Morning Sex – How to Initiate?

morning.jpgSo, you met a hottie out on the town. Against your better judgment (because you can imagine what your mom would say if she knew what you were doing), you went home with him. And it was fun. Really fun. Your clothes are strewn around the room and if you weren’t so exhausted from the marathon romp session, you would be a bit more worried about where the hell your underwear was at the moment.

You pass out as the sun begins to peek its way out from behind the tapestry haphazardly hung over the window, the gent’s arm wrapped around your waist.

Then you wake up. You turn over the boy has his back to you. He’s snoring. You run to the bathroom to pee, trying not to wake him up, but hoping at the same time that you do. After all, it’s sorta awkward; you can’t just leave without him getting up. That would be weird.

You come back into the bed (after searching frantically in the bathroom for some mouthwash/gum and fixing your hair/makeup so you still look fresh) and he stirs. You make a joke about how tired you are and throw yourself into the bed. Random conversation ensues and most likely includes discussion of hangovers, how much you drank last night and how that water you chugged before bed was just divine.

And then….what? You know what you want to do. You want to have morning sex. Who doesn’t? Morning sex is the best way to start the day. (Some people think Wheaties is the breakfast of champions, but you and this boy both know the truth.) It is pretty much a given at this point, but neither of you really know how to broach the subject, mostly because you are both sober now and things are slightly awkward.

Do you ask for it? Do you pull the blanket down and go to town? Do you start nibbling on his ear? Does he even want to sleep with you?

You kinda fall back to sleep. You wake up. You talk more. This goes on for another 30 minutes.

Finally, you both sorta pass out facing each other. Then he puts his arm around you and starts rubbing your back. You put your arm around him and start scratching his back.

And that’s the signal.

Suddenly, you’re off. Just like that. Grabbing at each other. Gripping, huffing, getting it on like to dogs in heat. The shorts and t-shirt he gave you to sleep in? Gone. The blankets from the bed? Gone.

And that’s that. It’s over. You lay around for a few more minutes, realize that it is now late due to the time wasted trying to figure out a way to get busy and pack up (read: search for) your things to head home. You kiss him goodbye, thank him for a great time, tell him you’ll Facebook him later, and run home to chug a Powerade and scarf down a stack of chocolate chip pancakes.

Or is that just me?

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    1. Darcy says:

      Initiating morning sex is pretty easy, in my opinion. The trick is really to smile and be affectionate from the moment you're both awake. I usually wake up first, and wait till the sleepy boy open his eyes, grin, and say something monosyllabic, like "hey".

      I would lean in for a kiss, and that's pretty much all it really takes to start his engine, usually. Even if sex doesn't ensue right away, it's going to be on his mind, and before I know it, the talking kind of stop, and the touching start😀

    2. Jake says:

      You could always just try brushing your body up against him subtly. He'll soon get the message.

    3. sara says:

      if you wake up before him, wake him up with a blow job.

      guys love it.

    4. Kari - Florida State says:

      Yea, BJ wakeup alarms are fun, and you don't have to worry about morning breath = ) I usually just get really close to cuddle, or do the back scratching thing, or just wiggle my butt against his hooha and viola! Wonderful, sleepy spooning. Gotta love morning wood.

    5. sara says:

      Never have to worry about this because my guy is OBSESSED with morning sex and will usually initiate it himself.. sometimes it can be a little annoying if I'm still sleepy… lol!

    6. Jake says:

      Morning sex is great, we might as well make the most of morning glory/wood!

      The breath is the only thing, but I usually have mints in my bedside drawer so that's no problem really😉

    7. Lauren, University o says:

      Ah such a good idea. I really gotta sneak some under the pillow before I pass out at night. That would fix so many things.

    8. Jake says:

      My bedside drawers are wonderful. Mints, lube, condoms, toys, tissues, pro plus caffeine pills – anything you might need!

    9. Nikki says:

      This is EXACTLY how it is!! and i always wake up first and that awkward 30 minutes when you both know exactly what you want and the back scratching–to the t right!

    10. gregory dykes says:

      i want to meet you

    11. Wesley says:

      lol dude chill out greg. i just saw the other article where you wanted to meet lauren and requested some sexing. cut that shit out. whatever’s on here is fairly mutual on her part and what should be on your part.

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    13. Bill says:

      I just need some sex real bad, to be quite honest. Going through a divorce right now. No sex at all. Honestly, I want a strong, fit, athletic woman to be with. Ideally a figure competitor or bodybuilder.

    14. Genghis says:

      Jake was the only one who mentioned condoms as a need. I think that is smart and wise. That also tells newbies who are about to jummp into sex to practice safe sex always. Oral sex with someone whom you barely know is not safe sex.

    15. Genghis says:

      jummp = jump. Sorry.

    16. swich says:

      i dont know i never had a cool one night stand like that so i cant really say…..and i was never the type to sleep around alot or maybe i just didnt have the have the skill to….but with my gf morning sex is the best i think.

    17. Sextherapyexpert says:

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    19. TheUltimateVirgo says:

      Well, it isn't always as easy! Last time we had fantastic sex and he slept over. Next morning, I woke up before him, sneaked out to freshen up, climbed back in, and all I wanted was a repeat of last night's performance. Nothing worked. I tried kissing him, I tried nibbling his back, stroking his arms…..but really, nothing worked. Would love to know what can REALLY turn 'seal the deal' in the morning.

    20. anne says:

      morning sex is really great and i love it very much..

    21. EvilEye says:

      It's not just you, there are plenty of whores out there.

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