Perk Up, Flat Girls! You Can Be Sexy Too!

portman.jpgI’ve heard the woes from people with cup sizes that are hard to manage. I understand; nobody wants the back pain or the difficulty finding clothes that fit. I, on the other hand, am on the other end of the spectrum. I hit puberty early, was a head taller than everyone in my class for a while, but never got to enjoy the other benefits of those raging hormones. You know…like, breasts.

My mother continually assures me that I’m lucky. “Dresses fit you so well,” she tells me. That’s easy for her to say; I imagine most mothers, deep down, want to dress their daughters in conservative dresses that leave a lot to the imagination, but leave me looking like I’m wearing a sack on top.

Forget showing off cleavage; it’s pretty hard when you barely have cleavage. I don’t mind looking nice in the occasional baggy shirt for a job interview, but how is a flat-chested girl supposed to look Hott?

I worry about my appeal to guys more often than I should. To be crude, can any guy be passionately attracted to a girl if he can’t get a handful of her? The comments I’ve seen on this site have been encouraging, but still, it can be disheartening when I have to avoid strapless dresses purely because I can’t hold them up. There’s a lot of boob-fixation in the media these days, and magazines, movies and tv shows can be insidious. They can start convincing us that large breasts are all guys think about and desire in a woman.

My situation has forced me to get creative when it comes to sex appeal; that’s why I look for fashion inspiration in other decades.

For all you fellow A-cuppers out there, I recommend looking to an era of fashion when flat-chested girls were celebrated. Look to the twenties, when women were sexy, glamorous, and flat all at the same time! I look for plunging necklines, button-down shirts and dresses, and boatnecks to show off my wide shoulders. We flat girls may not be able to exude sex appeal, but we can look glamorous. I also recommend looking to the seventies for fashion inspiration. A fashion favorite of mine is Diane Keaton in Annie Hall. She made wearing ties and vests sexy; there’s something very classy and even sensual about the preppy/androgynous look.

So if you’re a flat girl like me, don’t get yourself down. Find things that flatter your shape, and enjoy the blessings of a flat existence: going braless with those dresses with the low backs, running down stairs pain-free, and not having much ground to cover during the monthly self-exam.

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    1. Ellie says:

      Also, if you have hips, look to the 1940s for dresses with short sleeves that come in small at the waist and then have volume on the bottom…it makes anything else that may be lacking less noticeable…believe me, i know๐Ÿ˜‰

    2. Heather says:

      I usually just go for more clingy fabrics. I'm not trying to make myself look bigger, I'm happy with my A-cup, but it flatters your figure more when you don't have loose fabric hanging where the chest could be, and gives off more sex appeal.

    3. Elise says:

      Cleavage? I call my inter-nipple rib space my "Cleaveland."

      And yes, there are pleeeenty of guys out there who believe that "more than a handful is a waste."

      Too bad I don't quite have a handful.๐Ÿ˜„

    4. Jessica says:

      If Natalie can work it and look hot, so can we! Here's to all my flat-chest sisters- cheers!

    5. Cat says:

      Yea I used to be really conscious and embarrassed about it. I avoided buying low-cut shirts because I figured that there's nothing to show there anyway, but now, I show it off whenever I can๐Ÿ˜‰. Us A-cup girls make plunging necklines look elegant.

    6. emily says:

      as a large chested girl, i always thought you small chested girls were the lucky ones!! i guess its one of those grass is always greener kind of things, but i always thought girls with a small chest looked so cute going out with low cut shirts and little tank tops while if i wore it i would look like a big titted freak haha.

    7. Maleman says:

      I have always preferred women with smaller breasts. Large ones have always turned me off and I could never understand guys who fall over their tongues when they see a woman with a really large chest. Guess I should have been born early last century.

