Forever 21: Cute Clothes, Cheap Prices, and a Bible Verse?!

img_0807-1.jpgI love me some Forever 21.

When I have a bad day, I’ll stop by their two-story store in Union Square and buy myself an adorable will-rip-in-three-weeks-but-who-cares- because-it’s-so-adorable shirt. When I have a good day, I’ll push through the crowds on Broadway and purchase a bright sweater that 17 other girls probably have, but because it’s so bright and cute, I don’t care. Yes, Forever 21 is my fountain of cheap and trendy.

But it may also be my Bible Study Group in disguise.

What am I talking about, you ask? Well, the other day, after throwing one of their trademarked yellow shopping bags onto my bed, I happened to catch a glimpse of the underside of said bag. What I saw there stopped my spiritual- yet-vehemently-non- organized-religious heart dead.

John 3:16.

There it was, in tiny, black letters. A Bible verse. A freaking Bible verse!

Screaming for my roommate, I had her verify that what I was staring at was indeed one of the more pro-Christian verses out there.

For God so loved the world”, John 3:16 begins, “that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

Oh yeah. There’s no denying. Forever 21 is all about the Big Man Upstairs.

Apparently, stamping their bags with “evidence of faith” is not a new development for Forever 21. Don Chang, the “deeply religious” owner of the chain, began putting his favorite verse on his bags after realizing that the California fast-food restaurant In-N-Out Burger had been doing the same thing for years.

Now, I consider myself a tolerant human being, and even though I really don’t do organized religion these days, I did spend 18 or so years as a Roman Catholic, so I know that all the controversy and suffocation of big religion is often countered by beauty and acceptance. But look, I feel weird buying clothes from a store that propagates messages I don’t agree with.

Every time I buy a shirt, does Forever 21 donate money to a specific church group? To a big business or politician associated with a church? Could they be using my money for missionary practices? I don’t agree with most missionary practices. Could I actually be funding something I don’t agree with simply by buying a tank top?

So many questions, and nothing but a pile of clothes for an answer.

Help me out here, precious readers. Religious or not, I want to hear your take on this whole John 3:16 debacle. Is it no big thang, or does it freak you out?

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    1. sam says:

      i notice the bible verse on the bag a long time ago.. and it really freaked me out…

    2. tammy says:

      in and out burger does that on the bottom of their cups too. the busines is family owned and operated and they are religous people just trying to send some positive vibes out into the world.

    3. cali says:

      yea im from california (if you couldn't tell from my name) and in and out does put john 3:16 on the bottom of soft drink cups and proverb 3:5 on the bottom of milk shake cups.

      personally i have no problem with it but I can see how some people would be offended.

    4. Klee says:

      I think I'm more worried about where the money is going than the fact that the verses are on the bag. I never even noticed them.

    5. jen says:

      It's been going on for a while and you haven't noticed…Also, if someone was interested in religion but didn't know how to start and they saw a verse on a bag and maybe it helped them, that's good.

      I think you're making a big deal over nothing. Grow up.

    6. Elise says:

      I'm gonna say… if you're worried about Forever 21 funding Fred Phelps or something, do a little research. But remember that Christians have been dealing with this stuff for *ages*. Sure, some of the more conservative Christian groups have started boycotts, but you know what most of us do?

      We roll our eyes and get over it. It's a pretty hard-core reality check, but how much are we really taking out of the hypothetical missionaries' pockets by directing our individual purchasing power away from a store like that? It may make us feel better to act on our indignation (or maybe not), but Ralph Waldo Emerson was on to something when he told us to quit donating relatively insignificant amounts to charities and either focus on the people around us or make the people we're donating to our *own* people.

      That's a politically incorrect quote, but think how much more of a difference you could make by, say, offering a few alternatives to church outreach projects? (And I feel weird saying this, because I'm a Christian!) By far the highest concentration of missions outreach projects in the Christian church today is in America. This is your back yard.

      If you feel that strongly about the threat of encroaching Christianity, turn your focus where it matters. We church kids have been told to boycott K-Mart, Burger King, and a host of other places that 'fund immoral ideologies'– only to miss out on some of the really horrifying stuff, like which companies use overseas slave labor and which ones pump out buttloads of pollutants into our atmosphere.

      I'd say: if the company is in-your-face public about their intentions to support abortion clinic bombings or something insane like that, or if you're contributing significant portions of cash, go ahead and keep your money out of their hands, but don't do like so many ineffective Christians and spend all your time worrying about what sneaky, horrible things your pennies might be supporting. Make a difference where it counts: volunteer at non-religious after-school programs, bring cooked food to elderly shut-ins, fund renovation projects for low-income housing, and get involved in your community. That's what most local missions programs *do*.

      After all, why do you think they need funding?

    7. Josh says:

      Its a free market so we consumers have a few choices.

      a) Don't purchase the product

      b) Ask the business to reconsider their stance

      c) Stop complaining and purchase away

      And this goes with about anything. I don't appreciate those who complain just because they have the breath to do so and continue on without offering any solutions.

      One wouldn't find a member of PETA in real fur and slurping on some shark fin soup while attending a dog fight would they?

    8. kaTie says:

      No big deal. You're harking over nothing. It's his business and he can put whatever he wants, where ever he wants because it's his store chain, and that's business for you. You don't like it, don't shop there. You're complaining over nothing. I'm so sick of you people whining over being "offended" by the most harmless things. It's a plastic bag with a bible verse underneath it! You JUST now notice that was there!? Get over it, move on, and get a life! Next we'll probably have someone posting about how they hate seeing "THANK YOU" on their grocery bag because it supports the part of christian values that says you should be kind to one another. Seriously, Grow up!

    9. TT says:

      You know…if you read the article closely, you can see that the writer isn't being crazy judgmental…she's just asking for opinions.

      Personal attacks are a little much, don't you think?

    10. FAUchick727 says:

      Offensive to those who may not share Forever 21's views on religion I can see why this could offend someone. At the same time, it is a non confrontational way of saying "Hey this is what we stand for" without being too outspoken or throwing it in someone's face. It is easily avoidable and if it really upsets you then boycott but I find it comforting to think that a company can casually do something like that and leave the customer some curiosity as to what the verse is all about. It is a way to witness yet easily avoidable all at once which I think to be absolutely brilliant.

    11. CC says:

      I shop at Forever21 ALL the time. The first time I saw that stamped on the bottom of my bag I thought, "Huh, that's weird." But it didn't offend me in any way whatsoever. The first amendment gives the rights of freedom of speech, religion, press, petition, and peaceful assembly. Even though it isn't speech in the spoken sense, printing John 3:16 is a form of speech and religious freedom. You don't have to believe in it or agree with it, but the beauty of America is that you have the right to do stuff like that. If I owned a business and felt like putting my favorite quote on the bottom of a bag, I would certainly do so even if it may possibly offend someone. I have a Jewish friend, and I asked if she was offended by the print on the bag and she couldn't care less. I think most of the people that are offended are a little too sensitive or too into their own beliefs to accept anything different. If you're offended, don't buy from the store. It's as simple as that, but don't get your panties in a twist just because someone believes differently than you. We're all entitled to our own opinions, and we shouldn't be judged by that.

    12. Mayra says:

      Well, most owners donate to campaigns but remeber that campaign finance laws do not let them donate more than a certain amount. Other than that Forever 21 probably does not fund missions and stuff. They just write the verse number so their intention clearly is not divise, its probably just meant to brighten the day of christians who notice it. If they wanted to be divisive or in your face to non christians they would write an anti gay verse or such. So it think if you really like the clothes, you should not worry about buying them:)

    13. Madeline says:

      While it is this is a controversial topic for some bizarre reason, maybe he simply liked the quote attached to the verse and decided it would b e alittle catchy for whomever decided to look up John 3:16 and try and relate the quote to themselves and perhaps have a nice day because of it. Hmmm?

    14. Christina says:

      Check out this article (3rd page is most relevant):

      It says that the owners of F21, besides giving money to their local church, go on missionary trips and gave (reportedly) 3 mill to their local seminary.

      Who knows how accurate that is but I really hate contributing money to religious causes if I don't know exactly what they're doing. Many groups do wonderful things, but a huge groups of others screw up people they try to help. Not on purpose, of course, but unknowingly. So I may think twice about that adorable-shirt-that-will-rip-in-three-weeks, with the extra thought about where some of the money could be going.

      I'm not religious personally, but I think the John 3:16 on the bag has a better chance of making someone who believes happy, than offending someone (like me) who doesn't believe.

    15. pretty misses says:

      THis topic is very interesting! I feel that if a company wants to put a scripture on their bag then it is a Great idea. For those of you that are offended, why is it offensive? This man has nothing but good intentions and you can choose to let it effect you or go on about your day. Its just there and not forced upon you.

      SOmeone brought out the point that we as americans have the freedom of speach to speak our minds. And John 3:16 written on bags is the same as bumper stickers on cars and images and obscene slogans written on clothing. Wouldnt you rather see them advertising something positive and encouraging versus something negative? Matter of fact, it can be somewhat similiar to the fortune cookies that come with chinese food. These things like the scripture may be offensive, but have they stopped doing it? No! You can not go around worrying about offending people because there are just wayyyyy too many people in this world with different views and beliefs, so there will always be someone dissatisfied. You can either choose to support Forever 21 or not. It is really not that hard.

      Also, for those of you who say that you dont want to support Forever 21 or other religious groups because you dont know what there doing…then why do you buy things period? The reason I ask this is because most companies, stores, etc support things of this sort. Take a look at the tv during commercials they are always saying "this program was supported by Toyota" or "We at McDonalds support Muscular Distrophy", etc…And this is the same exact thing…now do you REALLY know what they are doing? To me it sounds like you have a problem with religion versus not knowing what the religious group is doing. Also, there may be stores that you buy from that represent or support religion, but you may not know about it. So does that mean that you wont buy from stores at all?

    16. kaTie says:

      Point well made, Pretty Misses. I concur.

    17. zoe says:

      I don't think it's horrifying, just awful weird. It's not like it's telling anyone to go out and kill Muslims, which is good. I've always thought that people who quote the Bible like that were a little kooky. My suggestions, either decide that you love Forever 21 more than you hate psycho-Christians, or break into their store and cover up all the verses with sharpie. Maybe even write in your own!!!

    18. kaTie says:

      Zoe, perhaps you're a little kooky. No, psycho is more like it. Come on, break into the store and cover up the verses with a sharpie. Give me a break.

    19. nancy says:

      It freaks me out a little for the same reasons–is my money being used to support something that I don't believe in? It's the same reason I don't use Curves Gym–I don't want my money being used to fund abortion terrorism.

    20. Nicole says:

      Maybe they put it on the bottom of their bags because its true. God did give His only Son to die for our sins so that we may have eternal life. awesome isn't it =]

    21. Nah says:

      wow… i noticed that also and all i have to say is i hate it when people try to preach religion in any possible way they can. HAVE SOME SELF CONTROL BIBLE THUMPERS!!!

    22. Nah says:

      oh and by the way, god isn't real. call me whatever you please but, we can all agree that religion is a business; the practices bring sooo much money into the church. sure, they do nice things for poeple…sometimes but, all religions are clearly a contraversal topic and get so in depth that it cause violence. WARS PEOPLE! WAR! is it really worth to believe in? Humans killing other humans? canabalism?

      you may ask where my faith lies. simple. PEACE & LOVE. i love everyone no matter what. i just very much dislike religion because of the hate it brings into society.

      think about this…

    23. MsMary says:

      i dont see a big deal at all, its about time someone did something POSITIVE for a change, whats it matter where the money goes anyways, do u people really care? when u donate a shirt or whatever to charity do u worry about where it will end up? no. so i commend in n out and forever 21 for not being afraid to show what they believe in… kudos to them!

    24. dkdkd says:

      I don't think this is anything to freak out about. You disagree with them, so what? If you like their product, then you should keep going there. As consumers, we don't know where most of our profit dollars go. We could be supporting pretty much anything. It's possible that other stores could be selling clothes made by some child in a third-world factory earning pennies a day. I doubt that is the case with Fovever 21 because it's totally inconsistent with Christian beliefs. My point is just there are a lot of things that should freak you out a lot more than a Bible verse. Also, being open minded means being tolerant of beliefs that you don't agree with.

    25. tara says:

      Why do you care where your money goes? You bought clothes does it really matter what the producer does with it? You got clothes! And if a bible verse freaks you out then you need to start worrying about other things.

    26. Suzie - George Washi says:

      Ok so that really bothers me– I'm from CA and teh In n out thing has always been weird to me. But to play devil's advocate:

      Why are we so scared of Christianity? Would we react the same if there was a reference to the Koran? the Torah? what about a saying of Confucious or a quote from the Dali Lama?

      This isn't just about religion– it's about our phobia of Christianity. It's about all of those awful memories of being mobbed by envangelizing nuts on campus, at parks, at the beach, etc.

      Christians feel the need to bring god into EVERYTHING– I'm simply overloaded… and I'm resentful of feeling so jumpy that even a bible reference on the bottom of a bag sets me off.

      To all of you Christians out there (especially Nicole of the April 4th comment), BACK OFF! People might be more interested in talking to you if they weren't constantly mobbed by pro-Jesus crap.

      (before you Jesus freaks jump on me– let me just say that I know what I'm talking about: I'm a former pastor's kid… It wasn't until I finally got out of it all that I realized how counter productive it all was…)

    27. Vancity. says:

      Suszie, I just wanted to let you know that you dont need to be so full of hate. And calling Christians, Jesus freaks? … you should be glad Christians don't call you a pathetic and faithless idiot. Just because you don't believe in God, do not condemn others who do. After all, you are not the brightest or most wise, many Christians have reasons to believe in what they believe in. Don't pretend to be so smart and above all others because you don't necesarily know more than everyone. I don't mind at all that you disagree with Christianity or the Bible verses printed on forever21 bags, but when you point your finger at Christians and call them idiots, I believe you are offending every Christian out there. I also would like to point out that, sure Christianity seems to have done many bad things to this world; war, slavery blah blah. But anyone with a brain would know better that it isn't what's wrong with the religion but those who preach it. Christianity, like many other religions have been misused and manipulated by those in power for their own benefits, but we can't judge the religion based on these people. It's like how we think all muslims are terriorists, this belief is not only untrue but rediculously off from the muslim faith. And if we were to call all Muslims idiots or terrorists, i think we are being stereotypical. So, the same thing with Christianity, I hope you can open your eyes and heart to other people's reasons and stop acting as if you know everything.

