Hot Tip: Leggings Are NOT Pants!

wtw_leggings.gifSo, I was in NYC the other day to drop my boyfriend off at LaGuardia. During the 20 minutes we sat in the departures area waiting for a friend to show up, I saw flocks of girls traipse through the airport wearing leggings—ONLY leggings—on their lower halves.

Hello? Is this some infuriating trend I’m missing because I don’t live in the hotspots of NYC?

Thankfully, since I don’t live there, I can provide those girls with a clue. Leggings are NOT pants! Okay?! They are like tights—meant to be worn under something. Something such as PANTS!

Wearing leggings as pants is like painting your legs hoochie black and then walking around. If you think you have amazing legs, then fine. Walk around in a miniskirt or a pair of skinny jeans. But for the love of all that is proper, do not treat leggings and pants interchangeably!

If you still don’t get it, here’s a simple cheat sheet.

Leggings with a minidress? Okay, as long as the minidress is conceivably long enough so that you could wear it with only underwear.

Leggings with a tunic? Not unless you’d go around wearing the tunic with a thong and no pants.

Leggings with a skirt or shorts? Completely fine.

Leggings with a shirt that’s regular-length or kind of long? No! What the hell is wrong with wearing jeans, anyway?

Leggings as pants for a special exception that you think is really OK? NO! Get a grip! Do not wear leggings as a substitute for pants. You look like a fool.



    1. Elizabeth - Baruch C says:

      I respectfully disagree, lady. Are tight jeans out, too? Wearing a short dress with sandals? I say go for it, girls. If you've got it, flaunt it. Bathe in the stares of girls who cringe at your lack of 'proper' pants.

    2. tiff says:

      i agree w/ elizabeth – even though i don't own a pair of leggings, it's fine to me! but only if you have the bod for it. no one wants to see pudgey crotch fat:)

    3. J - NYU says:

      crotch fat.

      So dangerous President Bush has assigned it its own section of the Patriot Act.

    4. Sophie says:

      I disagree as well. Nothing was wrong with jeans, but also, nothing is wrong with leggings. Not my personal choice, but hey if thats your style, then go 'head girl!

    5. zoe says:

      AHMEN!! in london loads of girls do this. its genuinely disgusting. do you think they're aware of how much of themselves they are putting on display? every girl has got a va-jay-jay so why flaunt it?? not everyone wants to see it in such detail!!!

    6. Jess says:

      I agree with you. There is no right way to wear leggings besides under something, the way it's supposed to. Otherwise people just look stupid.

    7. Casey says:

      two girls came into my work today wearing leggings as pants and although they looked cute just the thought that they're wearing tights as pants just kinda grossed me out. They're like long underwear.

    8. Carly says:

      Yeah, dude, if you're into the leggings as pants thing, then more power to you–some ensembles actually do look okay. But I still think it's a little ridiculous. I feel like seedy guys are staring through me when I even wear a skirt that's a decent length or when I wear leggings UNDER something. So I can't imagine what it would be like (or how indecent I would feel) if I wore them as pants.

    9. b says:

      every time i see someone wearing leggings as pants, i get flashbacks on my mom doing the same thing in the early 90s while she was still trying to hold onto her 80s trends XP

    10. miranda says:

      strongly disagree.

      Leggings with a skirt or shorts? Absolutely not ok. what are you, a 12 year old model for Limited Too? That fad went out a year ago.

      Leggings? Completely fine.

    11. Alexsa says:

      Life is too fast in nyc, comfort is important. Leggings give you that comfortable free feeling, without being naked. They're a lot more comfortable then wearing super tight straight legs, and give off a sleeker look.

      It's all good as long as your shirt covers at least half of your bum.

      avid hoochie legging wearer,and proud.

    12. Jenne says:

      You are way off base, stop preaching and telling other people what to wear. Any halfway-fit and healthy woman will look great in them and they are, in fact, pants. I went to college in the early 1990s and that is what 25% of the women on campus wore on any given day. It looked great. But then came along your generation, "generation fat", so maybe it doesn't work so well these days. Too bad. Leggings are extremely comfortable, give you a look of health and fitness, express one's confidence and self-esteem with their body, etc. As for being too revealing, heck, leggings were popular even among the conservative Southern Baptists during the 1980s and 1990s, and even MEN wore them as pants back when our ancestors were far, far more conservative. Stop being a Clothing Nazi and let people enjoy a comfortable, attractive fashion.

