Life As A Disney Cast Member: Stuff the Mouse Would Kill Me For Telling You

You know you’ve thought about being a princess. Don’t try to lie and say you haven’t. Even the most tom-boyish of my friends has dreamed of wearing a pretty dress, meeting a handsome prince, and never having to work a day of their life. And while I must say I prefer Megara from Hercules to Cinderella, the allure is still there.

This is where working at the Disney park becomes some people’s dream. Some girls, deluded as they may be, are completely validated by having some balding old man tell them that they look even the slightest like Sleeping Beauty. I am not one of those girls, but I am a “cast member” at Disney World (that’s the special term Disney made up so their employees would buy into their spread-the-magic BS).

Up until I left for school this year, I was a dancer in various stage shows at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, and believe me, it is not always the happiest place on Earth. Dancing around in 105 degree heat, pumping my arms and lip-syncing about how we’re all in this together?!

Not my idea of a good time.

Now that I’m transferring back to Florida, I’m reapplying, but this time…this time I’ve made what could turn out to be a big mistake. I’m applying as a “face character” — or, as you non-brainwashed Disney fiends would call it — a princess.

So stay tuned….because I’m going to show you the dirty side of Disney. The creepy, backwards, sometimes offensive, always shockingly hilarious side of Disney. And you can all live vicariously through my quest to become a Disney princess.

While some girls are applying to live out their dreams, I’m applying for the pay raise. Hey, I’d settle for an ugly stepsister….as long as they’re on the same pay scale.

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    1. mel says:

      hi i'm in high school and i really want to go to northeastern where you're at. would you say it's hard to get into? what kind of extracurriculars did you do?

    2. Jess - Northeastern says:

      what is your email? I can send you a message about all that, if you want.

    3. Jess - Northeastern says:

      If you leave your e-mail, I'll send you a message with some info.

    4. al says:

      omg, me too! i really want to go to northeastern too! do you like it? because i've heard some mixed opinions and do they care about class rank?

    5. Michelle says:

      I feel your bad. I was once a Disney cast member back in 2005. I was Park Greeter and PAC slave at Magic Kingdom or MK. Disney is one shady place to work at. I have stories, tons of them.

      1. jan says:

        i would love to hear your disney cm stories jan

    6. Lexine says:

      That's Drizella!!!!!! Omgosh how cool, and I love Meg too!:)

    7. Land Down Under says:

      Seriously the only Princess I dress as was Belle and once again Belle all grown up. Anyhow I always wanted to be Meeco,Flounder and the cute lil animals lol also in Hercules I love Hades and Pegasus. That's all I has to say weird Kid yup that was me and still me a weird girl. So yeah you wrong I never wanted to be a Princess until I was cast member now I am ex-cast member, and I seee people treat better"face character"but right now I dont want to be a part of disney exept as guest maybe.

    8. amy says:

      So, did you make it as a face character?

    9. jesus says:

      You sound kind of butt hurt tbh.

    10. Emily Davidson says:

      Did you make it as a face character? I might sound ridiculous to some of you crotchety, disbelieving adults, but I want to work as a face character during summers throughout high school and college. I would love to help create the magic (which isn't BS by the way). Any information on the requirements, audition process, living/working conditions, and pay would be highly appreciated! *I'm currently 13, and have done ballet for 10 years, and attended acting camps and been in theatre programs for 7. I also love working with people, especially children.* Do you think my chances would be good? How many people do they take? Thanks!

    11. Giulia says:

      It really sucks that you think spreading the magic is "bs", I honestly don't believe anyone loves their job 100% but if you're working as a disney character, specially as a princess, I think you must be a true believer of Disneys Magic, there are so many kids and families that save up their whole lives to go there, just once, and experience what every kid dreams of.

    12. Becca Robinson says:

      You definitely shouldn’t work for Disney if you think spreading the magic is bs. To kids it is real and it is magical. You should realize that you’re being selfish. You do it for the kids not for yourself. They need to have the best childhood they can before they have to live in the screwed up world we have today.2

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