    28. Vancity. says:

      replying to Nah's comment on the fact that all religions are a business, true but tell me what in your life is not a business? you live and make your every move so you can make money, and the soul purpose behind making money is to make yourself happy. For those religious people out there who can not be satisfied with shallow superfical goods, they seek God to find contentment. Whether you call God a created business or what not, He seems to bring people more happiness than sadness, that is if you believe in God. For those God-hatters out there, I don't know how you can find true happiness in this world, just look around you, is there fairness in anything anymore? Teens baving sex, aids, rape, murders and all that, can you honestly provide a better solution to all these issues with your Godless science? While Christians and other religious people do not point their fingers are you "faithless" people and call you stupid, maybe you should pay some respect for their tolerance of your offensiveness. I mean are those religious people so bad? after all, when you make fun of them they dont come after you with a gun and shoot you in the head, which i believe most un-religious, full -of-hatepeople would do.

    29. Toni says:


      Its not about religion its about relationship. Remember no matter what you believe now, in the end every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that GOD IS REAL. Please get it together before its too late.

      Think about that…

    30. Shannon says:

      He's standing up for what he believes in. If you stood up for what you believe in and people disagreed by not buying the clothes you make. Would that stop you?

    31. Pinky says:

      I think a lot of us ex-Christians get a little riled up whenever we feel like religion is being thrust upon us, even from well meaning or unthreatening sources. Forever21's owner does have the right to print whatever he wants on his bags, as long as it isn't offensive, and the one he picked isn't really. He has the right to be a faith-based company and if some of us don't like that, we won't shop there. If you feel you can overlook that and respect his beliefs while maintaining your own, you'll go right on shopping. It's as simple as that.

    32. jambawamba says:

      I noticed the scripture on the bag, and have decided not to purchase clothes there anymore. I am atheist, and while it has nothing to do with his right to post the scripture on the bag, I just don't want to support something I don't agree with. I despise religion because I have had horrible experiences with it in the past. He has every right to place it on the bag…and I hope he continues if it is something that bring him happiness (after all, he created the business he should be happy with it). I don't think it is a big deal, but I also don't agree with all the "accepting Christians" that are telling you to grow up. I think you should make your decision and stick with it.

      (on a side note…i find it a little creepy to be chanting lines from a book)

    33. jambawamba says:

      To Vancity…I have already posted that I am atheist, so you know where my stance is. I find your posts to be completely misinformed. I am not going to try to convince you that God does not exist, for all I know He might. I will let you in on a little secret though there have been plenty of Christians that have fought their point of view with guns and murder. Not all "faithless" people are rude and close minded. There are many from all faiths and non-faiths that have closed minds as well as open minds. I just wish the close minded Christians could just accept people the way they claim to. I have met plenty that do and plenty that don't. I don't force my opinion on anyone because it is just that…and opinion. I wish nobody would call me stupid, intolerable, or try to tell me I am going straight to hell for not believing.

      On another note, I seek peace in the good things in my world. While you focus on teens having sex, rape, AIDS, etc. I focus on the beauty of nature, my amazing family, my fantastic boyfriend, and all the wonderful things I have to be thankful for. While you blame these things on God, I blame them on luck, coincidence, karma…You cannot make non-religious people look at all the bad in the world and tell them this is what not believing gets you, and all the great things in the world can be attributed to God. I think all good and bad are to be blamed on the same thing…human race. We are good people and we are bad people…this is the world we have come up with.

    34. anya says:

      it is freaky! but at the same time it's not the worst thing the church has done in the past. And i'm sure it was done with the best intentions by the owner. although i feel that it's not the best marketing move. by trying to appeal to only one religious group, he is excluding all the customers of other beliefs.

    35. Taylor says:

      This just goes to show that ignorance is bliss. Before you knew about F21's religious orientation, you could care less where your money went. God forbid you look up something significant, like whether they use child labor or not. I think it's great that F21 is at least being up front about where they stand. So many companies donate to campaigns without publicizing it, because they want the political lenience but don't want to be called out on it.

      There are whole websites devoted to which companies donate where ( so maybe check out those before you judge.

      Conservatives have long had to make choices about whether to sacrifice a product or else support a liberal agenda / sinful image. It's about time that people who could care less about traditional morality are faced with the same dilemma.

    36. Nic says:

      Thank you taylor for bringing up this point. I feel like we should be more worried about WHERE the clothing that we wear comes from rather than what religion its manufacturer or owner is from. We should be more interested in whether or not our clothing is being produced by child laborers, or even laborers in general, who are working in terrible conditions for despicable wages, than worrying about being converted to a religion or converting non-religious people to your religon. People have the right to believe in whatever they want to without judgement.

      I find the verbal abuse that this debate over religions has caused interesting and saddening because this is exactly how many real wars get started; someone saying "I am better than you are because I am this or I believe that". I am buddhist, but have friends who are both christian and non-religious and we get along fine because we RESPECT EACHOTHER AS PEOPLE, no matter what religion the other is. I doesn't matter what kinds of terrible things christians, people of other religions or the non-religious have done both presently and in the past, there are some people who have and will always commit atrocities whether they know it or not. This, however, DOES NOT GIVE ANYONE THE RIGHT TO CONDEMN PEOPLE FOR WHAT THEY DO OR DO NOT BELIEVE IN; we are ALL HUMAN BEINGS. Believe that.

    37. MissMae says:

      I noticed this printed on their bag's a while ago. I wasn't offended as much as i was confused. To be honest, I couldn't care less if he was a Satanist. I was wondering how Christians would react if the phrase "God is fake" was printed on the bottom of the bag.

      Just a thought.

    38. Kim says:

      Don't like it, don't shop there. It's not like your 20 bucks is gonna make that big of a difference in their spending capablities.

      Forever21 is adorable clothing at inexpensive prices. Even if some small percentage of the money I spend there goes to fund some weirdo mission, I'm not too concerned about it. Maybe my 10% is the portion they use to feed people, and I am not opposed to feeding the hungry so that I can wear a cute dress to a nightclub.

    39. Lauren says:

      OMG I can't even believe that people are frecking debating this topic who cares if he put a bible verse on the bag… its not possessed or anything and he's not preaching religion maybe he just likes the quote and instead of writing the whole quote he just put the verse. And to the person who said God isn't real maybe he isn't be he is an emblem of hope for people. some people like the feeling that someone's always there for you isn't that what we all want. I can't freakin out over 4 letters and 3 numbers u should be more worried about other stuff like girls who are getting pregnant while theyre still in junior high… get over yourself.

    40. Cantare says:

      I don't see a problem with free speech, nor with the message on the bag, which is love.

      What many people miss is that Christ means LOVE. That's it. Nothing evil, nothing vile, nothing bad. The christian faith views itself as the path to ultimate truth, which is rooted, and no doubt is all-encompassed in love. What is wrong with a message of pure and true love?

      We buy emblems that say "love" and "peace" all the time, which is what Christianity is about. Through being Christian, we find truth, beauty, love, and complete inner peace. The religion is not evil and condemns legalism and self-righteousness. I don't see anything wrong with it. Even if you don't believe in God, can you not say that you believe in love? truth? beauty? meaning? Let us all find our meaning where it speaks loudest.

    41. GodStillBlesses says:

      I have no problem with what he has chosen to put on his shopping bags. As others have stated he is trying to do something positive. I a world that is very negitive, I find this a welcome change.

      Also, I was thinking…….Maybe we should not pay taxes? As most people in the US can agree, there are millions upon millions of dollars spent each year on things that most folks disagree with. If based on a lot of opinions in this post, we follow the same guidelines that are trying to be forced on this business owner, than we should all stop paying taxes.

      Now we know that is not going to happen. So that leaves us with two options. Either buy from the store and quit making such a big deal out of it or do not buy from them and research what the other stores do with THERE money. ( You might be surprised as to where it is spent)

      Saved by Grace and a Baptist by CHOICE.

    42. Miranda Jeffries says:

      If you are so bent out of shape over a bible verse on the bottom of a shopping bag, then don't shop there. Easy as that. I think it's awesome they're standing for something positive and uplifting. I am a strong supporter of F21 and In-n-Out. Both are great companies that are unafraid to express themselves just to appease a vocal minority. Furthermore, if the bag said something like "God is fake" as another posting suggested, I wouldn't shop there. That is my choice as an American. God Bless everyone.

    43. April says:

      I don't think it is any religious organizations' intent to spread a negative message. Religious freedom and tolerance are the corner stones on which this country was built. These religious messages that have been put under so much scrutiny the past several years are not put there to insult anyone. They are there to show you that there is always a place to turn to, whether it be the Holy Bible, the Quran, or the Upanishads. If the money you spend on your next Saturday night club wear goes to a nobler cause that brings joy to the milling millions on this rock, I would say it was money well spent. What should be more of a concern are the people who are exploited around the world so you can look oh so adorable!

    44. Sherri Stanford says:

      What is so AWFUL about a Bible verse? Don't any of you kids know anything??

    45. alana says:

      ok people so what the hell is the big f***ing deal so what he wanted to put something on HIS BAG. right now i don't have a religion but i do believe in God and i understand that those of u that dont believe in god may not want to shop with f21 because of that verse.but to use that verse as an excuse is a bunch of bullshit!! because each and everyone of us that commented on that BAG spends money on a daily basis and guess what It say in god we trust. so for those of you that want to stop shopping with f21, putting down other peoples faith(and that goes for both believers and non believers), and the others that are in the meddle there are a lot more important things to worry about in the US like the war,hiv,poverty,rape,child abuse,ect.. so get over it people.

      ps. for the young lady that posted this question its all on you honey if you like the clothes and they give you a little pick me up now and then . if you can look past it then get them if not do n't

    46. ga girl says:

      Bottom line, if you are 'freaked out' or offended, don't support what they stand for by continuing to purchase their product. Either stop complaining or start shopping elsewhere.

      Good grief, it is a privately-owned business! I think it's high time people started standing up for what they believe in instead of repressing their beliefs bc they're worried about offending someone with different views…someone somewhere is always going to be offended.

    47. kate says:

      i think it's AWESOME that someone would print this message on a bag. with all the other messages and ads that we are bombarded with in this world, seeing a message of hope is inspiring! rather than shirts and bumper stickers tlling kids to go out, get drunk, get high, and get pregnant.

      so why is it such a big deal? this man obviously had good intentions. and he also could have printed it in larger writing or even named the store 'john 3:16', which if you are threatened by Jesus, would probably be more intimidating.

      this isn't life threatening at all, and this man is just trying to witness to the world, and has gone about it in a creative, and peacefu way.

    48. kate says:

      and on the subject of Christianity, i don't want to attack or condemn anyone.

      but for one thing, don't group all Christian's actions together. there are different ways that some people go about trying to convert others, and there are some that i really don't agree with.

      but, just because you had a bad experience with one Christian, or went to a few bad, or even corrupt churches, please don't blame God for it.

      people are people, after all, we are imperfect, and we make mistakes. but don't let that ruin your beliefs & salvation.

      i say this because i was in a few very dead churches growing up, and had some very pushy people trying to shove God down my throat. they completely turned me against their version of Christianity, and i didn't know what i believed.

      and then i found an AWESOME church.

      they teach directly from the bible, and no added-in little fillers that confuse you, and may be made-up. they renewed my faith & taught me to have a relationship with God, rather than a religion.

      so please give it a try before bashing it. find a good bible based church, but if your heart doesn't feel right, something is probably wrong, so find another church

      but as for me, i'm honored to be called a bible-thumping Jesus freak =)

    49. Nikki says:

      I think anyone that is going to complain because they are putting verses on there bags has way to much spare time!! Who cares!! It's a free country and its theit right to put it on there!! Freedom of speech…Freedom of Religion!! It's not like they are trying to make you believe what they believe they are just showing you who they are!! It's a personal thing. I think its nice that they share that with us. And I am not a religious person!! I don't even believe in organized religion but life is to short to complain over simple things that really don't matter! SO stop making a big deal out of nothing!!


    50. noneya says:


      can i just say something to jambawamba?

      you said…

      "I have already posted that I am atheist, so you know where my stance is. I find your posts to be completely misinformed. I am not going to try to convince you that God does not exist, for all I know He might."

      if you are open to the possibility that God may exist, you are agnostic… not an atheist.

      just thought you might want to get your terms right if you're going to claim it.

      here's the definition.

      An agnostic thinks it impossible to know the truth in matters such as God and the future life with which Christianity and other religions are concerned. Or, if not impossible, at least impossible at the present time.

      anyway. who cares what he prints on his bags. it's his freaking business. if i don't like it, i have the right to go somewhere that doesn't print that on the bag.

      and someone had said that he is discriminating because he isn't printing sayings from other religions…

      my guess, if he has john 3 16 on his bags, then he doesn't practice budhism. and once again, it's his business. if he wanted to put "i hope you have a great fricking day, stupid." he could because it's his business.

      and if you didn't like it, then you don't go there. and if enough people didn't like it, he'd get the point, but it's still his choice if he wants to take it off of the bag or not.

    51. Katie says:

      I dont personally think its a big deal… as far as the money goes who knows where the money we spend goes… the owner of american eagle or old navy could be donating to pro life or pro abortion organizations or maybe some other organization that no one knows about…do you see what i'm saying? the fact of the matter is, is that were all consumers, and especially as females were most likely going to buy something solely because we like it not thinking about who made the clothes… where they came from… or where the money goes… i would imagine the verses are a form of pride in whatever beliefs are had and in hope to send out an uplifting message, which i dont think is disrespectful in any way… here we go with the freedom of speach thing again… goes both ways…

    52. Katie says:

      and p.s. alana……

      VERY good point with the money comment

      "in god we trust" is most definitely printed on of our money and has been that way since it was created! if it wasnt for the ppl of our past we flat out wouldnt be here… i agree that religion has been corrupted by radicals and ppl who decided to capitalize on it and use it to PROFIT… notice i say profit not make money because depending on the church they have to make money for general up keeping… BUT religion has been the grounds for almost every nation no matter what religion that may be.. so obviously those ppl knew what they were talking about to some extent so why argue with it… i think ppl should spend more time protesting against rapists and murders being let out of jail or parents getting away with beating their kids or kids doing drugs… seriously there are more serious important things going on that need attention other than who believes in what… we all need to just leave eachother alone personally and put aside our differences (differences which are inevitable) and come together as a whole to fix the real problems of this world

    53. alana says:

      thanks kattie

    54. rob says:

      this is to nah on the comment from april 4 okay the person that gave their opinion you commented was their opinion that is what this is for. i dont think they were preaching. ya some people who call their selves christians cause chaos some do not i think it is judgmental to say we do some things good but mostly cause wars and kill. so you are a non-believer that is fine that is your right but how many non believers kill and start wars . people are people we are all human we all make mistakes. im christian, i go to church but i havent preached to you about my religion , i do good things and i do things im not proud of . we all do. dont try to be so “preaching” yourself

    55. kelly says:

      Okay, first off, rob (from June 14th) maybe go back to grade 4 for some punctuation lessons; your comment made my head hurt.

