Quit it With the Cat Calls!

Hey mami…you lookin’ good girrrrrrl.”

Yep. I hear it. Daily. All I want to do is walk to the store and grab a red bull, and instead, I’m solicited by men I wouldn’t touch with a stick. It never matters what I’m wearing, if my hair is greasy, if my face is breaking out, or even if I’m with another guy.

The cat caller team is relentless. They slow their cars and roll down their windows while passing me by. They halt conversation and stare at my ass with such intensity that I can FEEL it. All that I want to know is…where the f*ck do they think this is going to get them?

Should I cancel my plans, hop in their cars, and give them head? And why the hell am I their MAMI? Since when is it sexy to be YOUR mami? Last time I checked, that’s incestuous and not really flattering at all.

As a general rule of thumb, guys, don’t comment to girls on the street about how they look. You might have great intentions with it, but at the end of the day it is rude. Not only is it rude, but it is also awkward. What do you want her to say?

Thank you for being a creep?”

Leave the girls alone, fellas. Compliment them in your heads, whistle at them on mute. If you really want a girl to pay attention to you — stop acting like a creep. Girls don’t wanna hear remarks like this when they’re just trying to walk down the street. Make a girl EARN props from you. She doesn’t feel special if you’re giving them out to everyone. Shouting at a chick on the street is basically telling her she’s nothing but T and A to you — and what self-respecting woman wants to be known as only T and A?

Hopefully, this message reaches some guy out there somewhere. And he tells a friend. And the revolution starts.

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    1. Jess says:

      I can't stand the cat calling, it makes me feel so dirty and just ewww! Yesterday I was in my car at a stop light and when I reached for my phone next to me I glanced and saw a guy staring at me… like head turned, staring into my car… at me. I wanted to run the damn light and go home and shower because I felt so gross.

    2. kaTie says:

      Oh, I by far topped that unfortunately. This black suv was riding along side of me, and I could tell the guys were checking me out. Of course, I didn't give them a look because they were burning a whole in the side of my face! Anyway, I stepped on it to get away, but every where I was turning they were turning too! I was so scared; it was a creepy situation. They followed me all the way to where I would park, and actually blocked me into my parking space by leaving their SUV behind me! At this point I'm thinking, okay did I cut them off, or are these guys undercover and think I might of been involved a conspiracy or something!? It doesn't stop there!! Dude comes to my window (I didn't dare unlock my doors to get out as soon as I noticed I was blocked in by them) and I pretended to look through my purse). He starts banging on my window, and I grab my phone ready to call 9-11. Then, since I wouldn't open my door like he wanted me to (I'm not insane!), he yelled through the window to say, "I just was trying say that I think you are very beautiful." AHHHHHHH!!!!! What a crazy!!

    3. kaTie says:

      Guys, never follow a girl around to try to pick her up or pay her a compliment!!! That is so rude, and might as well be criminal. I thought I was going to be on 6 o'clock news under the headline, "Parking Lot Murder at Marshalls!!!" Sheesh!

    4. jes says:

      Yeah I lived in Houston when I was little and these creepy guys actually tried to run me and my hot mom off the road when we ignored them on the freeway one time… those guys should go to jail.

    5. Elle says:

      Ever since I cut off all of my long hair — it's shorter than my brother's now — all the catcalls have stopped.

    6. Erica - Kent State says:

      Amen! Walking home from work yesterday, two older (as in like, 65+) men were waving/yelling at me from across the street. When I crossed their path, the one said, "You have a BEAUTIFUL smile." I was frowning the whole time.

    7. Nina says:

      And all the guys who do that are old/poor/creepy/unattractive. Every time I get a cat call I die a little inside and keep wondering if I look like someone that they think will actually get them somewhere.

    8. Claire says:

      Elle, that is SO true! Short hair really does deter unwanted male attention. I used to have super short hair and never had to worry about stuff like that, but since I've started growing my hair out and dying it something other than my natural brown, I get all kinds of icky attention. Blech!

    9. Jessica says:

      I think it comes down to the idea of long hair. Guys that do that cat calling generally associate certain 'girly' things with sex and hoping to get some.

      When it comes down to it the guys that do that cat calls are just gross, like Nina said. And it makes girls feel well gross!

    10. Kaley says:

      It is pretty bad in Spain, where I was studying abroad. The problem I had was I didn't always understand EXACTLY what they were saying so that fact alone made me more nervous.

    11. catcalling_man says:

      Lighten up ladies, jeez. If you weren't getting catcalled, you'd be complaining about that too.

      Granted, the guys following you is over the top and you should've called 9/11. And especially the guy who tried to run you off the road. These peeps would fall into the .0001% of active catcallers.

      Just take it as a compliment and quit being prudes. You ladies like to dress up and look good. We guys like to let you know we think you succeeded. Trust me, when you're old and not being catcalled you'll miss it. Until then, I'll continue to applaud all the fine art walking around.

    12. Ethnic Avenue says:

      I have to agree with catcalling_man on this one. A catcall is one thing. Harassment is another. I definitely don’t endorse the latter.

      But don’t be too quick to wish the catcalls away, cuties. One thing is for sure: one day sooner than you think, you’ll wake up, go outside, and not get a single one.

      In our society, beauty has ENORMOUS benefits. But it also comes with some minor inconveniences. Think of the uncomfortable moments as a small price to pay for: the better table at a restaurant, extra olives on your salad, or better jobs and pay than your less pretty, chubbier sisters.


      (Ethnicavenue dot com)

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