The Male Brazilian: Catching On?

male-bikini.jpgWe all deal with the trials and tribulations of bikini line maintenance on a pretty regular basis. So, why (oh why) are we forced to ignore the hair problem when it comes to our men?

Those days may soon be over. When I was sitting at my salon waiting for my appointment, I was flipping through this week’s Us Weekly, when I learned some very personal information about some of Hip Hop’s biggest stars.

Apparently, both Puff Daddy and Jay-Z are all about the male Brazilian. (Yeah, Beyonce!)

As in: hot wax, being applied to their man parts (and cracks!) and being ripped off by a large woman (most likely in need of a lip wax). Jay-Z was even quoted as saying, “bald is beautiful.”

So. Many. Thoughts. Going. Through. My. Mind.

One, I would rather not think of Puff Daddy lying on the table getting his balls waxed. But, at the same time, I got sorta excited at the thought of those men – who are all about bangin’ bitches – feeling and understanding the pain that women go through to stay beautiful and “feminine.”

(My stylist says: “That sh*t hurts and it’s about freaking time they realized!”)

(Her gay assistant says: “It makes everything look so much bigger!”)

I also found myself grinning at the thought of this trend taking off and sweeping the nation. Just imagine doing naughty things to your man without having to deal with the hair hurdle!

I decided to do some research into the minds of boys. I needed to know if this was something I could look forward to the next time I brought a boy home.

Answer: no.

I guess I got a little ahead of myself on this one; looks like most guys don’t have the threshold for pain down there like our Diddy and Jay.

What do you think? Are you for or against the male Brazilian? You gonna make your man get one?

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    1. Jake says:

      I shave my balls and crack and trim everything else. Less hair is nicer feeling and looking, I do it for myself – its a bonus that girls like it. However I think waxing might be a step too far, or at least unnecessary? In my opinion cocks look best with a bit of trimmed hair above them, so waxing everything off would be a bit over the top. Everywhere else I can't see waxing being as much of an advantage, it would be a skilled girl who could tell the difference between waxed and freshly shaved balls.

      Shaved/waxed girls are so much nicer to go down on because our faces are always right up against where the hair would have been, with guys though the focus is usually mostly on the top half of his cock, which is naturally hairless. Waxing wouldn't really make much of a difference as long as the rest of the guys hair was trimmed or shaved.

      Just my thoughts. I don't imagine this will catch on, but there's been talk of celebrities favouring 'back, crack and sack' waxes for ages over here in England.

    2. Keith says:

      Well you might want to go back to grade school and recheck your answers. The majority (43%) said "No way." But the rest (30%) & (27%) combined equals (57%) said they would go for it. So this is one of those cases where the two minority out weight the majority.

      I've never done it. But shaving down there has crossed my mind if it helps out my sex life. So if I can pay someone else to do it and make it more convenient for myself and it makes her all happy. Then I hope I would be all for it.

    3. lee says:

      Obviously it has changed since you looked. 44 and 29% said they would want it. 28% keep it natural.

      Believe me, it is so much better for both parties. Plus I think it makes you look more endowed down there.

    4. Berto says:

      I think it's considerate for guys to trim for their girls, for the aesthetics and for comfort. It also makes your package look longer. But waxing? I'm all for equality, but not when it gets blurred with sameness. Guys are furry. Women aren't. That's how both genders prefer it. There's beauty in difference.

      I hope it never catches on, but gay fashions have a way of trickling down to the hetero sector.

    5. Kate says:

      I wouldn't really want my man going bare in the bottom areas. I think it looks more like a little boy.

      However, I do NOT think keeping a bush is any more attractive!

      Keep it short and trimmed and you're golden in my book.

    6. Darcy says:

      A lot of guys are pretty hairy creatures, it wouldn't match the rest of their body if the hair down there is the only thing they wax. But who would have the time/pain threshold/money to get full-body wax jobs regularly? I wouldn't want to meet a guy like that.