      Back on topic, I didn't realize Forever 21 had that message on the bottom of their bags. I am using one as a garbage bag (how fitting) so I will check it out when I get home. Maybe it's different in Canada… I guess if you don't like the message, then don't buy the clothes. Also, if you are really against supporting companies that have opposing viewpoints to your own, do your research (although you might not like what you find). A lot of companies are owned by hard core Christians For instance, Domino's Pizza. Their president/CEO doesn't think women should have the right to vote! Best of luck!

    56. Andrea says:

      Religious or not ppl have to agree that putting bible verses on the bottom of a shopping bag is a good sign. I am twenty years old and i make fun of forever 21 becuase they have the most ugly cloth. however after knowing of this ( secret ) statement underneath their bag i will go inside and see the clothes with a different perspective. This world needs bible verses. Look at the news, just that alone makes me want to go to church on sundays. It’s funny how ppl can critisize others for trying to bring good, yet complain when they hear something bad happened. Religious or not this world needs more stuff like this and less video games that teach kids how to kill. Maybe then, ust maybe then, ppl would stop posting up negative comments and be thankful that a store that big is taking time to reming others of what and who is God.

      1. kass says:

        FOREVER XXI has no ugly clothes… you probably dress like a nun !

    57. cassie says:

      i really dont think its anything to be upset about or to be made a big deal over. so the man who owns the store likes the bible verse. so do i and im not religious at all. its kinda like a poem or something, imagine if he put a quote from shakespeare instead would u still be trippin? hes not passing out bibles or filers at the door or tryin to "spread the word", not telling anyone who they need to believe in or not to believe in.its just a bible verse that he likes, and he does have that right this is america last time i checked. im pretty sure you have done or said something that that man wouldnt like and you dont see him putting up web sites talkin about your business do you? to be honest i dont even know why u are wasting time and energy on something as stupid as this. and i dont know why im wasting my time writing this either im out.

    58. trinity says:

      okay having that on the bottom of a shopping bag is bull s**t seriosly i am pagen(witch craft)and its hard because with all the racial and religous debates it is hard not to get judged for what you believe in and i DISAGREE because the Triqurta the new sybol for the holy spirit was pagen before any thing else and they recently stole it and now clamming at there own and putting salt around a house after a ritual clinsing is pagen to it has been in our religon for thousnads of yearsand the same for using lavendar to cleanse properties and houses so i think its s**t that they still stuff from our religon then burn us at the steaks and now butting god damn bible vrses on bags that every religion shops at they should get sued for it honstly because like racial discrimination it is religous discrimination.

    59. Jaime says:

      I noticed that a while ago too, and although as a non-christian it doesn't offend me, it is a little off-putting what that particular verse is saying about non-christians.

    60. Brittany says:

      1.Just because they put a verse on a bag doesnt mean they are trying to force a religion on you! i dont understand why anyone would be you think that because they buy something from the store that means they agree with the persons religion. its your own choice what religion you have.

      2.They wrote John 3:16 – they didnt write the actual verse on the bag! just ignore it and move on its not a big deal

    61. billy sanders says:

      i think the bible verse on the bag is GREAT!!

      if you dnt like it dnt shop there!!!

    62. stephanie says:

      for those interested, and who don't know… F21's do come from sweatshops, which most likely include child labor and horrible working conditions… but then again, so are so are the clothes that come from cheaper stores… anything from Charlotte Rousse to Target..

      I was saddened when I found out, but then again, what can we do? Boycott EVERYTHING? sadly we can't…

    63. alana says:

      PEOPLE IT IS HIS STORE AND HIS BAG why with all thats going on are we still on this if i had my own store i would want it to rep. me and if its by putting up my flag,or rainbows,or elmo whateva it is reping me and my store i know some people may not like it but guess what its mine. it like me saying that i like blue and you hate it just because you hate it do you think i will stop liking blue?

    64. kimberly says:

      i think that it is great! and God bless the owner and all who support the idea of John 3:16 on the bags;)

    65. kimmarie says:

      its funny how this man is being persecuted because he chooses to speak out about his religion on his bags from his store!!! A democracy runs on freedom of speech. This bible verse expresses how much God loves us – that he sacrificed his son Jesus as payment for our sins and a chance of redemption, and that he is willing and able to forgive us. So him chooseing to share about his God with the public is more of him saying don't worry there is someone who loves u unconditionally, who is always there for u and is waiting patiently for u to seek his face. Its like this – if u came upon something so great it left u in awe wouldn't u wnat to share it with the world? wouldn't u want other ppl to share in it? i don't think he has any intention to offend anyone and it is unfortunate that ppl are offended. By him sharing this verse he is doin what God wnats of us… so in the long run he will benefit when that day comes… he is workin out his salvation here on earth and is trying to help u work urs out 2!

    66. smiles4days says:

      Not sure if its been covered, but you should be bringing in your own reusable shopping bags when you go shopping. Just keep them in your car, on your porch, whatever. It is a SIMPLE and effective way to show the earth you care.

    67. Anna says:

      So you're worried that this funds religious organizations you don't approve of? But you approve of outsourcing to the third world?

      O ,ean you're worried about how they might use the profits to fund the church but until you saw that Bible verse you never thought about how the owners might use their profits or how they even make such huge profits??

      I'm pretty sure there are worse things. Also, I'nm going to say that most Christians give what they can to their church and Forever 21 isn't the only store owned by Christians.

      If you're prejudiced enough to boycott this store just because it's run by people who are openly Christian you might want to consider that most companies have people reaping large profits and putting that money toward things you might not approve of.

      Do you buy gas? Who do you think that money goes to? Where do you think it comes from?

      How about any large company?

    68. Aimee says:

      You are willing to pay for the clothes to fund a company, why do you care what it does with the money. Get what you want and don't worry yourself so much with what other people do. They could be using the money for ALOT worse things than funding a church, considering how much community service alot of churches do. Maybe in the end oyu will even benefit from that.

    69. Amy says:

      What if the clothing sold at Forever 21 is also made in some overseas sweatshop by child labor (hint: the price of their merchandise indicates signs point to "yes")? On the one hand Forever 21 is engaging in a dubious, immoral behavior. On the other, they are enriching the world by bringing the sweet promise of employment to children in the third world! ;-0~

    70. Daniel says:

      I assume you have written articles in the past wondering what sweatshop or child labor factory your money goes to when you shop at other stores?

    71. tara says:


      this person needs re-think her crap. the only people who get offended by other peoples so called beleifs are people who are uncertain about their own. if you want answers then quit writing this stupid article on some website and go obtain answers go ask the dude who put it there. be a lil more proactive instead of bitching on the net do something "all these questions and a pile of clothes!" wtf is up with that? there is always an answer to every question. so go find w/e your looking for! jeez! and since you used to be apart of the church you should no that its not about spreading propaganda its about saving all those people who dont beleive its to save all those people from HELL!

    72. JESSIE says:

      i work for ForLove21 and the reason for the bible verse is because he came here like every other immigrant and started his businesses from nothing. so what if he's religious? the reason for the verse is to say that he is thankful for how far he has come. no money gets donated to churches or funds you don't know about.

    73. kgibbs says:

      if you hate it so bad and are so against it then dont shop there..what this world needs is god and how are we going to get out of global warming or this war without him..were not start believing & stop putting people down..its his store not yours.

    74. justagirl says:

      in-n-out has a few different verses on their hamburger bags and the ones on their soda and milkshake cups, and i certainly don't have a problem with it! i don't really shop at forever 21, but i think it's cool that they put verses on their bags. it just goes right along with freedom of religion. i think if they were to donate any part of your money to any sort of organization, religious or not, they would tell you or advertise it. it's awesome how he's not afraid to show what he believes!

    75. liveforchrist says:

      i just found the scripture verse on the bag last night

      i was suprised but i was happy because i think it's a wonderful thing that people (or stores in this case) are showing this because it might actually make someone open up a bible and read the verse

      i don't see why you would have such a problem with it? believe the verse or don't believe it, (by the way you really should because there is a God who loves you so much that he gave his only Son to die for us so that we can live in heaven with him)but it's your choice and i agree with justagirl; i think it't great that he's not afraid to show what he believes

      and let's just say that the money is going towards a charity or some fundraiser…is it really that bad? that maybe you're helping a family in Africa or something somewhere that needs that money that is dying of starvation or malnutrition? i think that they would tell you anyway if that's where the money was going

      but those are my thoughts

      and by the way, i really do hope that if you have a Bible, you read it and start a personal relationship with Jesus Christ

      he changed my life and he can change yours too, but you have to be willing:)

    76. mia says:

      heres a quick comment if it freaks u out so much then dont shop there anymore i appreciate someone taking a stance on their faith no mtter what religion they am

    77. mia says:

      srry typo no matter what religion they are

    78. someone down south says:

      I don't believe ANYONE is making you shop there, so if you don't like the bags… GET OVER IT! and seriously are you going to judge a store based on a bag that the clothes come in? Is that what you're going to the store to purchase? If you don't like the bag… THROW IT AWAY! It's that simple!

    79. Kristin says:

      I'm a Christin Missionary, who was also raised Roman Catholic. I can understand how unnerving it can be to go to your favorite store merely looking to get a cute outfit and be confronted with ideas about something as heavy as "ultimate reality of faith." But I think its a testiment to how serious this issue of faith really is.

      Christianity is now the only religion that has been refused as a whole to be supported by faith-based governmental grants. Islam, Taoism, Shinto, and Buddism all can recieve such money with no problems…I say this to point out that Christianity is under attack, while other religions are praised. As a fellow critical thinker, I encourage you to ask why only this one…why not all? Is it random, arbitary? or something more?

      I'm not making a "plug" for you to join "my side" I'm sure you've gotten enough of that. Its only when you ask questions that you can come to a deeper understanding of anything….the nature of the Divine is no different.

      In fact, I applaud you for not being apathetic, as so many of our generation are. Also, I would love to see if your misconceptions about Christianity and faith were the same as mine (having shared the same Catholic dogma).

      Best of luck on your journey!

    80. sara says:

      I am an atheist and frankly I am quite offended with all the comments telling people like me to grow up. It is a bit annoying to me to see Bible references and Christian icons everywhere I go. In someone's house is one thing but out in the public is quite another. If I wanted Bible verses I'd go to church. Not to get into a religious debate here, but one of the reasons I am not Christian is because many Christian organizations and churches near me are so in-my-face about it that they push me farther away. Realizing this verse was referenced on Forever XI bags will definitely make me reconsider shopping there in the future, because my money is going to: not someone religious (that wouldn't bother me), but someone who is religious and thrusting their religion in my face and in other's faces, which I find extremely offensive.

    81. katie says:

      What is so wrong with spreding a little hope around, by the owner of forever21 puttin bible verses on his bags he isn't telling you to join or give money to his "organized church" and I use that freely. He only whats to let people ya (you) know that Jesus loves you and when he died had you , thats wright YOU! YOUR NAME! YOUR LIFE! Was in his mind. He is how he says he is and to those how belive it is importan to share that with others. Point blank Jesus lives andhe lives in YOU!

    82. GA Jaynie says:

      It's not as if the verse were quoted in its entireity – just the means of looking it up. How offensive can that possibly be?

      It has become almost fashionable to bash Christians who are openly Christian. Would you have complained if there had been a reference to the Koran on the bag? I doubt that you would have even known it was from the Koran and gone on in blissful ignorance.

      If you are so "spiritual" why can't you allow others to be spiritual in their own chosen way? If you are allowed to practice your beliefs any way you please without fear of others being "offended", then so should everyone else NO MATTER WHAT.

      Apparently, you are one of those thin-skinned people who give this country (indeed, the world) a bad name. If you are so easily offended, wear a blindfold or become a hermit. I have just as much right to be a practicing Christian (or Hindu, Buddist, Muslim, Wiccan, etc.) as you do, without your complaining about it.

      Get a life. If you are spending your time blogging about an "offensive" shopping bag, you don't really have one.

    83. Jgait says:

      People came to this country in search of religious freedom. The ability to believe in whatever they want to believe in. If you belive in God, great!, if not, that's YOUR choice and that's okay if you feel good about it. But it's like someone said earlier, it's his choice whether or not he wants a bible verse on his bag. I myself am a Christian and I find it refreshing that he is just trying to spread a little love and hope. But please explain something to me Sara, how is the most well known verse on THE BOTTOM of a shopping bag being "in your face"? You probably didn't even know it was there until you read this.

    84. beth says:

      you have issues

      just buy the damn tank top and stop worrying about where the $$ is going

      if you dont agree with missionary programs (and if u dont, u seriously are disturbed not wanting to help ppl) than instead of buying a tank top where some of the profits MIGHT go 2 something worth while than YOU be the bigger person and use the $$ to something of ur own approval


      … bigotry is so lame these days

    85. james says:

      would people find it more acceptable, if the guy at the top of the business was using the money to spend on a lavish lifestyle, flying round the world or on gambling in vegas, or on hookers?

      But if he wants to spend it on helping people, then people want to have a problem with that…

    86. Amanda says:

      Well, I think that people need to stop worying about these kinds of things. If you've shopped there before and just notice the verse on the bottom of the bag and now you don't want to shop there anymore because it helps people in several different ways, your stupid. I'm Christian and I support different religions even if I don't agree with them because were all worshipping the same God; whether your Christian, Catholic, Jewish, Buddhist, whatever. The fact that your stressing over this kind of matter is quite pathetic. Suck it up. Keep shopping there if you want and if not , go somewhere else. Forever 21's chain is helping people and I think thats a great cause. Why does it matter? It's your choice.

