My First Time….at the Gyno

23113515.jpgWhen my doctor recommended I get my first gynecological exam at 18, I freaked out. I had spent the entirety of my life watching my mom pace and sweat for the three days leading up to her exams, so it wasn’t necessarily something I was excited about.

In addition, I was still a virgin and couldn’t understand why on earth I needed to go, not to mention the fact that being a virgin left me less than comfortable with my nether regions.

But I went.

Unfortunately, my mother had to leave town the day I was scheduled, so I actually went alone. And, surrounded by pregnant women, shook like a leaf by myself in the waiting room.

“Is this your first time?” A very pregnant woman took notice of my sweaty palms and incessant toe tapping.

“Mmmhmmm.” I wiped my palms on the Motherhood magazine on the chair next to me.

“It won’t be that bad. It’s not nearly as bad as the first time I had sex.” Awesome. Not only was this woman discussing her sex life with me, but she was giving me a reference point I couldn’t understand. But I didn’t get the chance to ask her about it, because at that moment the nurse came out and called me back.

I stood up slowly, holding on to the chair so as not to pass out. I didn’t know I could get this scared.

I followed the nurse to the room, where she told me to take off my clothes, put on the gown and sit on table to wait for the doctor. When she left the room, I quickly stripped down (which I always do at the doctor out of fear that they will open the door when I am butt naked) and did as she instructed. When I turned to sit down, however, I saw for the first time the contraption she had referred to vaguely as “the table.”

This was no table. It looked like a torture table with these giant metal arms reaching out of the bottom. I had a fleeting mental image of being grabbed and held against my will by those things as the doctor tortured me with a speculum. And then she entered.

She immediately sat me down and attempted to ease my mind. “Don’t be scared,” she said. “This will be nothing for you if you just relax.” Then she had me lay down and pulled out the metal arms, also known as stirrups, for my legs to rest in.

“I will explain everything I am going to do before I do it. That will help take away your fears.” As I lay there with my legs spread eagle in the doctor’s face, I could think of nothing except what she must be thinking looking at my unkempt bikini line. I was mortified. How could I not have waxed before this? Is this the worst one she’s ever seen? Is she going to joke about it with all the other doctors as soon as I leave?!

I wanted to see her reaction, but I couldn’t see anything past the gown stretched over my open legs. Until, of course, the doctor reached up holding the speculum (or, what I like to call the duck bill thingy) and began to explain what she was going to do with it.

“I am going to put this in your vagina and open it up a little bit so I can get in there. Don’t worry, this won’t hurt; you will just feel a bit of pressure. Oh, and it is heated for your comfort!”

As if the fact that this giant, scary metal tool being warm was going to make me feel better.

“Once you are open I am going to put this [note: what looked like a very small toilet bowl cleaner] in to get a swab.”

And that was enough for me. “I think this will actually be a lot better if you just do what you gotta do and not explain it to me. I just want to get this done.”

The doctor lowered her arms, agreed to just do her thing, and went about her business.

It was definitely not the most pleasant experience of my life, but I have to say it wasn’t the worst either. The entire exam was over in less than five minutes, and the most uncomfortable part of the entire thing was when the door next to me swung open mid-exam, with my va-jay-jay open to the world, and a nurse just sauntered in and joined the fun.

But then it was over and the doctor was handing me some antibacterial swab and telling me to put my pants back on. I felt a little discomfort for the rest of the day, but (from my experiences since that fateful day) my friend from the waiting room was right; my first encounter with the gyno wasn’t nearly as rough as my first encounter with sex.



    1. Casey says:

      My first gyno exam was when I was 13. I was raped and had to start going then instead of when I turned 18. It wasn't so bad for me though. I loved my doctor. She was so nice, and kinda young so I related to her better then I would an older doctor. But I started having sex when I was 16 so I went for regular checkups then. I also started taking birthcontrol. But a year later my doctor left the practice and I got reassigned a nightmare gyno. She was old, and mean, and didn't approve of me having sex. I couldn't talk to her about anything, she didn't want to answer any of my questions (because she didn't think I should be having sex anyways) and she didn't want me to be on Birth control. I tolerated her for a couple visits but then when I couldn't get to the doctors office for a month for my annual checkup (which I needed to renew my prescription) she wouldn't front me a months worth of pills. (something my original doctor would do for up to 4 months) So I finally decided it was time for a new doctor. One that wouldn't judge me and my lifestyle.