    7. Matt says:

      I'm a Manzilian Man (at hot as a Marlboro Man with much less cancer) and am obviously a fan as is my finance. Yeah, it hurts somewhat but it's not killer. I describe it as more painful than a tattoo on a soft part of your body and less painful than a tattoo over a bone. That's the first time, it gets easier over time (if you keep it up regularly).

      The benefits are completely worth it though, smooth on smooth sex is amazing. I'll never go back.

    8. T.G. says:

      Hitchens in a word: Scary.

    9. Will says:

      Is that really Christopher Hitchens? Why? Did this website just happen to post a photograph of a famous writer getting his inner thigh waxed? What the fuck is this?

    10. Sebs says:

      yes. please please please tell us where you got that picture. that really looks like Hitchens.

    11. Sebs says:

      OMG it really is true. here is the article that picture came from. there is a whole slideshow of "threw up in my mouth" worthy pictures of hitchens getting beauty treatments. look if you dare.

    12. mr. me says:

      I once had everything below the neck waxed, and it wasn't much more painful than a deep massage. Just remember to breathe deeply and at a consistent rhythm and you can endure a lot of discomfort. Try yoga (or, even better, hot yoga) and you'll know what I mean. It was a hell of a lot more expensive than any massage, however. I'd gladly do it on a regular basis if it wasn't so damn expensive.

      Really, if it hurts so much then you really need to relax. All this nonsense of female superiority in relation to pain is silly. It's really about men not wanting to go through what may be a rather humiliating experience. I had three women remove my hair, but didn't have an erection, pass any gas (I did take a break from the experience,) or any toilet paper remnants on my asshole, so I guess I managed to survive.

      And laser hair removal is not an option, since–aside from the fact that it also costs one hell of a lot–part of the fun of going hairless is the ability to go hairless again. Or not. My girlfriend is doing the laser thing, and she is happy to know she'll never have armpit hair again, but she is already lamenting the way a lack of pubic hair no longer channels her urine into a single stream. But she likes the look, and it makes for good eating.

    13. Warren says:

      As admirable as his attempts to be fully informed re the experience of human pain are, I really think someone has jolly well got to get a grip on Chris really quite soon. This pattern of being waterboarded and de-pubed can lead to a self destructive pattern of tying to be half-poisoned, half-hung, and half-lobotomized (the latter truly being a loss). If this keeps up he will awaken in a cheap motel and find cookie crumbs on his stomach, booze bottles on the bed and half his wealth given away to televangelists.

    14. chazwin says:

      Real men eschew vanity.

      Hair waxing and wearing make-up is for gays.

    15. Billy says:

      Real men eschew using the word ESCHEW…

    16. sunseeker says:

      I do nude modeling for the life art class at the community college and sometimes private strips where i have a thong on for a short time, I am quite hairy and have shaved my butt cheeks and crack so the thong string doesnt get tangled when i rip it off, and i shave my balls smooth all around to the base of my dick and the sides straight up leaving about a patch of 2and a half inch tightly trimmed pubic hair, I think this looks great on a guy and have had no complaints. I tried electrolysis and that was very time consuming, the technician told me her sister could give me a brazilian wax in a salon and she would take me there, we walked around a half pulled curtain where there was a counter and several tables, she asked me if i would mind if other technicians watched so they can see how to do a male brazilian and told me to get completely undressed and get up on the on all fours with my legs spread, then she used an applicator to smooth hot wax on my butt cheeks and then remove it with strips of cloth in a quick jerk, it doesnt hurt that bad mmmmmmm then it was kind of erotic when another girl pulled my cheeks apart to spread wax on my crack and butt hole, this actually felt very good and i started to get aroused, they said dont be embarased they perfer the skin to be tight as possible on the penis and testicles,then i turned over and got an erection as they kinda coaxed it with the wax as they were putting it on, it seemed everyone had to walk by to use the bathroom by now and stop to look and ask if it hurts bad, i didnt mind the audiance, they did a great job reducing the pain keeping the skin tight while waxing my balls all around the base and shaft of my dick, i have since got a wax several times at other salons but none were as good as that one. there is a special way to wax a guy, not all know how to do it with out hurting you, I still get them because i like the way it looks and feels especially during sex, have your guy try it you will like it too,

    17. Philipa says:

      I couldn't have cared less till I read 'sunseeker's comment, now I'm keen on the idea!