    87. pixie85 says:

      For all you nonbelievers, it is so unfortunate to know that because you chose ignorance to the truth of God's existence, yall will have such a horrible price to pay come the rapture or death. Why deny the very One who created you all!? I usually don't get in on this kind of thing about picky consumer complaints, but I saw so many ugly remarks about people not believing in God and it just struck me the wrong way! I am standing up for what I believe in and I would NEVER deny MY GOD!!! The proof that He exists is all around you poor unfortunate souls! After reading John 3:16, how could you say such things as "He does not exist" and "I do not believe"? Let me guess, the big bang really happened?! Wake up people, before it is entirely too late! I will continue to pray for people like you all! For those who stand up for what is right in not denying the good Lord, good for you and keep it up! The world needs to know!!!!!!! (John 3:16 lives on)

    88. truth says:

      There is no such thing as God. I am not offended by someone putting a bible verse on display as much as I am offended by the fact that people are idiotic enough to believe in the adult version of Santa.

    89. robin says:

      I love the fact that it is on the bag.

      God is real && the fact that this man was brave enough to do this ,to me, is fantastic.

      I wish more Christians would take a stand and stop being such hypocrites.

    90. elle says:

      Did you take time to read the verse John 3:16? Do you know what it means? God loves us so much that he gave up His only son to be crucicified for all of our sins so that we could have eternal life with Him in heaven. All our sins were nailed to the cross with Him. Jesus paid a heavy ransom for all of us. I'll be praying for you that God will reveal Himself to you that you would know how real He is and how much He loves you.

    91. Limmie says:

      I find this debate quite humorous. Many have said that the printed bag is a good thing because it shows hope and that Christianity is love. In theory, perhaps, in reality, not as often. Since it was for the owner of F21, by all means, he should print it.

      At first, I was a bit bothered by the thought of it, but after further reflection, I realized that like any other book, the Bible is quotable. Personally, I would prefer a quote from one of my favorites… camus, salinger, vonnegut, heller, but "So it goes."

      I think he ought to do what he wants, he has that choice and who am I to tell him what he should or shouldn't be able to do. However, if I ran the business, I would suggest that other markets outside of Christians might not be as appreciative of the verse and may choose not to shop there.

    92. Trish says:

      So what if the bag has a bible verse. Being non religious does not mean you need to get angry when somebody else isreligious. People have just as much right to publicly show thier religion as you have to show your lack of religion. Trust me, there are much worse things that you could support by simply buying a tank top, such as drug habits of a band member that the tank top represents, or supporting a company that enslaves children in sweat shops, and so on. And even if the company does donate money to churches…. churches donate money to people who need it, such as single moms who cant get a leg up, and disabled veterans, and orphanages. There are worse places to put your money.

    93. KRISTIN says:

      If the owner of forever 21 wants to print a bible verse on HIS bag, he has the right. I am a Christian, & personally i think its great.

      It makes me happy to see someone standing up for something he believes in, knowing it can effect his business because not everyone is going to agree with it. It shows his faith. It's just an encouraging message to send people. You as a consumer can do one of two things, support or not support this company. That simple. If you are Atheist or believe differently, I understand you may not like it & im sorry it offends you, but again you arent forced to shop there.

      To the girl who posted this topic,

      Your money is most likely going to some type of organization no matter where you spend it. Some good, and some bad.

      You say that you dont know what the missionarys really do with that money but if that is the case, we dont REALLY know what ANY of the charitys or awarenesses are doing with the money. You dont want your money going to a specific type of religion that u may not agree with but Christianity has nothing to do with religion. "Religion" is for the "fake christians" the ones who are just putting on a front, the ones who give SINCER Christians a bad name. CHRISTIANITY is about your personal relationship with God and accepting Christ as your Savior. Thats the difference. He is obviously concerened with reminding people of the gift of salvation. Which shows he isnt thinking of himself but trying to help others in a way thats not so in-your-face. I mean its at the bottom of the bag after all!

      And what's wrong with supporting missions? they do great things like feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless.. etc. Wouldnt you rather risk your money going to something like that rather than bombing an abortion clinic or something? Plus your getting a cute top out of it =]

      If it's still that big of a deal to you that John 3:16 is printed on the bags then dont shop there

      Your 25 bucks wont make or break them!


    94. Ashley says:

      I agree with a few people, is it really that big of a deal? I mean American eagle sells stuff that say live your life on it, should people be offended because of that? i mean industries spend tons of money on labels and things like "i'm lovin it" why is it such a big deal when one smaller franchise says "John 3:16" the reason your freaking out i do not understand at all. I'm only 16 and when i saw that it was a relief to me, finally a store that lifts up the one i know as my father and isnt afraid to share it with the world. Thats my kind of store! one that can finally stand up and give God the glory. im sure you dont freak out any time you buy disney stuff when they have sweat shops in other come it's not that big of deal? Come on people, lets get serious and stop having a cow over a word and three letters.

    95. Liv says:

      You guys are pathetic. Let whom ever wants to believe in god, believe. All of the athiests, dis-believe. And also to all of you "Christians", if you are so in touch with god, then why are you criticizing other people? I thought god's children never judged? In my opinion, God is a book that someone once wrote. A book full of fiction with some factual experiences added. Enough said. Have fun with your dispute.

    96. Arielle Brosman says:

      God gave us his word and some people will never bother to read it….the verse on the bottom on the bag is simply a way of administrating a part of the bible that some one may never have known. Why is it offensive? Are we to assume that all other bags are created by atheists because there is nothing on the bottoms of them? We're just sharing the good news…is that so harmful?

    97. The Designer says:

      Wooh!!! Fashion Brats and Jesus Huggers (which I'm a little bit of both, so zip it).

      I thought this article was about clothes and a little verse?! Put your shanks (that's knife for all those of the suburban kind) back in your XOXO purses.

      A verse caused all of this? Amazing.

      I'm not cynical or bitter, some of you are, but have a mind of your own ladies. If the verse worries you, make a decision on your own. Either stop shopping or keep it moving, but don't keep shopping and BITCH about it. You don't get to do both. That's a rule.

      Also "get smarts".

      If it worries you, not bother, (when using the 2nd definition which is "annoyance", that's a personal problem), then take the "worries" to the appropriate person, Mr. Chan (the owner), OR go educate yourself. Do some digging. Find out where your dollar is going. Who it's funding. Who it's possibly helping (because that last time I checked Church! (with a southern accent) was a good thing) or possibly hurting.

      I wonder what all of you are going to do when you find out that McDonalds posts longitude and latitude coordinates of US pointed missiles on the rim of your $4.00 McFlurry. (joke!!!..geez)

      Gripe at the right person, Preach to choir… i mean the real one, … in your church, not us, and quit yo bitchin' or stop shoppin'.


      (note to the editor: the bitching not for you. And way to go to get a conversation started. Hi Five!)

    98. Meagan says:

      JOHN 3:16

      I'll pray for you! You need it.

    99. teg says:

      it is really a good idea to me because it can witness to people. I am a Christian and I hope more people get saved.

    100. LoveLife says:

      I don't agree with people always shoving their religions down peoples throats. If you are a big business corporation, you should be trying to bring in every customer, not offend them away because they don't agree with you. I don't care about the owners religion, political stance or whether he exercises, and I don't want to be beat over the head about it. Everyone is different and I don't think anyone has the right to judge another on their take on life.

    101. Molly says:

      I don't think it should matter so much.

      If you think about it, every dollar you earn holds a message you don't agree with, "In God We Trust" so, are you then going to stop using money because it offends you too?

      I wouldn't blame you if you had the message stuffed down your throat apon entering but a scripture printed on the underside of a bag- come on.

    102. brittany says:

      Actually a friend of mine worked there for years and the company is in china or japan and they use sweat shops to make the clothes…the reason the clothes are so cheap is because they are made not to good. So the bible verse may be misleading

    103. ashley says:

      Im reading all these religious opinions and I see these everywhere…Its like Hilter to the jews..

      And for those ex-christians, once you know God personally, there is no way you could ever turn your back on him. Ive learned alot in my faithful walk with jesus, im only 19, but God has been there my whole life, and I knew it too. I knew it everytime I was drunk, everytime I was high, everytime I stole or had sex or lied or cheated. Not until I was 17 when I realized how all my friends who NEEDED to get drunk, all my friends WHO HAD TO HAVE SEX TO FEEL PRETTY OR LOVED, EVERYONE around me was not really there. They always needed help to even be happy for a moment. It was the saddest time of my life. I saw my life heading the same direction, and I wanted true happiness. So when God called me when I was 17, I answered. But in my walk with him, I have lost all my religious ideas. He doesnt like religion. In fact he despises it. He says true religion is helping the orphans and widows. HElping those in need. Hepling the broken hearted. Thats IT. He doesnt say you have to go to church on sunday. I go on fridays. He doesnt say you have to shove bible verses on people. In fact, for those religious christians out there, you should study the way jesus walked this earth. He never once went out of his way to go shove scripture down someones throat and make them feel unimportant or stupid. NO! EVERYONE came to HIM. It was Gods glory that drew people to him and they were seeking advise and healing from him almost immediatly. He only said what they asked. I know there are alot of false christians out there…Some who leave out parts of the bible b/c they dont neccesarily believe in certain things. But how can you call yourself a christian if you only believe SOME things of God?

      well, I just hope more people would get it.

    104. Frcrckr says:

      First off, this is a free country that we live in. They are NOT promotting something awful, yet instead, something positive. Don't we need more positive thoughts in the times that we are living in right now? I appreciate the fact that someone is standing up for what they believe in, and trying to reach out and deliver a nicer message to everyone.

    105. morgan says:

      Look, here's the thing it does'nt matter what your religion is while you are buying clothes. Be you Jewish, Muslim, Christian etc., etc. You should not have a religion that you may not agree with shoved in your face. It makes me wonder as well if they are funding a church or politician with some of the proceeds from the store since the proverb is written so small on the bag, you know like a disclaimer or a warning to the consumer. This is as insane to me as a big chain store putting their support for a politician on their front doors! Do they want to make people feel excluded or bad about their own choices as far as religion goes? We are supposed to be a free country where everyone is free to choose their own religion! But i guess until people start truly practicing that i going to use my freedom to stop shopping at forever21!

    106. Sweetheart says:

      To all that say by printing the bible verse on the bottom of the bag is a form of thrusting religion in your face, that is ridiculous. It is almost as if saying that by taking a class on the geology of man which speaks of evolution is having the idea thrust upon you. For most college students this is a class you have all been through. F21 is a very large corporation making a very large amount of money, one in which various types of people shop in. The store is about the clothing, not the bag, although it is an uplifting scripture for anyone, especially those left cold and lonely, it gives them hope.

      In response to those who say religion is bad and you have had bad experiences and christians are Jesus freaks and whatever….maybe it's time you stop putting your faith in people, who are only human and incapable of reaching perfection and may at times let you down just as you will them, and start putting your faith in God. People are just used to teach you, you are not to look to them and expect them to be perfect and the first little mistake they make, RELIGION IS BAD. Haha. I'd rather have faith in something rather than have faith in nothing at all.

      To each his own opinion but do not be irrational in thinking that everyone in a religion acts the same way. If one is corrupt, the rest must be. You must learn to be logical and mature.

      TO THE POSTER, I would not feel to much hesitation on buying the clothing. You never know what any store or restaurant owner believes in. Asian restaurants give fortune cookies…not everyone believes in fortune. Don't look so deeply into things. If you love the clothing as I do, SHOP AWAY.

    107. Kelsee says:

      the way i look at it is that its his religion and he has every right putting what he believes is correct on HIS store. If you don't like don't shop there. He is trying to share his faith and i respect that very much…I love that store and i support his choose on putting that on the bottom of the bag…if i could change i would put in the largest letters on the top

    108. kacey says:

      U think a verse on the bottom of a bag is forceful?

      What about the jehovas witness who come banging on your door until u answer?

      Nothing against them or anything but think about it…

    109. Lila says:

      I think you're just spoiled and intolerant. In a nation such as America, where one is raised to be accepting about others' beliefs, you are a great disappointment. What happened to freedom of speech? You may not agree with the statement that the company puts out, but at least you should be open-minded and accepting, instead of making a big fuss over nothing.

    110. Mandy says:

      God is good, god is great, why care if there is a bible verse on the bag? You are taking your parents money and spending it at Forever 21 carelessly. You should be taught some scriptures so that you can live your life the way you should verses the way you want to. Life isn't about getting everything you want, its about happiness and following the rules. Have God in your heart and you will find the answer.

    111. Jolene says:

      I am 100% Christian. I love God more than anything, and I'm not the only one. And when you love someone or something so much. and you know how amazing it is, don't you want to show the world and let them in on that love? God loves you if you love him back or not, though he WANTS you to love him. The best thing you can do as a christian is to share the word of Jesus Christ.

      By putting that bible verse on their bag, they are sharing the word. They are hoping more people become saved so they can join God in heaven.

      If you don't like it,then don't read it. And if it bothers you THAT much, just don't shop there. I'm sure the loss of you is nothing compared to the amount of people who will now begin to shop there that love Christ.

      If only you would understand how GOOD this is that they are promoting GOD, you creater, your lover, your one true hope…

    112. splashapple says:

      i think its WONDERFULL!!!

    113. anonoymus says:

      Seriously, give me a break.People in this world are DYING,the economy is downright low and there are wars going on…AND THIS IS WHAT UR WHINING ABOUT!By the way…GO JESUS!

    114. Nikki says:

      Well, if you find it that offensive, don't buy it. There are way more stores promoting the devil, such as band shirts and what not that have "666" on them, or other things. At Spencer's, they have pentagon jewelry and other satanic items, so Christians have the same right to put godly things on the market. After all, if it freaked you out that much, you wouldn't spend the money. Lighten up a little. Jesus loves you:)

    115. Someone says:

      i think its great that they do that. This is America, there is freedom of speech and just becuase you may not agree with it, respect their beliefs and stop being so ridiculous over this. Plus, they are right, there more documents of Jesus being on Earth then Julius Ceaser. Maybe you need to search you heart. Just because you were a Catholic doesn't mean you ever knew Jesus. Being a christian is not about religon, its about recognizing his sacrifice, having a relationship with the worlds creator and living the best you can. Catholics have some screwed up beliefs and not everyone who claims to be close to God, even ever knew him. It says in the bible that in Heaven God will send them away saying, "i never even knew you" good luck and god bless!

    116. saviah says:

      wow i never thought that someone would actually stamp thier bags like that cause they dont know who believes in God or not i mean come me personally i strongly believe in God and it is very sweet that they would put that on there bags and stuff and who knows they may just give it to people who really need it. but then again they could give it to specific churches or they could give it to people that have no money when they come in there or that have no homes or clothes or food.

