Short Guys are HOT


You may have guessed from the title that I have a short boyfriend. He doesn’t like to be called “short,” but it can’t be denied—at 5’8”, he’s exactly the same height I am, and if I wear heels with even a little bit of height, he suddenly becomes a dwarf.

And yes, that’s OK with me. So I’m kind of perplexed as to why so many of you answered the CC poll question a few weeks back by saying that you’d never date a guy shorter than you are.

That seems awfully judgmental to me. Yeah, it’s fine to have preferences about the people you date—I do prefer taller guys, to be completely honest—but shutting a whole class of guys out of your dating pool is only doing you a disservice. Who knows? Maybe that gorgeous, funny, classy, considerate guy you’ve been secretly dreaming about all these years is actually that short guy standing over there in the corner at the bar. Maybe not… but you’ll never know unless you chat him up and find out.

Here’s my theory: short guys have had to put up with a lot of crap throughout their lives. Unless you’re a short guy living in China or somewhere else where a majority of the population is relatively diminutive, you’ve had to withstand a barrage of teasing about your size throughout your formative years. That builds a thick skin and also helps develop a healthy sense of humor. It’s unfair to a short guy when you name his size as a reason why you won’t date him—I mean, that’s just cruel.

And please don’t give me any crap about how you’d “have to lean down in order to kiss him, and that would be sooooo awkward,” because how do you think tall guys kiss short girls? Yeah. If they can lean forward a little bit, so can you.

[What do you think? Give short guys a chance?]

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    1. ela says:

      my bf before my fiancee was my height…that was way back in highschool. my fiancee is about 5 inches taller than me and i have to admit that it's nice now to be able to wear heels and not slump over or hear jokes about it- bc lets face it- none of them are funny.

    2. anon says:

      Okay, the Chinese comment isn't necessary. Let's not stereotype a whole people as being "diminutive."

    3. Bri says:

      I tried it, it didnt work, he had the napoleon thing going on, attitude included, no thanks.

    4. sue says:

      5 foot 8 isn't really short though is it? I mean, given that the average woman is 5 '3 or 5'4, 5 8 seems pretty normal to me.

    5. Kaley says:

      Yeah, I am way tall and in high school, I dated a shorter guy. It was sorta awkward, but people thought we made a cute couple, and I'm glad I put prejudice aside to date him because he was/is a really good guy and I learned a lot through our relationship.

    6. Carly says:

      Anon, sorry you thought that. I spent six months living in China and I love the people there, so it wasn't my intention to stereotype. It's a fact that the majority of Chinese people ARE short, so I don't feel it was a derogatory statement, but I apologize if it offended you or anyone else.

    7. Rebecca says:

      I would, but I'm 5'10'', and I already feel freakishly tall at times when I'm around my friends, and I like feeling 'short' compared to a guy. That said, all the 5'4'' girls seem to go for and take all the 6'+ guys (why?! Can't you deal with the 5'7''-5'11'' crowd and leave us tall girls some tall guys?). I'm ok to go out with someone my own height, but I start to feel a little insecure if he's smaller than me.

      1. Jay says:

        should only matter what the guy thinks. If u are going out with someone u are there for them not everyone else in the room. If he is a true man, height doesnt matter, he can make u feel as beautiful as celebrities

    8. michael says:

      as a 6'4" guy, i have always wondered what it would be like to date a girl taller than me. I really want to try it once maybe…

      (i know the article is about small dudes, but i figured tall ladies are about the same😛 )

    9. Coco - University of says:

      I've dated a few short guys in my time (either my height-5'8" or an inch shorter) and it just didn't feel right. I like being engulfed in hugs instead of the other way around. I like having to stand on my tippy toes to kiss my 6 foot boyfriend. I wear heels ALL the time so short guys just don't do it for me. I know a lot of hot, short, funny, and charismatic guys but it's never worked out. Plus a lot of them made fun of me for being taller. It works both ways.