    18. Philipa says:

      OMG missed a comment here that said "All this nonsense of female superiority in relation to pain is silly" – ahahahahaha, you know nothing, NOTHING! I'm built like a whippet and my first child was a heartbeat short of 10lbs. A girlfriend described childbirth for me beforehand and she was correct – it's like being constipated for 9 months then passing a basketball. Many women tear. That means you push so hard and the baby is so big the shoulders tear the perineum, and sometimes a midwife has to perform an episiotomy (cuts you there to get the baby out) – they cut an artery with a girl I know and she nearly bled to death. With me they stitched me up wrong and as the stitches contracted I was in agony and infected and had to be rushed back into hospital.

      Then after a week your partner asks if you're up for it?! I answered him as I will answer you, 'Mr Me.', when you've had your penis torn apart only a week ago and you're ok with me jumping up and down on it, then you can tell me it's no big deal.

    19. JMo says:

      I have always kept it trimmed down there but shaving bald is just horrible as the ingrown hairs/razor bumps etc. It's not so much that it makes you look bigger imo, but it feels great(also more sensitive) and is definitely a libido booster.

      I just waxed the upper portion today and it hurt but not nearly as bad as i expected.

      My personal opinion: If your bf, husband or whatever, wants some oral and can't at least trim himself than to bad. I wouldn't even think about going down on a girl who wasn't trimmed up but on the other hand when it's all gone Brazilian style, I cant wait to go to town on it. =P me lick you long time lol


    20. Connor says:

      I am scheduled for a brazillian this afternoon. I am not worried about the pain as much as I am worried about getting an erection. Do a lot of men get an erection during a waxing?

    21. Mandy says:

      Yes, Connor, guys sometimes get erections while getting a brazilian. I've done male waxing for a year now and I would say about half the guys get hard at some point. Usually its when I first examine their penis and balls before I start waxing them. I don't mind because I think its just a normal reaction men get when being touched by an attractive woman.

      Some of the men have gotten embarassed or appoligized to me about getting hard. Actually, its easier for me to wax a guy who has an erection because the penis is easier to keep out of the way during the waxing.:) Unfortuntely, the erection often goes down after I start waxing becuase its somewhat painful.😦

    22. Freemon Sandlewould says:

      Geesus I wanted to read something by one of my favorites C. Hitchens and what a hirsute item my eyes are assaulted with!

    23. Matthews says:

      Hmm, I'm sort of up in the air about waxxing the top half part. I usually trim that to look sexy only. I also shave my thighs give me pelvic pubic hair a shape up. But I'm really considering waxxing the whole thigh and butt. You can leave my calves as manly hairy as they are. Oh, and I see no realistic reason to go as far as waxxing the butt hole. It's bad enough you have people in LA getting theirs bleached to look young; I really don't get that. And that compensation for going down on a guy bit doesn't fly w/ me missy; because I don't even like getting head. So, now I'm wondering how expensive could it cost to get it as regular as I get my eyebrows threaded? And I mean, is there a huge difference in sexual enjoyment level between a close trim and a full blown wax?

    24. FB says:

      Look, waxing has definite advantages over shaving. Sure it hurts, but when you remove the hair at the root, it stays gone for weeks. When it does return? It doesn't come in like stubble (thick shaft), it comes in downy. So, no stubble discomfort. This is a major consideration, if you've ever bothered shaving.

      If you go to someone good – someone experienced, who knows what they're doing – the process is quick and relatively less painful.

      I recommend it.

      1. It is not like they showed a close up of her genitals showing the actual hair removal. Nothing wrong with that Photo… it was funny and cute. Shows what a woman goes through for beauty and the embarasment of going through it. You need to open your eyes to 2010… you're still living in the old ages.

    25. Whatthehello says:

      You just made my night, I hate Hitchen's and seeing this shit-talker being so gimmicky is quite satisfying.

      As for the wax, way too painful, if you're working it right girls could care less about the hair.