    117. Kassi says:

      I don't think it's a big deal. Personally, most people who shop at Forever 21 doesn't even pay attention to the verse, or if they do, it's no big deal to them. I don't really think about where my money is going to once I purchase something at Forever 21. It's their business and they're choice and it's the freedom of speech for them to put whatever they want. So what I don't get is that why are some people "creeped" out by this? It's just a verse, it's not like they're trying to convert you or scare you away from their store. They're just trying to spread the word out and I guess representing their religion in a way. If they take pride in their store and take pride in their religion, so be it.

    118. Emeteria says:

      We don't know what our spent money is actually funding, but that's not just with Forever 21. I think that by putting a bible verse (John 3:16 one of my faves) on the bag makes us aware that they could be using the money for religious beliefs, however, I have no problem with it because I'm sure there are other places I have bought something and I have no clue what my spent money is funding. I just believe that you are responsible with what you are doing with what you have and if they are using your spent money on the wrong things, it will come back on them…not you.

      And what have the taxpayers money been funding all these years…not all great things I'm sure…lol.

      Great topic by the way : )

    119. Becky says:

      I agree with Jen. Grow up. Supporting a Christian organization should be the last problem on your mind. I sure hope you are investigating all the labels as closely as you are this one. How about Wal Mart and all the businesses they are slowly shrinking? Have you heard about Debbie Shank's lawsuit against the company? Look that up and decide who's side you are on. Do you support the same sweatshops Abercombie does? I'm sure Forever 21 is also a culprit. Do you even know what Banana Republic really means? It's referring to the poor countries economically dependent on a single export- thanks to our corrupt corporations. Is the name a joke or are they that ignorant?

      I almost didn't know if you were joking when I read your article. I know you were simply asking for opinions and you weren't attacking anyone.

      But seriously?

    120. wow says:

      you are an idiot.

    121. Kate says:

      I happen to see the bible verse on the bag, and i questioned it. I was curious as to why they would put that. But, it was their choice, you know? To those who don't believe in God, why should this pertain to you? People buy clothes at Forever 21 simply, because of the clothing, and not what's written on they're bag. Personally, I am a religious person. But, all of you shouldn't, i guess, react at the fact that theres a bible verse on the bag. Like others said, I support the verse because its TRUE, thats my opinion. And thats all this is.. people arguing, because of other people's opinions. But yeeah, i just thought i'd say something about this topic.

      PS. I agree with Kassi(:

    122. lauren says:

      i think there is nothing to freak about, i mean im a christian, but not like hardcore, and just becasue they stamp a bad with a bible verse doesnt mean you have to judge the store, so what? if it makes you that uncomfortable then maybe you need stop being so narrow minded and selfish, i mean really so what if a dolalr or two goes to a missionary, it could save a life, i mean really, you may not support it, but really just think of it as helping out someone, i dont even know if they do that with their money, but really, stop being a narrow minded selfish girl, and realize that this is just trying to send out a messgae, theyre are not forcing you to look at it or evne belive it, so get over it.

    123. Mazuba - Westchester says:

      I always thought the bible verse was some kind of mistake..but apparently not

    124. Lisette says:

      I think it is great also. I never heard about that store until I read what you wrote. I always like to support Christian businesses whenever possible. I'll have to go check out Forever 21 now. But, I support non Christian stores also. If a store was promoting verses from the satanic bilbe I sincerly doubt I would shop there.

      So ,yeah the choice is up to you. You see thats the cool thing about God he gave us all free will.


    125. Jesus_girl ^_^! says:

      as a strong Jesus follower that i am ,you guys are funny!!!!!!!!!!!! We arent alliens.

      I thank God it has you thinking so hard!, at least its doing

      this is not rockest science, if you are freaked out about what that means, instead of being a big baby and hollering nonsense, have you actually checked a bible to see what John 3:16 says!? Arent you happy that your money is going to feed the poor., the helpless, parentless, the forgotten and the hungry. And if it helps other churches. PRAISE GOD,or does that offend you! why? im being sincere,why? is it because you dont understand what it means to be a believer, or your own personal bad experiance or something.well, heres a start: God and religion are too totaly different things. Religion is a man made system due to insecurity for lack of understanding God. Look up the word religion and you'll find the end it. But look up the word God andwell……bon voyage!!! thats a whole nother

      God BLess YOU!

    126. Britt says:

      I think it's great! When I saw that, it made my day. I admire Christians who are able to stand up for what they believe in. It makes other Christians learn to, as well. And if Forever 21 does give a part of the money to charities or missions, that's even better! Would you rather the store take it and keep it to make themselves bigger and better or is it such a big deal if they give a small percent to a poor child in Haiti who doesn't know when their next meal is?

    127. Jen says:

      I'm a Christian and I passed out tracts on the street once and I'm always talking about here online. Christians try to tell others about Jesus because we are told to do so by the one who saved our souls.

      "For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek." -Romans 1:16

      From an eternal perspective, John 3:16 is the most important statement on Earth. Please find out the truth before, God forbid, something should happen to you tomorrow. Then you will find out the urgency of our message and why we want to paste it everywhere. (Some people are wierd though I'll admit.) Some Christians in China, Eritria, Iran, Gaza, India, North Korea….are imprisoned, tourtured, and even willing to die for the message of Christ.

    128. Sara Palin says:

      Wow. Look at all the dumb asses here. Grow up. No wonder why christians have bad names, it's because of YOU GUYS.

    129. Sara Palin says:

      "I think you’re just spoiled and intolerant. In a nation such as America, where one is raised to be accepting about others’ beliefs, you are a great disappointment. What happened to freedom of speech? You may not agree with the statement that the company puts out, but at least you should be open-minded and accepting, instead of making a big fuss over nothing."

      WHAT ABOUT FREEDOM OF SPEECH? Huh? Shut your damn mouth, you hypocrite. The author has the freedom to say whatever she wants, right? After all, you said so yourself. Grow up.

    130. level ground says:

      I shop at forever21 all the time and i honestly never noticed it before either. Let me first say that I do believe in a God. I don't go to church and i'm not sure what he looks like or whatever, but i believe in god and i "pray" to him etc. I don't mind that that's on the bag, I love the clothes and I hope my money is being put to good use. I figure, even though some missionary things are a little crazy depending on the church, the people involved, etc. in some way someone is being helped by it. I didn't know that the money was used for things like that, but i'm happy that it is. Whether it's related to god, satan, santa clause, or even a tv show, the money is going to help someone somewhere so that's pretty cool. and i also think that these people who left you comments are getting so fired up after reading previous comments (as i admittedly did lol) that your question that they read is getting a little more twisted in their minds with the more comments they read and then they are writing as if you are making a big deal out of this, which it really doesn't seem that you are. that is no offense to them, it happens : ) but in all reality, if i've got it right, you're basically just asking what others think of it in order to get a better view of what exactly it is that you think of it….i think lol. if that is the case, then in my opinion i am happy to get clothes i love and simultaneously help the people of the world. If you (or anyone else) can't or don't see it that way, then don't shop there because you should always do what you feel is right for YOU, but if you see it the way i do, or you realized with everyone's ranting and raving that it really doesn't matter either way, then keep shopping there because it really is a great store : ) good luck, and i hope people stop yelling at you because they are mad at others ; ) lol they are supposed to be replying to you, AIM is for the other stuff : ) so if anyone wants to talk to me, let me make it easy… deb2518 : )

    131. elena says:

      i understand why some people would get offended by this but honestly, i think it's better when get on with our lives. Forever 21 does not fund any religious organazation, they're just expressing their feelings i guess. If you have a problem with this situation though you can either not purchase their items, or get over and buy it anyway. Either way, theres plenty other of stores out there.

    132. KD says:

      Did you get a GLIMPSE of the MOOLAH you placed on the Counter for that purchase you made — it read: "in GOD We Trust" — Did you have an Issue with that as well? I really don't think Life is going to adjust to "Little 'ol You" – Don't try to make such a Big Deal Out Of EVERY Little Thing That Comes Up – Like the previous post said — It may have helped someone else. If it didn't help you – MOVE ON. Forget it. Grow Up! DEAL!

    133. Lauren says:

      I love that they put it on the bags!!!! In my view they put it there because ppl dont slow down and realize small things. i praise forever 21 for stepping out of the Norm

    134. Jessica says:

      Uhm hello?!? Every company has some agenda and some "cause" that they support. With Starbucks it's gay rights. I don't want my money to support gay rallies, but that's what happens when I purchase a cup of coffee from there. I love the gays as people, I just don't support their lifestyle. Do you look into what sort of causes every company you purchase something from supports? You may be surprised. Just because you don't agree with the fact that the owner is a Christian doesn't mean you can't like the clothes he sells. It seems really close-minded for me to hear that this is even an issue with people. Everyone wants people to be "tolerant" these days except when it comes to Christianity. Why is that?

    135. Nina A says:

      I think it's about time. I think it is a great thing. The whole world should be more conscious of God and how they are living their lives.

    136. Jessica says:

      calm down.

      its just a Bible verse. but it is a very good one at that.

      i dont think people should be worrying about where there money is going anyways. have you ever heard of a charity donation? celebreties do it all the time. and maybe you should look harder at the verse and stop worryying about the material things.

    137. Katie says:

      Recently it is too often an occurrence, that members of our society take one person's expression of personal belief as controversial, suffocating or offensive. Especially when done tastefully and fairly discretely as in these above examples, there is no more harm in it than someone donning a t-shirt, bracelet or tattoo to express their personal beliefs, or for that matter, letting their physical associations with groups dedicated to a cause exemplify the meanings they hold true for their life. Certainly, if you take issue with where the profits might be directed, research to find concrete answers; if you're seriously opposed-divorce the product. Otherwise, continue enjoying the products as you have been (as many other wise readers have suggested), and be thankful that the opportunity of these proprietors to express their thoughts on their products allows for the very same for you in this forum.

      Well done for opening up an issue like this to others' opinions. Surely, it's larger context of freedom of thought, religion, speech and the almighty consumerism is important. We will all be better off if we continue to examine the priority and place these hold in our lives.

    138. Gen says:

      What is it with america these days!

      Freedom of religion is in our constitution!

      And u know that people of all religions, (even muslims) say that they are not offended by stuff like that, so just get over it.

      i applaud forever 21 for that and i love the message they're trying to send out.

      Plus, did u know that all 3 major religions (christianity, judaism, and islam) all acknowledge the birth of christ?

      Everyone could use a little hope right now.

      I hope a lot of people read this comment and if they do and they feel uncomfortable, well that's sad. We should all be praying for you.

    139. amanda says:

      Ok so this is what gets me: You mention…I buy these "it's gonna rip in 2 weeks anyways but oh well who cares"clothes and your not so worried about that, but more worried about the bag your crap is put in!!! Who cares if the money you spend there is going to a christian fund. Atleast its not going to somewhere thats funding evil things right? It kills me how people get so uncomfortable around religion or christianity and how it "omg it freaks me out" dude you freak me out because apparently you have no life if you are looking at the bottom of your bag and truely freaking out about the message that tells you how much God loves you. Wierdo. If you really need some advice on this go talk to a priest or something. Stop ranting about it on a blog…seems like sub conciously you may be asking for more truth about God. God is great!!!

    140. talkstoself says:

      To be offended by something like this is silly. It's on the bottom of the bag, in an inconspicuous place, so they're not trying to shove their religious beliefs down your throat. It's not like they're putting religious pamphlets in your bag that tell you you're going to hell or something. I don't believe in Christianity or the Bible, but that doesn't make it wrong for anyone else to believe in it or announce their beliefs in a non confrontational, nonjudgmental way.

      If you're really so concerned about your money going to support mission work you don't believe in, as other commenters have suggested, simply don't shop there. But I'm sure that unless you stop spending altogether, some of your money is going to, in some way, be connected with something you don't support, whether you know about that connection or not.

    141. feelslikes commentin says:

      I don't see how this could possibly offend someone. If it was run by a bunch of Buddhists and they put one of their religions famous quote no one would care or be offended….

    142. Sara says:

      I love Jesus with all of my heart! The Bible verse is true…For God so loved the World that He gave His one and ONLY Son that whoever beleives in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life!

      How awesome! I know you were offended, but thats how it is. He loves us all enough to die for us! think about it…dont write it off.

      Where are you going to go when you die?

    143. abby says:

      I think its good that there putting bible verses on there bags when i noticed it I was like oh wow thats different It's something most stores don't even do. And so what if there giving the money to a missionary or something thats good to the bible verse makes sense and everyone should believe it!I'm a christian and i believe it. Don't make a big deal out of nothing! Forever 21 is doing the right thing trying to spread gods word. And you should to.

    144. Ashley says:

      Well, I think that is an AMAZING thing to do! That is really awesome. Ive never been there, but I should probably start shopping there as to spread the christian word! Thanx for letting me know!

    145. stephanie says:

      Who frekkn cares!!! Its letters and numbers typed on a bag, its not gonna kill you! goodness gracious whats with people now-a-dayz…

    146. Julia says:

      I feel that Forever has the right to put Bible verses. To the people who disagree, America was created by Christian values. Our founding fathers wrote the Constitution regarding, God. Yes, we have religious freedom, but that doesn't mean you can discriminate against Christianity. Regarding to Christianity in America, whenever someone uses God or anything related to Christianity, the media "attacks" it. But have you realized that whenever any other religions are presented, the media backs away from it. I believe that the media is unjust when it comes to Christianity and God, they should realize that our wonderful country was brought up by Christian values and at least appreciate what we have today. It doesn't mean they have to be a Christian, but should stop discriminating Christians!

    147. Melody says:

      I plan on shopping there even more now that I know they put verses on the bags! I hope it gets someone to pick up a bible! If you don't like it…that is why GOD gave you free will.

    148. Kristina says:

      I don't care about the verse on the bag, but I do find it rather interesting that the owner is supposedly so into his faith, but has no problem hawking poorly made, slutty looking clothes. Interesting.

    149. Salome says:

      I love it, people should express their faith, we have freedom of speech right? if it offends you or "freaks you out" then don't shop there, how about the shirts that say "bad religion" on them, it seems like it's never a problem when someone expresses their lack of faith and they do it overtly and to offend others, let them PRAISE THE LORD in their success.