    8. Anna says:

      As a long distance runner, I've sort of accepted my boobs as are, even though they aren't as big as I would like. But at least they never bounced much during races and if I run around in a tshirt and no bra, people don't notice ๐Ÿ˜‰ So there is a silver lining after all ๐Ÿ˜›

    9. Ape says:

      I agree even though I'm 38 now and still want a breast job, thanks to the media bringing it to my attention everytime I turn around . I still show off what I got and ppl still notice me,plus think about it atleast my girls are still up there compared to our counterparts their breast are prob.. hanging quite low so cheers to all small breasted woman out there

    10. mike says:

      Welll I'm a guy, 19 years old, and I don't really care about breasts, or look at all in general. A pretty face is what's most important looks wise, how ever, personality is what really counts!

    11. ofrmgfo says:

      A is awesome

      B is beautiful

      C is colossal

      D is … DAMN ! did you see that?

      Think of all those wonderful nerve endings in one convenient place.

      For god's sake, forget the implants, be natural.

      Its the girl/gurl/woman not the boobs that make the girl.

    12. starryeyed102 says:

      I agree with lots of the previous comments, but as a flat chested girl i can get pretty down sometimes. I mean, boobs are part of what make us a woman, and I feel like I am really missing out on something. Like I am not quite a woman, not ever quite sexy enough. Every boyfriend I have I constantly feel like I'm letting down or as though he's disappointed when he sees me naked. I would be happy enough for a nice b cup, but i'm hardly an A!. i went all through high school and college thinking "maybe, just maybe i'll grow some more" unfortunately though, that never happened. Of course theres nothing I can do about it, but it still sucks and I still feel as if i'm missing out!!

    13. F says:

      You women who want bigger breats are weak. Why would you want to encumber yourselves just so you can look good to some douche bag? Small breasts are the best. Anyone who gets breast implants is pathetic. Go add 15 pounds of fat to your stomach and come tell me how sexy you feel.

    14. eightieslingo says:

      I feel the same way as you starryeyed. I always felt like I was missing out and wasn't quite a woman. (I'm barely 32A)

      But, I have to say in all my years of dating, only one guy preferred bigger breasts. (He said he dreamed I asked him for implants.) All the rest of the guys I dated, including my husband, say that more than a handful is a waste. Besides, it's cool when someone can put your whole boob in their mouth. Haha!

      Embrace your flatness!

    15. J says:

      I'm a flat girl too and I feel the same as you, starryeyed! I recently got really really down about my small boobs. I feel like if I just had slightly bigger boobs it would be so much nicer. i found myself looking at other girls and getting all jealous! but thanks to my lovely boyfriend i have made body peace. he loves me just the way i am and we are all beautiful just as we are.๐Ÿ˜‰

    16. Tim says:

      I agree with Mike, I'm also 19. Its not about the boobs. If you have a pretty face and a great personality then that's what matters.

    17. Christine says:

      I love having small boobs in my everyday life but when I go out to parties I feel bad because some guys attempt to grope what is nothing more than a handful of padding. My friends with large boobs all say they wish they could hand some of it over because they hurt or guys never look at their face. So there are pros and cons to each side.

    18. Sarah says:

      You forgot to mention that having big boobs sucks because buying a fancy, girly bra in 34DD requires dropping $50 at a specialty lingerie store online.

      Also, I don't think the media places emphasis on either large or small boobs. Fashion models are all pretty much flat, and porn stars aren't. Some celebrities spend thousands for a boob job and some rock the A-cup. Plus, I don't think being unable to hold up a strapless dress is that big of a deal…what about being unable to find a spaghetti strap dress that fits your torso and doesn't leave you spilling out the top, leaving you look like you're trying "a little too hard."

    19. david says:

      If Blair H is the girl in the photo that accompanies this blog post, then she will have NO trouble attracting guys. Yes, guys like somewhat large breasts, but that’s not the only thing we look for. A pretty face, cute smile, nice skin, and an overall proportional figure are other things we look for. I would say the girl in the photo is VERY attractive, and I wouldn’t spend a lot of time wishing she had larger breasts — I would be thanking my lucky stars if I was with her.