    26. dave says:

      ok ive been wanting to get a brazilian wax for about a year now, and now i really want to get one , im getting tired of shaving every other day. But in my are there are no spas that do brazilian waxing on guys, and i dont want to do this as homen i want it dont by a professional…. im in south louisiana.

      what am i to do?

    27. lee says:

      Why dont you all just get laser hair removal? The girl I went to in Miami goes once a week to one of the Miami firehouses and does the laser hair removal on the firemen. Some only want their body but some of them do their private parts. She said it is getting more and more popular. I had it done (takes around 5 or 6 sessions) and now I never have to wax ever again. My boyfriend said he will go to get it done. He usually shaves but the grow back is itchy for him.

    28. Debra says:

      If you going to insist, demand, expect a woman to have one (cause you believe the porn you watch is real), why not under go the torture yourself.

    29. Clint says:

      I have been getting a male brazilian for about 10 years, and have gone to probably 5 or 6 different salons to get it done. I love it, my girlfriends love it, and it simply does not hurt anymore. The hair grows back finer each time, and it lasts a long time.

      The girl I go to now is young and attractive but very professional. I cant help but get erect almost as soon as she touches me and it doesnt go away until I leave. She does not seem to mind, based on the way she holds it, moves it and rubs on the lotion at the end. She does a great job, and it really isnt embarrassing at all.

    30. Ryan says:

      How much does this usually cost, and how long does it usually take?

    31. Ray says:

      I usually shave everything and I love the way it looks and feels. Since I shave everyday it isn't much of a problem. Some of my ex-boyfriends have loved it. It took my wife a little getting used to, but she seems to like it now. (BTW yes I am bi). I have thought about laser for everything, but not certain I could afford it at this time. I guess I'll keep shaving. I may have to try a wax sometime next time I hit black's beach.

    32. Jeff says:

      I've been shaving my pubes for years. I leave a triangle of hair above the shaft. I wish I would have started it years ago, but it was hard to convince my wife it was the way I wanted it. One day I just decided to shave the sides to see her reaction. She was freaked out at first and thought something was wrong with me, but soon decided she liked it better than she thought she would. I didn't do the wax job but over time tweezed the hair out. At first there was a little pain but over time it got less painful and it takes a lot of time to grow back. I don't think some of will ever grow back. If I let it grow it will come in very thin. I also trim my body hair short it exposes my hard body.

    33. bella says:

      ewww…..why would a guy do this???

      pubic hair on guys is hot! they have hair everywhere else, so why not!!!!

      my bf leaves his hair, its fun to snuggle in!!

      i leave my hair too, he loves me fluffy!!

      hahah dont mean to be obscene, just telling it like it is:)


    34. Jayna says:

      I love it. No hair is so much better. If I had the money i would laser everything and get my hubby to do it too. I hate when I am giving head and wind up flossing too. I refuse, so naturally, my hubby will shave it. I think any guy should try it, they will probably like it!

    35. Dennis says:

      I started going for the Hollywood every 5 weeks since late last year. The first time was a bit scary, but after that you get used to it and it is over within 40 minutes. My wife is happy because there is no more prickly stubble like I used to get from shaving. The therapist I go to really knows what she is doing and she has always made me feel comfortable. The odd erection is inevitable. Just go with the flow. I would really recommend all you guys out there to try it at least once.

      Now I am contemplating going for the laser treatment and get rid of it for good….

    36. Amy says:

      I'm a cosmetologist and have two regular MALE Brazilian wax clients. They say the girls like it, and they feel much cleaner. Hey… to each his own. I personally believe that those who shave are wasting their time and energy daily or every other day when a wax lasts for weeks and NO PRICKLES! WHOOT HOOT for the brave (and very intelligent) men AND women out there!

    37. Frederico says:

      I am brazilian, I do live in Brasilia…and I must ell you something!

      Here, its just about of 0,0001% of the guys do wax!

    38. JOHN says:

      I started-off with wax'n my legs 1st, tomarow I going for a full bikini wax, kinda excited………….