    150. Fred says:

      I do not understand what the problem is here. For years I have seen people and companies promoting a non-Christian, anti-God, anti-government anti- you name it slogan on their merchandise and no one says a thing. Now that this Mr. Chang decides to add John 3:16 on his bags, its the end of the world. This just goes to show you, people in the world hate Jesus Christ and the message of salvation He brings. For The Lord said (loose paraphrase) "They hated me before they hate you, … but be of good cheer, I have over come the world…" There are far more offensive things going on in the world and on the local news programs, than some clothing store bag. It is up to the owner whether they decide to disclose where the profits are spent. You must remember at the end of your life, whether you believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and savior or not, you will have to stand before Him in judgment. You are either for Him or against Him. Let The Lord deal with this Mr. Chang if he is doing something dishonest with the profits. I don't support dishonest business period. It doesn't matter if they are Christian or not. That should not be the reason for discontinuing to be a valued customer at the establishment you shop at.

    151. A P Real says:

      I'm loving it! I love shopping at Forever 21 and this makes me want to buy even more. I think as a future designer and stylist, it is very encouraging that faith can be incorporated into business practices. I was researching the internet for an assignment for my produc/ops class to find a mission statement for a company that interests me and found this article. I am glad I did and found this enlightening information. Peace and one love in Christ!

      AP Real

    152. BigBubba says:

      Fuck it, if don’t like this shit then don’t buy it. It’s a fucking no brainer you fucking bonehead shoppers. Put that in your bong and smoke it with some oregano and dog shit..Only little sluts and dirty whores shop at this place. All that shit in made over seas by Asians – all you fucking ladies are killing the US economy by buying this crap that is so overpriced. Read the fucking labels and see what you are doing to yourself and the US. You are fucking yourself good. Keep buying that slutty dirty clothes and watch your fucking job head overseas.

      1. ... says:

        you are obviously a nun! forever 21 has very decent clothes.. just go to your church and steal clothes from a nun! hahah

    153. b.madison says:

      Stop preaching religion to people that don't want to hear it! If someone wants to put John 3:16 on a shopping bag, then who really cares, unless some of the profit from the sales of the clothing is funding some shady abortion clinic bombing group. I highly doubt it is. As a person that was forced to attend Catholic schools for 18 years of her life, I know that most religious people have good intentions, but many of them are sadly misguided. The problem arises when they decide to think that their religion is the "truth" and there is nothing wrong with anything they say. They will downright lie to you in order to make you come over to their side–and therein lies the problem with religion. The concept is a good one, the modern expression of that initial idea–not so much. With religious people, they can do whatever they want and then justify it by saying, "God wanted me to do it!" Look at the suicide bombers for an example.

    154. Carole Jenkins says:

      The bottom of the bag is printed with a simple bible verse…the bag does not display the actual verse so how could this offend you? No one is trying to convert you or infringe upon your rights…geez get over yourself. Everyone gets so uptight about nothing these days, have you looked at American currency lately? The word "GOD" is all over it, does that offend you as well? If it does maybe you shouldn't use American money, which means you have to live in some other country that doesen't have a Forever 21 store…God forbid.

    155. olivia says:

      Even if the money IS going to a missionary or a church, isn't that better than the owner just pocketing it? Isn't that better than him sitting a mansion somewhere sipping herb infused beverages and doing nothing useful? If it's not going to something useful, you're just helping him buy his next Audi.

    156. jennifer says:

      i dont get like their clothing..who cares if he is deeply religious?…everyone can express their own religion any way they want and he decides to print it on the bottom of the bags..that doesnt make the whole chain of forever 21's religous….OMG i bought something from there!! i got religion cooties all over me!!!

      get over it

    157. Shann says:

      What I find more disturbing is that I have seen Forever 21 merchandise being made in sweat shops in downtown LA. With my own eyes, I witnessed several of their shirts and dresses being stitched, by hand, by a large group of illegal immigrants. I even checked the collar, "Forever 21." Now all I feel is guilt when I shop there. Christian values indeed.

    158. jfreak says:

      i think its cool!!!!!!!!!!!! Go forever 21 i think the forever 21 means what it says in the verse that they are putting on the bottom. if u look up thew verse, in it, it says the word eternal life and forever 21 is basically eternal life.

    159. jesus freak!!!!!!! says:

      omg i think its awesome😀

    160. Hannah says:

      WOW! Get over it! If you have such a problem with it don't shop there..Seriously is it THAT big of a deal? Everyone is free to express whatever they please..CORRECT? It is not like they are shoving it in your face it's on the bottom of a bag. DEAL WITH IT! I say good for them!

    161. katrina says:


      The whole "jesus on a bag" deal isn't causing harm to anyone.

      I don't see why it shouldn't be there.

      no biggy.

    162. Amber says:

      I just wonder if you don't shop at other stores who promote things you don't necessarily agree with. Many corporations donate to charities – are you for everyone of them? Many corporations support political campaigns – are you for their canidates? Many stores use despicable practices – child labor, unlivable wages, unclean & unsafe factories, animal cruelty, just to name a few.

      Could you be funding something you don't agree with simply by buying a tank top? Yes, probably. But you are with every tank top you buy, not just Forever 21.

      If I were you, I wouldn't worry about it too much when your buying a cheap, trendy top.

      But then again, I am Christian and this verse would probably brighten my day…so the choice is up to you. You might instead appreciate a store owner who is willing to quietly make note of what he believes through his business. Even if you don't agree with it, it is amazing we live in a country where business men – of any religious or political stance – are able to express themselves.

      If it really bothers you, look up the finances of this store, and others you shop at, and choose to shop at stores with sustainable practices, suppliers who use humane labor, fair trade, and don't support corporations, politicians, and organizations that you don't agree with.

    163. Sarah says:

      I cannot read all these freaking comments, there are 126. However, if someone hasn't already said it, I just wanted to point out the hypocrisy that lies within the fact that the owner of Forever XXI prints bible verses on the bottom of their shopping bags, gives $3 million of the store's profits to his local seminary each year, and then produces the clothes for his discount fashion store by way of cheap, child labor in 3rd world countries.

      I'm not saying I'm boycotting the place, and I'm not saying he's right or wrong in what he's doing with his private business, but would people PLEASE stop acting like he's some great man because he printed 8 characters on the bottom of a bag that most people don't even see? Good for him if he wants to spread the word of god, but how about carry out Jesus' teachings in EVERYTHING he does, rather than just trying to evangelize his customers with tawdry, subliminal messages.


    164. Bee says:

      Sarah! You read my mind! I was just going to write the exact same thing. After 126 comments you are the first to mention the terrible conditions of their sweatshop labor. If this guy is such a Christian, he should offer better working conditions to his workers. Enough said.

    165. Veronica says:

      Yes, he support lots of money to his church, community, seminaries, and mission group. You name it.!!!

    166. Valerie says:

      Some of the people leaving comments are really dumb. I was shopping and stumbled on this and all I can say is who cares? I mean really WOW they have John 3:16 on the bottom of the bag it's a cool discovery but it's not the end of the world they are just sharing what they believe in and I don't see how anyone is offended. I'm not a Christian and I don't care what they put on the bottom of the bag they are not changing my mind or pressuring me with anything just cause it's there.

    167. Devonna says:

      its his business. grow the freaking hell up.

      if a satanist owns his own bbq joint he has the right to put whatever he wants on his packaging am i right?

      the problem is he's a christian so you guys will do anything to point out his flaws.idiots

    168. Wendie says:

      I think you'd be hard pressed to think that any store you go to doesn't give their money to some cause you may or may not like. Some CEOs of companies spend their money on drugs, some on prostitution, some on child slavery….you just don't know about it. Frankly I'd rather a company give their money to a church, or a food bank, or some charitable cause that is good, but that would be MY choice. In the end, if you owned a business, would you really want customers to NOT buy from you simply because you don't like organized religion, or are a female, or whatever? Likely not. So I say, you like the store right? Keep buying their clothes and enjoy them!

    169. Jenelle says:

      after everything that i've heard about the sweatshops i don't think i want to shop there anymore. but its really hard to find stores that don't use such practices nowadays!

      The issue here is not a bible verse. *Come on*

    170. De Castro says:

      Well it is about time! Spreading the good news of Jesus Christ and a cute outfit, what more can a young lady ask for. Someone needs to spread the gospel. Nobody wants to lift up their eyes in Hell. Seek the truth tomorrow is not promised.

    171. meghan says:

      Josh (comment # 7) :

      i don't think they serve shark-fin soup at dog fights …

      just saying .

    172. Mary C says:

      I am all for free speech, but I have to admit that the "John 3:16" on F21's bags bothers me a bit. Here's why: Most of the clothes they sell are so immodest that their bible verse is just contradictory and almost laughable. Aren't Christians taught to respect their bodies? Secondly, it's sneaky. Forever 21 seems so secular that no one would think they were funding a mission trip when they bought an item there. I would rather see "10% of this purchase funds _____. Thank you!" on their bags than a simple verse that makes you question what you bought and where your money has gone. I agree that if you are offended by something, don't buy their product, but it is hard to know the exact motive of F21 when they are so ambiguous. Lastly, F21's ridiculously cheap prices make many people wonder who is making their clothing – and at what pay. It is ungodly to employ overseas slave labor (although I'm not 100% sure that F21 is doing this – I'd love a fact check!). Someone, I can't remember who, asked whether we would would react the same way if this were a message from a different religion. Chances are, we would react more harshly. Christianity is America's most familiar and popular religion and it would make many feel uncomfortable. Also, many religions, like Buddhism, are very against consumerism. Bottom line is that Christians are consumers, and when a company like F21 has a Christian association, most Christians feel more positive and comfortable shopping there, and most non-Christians simply shrug it off. It's the best of both worlds, in the company's eyes.

    173. lily says:

      i dont understand why this is such a big deal. they have just as big of a right as to put a bible verse on a bag as you do posting a stupid blog about it.

    174. Wendy says:

      If GOD offends you.. .man you have some big issues you need to deal with.

    175. Kaila says:

      Bah. Who cares. I love the clothes anyway!

    176. Elicia says:

      I think its cool. I really don't think it should offend anyone, I mean really, come one…if you get offended that easily, that's kind of pathetic. Its a bible verse reference, it doesn't say, "repent or you're going to hell!" I don't belive its trying to force you into religion at all.

      If it really bothers you though, just don't shop there.

    177. rachael says:

      Truthfully, I think it's wrong you sit here and criticize a company that supports Christianity when there are other companies that support things that are non-Christian. If you feel "weird" about purchasing something that supports a church or missionary practice, just find a new store! Simple as that. =) It's what I do…

    178. miss lady p says:

      im not going to sit here and say that when i first looked at the verse that i didnt get somewhat confused on why it was there. But it's a bible verse believe in what you want to believe i don't really tyhink it matters why he put the bible verse there he is STILL MAKING MONEY and you guys are just sitting here not getting paid for being mad or whatever it is over a bible verse on a shopping bag GET A LIFE AND GET OVER IT DO SOMETHING ELSE WITH YOUR LIFE stop being so mean and hateful because of a bible verse on a bag get over it

    179. JD says:

      Honestly- It's a bag.

      Faith or not- everyone has the right to do what they want.

      The owner is expressing themselves and their beliefs.

      If you like the clothes, buy them. If a bag bothers you that much, then don't

    180. Savanah says:

      This is seriously the most hilarious thing I've ever read. I got news for everyone, I am a practicing Christian, but there are some Buddist proverbs I love because they have a good message. I mean, if you're an atheist what do you care? It's offending your belief in the existance of nothingness? No one tried to push Christianity on you at the store did they? If you like the clothes, buy em. Most of our clothes are exports anyways and are made from and by people of all religious backgrounds (I still buy them if I like them who cares what they believe as long as they can make a sweet peice of clothing?). I have no problem that some don't believe in God, that's your choice, but how is something written on a bag that means good will offensive to anyone? No one's forcing anyone to believe anything, it's freedom of speech, and for someone with no spiritual belief system whatsoever, what's it to ya? If you have a spiritual belief that isn't Christian, most religions have the same message, there's wisdom in all, would a chinese proverb offend you? I think most people in this world are too easily offended, this just isn't important. Now if the manufacturer supported an act you think is heinous, then I would understand, but most people have some sort of belief system, and it's their right to express it, that's why we don't live in some communist country where you aren't able to complain about such stupid things online and can't speak your mind. I'm sorry, people today just crack me up. Would you rather it be something mean and hateful or racist? Come on people, focus on important stuff to make our country better, if this is where my generation is going we're doomed.

    181. Savanah says:

      oh, sorry almost forgot, thanx for the comic relief, I really needed that today:)

    182. Kerry McClure says:

      Now you know how I feel every freaking time I have to pay taxes… money going to things I don't believe in!!!! Abortion, ridiculous wars, endless inefficient government bureaucracies!!!

    183. Kerry McClure says:

      Also, I wonder, if reading that particular verse, "freaks you out" maybe you are actually feeling real innate feelings of condemnation. We were born to worship something… look at every culture since the beginning of time. Maybe that verse is speaking some ancient truth that your inner self knows.

    184. Atty Latham says:

      I dont mean to be rude, but where did you think your money was going?

      Surely you don't think that they spend all $19.80 of that cute top on production. There are worse places your money could go and if you are shopping at other stores, it very well may be going to those places.

      I personally think it is a brilliant idea that they put the verse on the bag and just because they are supporting Christianity does not mean that they are sponsoring missionaries.

      Also, I think that buy posting your complaint online you are doing exactly what you are accusing them of doing.

    185. Mandy says:

      It is completely ridiculous that you have an issue with forever 21 putting bible verses on their bags. How about the stores that are promoting sex, or setting unattainable standards for young girls to look like, live like, and act like the actors and models they see on the ads. Do you realize how many lives anorexia claims a year? Our society is a conforming one, and personally I believe forever 21 should be commended on standing up for something they believe in. And as far as you worrying about were your money is going, ahah why start worrying now. What about the million other purchases you make? I’m sure they aren’t feeding the poor.

    186. Kari says:

      "Could I actually be funding something I don’t agree with simply by buying a tank top?"

      I'm all for not shopping somewhere because you're against something, but just because it's religion does it make it different than anything else? When you shop at Banana Republic, are you supporting the sweat shops that they use to produce clothing? What about Gap, Old Navy, J. Crew? Many stores treat their workers unethically. So is promoting missionary work worse than that? That is your call.

      1. Katie says:

        That's a separate issue, and is beside the point. Is sweatshop labor horrible? Of course. Comparing something undesirable to something horrible doesn't make it any more desirable.

    187. Amanda says:

      Wow, I am astonished by all these comments. It is simply a question of whether or not the money from these purchases is directly supporting something someone doesn't believe in.

