Leggings ARE Pants

boots1Can we just call it quits and say leggings are pants? Leggings are pants! LEGGINGS ARE PANTS!

Yes, leggings are very TIGHT pants, but, as long as they’re completely (please God, completely) opaque and they’re either low enough or covered enough to avoid the dreaded camel toe, what’s wrong with ’em?

Normally, I would not give a shiz about this one way or the other. In fact, no shorter than one month ago, I was very anti-legging. Sure, I thought, they look cute on some girls, but surely they would look totally butt on, say, short curvy little me.

But I ended up buying a pair as a part of a costume, thinking they would look ridiculous. And I laughed at the store. And I laughed backstage. And then I put them on.

And, oh my God, friends, LEGGINGS. Leggings are wonderful!

First of all, they are more comfortable than just about any other article of clothing I can imagine. MAYBE sundresses or pajamas are equally comfy, but I doubt it.

And then, the versatility! Good lord of taylor, are they versatile. Yes, of course you can wear them under a dress or a skirt, but there are so many more options! You can wear ’em with boots:


You can wear them with a long shirt:


You can fancify them with heels and a pattern:


Hell, you can even wear them with sneaks for all I care!


Plus, remember that too-short skirt you bought (or the normal skirt you shrunk in the laundry)? Now you can wear it again! Just add leggings and you’re golden.

Of course, leggings can easily go horribly wrong. For instance, make sure your leggings are not see-through. Generally, it’s also wise to stick to darker colors (unless you’re very skinny, and then you might [MIGHT] be okay). And always make sure your crotch is at least mostly covered. Short shorts (and very tight shirts) are always a bad idea with leggings, unless you want to look like Sandy from Grease post-slutization.

Otherwise, leggings are fashion’s gift to women. They are comfortable, cute, and, through some strange series of fortuitous events, currently in style. I love leggings. In fact, I’m wearing leggings as I type this right now.

So hate all you want, but from where this blogger is sitting, leggings are not only pants, but they are superior pants that I personally plan to wear almost exclusively all summer.



    1. aim says:

      You are not Lindsay Lohan. Leggings are not pants.

      (wish I could underline that statement for emphasis)

      Seriously, though. I have owned a few pairs of leggings and they most definitely are not comfortable. The ankle area always rides up and they look uneven, the crotch is always too tight, they stretch out weird in all the wrong places. Pantylines are always showing. Ugh. Leggings just need to go away.

    2. Jessica says:

      Ah, the legging debate… FIRST… They are not pants, if they were pants they would be called pants. Most stores you are going to find leggings by the tights and socks and other leg wear, not over by the pants and jeans. Which should be enough of an indication that they are indeed not pants.

      Secondly, I like leggings, as long as they are worn correctly. Under long shirt (the kind that covers the booty), mini skirt, mini dress etc…

      Most people do not want to see the outline of your butt, and we for sure don't want to see any camel toe.

      do By ALL Means Rock the Legging look just be smart about it….juar don't take your fashion advice for Lindsay Lohan and American Apparel.

    3. Erica says:

      Hell yes. Leggings can be worn as pants. 'Nuff said.

    4. Diana - NYU says:

      Agreed! And 100% agreed with the rule that they MUST BE OPAQUE. It makes me a little nauseous to see girls wearing "leggings" that are essentially footless pantyhose, without a skirt over them. Lohan would disapprove.

    5. Elizabeth - Baruch C says:

      Yep. Legging are no different than tight pants. I'd like to hear anyone's argument debating this.

    6. Sues - Univ. of New says:

      Thank you! The same EXACT thing happened to me. I hated leggings until I wore them as part of a Halloween costume (hi, I was Nicole Richie…had to) and omg I loved them! So comfortable and amazing. I don't wear them as pants per say but I usually wear them with long shirts that I think are too short to wear without anything underneath.

      And I agree. They are no different than insanely tight pants. You're covered up. Why does it matter?