    39. Todd says:

      I had a full Brazilian last week. Th pain was minimal. Yes I had an erection but was made comfortable by the technician. I love the feeling of being bald and the area is much more sensitive. Sh did my butt and butt crack as well. I’d do it again in a heart beat.

    40. matt says:

      I love to have the full Brazilian. I get it done when ever I am able to. My girlfriend loves it. Also, it feels great.

    41. dave says:

      i got my first waxing couple weeks ago i've been shaving for ever but the waxing was great. Did get a erection but the guy waxing me made me comfortable. One bad thing bout it is the in grown hairs growin back. Red dots all over. But first couple weeks was great sex. Cant wait to go back and get treatment again

    42. JP says:

      I went for my 3rd brazilian wax recently. The first 2 times I was very inhibited and embarassed as I had an erection during most of the time. I must confess that the waxer was a good looking young woman and I trust had she been a bit older i might not have gotten as excited. I apologized for my involuntary erections and she advised not to worry as its quite common. I nevertheless hesitated to go back for quite a while until a few days ago. I knew that as long as someone is handling my goods down there I most likely would get an erection.

      This time however, my experience was even more alarming. First, unlike the previous 2 times, after spreading my legs WIDE and took to the electric clippers to trim me, she did not even bother with the towel. I became aroused instantly, like a flagpole… she proceeded to hold it, handle it, move me around and after finishing with the trim, she proceeded to wax. The entie time, my erection was at full mast and though we talked about different things to distract my mind, it did not help. As she pressed my recetion in different directions to wax the shaft, I was nearing an explosion. Fortunately, it was time to flip over and do the back and crack. I relaxed for a few monents. Upon turning me around as she finished, she took my semi hard erection and looked into the difficult spots. as she held my fellow, she asked if i wanted her to continue to clean it up better. I said sure. This time, she pressed my erection forward, hold it tight down (against the direction of my erection). Within a minute, as she was about to finish, I had a bit of a drool…and as I was about to cum, I said.."i think I…" and she said.."great your'e all done…take your time getting ready" and thrown the towel over my erection and walks our. I came full load into my towel as it was landing on my erection..true story and I think the young lady knew exactly when I was going to erupt…

    43. John says:

      I also had a involuntary ejaculation during my last waxing. It happened when she "gripped" my cock, as she normally would use her palm to move it around. But as I had quite a bit of hair on my shaft and I am quite endowed (not bragging, just that the hair comes up quite a bit), she had to grip it to keep the area open for her to wax.. I at first oozed and then squirted as she held me down.I could not believe it ..her response.."oh my.." and continued waxing after dabbing it with a tissue.

      1. Skip says:

        Yeah John. Same happened to me. Cum everywhere.

    44. slickity says:

      First up, I don’t think this is an issue of the “gay culture” trickling down to hetero. It’s probably more of an aesthetic reaction to all the porn. My girlfriends in the late 80’s and early 90’s more often than not had shaved down to the “landing strip” (if not completely shaved), and by ’92 I found myself not only accustomed to the cleanliness of the smooth, soft skin of their outer labia, but somewhat revolted and aghast when I passed that exciting moment of ‘first knicker drop’ only to discover a full and unwieldy tribal bush.
      At the time, I was still ‘au naturel’ with hair on my balls and a little bit creeping up the shaft.
      At some point around the early 90’s, my girlfriend at the time shaved all the hair off my entire below-the-belt region as a bit of sex play in the tub. That was the first time since having no pubes, that I had no pubes again.
      It was fun during the moment, but the next day when I saw myself, I hated it. I looked pre-pubescant. (Well, I guess I was – definitively)

      I let it all grow back,and not only did my girlfriend comment on how much she liked the shaved look, but I also kind of missed the clean, slick look of my cock and balls that I had when they were fully shaved.
      So, at that point, I started shaving just my cock and balls. I left the bush above at an inch long or so, and I never looked back. Just the hangy-outtie parts did I continue to shave. I simply trimmed the rest.
      (What’s that they say? : “Trim the bushes, and the trees look taller”)