      It is a valid question, and a valid reason for not supporting a company. Just like someone would choose not to shop there when they were using real fur on their garments.

      If a store with great, affordable clothing had a Pro-Choice slogan on the bottom of the bag, and the money you spent there went towards funding abortion clinics, would you shop there? I bet you wouldn't. It's the same thing. Who knows what this money is doing for the church, it is not unjustifiable that someone does not want their money going toward spreading the christian word!

    188. Amanda says:

      I think it is refreshing to see the word of God somewhere you dont expect it. There are so many awful things going on people need to know that God did give his son for our sins and is here to forgive us. For anyone to think it is inappropriate simply dont shop there anymore. Im not a big holly roller and find that people who claim to one are normally the opposite. Someone might see the verse and look into it. Reading that verse might spark something in them and change their life. So lets get over ourselves plus they have supper cute clothes

    189. Cass says:

      The verse after 3:16 tells you your answer.
      John 3:17 For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.

      You have missed the point. Why are you upset that people want to give you the good news of Christ who loves you? Is it so hard to believe that someone could love you?

      You all need to stop name calling.

      You call can easily wear a peace sign on your shirt or anything else, but as long as it costs you nothing emotionally or in the race to be popular or politically correct. Be a rebel! I dare you, reach out to Christ Jesus!

      Go down fighting! Look around you, everyone is blindly going the way of don’t wear anything that says Jesus… Ever read Revelation. We are there young people. The times have changed, it’s no longer hippies who are being looked down on. It’s those “Bible thumpers, those Jesus freaks” as a couple of you say. They are responsible for all the wrong of the world!!!

      When we are gone they will say “see it was all those Christians that caused all the trouble” until the pretend peace is over and all hell breaks loose on earth. There will be no Christians to go to have “Santuary.” The Holy Spirit will no longer be here and you will be on your own.

      If you were a Catholic you know nothing of this. You didn’t read the Bible enough. You did what the priest told you like a good Catholic.

      Get yourself over to a Calvary Chapel anywhere and give yourself a chance to decide.

      Don’t go with what is cool. Let the Holy Spirit in and see what happens. The apostle Paul was chained to Roman soldiers
      he was beaten, tortured and certainly was not “popular…” He died preaching the good news of Christ Jesus.
      So have many other missionaries.

      Don’t you think there might be something to that? I’m talking educated women and men giving their whole life and risking it daily to bring the news in countries where their lives where as risk under the most vile conditions. Do you think a human alone could endure it? The answer is NO! Only the Holy Spirit gives that kind of strength.

      All you haters of Jesus, I don’t go around bashing your labels on your shirts and lifestyle. So don’t bash my post.

      My post is out of love and concern.

    190. Alyssia says:

      Well I believe that just putting a Bible verse on a bag doesn't makes you a Bible Thumper as someone put it. I grew up in the South, I go to a private liberal arts christian college, and I've seen full blown Bible Thumpers. Religion isn't about what denomination you are or the small minor differences that they have, but it's a about the relationship with God and other people. I know some people don't believe in God and that's fine too. We are all entitled to our OWN beliefs. This man has the right to his Bible verses just as anyone else has a right to their beliefs. Everyone has the choice to either buy the stuff or not. If I offends you then you have a decision to make. If it's something you think you can overlook than you are able to go back to your daily little pick me up called Forever 21. I hope that people can relize that not all Christians are Bible thumping, crazy, screaming people. These people scare me just as much as they scare a nonchristian. I'm just someone who was saved through God's grace and for that I'm very thankful. I'm not trying to impose my veiws on anyone else but if someone asks I'm glad to tell them. I hope you have a great day.

      Peace, Love, and Happiness

    191. Jinx says:

      Thanks for the heads up, I won’t shop there.
      I don’t spend money in places that feel a need to pander to people’s belief in the supernatural.

    192. jordanalexa says:

      yeah i noticed too. i used to live out west and loved in-n-out but seriously why is everyone so freaked by a simple reminder of religion. i am religious but most people would even see that about me when they talk to me first. just because they want to promote their religion on what they selling doesnt mean they want you to get all freaked out. and i know some people come across as weird and like super religious but that doesnt mean everyone is. so dont be offended. and if you really are dont shop there. i'm sure they'll cry themselves to sleep over a couple of people that get too freaked by something you see in every day lives.

    193. katgrace says:

      Seriously people. It's clothes….who cares what's on the bag. If you don't like it, don't read it. Get over yourselves and this stupid bullshit of "Oh my, I don't want to shop there if my money is going to fund….blah blah blah blah". Reality check dumbasses, you spend money every single day that goes to fund different people and different causes.

      1. katie says:

        there's no reason to be rude to this person. She's just a conscious consumer asking for opinions.

    194. Allie says:

      Girl, grow up.

      I swear, grow up.

      Don't make a big deal about little things.

      So what if there's John 3:16 on their bags?

      If you're somewhat offended or curious…

      why don't you STOP buying or do some research.

      Do the things a smart mind would do.

    195. grow up says:

      Grow up! you are not funding anything. The t-shirt that you bought cost some money for the owner as well. The profit from the t-shirt goes to owner and he has a right to spend HIS money any way he wants it to, he desides it goes for donation it will go toward donation, he desides to spend any other way it will go other way.

    196. matilde says:

      hmm i didn't read every comment…but for those who wonder where their money goes…uhmmmm then next time think twice before buying music from an artist,,,,or spending money on a movie….do you know where the money goes?drugs, alcohol, sex, porn, etc…etc…if u don't agree where the money goes then dont shop! the same for a movie and music, if u know the artist/actor has an addiction then don't help him/her feed that addiction! cause in reality who are we really funding when we go see these movies and when we go buy ,music! so if buying clothes from forever 21 has a positive effect the so be we are here to do good, to be selfless and while doing that lookin good!

      just be happy and look at the bright side!

    197. kelley111 says:

      Jesus saves. Seek Him.

    198. Melissa says:

      I love Forever 21 and will continue to shop there. I've never noticed this on the bottom of the bag, mainly because I use reuseable bags and never take their bags. I'm pretty sure most people who do shop there and use their plastic bags don't ever notice this either.

      I'm not a fan of unsolicited proselitizing (spelling might incorrect on that…I'm tired). I have had an instance where I bought something from someone on Ebay and my package came with a religious tract in it. And not a "Jesus is cool. You should be friends with Jesus", more of a "if you don't repent for your sins, you'll be doomed to hell" type of literature. THAT was completely out of line, and did indeed CROSS the line of good taste.

      But I highly doubt that having a biblical reference on the bottom of a shopping bag is going to have any influence on someone whatsoever. Faith is very serious issue for many people. I don't think anyone is going to look at the bottom of the bag, see the biblical reference and have a sudden revelation that they need to "find God" because of a shopping bag. That's ridiculous.

      If I knew that Forever 21 funded anti-gay, anti-choice organizations, I would for sure boycott their products. But until I have that information, I will continue to shop there, regardless of the CEO's religious affiliation. Hobby Lobby is even MORE overtly religious and I still shop there. I heard rumor that the CEO of Hobby Lobby gives money to anti-choice organizations, but I don't have any proof of that. Even if I did boycott Hobby Lobby, its not like them losing my business affects their bottom line anyway. I could go to Michael's instead but its further away.

    199. Big Johnson says:


      Why does he choose that verse, the essence of which is that his religion is correct and all others false? There are many bible verses that preach love without that twist. Why that one?

      Why not put the whole verse on the bag? Why not print it in big letters on the front? Is it really out of respect for the sensibilities of non believers? Or could it be that he's pushing the message as far as he dares without endangering profits?

      I would ask you to consider the possibility that using that particular verse in that particular spot was very well thought out and deliberate. In the context of a country where Christians want to allow and then require prayer in schools, rewrite biology and history textbooks to their liking, deny women their reproductive rights, deny gays the right to marry, and push Christian ideology on everyone they meet, that little bible reference is a subtle but powerful nod to an entire political agenda.

      In a country where forty percent of Americans believe that the earth was created in seven days some four thousand years ago and expect others to accept such idiocy at face value, that little bible reference is a subtle but powerful nod to the solidarity and pride in ignorance.

      And in a country where most Christians believe in a literal hell in which non believers who buy Forever 21 clothes will burn in hell while the sweatshop owner who sold them that clothes will be lifted to heaven, that little Bible verse is a subtle but powerful statement of breathtaking arrogance: I'm saved, you're not.

      No, that verse was not chosen by accident. Do I find it an insult. Yes, but much more, it is a premeditated political and religious attack.

    200. marmar says:

      why yes, i am an atheist, so don't get offended.

      yes, i will boycott, because religion – christianity included is fucking fucked up.

      all of you saying it is a positive verse, read it. it's not positive for anyone that isn't a christian.

      and i doubt any of you "christians" have read the bible. do that and THEN tell me you can still believe in god – in being a christian. that's if you can overlook the atrocities and disgusting things that are contained in "the good book".

      1. Kyra Helms says:

        It shouldn't be negative to anyone who isn't christian, it should be instruction. Not to offend you, or anyone, but why aren't you a christian? Would it really hurt you if you were one? If it is real, you would spend eternity of happiness in Heaven, and if its not real, you'd get reincarnated and start over practically. And tell me what you mean by "atrocities and disgusting things that are contained in the good book'? You mean to tell me, you think your creator and father's words are disgusting? Don't get mad and offended by this. I don't want anyone to go to Hell, but it seem as if too many people are these days. And yes, I read the bible every night, and I wish you and all the others would too. Ask me any questions that you think as an atheist, I'll answer gladly.

        Mark 16:15 – And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

        Im only doing as my father says. Have a good day.

    201. Susan in BC says:

      What I love about this thread… is regardless of what you believe, the mere discussion of the topic and the fact so many have to google John 3:16 is exactly what the owner is going for.

      Publicity, regardless of it being good or bad, accomplishes exactly what the owner intended. People seeing and knowing what the verse is.

      If you are so offended, don't shop there. The free market is a great place to express your ideals. Apparently he is a man of principal, which is more than what can be said about most. If he hid his belief, would that make you feel better about things? He's open and honest about what he believes. You should thank him for his transparency.

      It's not like someone blocking your path on the sidewak to insist you take their propaganda, or a knock at your front door on a sleepy weekend morning with literature or want to discuss their views with you. YOU walked into HIS store, bought HIS product.

      I think you'd be amazed, astonished and disgusted at where your favorite stores donate their money, or which sweat shop your favorite 'threads' came from.

      Seriously, your insulted? by a Bible Verse?? That's laughable, and you should all just get a grip and lighten up. The verse must have a great deal of power in your mind for you to be so insulted…

      As a Christian myself, I would not be at all insulted by a quote or verse from another religion if found so on the bottom of a bag, cup or otherwise. If it were AGAINST my religion as a slight or insult, meaning a direct insult TO it, that's one thing… if it's a promotion of another… so be it. Everyone is entitle to their free speech. I would make my own decision to shop there or not at that point.

      Some of you act as though he tried to 'pull one over on you'… and 'how dare he put such a thing on HIS shopping bag'

      I know… shame on him for being open and transparent…*insert sarcasm here*

      If you feel you need to shop with such staunch principal, I suggest you research the store prior to shopping there.

    202. Nikki says:

      I'm glad the bible verse is on the bag…. Now I know NOT to shop there.

    203. emily says:

      I think it is a great thing when a company that is completely public and stuff feels thats they are able to put out their feelings on a bag. who cares if other people dont believe what you believe. Isn't that why its a belief??? well I agree with the verses and think anybody should have the right to their own beliefs and whether or not they want to put em out there. Its not like they're shoving it in your face. They're being subtle. I commend them for it:)

    204. Marine_Wifey_89 says:

      Praise God! lol. it's ridiculous how so many ppl get offended over something like this, if you don't like it, go shop somewhere else. (store with evil subliminal message painted on a shirt like "go kill yourself cuz nobody likes you" seems to come to mind when someone is so anti-Christianity.) it's like all this evil crap draws more ppl than an encouraging verse and they don't even realize it. I personally never shop at Forever21, but i think it's awesome that they do it! and In-N-Out burger is the next place i'll visit when i move back to Cali just b/c i wanna see the cups! haha. this is GREAT!


    205. laura says:

      I think all of you guys are taking this out of proportion I mean whats wrong if they donate money to a church or missionary its to help people at least you know its for something positive for all you know shopping at another store you are making a donation to kill animals or pro abortion.

    206. Sarah says:

      The people who own the forever 21 company must be christians!!! Big fucking deal!!!!!!!! I bet if they had some muslim quote from ALA you people wouldn't be complaining

      1. magmary says:

        hahah i'm sure people would be MUCH MUCH more offended if allah was mentioned.
        the point is, there should be a separation between church and a store. besides, would jesus really want women to wear such clothing? especially since they fall apart so fast. oy vey! there, i spoke for almost everyone. christians, jews and muslims:) p.s. it's okay for people to not want to be reminded of religion when they do things like go shopping or buy clothes…because they're not at church.

    207. janeth says:

      I think that there is nothing wrong with it cause its the person's business and therefore its his choice to put what he wants there.I would say that if you hate it this much simply don't buy from there, no one's forcing you just like no one forces me to buy clothes that have bad messages or "hoochi mama clothes" lol.. its up to us to decide, its a free country (although i do think its awesome this 2 stores decided to put this mmessage out there =D)

    208. emily says:

      well i for one think that what these bags have on them is fine i am christian and it put a little smile on my face when i saw the verses i mean its not that big of a deal i know some people might get offended by it which is lame because im sure somewhere in the world there are other controversial things on stuff we might perchase and if it can make a few of us christians smile who cares😀

    209. Jason Cameron says:

      Good. Now I know which bag to use when picking up my dog's poop.

    210. Jill says:

      If you're going to buy the clothes anways.. why are you so concerned with where the money goes?! If thats what they choose to do with it how does it hurt you? you have your clothes…they have your money. why is it okay to put anything and everything on shopping bags but when it comes to God people freak out? I wonder? Is there something about the name that bothers you? Scares you? Think about it … why does it bother you SO much?

    211. Stacy says:

      why is it always Christianity offends me? For the record, people attacking Christianity offend me. Not to the people on this post stating their opinion, but to the ones bashing Christianity, it is a belief, a way of life, Jesus is a Lord we choose to believe in. You are welcome to believe what you choose, say what you choose, and not listen to what you choose. Guess what! so are we! You don't like hearing about God? Too bad. I don't like hearing foul language, I don't like hearing anti God statements etc., but I listen to it, and then move on. Perhaps you should learn from the Christians a little bit about not judging, accepting everyone for who they are, and most of all, grace. Look it up

      1. emm says:

        accepting everyone for who they are… excluding gay people?