    10. Kaycee says:

      Wow. I feel like this may be sign. I've been talking to this really awesome kid. Personality wise, he's the one in my dreams. tough working my way down to my natural slender). He is 5'7" and like… a twig! I feel like he's a 5th grader compared to me. Which isn't fair… and I am trying to work through this little dilemma… but its hard!

    11. Kay- says:

      Honestly my b/f is 5'9" and he's just average to me. I did date a guy who was shorter than me…and it was weird…why? because I'm 5'3" and yeah that means he was just really awkward…any guy 5'4" and taller would do just fine…mainly just because under 5'3" for a guy really does put him as a "little person"

    12. jes says:

      Yeah, I'm definitely 5'9 (and a 1/2!), and my boyfriend is 5'10.

      He weighs more than me and is pretty cut, but is still relatively skinny. (I'm 125-130, he's 160ish)

      So needless to say, anytime I wear heels to go out I feel like a giant next to him, which sucks, because I love my heels😦

      I have enough confidence that I dont let it bother me, but oh I yearn for the day that he mysteriously grows 2 inches (he's 24, so fat chance) and puts on 10 lbs. LOL

    13. Engineer says:

      even Tom Cruise cant handle the height issue, if you look at his recent wedding photo.

      So whats so wrong in having a shorter boyfriend? You get called names or something else weird?

    14. Steph says:

      5'8" is short?!?! My last bf was 5 even.

    15. Jill says:

      I'm super short myself, so a short boyfriend would not be out of the question.

      Of course, most guys I'm attracted to happen to be a bit on the tall side…

    16. George Bush says:

      Why do girls WANT to wear heels? If I were a girl, I'd want to date a short guy so I'd have an excuse not to wear those things!

      I'm a strong woman! But I want to wear manmade things that destroy my mobility (symbolizing independence) and my feet. I also want a big strong tall guy to protect and provide for me. I want to be a sex columnist instead of an "ugly" job.

      Pff, some women holds their sisters back.

    17. Natasha says:

      Well, I'm about 5 foot even, with shoes on…so it would be hard to find a guy my age who is shorter than me. It's just not probable, in my case.

    18. Nick says:

      I am 5'8 man and I can conquer any 6' or taller women in this world. Thanks god, I proud of my height.

    19. Carina says:

      all my life i dated guys atleast 6 feet tall, but my recent boyfriend (we have been together almost 3 years) is only 5 foot 6! I stand at 5 foot 3 so he is taller but just barely so I cant ever wear heels!

      but if not being able to wear heels is a problem then wear heels when you go out with your girls and get it out of your system!

    20. Nick says:

      I am 5'8 man and I don't care whether women wear heels. I like to see tall women and stand by them. All men should see the mighty inside their-self.

    21. jayphilly says:

      I'm a 5'10" guy and I love my 5' cuties.

    22. steve says:

      i just dunno. i have a very good looking face. i work out daily and have bulging muscles and washboard abs. i am very iltelligent and have enough artistic talent to assure a successful future for myself. but i am 5'7" and feel as though all my good qualties are over-shadowed by my height. i was on a singles dating site and get all these emails from girls saying im "so hot" yet all of em just stop talking to me once they discover my height. life is depressing…..

    23. Ken says:

      I am a guy only 5 feet 3 inches….. weight only 120 lbs….. and i am doctor and 36years old now…. and i never have a girlfriend in my life… thats sad… i am accepting this fact that i will be alone the rest of my life!

      1. raj says:

        o no why nt u go to Indonesia????????

      2. Zii says:

        Dude Man up and go out there. That type of thinking will only depress you. Whats the risk ?