      There were no more awkward moments between us as one or the other had to pause in doing what they were doing to stop and pinch at their tongue tip with finger and thumb, trying to fish out that errant pubic hair in the mouth, (totally UNsexy) And the visual completeness of the pure, bald, carnal sex we’d see in each other was an instant turn on for both of us.
      So I continued to keep it shaved.
      Sometime around 1995, my long term GF went in for her first Brazilian. The results were fantastic! It was SO MUCH better than shaving! God, I could hardly keep my hands and mouth off of her. No stubblies, no razor burn, no rough sandpaper grind three days later, just soft, sensual bliss.
      Me? I still had the ingrown hairs and the 5 o’clock shadow problems on the balls and shaft.
      Well, as it turned out, the salon she went to also did Brazilians for men. So after about 2 years, after much cajoling from her and consideration by me, I finally bit the bullet and made an appointment.

      Obviously, for a dude, the idea of going into a beauty salon to have some strange woman completely get familiar with ‘his junk’ in a clinical environment was a bit intimidating. I was terrified of getting an erection during the process, and come the day of the appointment, I was stricken with anxiety over it.

      My clinician was an older Filipino woman, and she was very professional. She led me to the room, instructed me to take my pants and underwear off and cover myself with the towel she provided, and she left the room and closed the door to allow me to do so.
      I took off my shoes, my socks, undid my belt (which for some reason, made me more nervous), slid my pants off, folded them nicely and layed them on the chair, and then hooked my thumbs into the elastic band of my underwear.
      There was a mirror on the wall, and I caught a glimpse of this skinny dude standing there looking like an idiot about to take his underwear off. I shook my head at him slowly, as if to say “what the fuck are you doing, dude?” I suddenly noticed how cold it was in that room. I just quickly slid off my underwear and jumped up onto the table, immediately covering myself with the towel in case she came back in before I was ready. I waited.
      A few minutes later, she knocked on the door “Are you ready?”.
      I was about as ready as I could possibly be. I was lying on the white table/bed thing, the small hand towel placed over my privates, and with the combination of the chilly room and my nerves, any remnants of external genitalia I came in with — had completely retreated to safety inside my body. My hands were shaking, my heart was racing, and I was SO embarrassed about the major shrinkage I was suddenly experiencing that I was completely and fully regretting EVER making the appointment.
      (It’s almost like my dick knew what was about to transpire, and had totally fled in an attempt to avoid the process entirely. It wasn’t just my dick either, my balls had also decided that that moment was the appropriate time to attempt to revert to ovaries, and were somewhere inside me burrowing up into my lower abdomen. TURTLE UP!)
      Great. Well, I guess on the bright side – my erection fear was unfounded.
      “Yeah” I call out.
      She walked in, closed the door behind her and she smiled, “Are you ready?” she said again as she reached down and moved the towel off to the side to take a look at her canvas. I felt new cold air on my non-existent genitals, and the blood rushed to my face. I knew I was crimson. I could feel my pulse pounding in my cheeks. “This is not an easy process to go through”, I was thinking, ” and it’s got nothing to do with the expected pain.” My hands were crossed over my chest, and I think I locked my hands into a painful, fingernail gouging grasp.
      “Ok”, she said. But she said it in the way somebody would say “aaaaw!” when they see a cute little puppy:
      “ooohkaaay” It was a longer pronunciation of it, drawn out with a musical twist.
      I glanced at her face and she was looking directly at my crotch, smiling. I was pretty sure that smile was the suppression of hysterical laughter.
      Make me die please. Right now. Just kill me. Or magically transport me somewhere else, like home in my bed, or into a raging volcano perhaps.
      (I don’t think women understand the psychological nightmare that we go through with the physical representation of some fucked up multiple personality disorder our gonads have, but this day was the absolute worst of it.)
      Anyways, she grabbed some baby powder and started to shake it onto the shrivelled, flat platform of my ball-less scrotum. With her other hand, which was ever-so-not-sexily sheathed in a latex glove, she pulled the tiny niblet of foreskin that should have been my dick up in the direction of my belly button and began to rub the powder in.
      I’m squeezing my eyes shut at this point, hating the fact that I ever agreed to this stupid idea, when I feel her stop rubbing in the powder. Her fingertips still have a grip of the little fleshy peapod my dick is hiding behind, but my eyes are still closed.
      “Ready?” She asks again.
      “yup” is all I say, eyes still clamped shut.
      Then, this warm, if not almost hot, sensation hits my scrotum. I open my eyes and look down, and she’s applying the wax with some sort of a tongue depressor thing. It actually feels kinda nice in comparison to the chill in the room.
      She places the tongue depressor thing back on top of the wax container, then lays a small strip of cotton sheet over the spot on my scrotum and starts gently rubbing it back and forth, getting all the wax embedded into the strip. I release the grip on my hands a bit. That feels kinda nice. Not sexual like, but pleasant. I’m watching now.
      “Ready?” this is her word.
      “As ready as I’ll ever be” I answer.
      With a quick sideways rip, she tugs the strip.
      I jumped. Not due to the pain, I don’t think, but due to the expectation of pain. It wasn’t actually that painful. I think I may have shouted out something like “AITCH!” and maybe my toes curled or flexed or something.
      At this point, I think the crazy experience was just starting to take me out of the embarrassment of my physical state, and more into the “this is fucking weird but kinda cool” state.
      She goes back to the tongue depressor thing, buttering more wax onto another section of my scrotum, then again with a new cotton strip, lightly massaging it in, and the rip.
      After the rip, she lays her fingers down on the skin and looks up at me, smiling again. “it’s ok?”
      And yeah, it is. It’s not great, but it’s certainly ok.
      And so it went. Wax, strip, rub-in, rip. Wax, strip, rub-in, rip. It really wasn’t all that bad.
      Obviously, I wasn’t the only person to think that, because at some point early on in the process my previously truant penis obviously felt some surge of confidence, and much like the groundhog on a sunny day in February, decided to come back out and see what all the commotion was about.
      Fuck no.
      No. No. No. No. Don’t you fucking dare!
      Sure enough, the blood from my red and throbbing face found a new home, and once I felt the initial stirrings inside the turtle den, there wasn’t much I could do about it.
      She had pretty much completed the waxing of my scrotum, and had started to push the nub of my penis-less foreskin down towards my legs when the first little throb happened.
      I felt it, and my hands regained their fingernail digging grasp at this point, my eyes starting to clamp shut again.
      Grandma doesn’t have cancer, but I started repeating to myself in my head that she did, hoping I could side-track the hydraulics.
      “grandma’s got cancer, grandma’s got cancer, grandma’s got cancer….”