    13. Jessica says:

      Wow. I'm glad I looked this up on Google before I went to school. I bought three tunics with leggings. My mom told me it's fine to wear those two things without any other pants because the tunic ends underneith my butt. But everyone's saying all kinds of things. I'm not sure what to do.

    14. Bunny says:

      OMG yes! Finally someone who agrees with me! i have to add though that you should not see the bottom of the legging, wearing them with flip flops is a no-no. best use for leggings? ad a substitute for tights in the winter.

    15. Jess D says:

      Totally f-ing agree man. No no no on this. Had a waitress do this deal – unnecessary. This is like wearing your pajamas everywhere. OK MAYBE you wear them to work out. But are you going to walk outside in your penguin covered flannels? Nope! So don't do this shit.

    16. Stacey says:

      I must disagree. Leggings are not sheer. They are heavy and they are opaque. I clearly remember being a young girl in the 90s wearing leggings…and my MOM dressed me in those, I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have done that if she felt they were not suitable for pants.

      I agree with Jenne, stop preaching. People can wear what they want to wear. I'm sure you have plenty of fashion faux-pas in your closet as well, toots.

    17. Ashley says:

      Although I agree that in some instances leggings look simply ridiculous, such as with normal length shirts, I also feel that they are very comfortable and can make an outfit absolutely adorable. They aren't tights, and they aren't see through, so as long as you don't have the camel toe going on with them, or your entire bum hanging out, what's the issue?

    18. dude says:

      HOT CHICKS IN LEGGINGS IS WIN. i got NO problem with cameltoe and nice ass.

    19. atthila says:

      I strongly support leggings as pants- they provide a great view of the cameltoe!

    20. Mica says:

      You're not alone in your legging hating (i'm the one in the purple frock)

    21. Mig says:

      OH my GOD! Finally it came!

      I could not agree more! YOU ARE SO RIGHT!

      I absolutely HATE those freaking leggings, when they are worn as pants!

      They are pantyhouse with no feet!! For the love of Crist, you wouldn't wear pantyhouses with nothing else. IT'S THE SAME!!!!!!!

    22. Joanne says:

      Haha, get over it you hater. You probably couldn't pull off leggings the way you wish you could, so I guess I can see where you might be coming from- along with those other haters who negatively commented. Leggings are stylish with a minidress or not as long as you have the bod and confidence. I'd better not catch you in a bikini then, wouldn't wanna catch you showcasing any of YOUR goods.

    23. steve man says:

      what the hell is hoochie black?

      And also who are u to judge your obviously not a true Christian or you are a conservative Christian which is still not Christain.

    24. Bree says:

      Totally agree. And all you who are siting the early 90's as the reason leggings are ok as pants….Take a look at the early 90's and tell me everything that was ok then was really a good idea. And, if you wore them as a child, there is a difference between an 11 year old, undeveloped, girl wearing them and a 20 year old (or older) woman wearing them! why Why WHY would you want to give yourself the camel-toe effect when you aren't chubby?! They're thinner than sweatpants, jeans, even silk skirts. I mean, dear God, if you got remotely excited during the day you'd leak through! Disgusting, unsanitary, skanky. If you've got it, show it off by all means. But damn, tight jeans and short skirts are DEFINITELY more sexy than a cut off piece of spandex. *shudders*

    25. Kar says:

      I think leggings look stupid period, so I agree.

      I've never seen someone actually look good in leggings. They THINK they look oh-so-cute and trendy, but it's hideous.

      I can't wait for this trend to end, -_-

    26. Kate says:

      I'm sorry you put on your freshman 15 and never lost them.

      Camel toe? Uh. Not unless they're wedged up.

      And to the creepy girl talking about what happens when we get "excited" while wearing leggings, I'm sorry. I don't piss myself at the sight of an attractive male.

      Perhaps you need some helo.

    27. Kristen says:

      This is a ripoff of a website that I saw about a year ago:

      Only, it was *way funnier*.

    28. nora says:

      totally agree! join!

      leggings are not pants! go put on some clothes!