      3. Adam says:

        Don't give up! It's hard to not become your emotions…I know. I'm only 5'6"-dealing with not only my height, but my whole sexuality, as I just came out to my wife only days ago. Life is all about our experiences and our reactions to those circumstances and experiences. When we all realize we become our own master in almost every aspect of our life, we can begin to then take charge of our thoughts and actions. Work on the aspects of yourself that you can begin to like more and accent those…it will compensate for what you might be feeling is lacking. Good luck

    24. Alex says:

      Thank god! Someone finally sees that short guys are people too. I'm 5'9" so I'm not short per se, but it is SO annoying when I see how some women have a complex about dating short guys. I've heard things like "I'm 6'2" so I absolutely need to date someone taller than me". Why? I know everyone has preferences, but it seems that this preference derives from not wanting to be stared at or something

    25. Morgan says:

      Honestly, I'd have to agree…I'm dating a guy who's only one inch taller then me, and I don't see a problem with it. So long as he has a nice personality and traits that I find appealing, height shouldn't make a difference.

    26. Jason Monge says:

      Face it people, as short men, we almost have NO LUCK with women. If we turn a woman down, their ego is smashed. ("How the hell can HE turn me down, he's a short nothing anyway).

      I'm 27, have two B.A.s, an MBA and JD. I own two houses am in tip-top shape . . . but am 5'7".

      No matter what I do in life, the thugs, average tall guys will ALWAYS win over the woman, no matter how much I accomplish.

    27. TBONE says:


      You're doing something wrong…don't worry about your height…i'm 5'6"…..bit I stand 12' tall and I do just fine…..


    28. Achilles says:

      The urge to date a tall man comes from a womans natural desire to be physically dominated. it's not about stares or jokes people make, that's an excuse, its about natural feelings women have that they want to be subordinate to a man. This is very politically incorrect but hey it is the truth.

      My advice to shorter guys: Take care of your body, set goals in your life, maybe even join the military. For a good portion of us, meeting and settling down for a woman is not attainable and not really even desirable, men are born adventerous, women are just a temporary distraction. Let the tall guys have all the girls they want , they are wasting their time and life.

      Use all your stored sexual energy (and frustration) and implement it towards something positive that will bring your glory. Women can overlook sometimes height if can demonstrate you are a dominant and alpha man in other ways. At the end of the day, women are nothing but property.

    29. Celia says:

      I dated a boy once who was right at my height, and I'm 5'4. However, now I have the exact opposite problem–my boyfriend's actually a little TOO tall for me! He's just over 7 ft., and I think we get as many stares as the girls dating shorter boys…

    30. Kevin says:

      I'm 26, 5'6" and 135lbs. I've never liked my height, but I'm coming to accept that it can't be changed, no matter how much wishful thinking I do. I've never had a girlfriend or dated. I got my first kiss from a drunk co-worker about a month ago–I told her my dating situation and she decided to kiss me. I also lack confidence, which is probably the main problem, not height. Most women go for height and that's a fact–it's a preference. We all have our preferences. The key is to work with what you have and learn to be confident. Plenty of tall guys are dumped or ignored because they have no confidence. Look up David DeAngelo's dating advice on youtube for tips on meeting women.

    31. Chris H says:

      Obviously, Carly is mature and secure enough to not worry about society's rules about dating.

      I am 5'4" and my first experience was with a girl of 5'11". Beautiful long legs. Howvere, it is difficult with the ladies.

      I have known a guy since second grade who stands around 6'4". This guy has an MBA, yet he can't hold down a job. He relies on his mother for financial support but he is married with two kids. Yet, some of these shorter guys who are successful can't land a date. Come on ladies, shed your prejudices and you will find a good man.

    32. Liisa says:

      5.8 isnt short thats like the avarage height..

      "The medium height for

      men in the United States is 5' 8"

      im 21 years old and 5.8f gal… i dont consider myself as tall for a gal..even though the avarage height for a gal is 5,4 F..

      alot of my guyfriends are shorter or the same height as i..I do have tall friends too..hehe but i do absolutely agree with the .."short" guys are hot.. i prefer "short" guys to guyd that are my height or taller..i find them way more attractive.. my boyfriend of 2 years is 5,4f..but ive never seen him or guys as "short" maybe its cos ive always been taller than guys till my seniorhighschool years..dunt know..alot of my galfriends disaagree on this..and so does my mum..saying how can he protect u.. i feel very safe with my boyfriend and im proud to be with him.. i love wearing very higheel and that doesnt bother my boyfriend..i look hot in them for him..hehe..and he loves my long legs..