    7. Juliette says:

      Things I Like To Wear With Leggings:

      Doc Martens

      Oversize men's shirt

      Large sweater

      Layered waffles and vest


    8. Berly says:

      Dear Aim,

      Who is Lindsay Lohan to be making a rule of what you can and cannot do?

      Also, did you ever consider you bought leggings from the wrong place? When you buy jeans, you don't just go to any old store and pick them up do you? Why can't the same apply for the other things you buy?

      Dear Jessica,

      They are not pants, simply because you do not define them pants.

      Who made the rules?

    9. hellen says:

      You're an idiot slut.

    10. Yves says:

      I as a 31 year old male am very much in favour of the recent leggings boom. They are very diverse and sometimes very sexy. I bought my girlfriend a couple of pairs and she liked them immediately (and I loved to look at them of course…). There is hardly anything more erotic than the womens legs and the leggings emphasize them fantastically. SO dont be shy ladies. You are covered up AND sexy!

    11. marisa says:

      i totally dig the leggings as pants thing. i too thought they were cute but not for me til i pulled those suckers on. now just so u kno, i'm not stick skinny. i have hips and a butt and i look smokin hot in black opaque tights. like holy shit hot. with a shirt thats slim-fitting and about 1/2 douwn my butt, a belt and some heels i kick ass. leggings rock!

    12. james says:

      I am a gay male and I was a little skeptical about the whole leggings things on women. I thought they were going to just show all of the wrong things, but this weekend I found out I was totally, totally wrong.

      I saw this 20 something girl down town who was wearing black leggings as pants. Her short sleeve top stopped at her waist, you didn't see any of her mid-riff as her leggings weren't super low rise, but it still looked classy. You couldn't see any camel toe and barely notice her slight panty lines from what were probably a string bikini, but only if you really looked for them.

      The other thing I noticed was that there was nothing trasy or slutty about her outfit. It was cute.

      I saw you girls should go for it. If I were a girl I would wear them as pants all the time.

      I say for those who keep posting this anti-leggings stuff on the Internet: Get a life and stop wasting your life sitting behind a computer.

    13. RSM says:

      Leggings are the comfortable choice for all and leggings as pants are just fine. Abandon the body image constraints and just wear them. Go for the comfort and support. Choose a well made pair – not the ones made with cotton fiber. Cotton will bag out over time and that is the real reason the cheap cotton leggings were stopped being worn by the masses. The fit is right when the fit is tight. Full length leggings that reach the ankle have a greater positive visual aesthetic than the capri style that chop the leg. The longer leggings also support you from your ankles to the waist with an energetic lift. Laugh, live & love – Enjoy. Check out

    14. Lydia says:

      Okay, seriously. I'm sick of arguing with people about this.

      The bottom line, is people look ridiculous when they wear leggings as pants.

      I don't care how comfortable you say they are, that is exactly the argument people make when they wear crocs. Crocs are ugly, and so is this trend.

      You may not have body image constraints, but for God's sake, I don't want to see that much of another girl. Ever. It makes everyone look fat, except those who are 80 pounds. I can see the outline of every girl's butt and vagina when they wear this trend, and it is NOT hot. Sorry, but it's true.

      Oh, and by the way, the whole "I'm wearing leggings, boots, and a Northface look" is SO wrong. It's 20 degrees outside, and you're wearing TIGHTS?! Leggings = tights that are cut off at like, the calf. I'm sure you're warm in tights, boots, and a coat. That makes sense.

      So no, leggings are NOT pants. They would be called PANTS if they were, the end. I honestly group people that wear them as such with those that stick disney princesses in the holes of the rubber molded shoes we call crocs.

    15. Josh says:

      Girls in leggings rule. Wear em as pants all you want, just don't give me that look when you catch me staring.

    16. cecile says:

      I agree with you. People can wear leggings as pants..just as long as their crotch/butt isn't showing through them. If they want it to show, then so be it. Hah.

      I myself wear them as pants. I wear solid black ones, but I always wear a pair of spandex shorts underneath just to be safe.

    17. lynn says:

      leggings are pants. period. look it up on

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