    29. Bridgette says:

      I agree! Leggings are not pants. The type of material they are made out of isn't for consistent wear. It is just like wearing stockings or tights with no skirt or dress. I will say under a tunic that it is long enough for, is allowable. But it should cover the butt.

    30. Violetta says:

      Hot Tip: You Are NOT a Fashion Expert!

    31. Bea says:

      Why oh why must they exsist? I made the mistake of wearing them down the street once- Never again.

    32. RSM says:

      Leggings are fine as pants and they are very comfortable. It’s time that we ALL wear leggings. Get over the fashionista and body image constraints and just wear them. You know you want to, you know they'll be more comfortable than the constrictive pants and jeans you wear now. Go for it. Enjoy the fit, feel and look of leggings – just wear them. Everyone looks good in leggings and some look great. Choose a well made pair – not with cotton fibers that bag out over time but a high tech fiber that retains its shape. Go for the comfort and support. Leggings that go to the ankle have a greater positive visual aesthetic than capri style that chop the leg. Plus the full length leggings support you from your ankle to your waist and give you an energetic lift. Check out

    33. Cian says:

      Leggings are made of thin fabrics meaning we can see your hooha through them. Whether you've got it, bought it or wish you had it no one else but you and maybe that undersexed grad student in the darkened corner of the room wants to see what your vagina looks like from the outside and from any distance. Cover it up or buy a decent pair of bottoms. It's not about being FREE or expressing your sexiness it's about FASHION, what fits your body and what you should want to cover up. If you want and intend to parade around dressed as a slut…by all means keep on as you are (especially if YOU yes YOU want to be the butt of many a Glamour DON'T conversation). Otherwise take heed, consult a mirror before leaving the house…and for GOD sakes, if your momma would cringe seeing you wear something like that…consider what the rest of us feel like!!!

    34. Claire says:

      I love all these people asserting that if you hate leggings-as-pants you must either be fat or a "clothes nazi."

      You know, maybe we just hate it because it looks ridiculous 99.9% of the time and the 80s and early 90s should stay in the past? Hot bod or no hot bod, I wouldn't be caught dead in them.

    35. Sam says:

      Why is this even an issue? Isn't everyone aware that leggings are just glamorized spandex, and that spandex is one of THE WORST fashion crimes in history? Just because they're black and opaque doesn't mean they do anything to flatter your body.

      Wearing something that picks out every bump and lump in and between your legs (And, don't kid yourself, we all have them) is never acceptable. That, and leggings make you look like a sex-less barbie doll with an exaggerated gunt. I'm serious. Leggings are for under-clothing use only.

    36. nicole arnold says:

      I wear leggings ALL THE TIME.. because it is comfortable.. what's the big deal… if the person is "fit" and can pull it off, let them!

    37. theillustriouszimzod says:

      Leggings are hot. You are just a stupid jelous bitch with a fat ass who wishes she could wear leggings as pants. Just STFU and get back in your box you stupid, tasteless, ignorant skank

    38. canwepleasestopandre says:

      Damn, that last person has some serious anger issues.

      Leggings are not pants, and here is some good photographic evidence why:

      Sweat lines coming out of your thong? That ish would not happen with pants!

    39. David says:

      Ease up, people. Camel Toe is hot. VPLs are hot. If you've got the confidence to show it off, I'll be happy to look!

      And don't forget the bight pink undies under white clothes. I love staring at that too! Even better is your button-up shirt is too small, and so it looks like the buttons are about to pop. Jizz in my pants moments like those are special. Thank you so much ladies!!

    40. Lola says:


      Leggings are NOT pants! Please wear something long on top or at least no camel toes ugh.

    41. Andasta says:

      These are the worst things anyone can wear ever. They're disgusting and need to be stopped.

    42. Mike says:

      stop complaining about what others wear. if you dont like it dont wear it. its not your fault you look ugly in sexy clothing. loose some weight, get a hair cut, stop being ugly. its not your fault your too ugly to wear something hot!

      your ugly stfu

    43. JayJay says:

      Are you serious?
      Leggings can DEFINITELY be word without a t shirt etc!
      They aren't strictly meant to be treated as something to be worn underneath!
      If you can look good in it, doesn't matter!

    44. Tom says:

      And I could say jaust, girls, never stop wearing these!

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