    33. Chad says:

      I'm an attractive 5' 5" guy and I have found it to be quite frustrating. Most girls I meet I just end up becoming good friends with and not the type of person that would want to date me. And in some cases, they even end up hooking up with my friends! I don't know if it's because I'm really nice or because I'm short. Maybe a combination of both! I've been made fun of my whole life for my height so it really gets to me sometimes!

    34. Krista says:

      I'm a girl thats only 5'2" and I got to say, to me, a guy that's 5'7" is tall. Actually, that, or a bit shorter, is my ideal. Sorry tall guys, but I've dated some of you and it is very awkward for a 5'2" girl to kiss a 6'3" guy without getting a step stool. I love tall guys, but for me, I'm happy if you're 5'4".

    35. anonymoose says:

      Carly, It is appreciated that you recognize that short men are humans and have it pretty tough. I'm 5'4", and I don't reek of confidence or have the looks of a model. I'm just a normal guy. I don't think of myself as short, and I don't think there really is anything wrong with me. Still, the discrimination is obvious and majorly life impacting.

      Relationships are very hard to come by. A lot of women won't give short guys a chance, often for very superficial reasons and mostly for reasons of their own lack of confidence. Also, you have the girls that say "I tried it once and it didn't work." Short guys are just as diverse as every other group. Some of them are pretty bad and messed up, but many of them have learned to live with the hand they were dealt and are stronger better people for it.

      I hope that those women out there that refuse to consider a short guys will realize that all of the reasons and insecurities are just in your head. Yeah, you are allowed to have a preference. There is nothing wrong with that. At the same time though you should realize you are writing off guys that are so used to be written off and may deserve more of a chance then they usually get. Many of us short men are really great guys, and maybe some women who are wondering where the great guys are should realize they are all around you, but you have been systematically ignoring them.

      It is refreshing to see that someone out there realizes that short men are decent people. Your 5'8" boyfriend is actually average height, at least in America, but still the things you said are very true and it is great to see someone come to those conclusion and share it with others. I am hopeful that in the future more people will realize that there deeply programmed prejudices are flaws in themselves, and not with the people they apply them to. Thanks.

    36. Iris says:

      I'm about 5'5 and 27 and have always preferred guys who were at minimum 6'0. Just recently, I met and began casually dating a younger (2 years my junior) and shorter (5'7) guy. I have never dated younger or shorter–but this guy has more masculinity in him than any tall guy I've ever dated. I believe the reason is that he's had to develop a personality and prove himself through out life.

    37. Charli says:

      well, right now, ive just started a relationship with one of my close friends after he confessed he had feelings for me. I agree with the Carly- you gotta give em a chance too.

      And I have. Even though I like to be engulfed in big hugs, lean up to kiss etc. But now I'm wondering, how should I kiss him? I've always been on the slightly bigger built side, and I am extremely insecure by it. Thus if I'm leaning down to kiss him, it would feel really awkward, and if I feel that, he's bound to know that something's wrong and it would be unfair to make him feel bad about it cause he's actually such a sweetie.

      So, can anyone please help me with this? I just need advice on how to kiss.


    38. NARS says:

      Wow, 5'8" is short? As a guy, that makes be feel real insignificant standing at 5'4". ;_; But I'm Filipino and 5'4" is supposed to be average for males. Most of my (Filipino) friends are still taller than me lol.

      So yeah short guys are definitely at a disadvantage when it comes to the ladies. I've been put in the 'friend' plenty of times because of my height. And the excuses are just as ridiculous "Oh, you're an awesome guy, cute and all, but I like to wear tall heels and want someone that can stand up to me." Superficial stuff like that.