    20. Ana says:

      Lol David, the girl in the photo is NATALIE PORTMAN. You know, the actress? From Star Wars and V for Vendetta? Go watch some movies man!

      But I agree, she is gorgeous and a great example of rocking the flat-chestedness.

    21. jelly says:

      girls with flat chest should just give up

    22. james says:

      I've always had a thing – and I mean THING – for small breasts. Sure, large breasts can be awe-inspiring, but I've never found them particularly erotic. Small breasts, though, have a hotline to my lower brain functions and go straight to "turn-on".

      Breast job? Oh god NOOOOO. What's worse than big boobs? Big, OBVIOUSLY fake boobs.

      Viva la A!

    23. TJ says:

      I agree with Tim and Mike, with one thing to add…

      "big or small, i love em all!"

    24. Jo - University of M says:

      Some of us are endowed with a large cup size, some with a bangin' behind, and some with both (lucky! haha), but the sexiest thing (and I'm sure all guys will agree) is confidence in yourself and your abilities. Boobs will sag and butts will never stay perfect forever, so it's the confidence and unique parts of your personality that will outlast it all.

    25. Frank says:

      Women worry too much about breast size. Most guys are happy with what they can get. Big breast are nice. Small breasts are nice. Be happy with what you've got because among me and my friends, fake breasts are the only turn off.

    26. Jake says:

      Women worry too much about breast size. Most guys are happy with what they can get. Big breast are nice. Small breasts are nice. Be happy with what you've got because among me and my friends, fake breasts are the only turn off.

    27. Arch says:

      The girl a guy is in love with is the most beautiful person in the world, whether or not she has the size of breasts that are his particular turn on. Lots of guys build a dream girl in their imagination (mine would have a butt like J-Lo and barely-there breasts); but when I'm with someone, however she's built is fine with me. I agree with the guy who opined that the only boobs that are turnoffs are fake ones.

    28. mike yuen ken paahan says:

      my gf get only man boobs, she gotta were padded bra 4 make look like she get breast if not no can tell she 1 girl

    29. Jane says:

      My husband's ex has fake boobs that she purchased with her college funds because she thought it would help her become a model. Then she ended up cheating on my husband while she was with him when he was away in Iraq, most likely with a man who just wanted to play with her new toys. Long story short, she lost her man. Now he is with beautiful, flat-chested me, and she is over-weight and engaged to a skinny little bum with no job. What is sad is she does have a pretty face. I'm not so sure about her personality, but it doesn't matter now, no one will ever notice it.

    30. Just a guy says:

      Hey girls.I am a guy here and I am not trying to be a perv but I Adore! An a cup lady and find it incredibly sexy.

    31. Just a guy says:

      P.S I cry when I hear a girl …any girl consider not let media make you think your not sexy..If you ask guys seriously ..The media image of girls do not match what real men want.

    32. colton says:

      I’m 21 6 2 180 young looking face young man. I can only wish u see what the look like. The look of a tall skinny beautiful girl with green eyes, that noses oh I well tell you the a flat chest girl has a one of a kind beauty. Don’t change that. For u well find that man who finds the world of you.

      Leonardo DiCaprio movie Romeo and Juliet oh I hope I find u Juliet!

