pill drastically reduces the pain and also helps by shortening your periods to about 3 days tops.

    4. EbyKat says:

      My pain level can reach as high as a 9 when I cramp. This is Not Normal. If you have cramps like this you need to talk to your doctor as soon as possible. I have two siblings with PCOS, and there are a host of other things that can cause this level of pain. I've had luck both with being on birth control and taking evening primrose oil, but these aren't fool proof and a doctor's visit should be your first priority.

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