      2. Samantha says:

        Unfortunately many people have taken homosexuality and made it 'worse' than other things. It is wrong, because it goes against how we were made and is not natural, especially if you learn more about it. I have had experience in the area of homosexuality myself and have friends who have been and still are. Its a big controversy, but I very much DISLIKE how people of all kinds hate on 'homosexuals' as if their own sin is not as 'bad'. Homosexuality is just as bad as sex before marriage because that goes against God's desire for relationships. We need to hate sin, but love everyone (Followers of Jesus or not). Christians mess up and still sin because we are still in the flesh, but our sins are covered by Jesus because we believe and FOLLOW Him. So this is NOTHING of our own doing – only His. Love God, Love others, and Follow the TRUTH even if it is hard to accept.:)

      3. Guest says:

        I'm not disagreeing with you about be tolerant of other people's beliefs, but you cannot really be serious about learning from CHRISTIANS about not judging and accepting everyone for who they are. No offense, but that's not exactly a thing Christians are known for. Like "emm" said, do homosexuals not count as part of "everyone"?

      4. Cookie says:

        deep down inside we all judge. you should not direct her to "learning from christians" because ive seen some nasty actions coming from them. Learning not to judge comes from the teachings of God and the examples that Jesus has left for us to follow. Thats where she or whoever needs to learn it from the true word. Matthews 7:21 Not everyone who calls to me, Lord, Lord will enter the Kingdom of Heaven – only the ones who do the will of my Father in Heaven. So we should learn from him instead of so many personal ways because we are not perfect. But God is and so is The Son. God, wether we like it or not does not accept everyones actions and the way some choose to be and is one of the reasons for the Armagaddon that is to come. We should just learn how to humble ourselves and know the actual time of speaking as Jesus did in his tribulations. (and im including myself in all this)

      5. Matt says:

        Except the issue here isn't about not tolerating Christianity, it's about the internal debate over whether to give money to a cause you personally don't believe in. The author isn't being intolerant, she is simply being intelligent and thinking about where she wants her money to go.

    212. Marie says:

      Personally, I am glad to see someone gently share his beliefs and be successful. I am sure you would find no offense if it was a saying or quote from a different belief. We see people standing up for their beliefs all over the world, just because you don't agree with him is no reason to make a big deal about it. He believes in God, and Jesus then more power to him to stand up for Him. I am not a Buddhist but I have no problem shopping or eating at one of their establishments. If you do not like it, don't shop there.

      How about addressing a real issue….child porn comes to mind. Starvation, Abuse……

    213. shannon says:

      okay. so becuase noone has made this connection yet, maybe they have and i didnt read it, but anyways. regardless of weather or not its a freaking bible verse or not, the connection between the two is that FOREVER 21 and "everlasting life" are the same theme. forever is not just named forever 21 because they wanted it to be, its named that because their belies are staying forever young, hense the connection between the store and ever lasting life. thank you.

    214. Jesuslover says:

      Jesus loves you all, whether you know it or not.:)

    215. chitown says:

      So what if John 3:16 is posted on the bottom of the bag? There are many stores out their that support abortion and crap but you don't see us Christians or anyone bother them about it. Some of us just won't support them. It is ridiculous if you make a big deal about a tiny print on a bag for a GOOD reason.

      1. PortisHead says:

        "here are many stores out their that support abortion and crap but you don't see us Christians or anyone bother them about it."
        Uhhhhh. Really?

    216. skim2015 says:

      The owner put that on the bags as a show of HIS devotion to his faith. That doesn't mean he's trying to force his religion down people's throats, that idea is ridiculous. I think automatically reaching that conclusion is rather bigoted and close-minded. If people have such an issue with the verse being on the bag, they should just find somewhere else to shop.

      1. katie says:

        I don't think it's bigoted to not want to fund evangelism of a religion you don't believe.

    217. Lara says:

      honestly… this is pure bs like if you dont like this dont buy clothes from there.. but in my opinion it is not a big deal! think about al the girls and guys that work there… they are obviously not of the same religion.. but the store helps them by giving them money to pay their bills… its not a big thing to think about if you are that religious then dont buy in one of the best stores in the us… theyre clothes are just too cute and too affordable to be thinking about "john 3:16" DONT MAKE IT A BIG DEAL!

    218. bailey says:

      You are reeeeediculous. Get over it. If you don't want to support that then don't buy clothes from there. It's that simple.

    219. rockstarmom81 says:

      Get over it! If u have that big of a problem with it, then DON"T buy their colthes, I'm sure they won't end up going out of business because of YOUR $5…………… I actually love it! It's called freedom of speech and someone found a brllliant way of doing it!
      Just know that EVERY knee shall bow and EVERY tounge shall confess that JESUS CHRIST is LORD!

    220. Ariel says:

      It's not as simple as not liking it and not shopping there. The reason we are upset about this is because it is hidden. If they were open about their beliefs we would be ok but instead they are sneaky and underhanded. By putting the quote at the bottom of the bag they are quietly sneaking their beliefs into your home. We love the clothes and I personally don't mind christianity but it is the way that Forever 21 approaches this that disgusts me.

      1. Laurie Saunders says:

        Quietly sneaking their beliefs into your home??? Do you turn on the news? Do you watch tv, play video games, go to the movies, go to a foreign restaurant? If you are so smart, use your brain to make your own decision about your religious beliefs. When exposed to many different religions, you should be able to make an informed decision. No one is trying to sneak their beliefs on you! Have you ever bought an item with a company motto or slogan like Look Good, Feel Great on their bags/packaging? Do you agree with that? Do you make comments about a slogan such as this? How about big businesses quietly making donations to a political campaign? We need to teach our children to make INFORMED decisions. On our ride home from Forever 21, my daughter asked me what that bible verse was and I quoted it to her. She was impressed that someone stood up for what they believed. And by the way, the bible verse Matthew 7:12 says "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Have you ever used a form of this bible verse with anyone? I'll bet you have! By the way, I will reply using my full name and standing up for my opinion and my christian beliefs.

    221. Coletta says:

      Dear child…, It is clear to state by your offense that you have never had an encounter with the omnipotent one. My reaction is that of great sympathy. I'm sure if Don Chang had the time to read your blog he would simply say, "Lord, forgive them for they know not what they do." I will simply pray that thru these responses that you will one day stand for something, so you won't fall for anything. Please find something or someone more outrageous to crucify and that will make your life more meaningful. Have you defined the word pharisee or saducee?

    222. nora says:

      how would posters feel if the bags read allahu akbar?

      1. pam says:

        They wouldn't. Most other religions don't advertise so much.

    223. Jac says:

      His company, his freedom of speech. Just like we can write here, he can write on his bags. Good for him, and believe it or not, many successful businesses are faith based. Why not support a business that places God above itself? Maybe we should take a step back from ourselves and thank God for what we have.

    224. Maeghi says:

      You know, I agree with you, dear Jess. When I first saw that tiny little line of sanserif I threw up in my mouth a bit. It's not really the fact that it's on the bag, it's where it is on the bag, hidden.

      Please don't be upset over all of the iheartjesus twats on here.

    225. mandy says:

      Why is it offensive? Because it came from the bible everyone gets offended,I think its ridiculous….would it be offensive and freak ppl out if it was from another religion?everyone preaches tolerance these days unless its a Christian belief..get over it maybe its gods way of getting to you!!!!!!!!!!

    226. mel says:

      The fact that this man puts an inspirational bible verse on his company's bags isn't what scares me, it's the fact that so many people are reacting so irrationally that scares me. When you go to a Japanese restaurant and your fortune cookie has a Confuscious quote do you boycott that restaurant? Also, all you people who were so upset about what this "terrible tyrant christian man" is doing with your righteous money, how do you feel about %100 percent of today's online proceeds going to the Japan disaster relief fund? Boy, that bible thumper is just up to no good throwing his religion in your face (aka putting it on the bottom of a bag most have never noticed) and using your money to fund terrible, "psycho" christian harrassment (aka helping disaster relief)
      seriously if this is all you all have to worry about and you're so offended by this act, either don't look at the bottom of the bag or put the sparkly chandelier earrings back on the shelf and go to another store, i don't think anyone will notice or care. so ridiculous.

    227. Demm101xD says:

      I found this out today when I was searching things about forever21 and also your page came up too. So I would like to answer your question with this page I read.
      Number 4 talks a little about John 3:16 but feel free to read the rest. I think this act of what they are doing is very harsh and cruel to their workers.

    228. eva says:

      i believe someone once said, religion is like a dick, its nice to have one, its nice to be proud of it, but dont shove it down my throat. thanks.


      1. duhh says:

        excuse me? christianity isn't a religion…. it's a relationship.

    229. Kailey says:

      Why would that offend you…they are try to spread the word!!! Maybe some of you need to go buy a bible and look at more verses!!! If it bothers you that much don't even buy clothes from there…..we aren't supposed to care about worldly items anyways!! So I"m not trying to tell you what to believe in, but he God can help you with some major problems! I know he has helped me a lot, he is our savior and I love him!!!!!1:)

    230. Linsey says:

      May I just start off by saying Christianity is not a Religion-it's a relationship with our father and Savior. My next thing is if the owner wants to put his favorite verse on his bags then he should! If it honestly offends you that much to just see a bible scripture (not even the whole passage out on the bag) then use recyclable bags (that are only $1!!!!!) that you can get anywhere or don't shop there!!! I have to agree with most of you out there, People are so against christians and christianity and their way of expressing their relationship with God but how about stuff we don't agree with that you may do? I'm not hear to argue or say that christians are better then non-christians because we AREN'T. We are all loved the same by God:)

    231. jls4 says:

      child labor. nuff said.

    232. Anonymous says:

      The only thing i can say is are you for real? Uhm hullo, but wouldn’t you prefer your money to go to a good cause then people eating off of your money while child labour is actually taking place or something? What I really don’t get is that people tend to misunderstand the purpose of Christians, and how they act. Sure the owner of the store might use the money you paid to help out outreach programs and missionary trips, but in the end what’s so bad about it?? I honestly don’t know why youre so worked up about this😦 I think it’s great that they’re supporting Christians:) it’s not like a bible verse on a shopping bag is going to be the cause of the end of the world!

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    235. Sunset says:

      If you had the best thing ever, the greatest love. . .wouldn't you want to share it (hopefully)? This is theirr way of sharing it. The best thing a Christian can do, besides live the best Christian life they can, is share the TRUTH and the LOVE of Jesus. And, I will do it right now:

      Find Jesus! Or, more accurately, accept him into your life! He's right here, and he will always be with you. Your life can be taken away, your home, your health, your job, your family. . .but the Lord and Jesus cannot. Ever thought about it that way? And for those of you who are Chrisitan, but not "hardcore," or just "believe in God," step it up! :] Review the Bible and ponder, and wonder at, the gift of salvation! When you do this, and realize this, you will become crazy for Jesus. Before I found Jesus, I was just going through the motions, letting bad circumstances harden me, and halfheartedly believing in God. But those circumstances are NOTHING compared to what God has in store for me in the next life! And i want to share that gift, so, YEAH, I'm going to spread the good news, though many will probably reject it. But if i reach one person, and they realize the gift of salvation, then that'll be enough. YAY JESUS!!!!!

    236. emm says:

      Sooooo many people sticking up for religion here… nobody voicing a different opinion. The author is not attacking christianity. She just has a probably with religion in general (yes, other religions do exist!) being advertised on a bag. I would have to agree with her. While some people find secularism offensive, I myself find advertised religion offensive. Keep your beliefs to yourselves, and follow what you want without trying to influence others. By the way – since everyone does not follow christianity, it would make sense to stop assuming everyone does. Other religions and Gods exist, stop preaching.

    237. Samantha says:

      I think it is amazing they did that — risking the bussiness to spread the truth – i commend it – praise God, because it is ALL true. It took me 18 years to see it but after 4 years (now 22) I realize how true it is. When I saw this post, I got so excited and ran to my bedroom and found a Forever 21 bag I had and found what I had never seen before and was SO happy to see! Regardless of your intentions, Im so glad I found this out and I and plan on shopping at Forever 21 for whatever I need and I hope it does fund mission trips as I plan on going on one this summer thats mission is to help rescue women in the slave industry, work with AIDs orhpans and spread the truth about who we are and who God IS!

      1. Julia says:

        Sweatshops overseas and in the US however, are NOT who God is. Anyone's religious affiliation really does not concern me, however Forever 21 violates human rights in America and the world over. Be proud that they propagate religion on the bottom of a plastic bag all you want, but you should really look into every other aspect of the company that is flawed and immoral. If you can watch "Made in LA" and not feel guilty shopping at Forever 21, then you are a very different kind of Christian than I am.

    238. Alison says:

      Non-Christians get really mad about Christian things. But when another religion does the same thing, nobody cares. Why is that?

      I think the bag is great. It’s their business, their bags. Don’t shop there. They don’t need your business.

    239. Alison says:

      Also, it’s their money. They can do what they want with it. And, if they are donating to Christian foundations, they’re doing it to HELP OTHER PEOPLE. What is so wrong about that?

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    243. jessss says:

      It's not a religion, It's a relationship**

    244. Zachariah Harrington says:

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    248. menetta says:

      This is what makes you mad? Do you get mad when you read a label that says Calvin Klein? I have a cowboy verse printed on my personal checks does that mean I'm trying to get everyone to wear chaps? NO, not really I just like reading it and seeing it often

    249. kari says:

      My only issue is if they support Christian organizations, are they also supporting anti-gay organizations? I mean, believe in God all you want but don't hate.

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    251. Jessie says:

      most people don't understand that being a christian is the greatest thing ever. it completely changed my life. everyday i walk into my church and people say they're life has changed as well. why do you think this world is so cruel? it's because no one wants to have God in their hearts. he's the one who wants us to live in peace and to love one another. not hate. if people started realizing this, this world could completely change.

    252. jen says:

      catholic people are wrong.

    253. vanessa. says:

      people should start listening to this bible verse. ITS NOT JUST FOR CHRISTIAN PEOPLE. this verse is for everyone. God loves you all so much. if he didn't, we wouldn't even be here. we'd all be going straight to hell.

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    259. tessarific says:

      If you don't like it, don't buy it. Simple as that.

    260. Johnny Jumper says:

      Too bad they don't practice what they preach.

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