      No dice: It’s groundhog day, and the clinician is starting to apply wax to the newly presented growing shaft of a previously non-existant penis.
      Yup, full on. No matter what form of crazy thought process I tried to employ, no matter how much I screamed at my dick from inside my head to fucking chill out and STOP IT!, I could feel that I was rapidly on the way to full mast. A brand new embarrassment: From no-dick, to my initial fear. Wow, way to cover the bases. Nice one.
      I finally open my eyes and look down, and as if I didn’t already know it, I’m sporting a full-on throbbing hard-on that this nice, professional, older Filipino woman is holding in one hand, pushing it down, pushing it to the side, smearing wax onto, rubbing cotton strips into…
      “oh ,my god. I’m so sorry” I mumble, devastated, “it’s not a… sexual thing” I try to explain.
      She just looks at me and smiles, all nurse-like and caring. “it’s OK, always happens”.
      I don’t say anything. I mean, what can you say? My girlfriend is at home waiting for me to return with her freshly waxed goods, and here I am with some stranger holding onto my erection. I’m totally not seeing it as a sexual experience, if anything it’s the exact opposite. I’m feeling kinda violated and vulnerable and my fucking body is totally betraying my mind.

      “it’s better like this” she says.
      Well, that was my first time, and I’ve not looked back. My wife of 7 years now couldn’t imagine me with anything but this smooth cock and balls, and I’ve sort of developed an understanding of the clinical mind-set that happens inside the spa. I’m not quite so embarrassed when what happens, happens. I’m sure that the women that are getting waxed have the same sort of reaction, it’s just not as noticeable.