      I suppose we have to put forth more effort into relationships. Of course, everybody has their preferences but I believe a woman's desire for tall men stems from the need to feel safe, secure, dominated etc and they can only get that from tall men. So, as a short guy, I need to try that much harder to ensure that those needs are satisfied. How? I'm still working on that lol.

    39. Jessey says:

      I hate when people tease me of hight. Like during the 7th grade I was 4'7". And these 2 retards teased me about it like oh your going to need a ladder to kiss a girl. I am a smart, sensitive, athletic and have a bunch of other good chracteristics. Some girls saw me for that but the others just saw/ teased me because of my hight. And proabably got atleased 50 insults a week because of my hight. So don't worry about hight, and if people tease you about than their stupid and immature.

    40. Jesse says:

      Height is a very important factor for the vast vast majority of people in choosing a mate. There is not one single piece of evidence proving otherwise. Sure, if you take a large enough sample size you will find girls who claim to not care about height. Just look at how the average height has steadily increased over the decades. This is in part due to short guys not reproducing at the same rate as their taller bretheren.

    41. kerrie says:

      Its all about confidence and the sweetness of a guy.though i have a prefrence for tall guys

    42. JC says:

      Seems to me like the short guys complaining here suffer from lack of confidence, not lack of height.

      Yes, most women would *prefer* their guy be taller, *all things being equal*… but that's never been a problem for me at 5'5".

      Here's what I recommend: Just be charming, awesome, good at what you do, fun to be around, have some style and good in bed. All this can be learned. Just like a woman's physique, it's all pretty much within your control. Hey, works for me! (Doesn't hurt if you're devastatingly handsome either… Sorry if you don't have that one goin' for ya😉

      C'mon. Prince does just fine with the ladies, and he's 5'2"! Look at Frank Sinatra (5'7"), Al Pacino (5'6"), Jon Stewart (5'6"), Dudley Moore (5'2"), Dustin Hoffman (5'5"), Tom Cruise (5'7"), Michael J. Fox (5'4"), Bono (5'6"), and Beck (5'7"). None of these guys were hurtin' for a date. Plenty of women consider each one of them to be dead sexy.

      I've been with a number of women who thought they'd NEVER date a shorter man. Trust me, you can surprise them… but first you have to surprise yourself. Good luck!

      A final word: Anyone who has strict physical requirements for a partner isn't worth dating to begin with! So if you run into someone who'd completely and irrevocably rule you out based on one superficial characteristic, there' only one thing to do: Rule THEM out for being a damn fool; Such people have it all backwards. THEY aren't in YOUR league.

      Just remember to be as awesome as you can be. It's a tall order, but short guys are great at it.

    43. Annie says:

      I do prefer for my men to be taller, but at 4'11, it isn't difficult for me.

      Also, since when is 5'8 short? Isn't that more like average?

    44. Danny says:

      I thought the comments here were interesting! I like tall and short guys, I'm short and it's relaly hard for me to find someone shorter than me hot, but I do remember one guy, he was so hot! I was suprise cause I never seen anyone shorter than me as hot as me! but all my bfs i've been with were tall, I have nothing against short men, just that I love men with long legs =) but I would date a short in relative to someone who is 6 feet who had a good personality, awesome face and body, and a good job to support himself, and intelligence and confidence turn me on so it doesn't matter if he's tall or short, but most guys who try to get at me is tall.

      as for that girl who is 5'3, anyone shorter than 5'3 is not a little person that is retarded!

    45. Danny says:

      this is a message for Jesse.. lol first of all the reason why people are tlal these days is cause in America the food has chemicals in them, if you dont know that you're lost. lol there are short parents who produce tall children, hellooooo? anybody upstairs? lol

    46. A Guy says:

      A girl's affinity for a taller guy stems waaaaaay back to prehistoric times because girls wanted a guy who could physically protect the girl's offspring. That basic instinct is never gonna change.