    33. A lover says:

      Well, probably nobody cares for a reply that comes years after the post, but I just have to rant a bit here, because all that uncertainty and doubt around small breasts drive me crazy. I am a man and I LOVE small breasts. I am really and mightily turned on by women's breasts, and I like them small. I think it's the tips I like most (nipples that is) and I don't care for the fat beneath them. But whatever, small breasts, and I mean really small, are great!
      Actually, big breasts turn me off, and to me, really big breasts are outright ugly, looking like a swollen injury.
      All those plastic boobs nowadays give me the creeps. Too big, all of them, and too artificially looking. A manikin does not turn me on, neither does a rubber doll. And a living rubber doll really freaks me out. Looking at the several breasts "augmentation" advertising sites around, I find lets say 100 before-and-after pictures, and in 1 or 2 cases I might agree to the need of reconstructive surgery, but in all other cases they just took the erotic edge from the girl, by replacing her hot breasts with a plastic model molded from a template to some artificial average.
      This is sad and sickening to behold. Beautiful, erotic breasts are mutilated in the command of false beauty, and replaced by some plastic stuffed tits bereft of any personal feature. That's not beautiful, that's sickening. Why not get out the bone saw and reshape that ugly face by a posterbook model, or a computer generated average? "Correct" the nose to something less you and dye your hair to some more fashionable color, so you look more like the character free computerized dollfaces on the magazine cover? And, while you are at it, why and cut the clit and replace it with a pearl, so it always looks hard and aroused?
      Cutting up breasts and deforming them with filler cushions into something just as interesting as a rubber doll is sickening and saddens me. I really love small breasts and really tiny ones, but many many of the girls just perfect for my taste feel to have their most erotic features maimed and dulled. Thats horrifying.

      Noone probably listens to me, and media do their worst to disprove me, but anyway, if just one girl hears me cry and understands that she's just great for someone anyway, I'll have to try: Small breasts are hot! Please, please,keep them as they are. You look so much more erotic and real than those sagging D+ cup fat sacks out there, and so much more beautiful than manikin plastic boobs, at least to some.

      And on a more important note: I never picked my girl friends for breasts size or other purely bodily features. Guess what, I do not want to share my life mainly with a pair of boobs. If that was my top priority, I'd by me some tits and get rid of all the bothersome person around them, and live happily staring at the assets. But call me strange, I'd rather have a living soul around me.
      Of course, I never found my girlfriends outright ugly, so I did care for bodily features, but I was drawn to personality, and quickly found to like what I loved, and not the other ways around. My love defined my tastes. But I never got over plastic tits.
      If I ever found myself choosing a potential girl friend merely by breast size, I'd go shoot myself right away.
      And what about you? Do you want to be interesting because you have rubber boobs? Would that ever satisfy you? Well, if you think that the amount of silicone you mount to your chest defines your human value, or even only your erotic level, than please apply the same self-critic action and squeeze the trigger.

      Well. I'll stop the rant for now, probably nobody will read this anyway. But I just have to get this off my chest – no pun intended.

      1. Amanda says:

        That was really sweet , it made me smile most of these websites dont do anything for me but make me cry but you comment wost the most inspiring thing I have ever read in my entire life (:

      2. pam says:

        This was mean. Some girls don't ask for huge breasts, and hate them. Let me tell you that most girls who have D+ cups wish they didn't have them and are VERY INSECURE about them, especially if they are "sagging fat sacks". Why do people think it's okay to say mean things about 1) skinny girls and 2) girls with large breasts? Embracing everyone's body doesn't mean only embracing the ones people complain about the most. I can tell you right now that a lot of girls hate having big breasts, but just don't complain about them all the time.

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    35. Amalie says:

      I was actually extremely depressed up until a few minutes ago. I was just looking at my EXTREMELY flat chest. I wear actually 65A, but i fool myself into using 70A, and because of that, i am able to show my nipples by accident when I wear low cuts. Anyways, I decided to search for "flat chested" on google just to see if what I had was acutally normal, or if I was a rare case. I found this wonderful article. I feel a lot more confident now, I don't feel the need to pad everything etc. I have always been terrified for a guy to see me naked, but I guess now I know some guys like it. I will just have to find the right guy maybe. (this comment has no meaning, but I guess I was just trying to show my appriciation to the article and all the comments) thank oyu*!

    36. Davud says:

      Small breasted women are the best. Two words – Audrey Hepburn.

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