    45. Jason says:

      I am a male waxer. There's nothing that the modern man doesn't get waxed. I see men from aged from 19 – 72 who have their back and shoulders sorted out, their ear and nostril hair whipped away and certainly get their Buttock, Sac and Crack's groomed smooth.

      I see dockers, firemen, policemen, students, counsellors, crane drivers, pilots, salesmen, barristers, management consultants, cooks, solicitors, businessmen, tree surgeons (you get the picture – I won't go on!).

      Waxing has a list of advantages including it's cheaper, lasts longer, you get no burn from creams, no itchy stubbly regrowth and it's less prone to ingrown hair. If you even consider shaving – I would say give waxing a try. Finding a therapist might be a challenge. If I was looking for it – I'd certainly seek a male therapist. If you're near Plymouth in Devon – google me and give me a bell!

      Jason at the back and beyond dot co dot uk

      1. lachapelleinteriors says:

        Will waxing the back on a 55 yea old man help end his "Itchy Back Problem"?

    46. J says:

      I’ve been a nude male model since 1975. Just after I started, I began trimming some pubic hair just so it looked better. By 1977 I was getting electrolysis around the base of my penis but that was not permanent. Anyhow, in 1983 I was told to remove ALL of my pubes, front and back.

      I began shaving, did not like it, and I found out about waxing. I looked at “beauty salons” in the Yellow Pages, saw ads for “waxing” (remember this was 1983) and called one up.

      The lady asked me what parts I wanted waxed. I explained about me being a nude model and needing it for my work, etc. and told her what I needed. She didn’t believe me but we made an appointment and off I went. I showed up, we went back, I got naked and had her wax the following: both butt cheeks, my butt crack, butthole, and perineum. I flipped over and she then did my entire lower belly top of my thighs, scrotum and penis.

      It did not hurt! You see all these people saying how they thought they were going to die . . . Bullshit! I have since been waxed every 3 weeks since.

      Let’s do the math – every 3 weeks = 17 times/year. From 1983 to 2010 – 27 years. 27 X 17 = 459 times that I’ve been waxed. Probably more like 475 or so.

      That’s a lot of times so I think I can speak authoritatively on this subject. I’ve been waxed at dozens or hundreds of salons, all over the USA, big city to tiny town, either coast to midwest.

      Everywhere I’ve been done, they tell me that I’m the only male that they’ve ever done in that area. I’ve always been done by females, I’m not gay and I don’t want a guy handling my junk.

      Regarding pain there’s one dirty little secret. Most ladies do not know about this. Make them do it and you will not hurt. As soon as they pull off the muslin strip with one hand, have them place the flat palm of the other hand on the spot just waxed and press down hard for about 2-3 seconds. No pain. The only other main secret is to have the wax at the lowest temp possible. After the wax is liquid, turn off the heat. Keep the skin tight, keep the hair length between 1/8″ and 1/4″ in length and you’re good to go.

      One final thing that I don’t object to is that the best way to remove any excess wax is to rub the area with baby oil afterward, which melts the wax. I always seem to get extra wax on my dick, so I just have to lay there and let the girl rub oil all over it . . .

    47. Kate Johnston says:

      That photo is pretty gross.:) But, I've also heard it's a growing trend among men too. In fact, some of my good friends go to a salon in Austin called Jose Luis Salon –

    48. Skip says:

      I had my first brazilian the other day. I was **** was hard the whole time. When I had to get up on my knees and stick out my ass pre-*** was leaking out my ****. The guy then turned me over and waxed around my **** and balls holding my **** firmly. Never lost the erection. Great feeling have a smooth ass, balls, hole and ****.

    49. magic seo says:

      Usually I don’t learn article on blogs, but I wish to say that this write-up very compelled me to try and do so! Your writing style has been surprised me. Thank you, quite nice article.

    50. JackBlair says:

      Do you realize that your picture is of Christopher Hitchens? I suppose he allowed Vanity Fair to release the photo, but he recently died of cancer – the picture is probably related to his chemo ordeals. Probably not the wisest choice for a photo, given the flippant nature of your article.

      But then, Hitch would likely find it amusing.

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