      1. tammy says:

        my mom took me to her doctor for my frist gyno exam also at 13,
        not only was i naked but my mom watched the whole thing from start to finish, even when my mon told
        the doctor that i need a rectal exam also

    2. Christine says:

      I like my gyno. My mom goes to him as well and he was very nice and explained things to me when I asked. He also mentioned that you don't usually need a pap smear until about 2 (or was it 3…)years after you first have sex. But it's good to go in every year for just an exam. It's all about how comfortable you are with the gyno though. And I'm glad I went finally. It was pretty harmless.

    3. Sarah says:

      I like my gyno, she's actually the same woman who my mom went to when she was pregnant. (Which would weird me out if I was her) but I think she's awesome. Her practice is under a Catholically supported hospital, so my mom wasn't sure if she's support birth control, but she's completely alright with it.

      It was pretty harmless, and I really don't squirm when I have to go, it's just a few moments of discomfort. I think the anticipation is the worst.

    4. lupe says:

      I like my gyno. Don't mind going. It makes me feel special that day. He is gentle and kind. A sweet person.

    5. simran says:

      i enjoy my gynoexam my gynologist is too much handsum he fingring me smothly and longer till than i not sqirged

    6. rockronie says:

      I'm a bit surprised that you have to do a gyno exam when you're a virgin. In Hong Kong, the doctor won't ask you to "spread your legs" if you're a virgin. Some of my mom's friends never got married (that also means they're still a virgin), and even when they go to see a gynecologist when they're 50, the doctor told them that they don't need to be examined.

      I never had a gyno regular checkup (coz I'm still a virgin). But I have irregular periods and the doctor said it's better to check with anesthesia. So I feel nothing when I first show my va-jay-jay to the world. But then because I have pre-cancer symptoms at my uterus so I need to do endometrial sampling without anesthesia. It was so weird and super painful. My mom could hear my screaming even with headphones on. So in my case, I'm thinking my first encounter of sex will be so much better than this.

    7. lizzie says:

      well im 12 and i hate my mom looking at my privates so she reluctantly agreed for me to go alone. i got there and filled out the forms, then the nurse (male) called me back. so the 1st thing he had me do was take off my clothes with him watching, i did as i was told. then he said he needed a urine sample so he just asked me to squat and held a cup under me. then he did the basic tests (heart reflexes ears eyes etc) mind you i did not have a sheet or anything to cover myself with. he then told me to sit in the gyno chair and he proceded to look at my vagina and anus. then he told me not to move and that the doctor would be in momentarily. when the doctor came in he sat down in the chair and stuck his hand up my butt. it hurt really bad. then he did a number of shots in my breasts and a number of liquids squirted in my anus to "clean it out" i never went back to him again. i told my mom what happened and she was horrified i was put through all of that.

    8. Emma says:

      my first (and only time) when i had mine done, my mom booked me with a guy. he was about 25 and i was 20. he was really cute with dark brown eyes and he told me he was new.
      so then he spread my legs and i saw him eyeing me "down there" and he licked his lips. so i said "what is it" and he said "I like when a young lady cares enough to keep herself trimmed" and i said "can you please hurry, im going to the mall soon" (even tho i wasnt. i just wanted to get out!)
      he said sure and grapped the tools.
      then he spread my vaginal opening open with his fingers and it being my first time, i didn't know what he was SUPPOSED to do. so i let him do his thing.

    9. nancy says:

      I love going to see my gyn she is so gentle and sweet , I dont evemn mind when she wants to give me a rectal exam , she even heats he speculums so that thay are more comfertable

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