      Short guys tend to overcompensate for their shortness either by looking extra strong, smart, or rich. Sometimes it's fine, other times the guy turns into an obnoxious, tough-talking, tattooed, 5-foot tall meathead. A girl would ONLY consider mating with a short guy if she perceived him as wealthy and educated, because in this day and age money can also provide security to the woman's offspring.

      All I can say is thank dna that I'm 6 ft…

    47. kurt says:

      im 5'5 and nothing special to look at. hell if anything im downright ugly. ok thats maybe going a little bit too far but the point is i get ass all the time. maybe not as much as id like but i have high expectations. for as far back as i can remember ive either been in a relationship or just doin the random hookup thing, which is way better cause man girls just get on ur nerves sometimes. anyways, they think im hot, cause i know im hot. some of you guys are saying that your "sensitive" or good guys. what the fuck does that even mean first of all? sensitive is not a quality to be bragging about if ur a man. heres an idea, grow a pair of balls and use them. girls want a confidant MAN who can take care of them. height is a factor that gives taller men an advantage simply because the girl immediately gets that sense of security from his larger body. but it sounds like alot of you are just pussys in general. honestly, why dont you go cry yourself to sleep because noone likes you because your short? obviously thats the reason noone likes or respects you. not because of the fact that you have no self-esteem and act like a whiny little girl on her period. even if you hate how you look and wish you were completely different, never let them see you bleed. do whatever it takes to boost your self esteem and get out there and just be confidant with what you do have. try working out or learning to box. respect yourself and others will respect you. think that you are sexy and others will think that you are sexy. and if someone does disrespect you…for the love of god dont let them get away with it unscathed.

    48. marley says:

      I stand at 5'10'' and my boyfriend is barely 5'8''; but we balance it out, i am tall and thin and he is a very athletic 5'8'' so i feel like we balance each other out, and i'll be honest, every once and a while i do feel the height difference but 99% of the time i don't think about it and i don't care because our love is more important to me than anything as superficial as a stigma about height. My bf, however happens to be self conscious about his height like every other shorter male, but i do my best to show him i love him exactly how he is.

    49. Zakk says:

      I am fifteen years old, and very insecure about my height.

      I am barely 5'7'.

      But somehow, I seem to be able to get any girl I want.. so many girls are into me I can't even count them all. If I wanted to, I could have sex with a new girl every day. I practically have to peel them off of me after school every. My girlfriend is 5'8. and it doesn't bother her at all.

      but I am worried that once I get older, and girls mature to women, they're going to want a stronger.. taller 'protective' figure.

    50. Erebus says:

      I'm 35, I'm 5'7' and my fiancee from 7 years (will get married this year probably) is 6' 1", indeed a very tall women. I've never had a problem with my height in my life, except whit boys, because at school boys thinked I was short and so I was easy "target", so I had to learn a bit of self confidence trough martial arts and gym, but then never had to fight really, because tall guy are like noisy dogs: when u do more noise right in their face, they go away showing muscle and saying "I'm sparing you THIS time" just not to loose face, so I just had to react and show my personality all life and I was good. I never ever thinked to have a problem at dating taller womens, actually I always (almost always) had gf taller than me, and usually pretty tall and gorgeous womens. So just be confident of yourself as a man, and if you find a women who can't date you because of your height, don't loose time on her even if u think she is cool, because she has a stupid prejudice and is an insecure woman, and U KNOW u WANT a secure, intelligent, funny woman, like you and like my Love:)

    51. Stewart leverington- says:

      I wish alot of guys wouldnt have too many hangups about their height.Alot say they havent had many girlfriends.I think you just lack abit of self esteem.Take me i am 19 and my height is 5'2 i have a girlfriend from school who is very caring and understands me.Now she is 20 and her height is 5'4,she even likes to wear high heels as alot of women like to do.On occasions she is about 5'7 or 5'8 when we go out.It doesnt bother me as soon has we get home she kicks her shoes off and we are similar in height.I have asked her if she is bothered with me being shorter than her but she just says no.At school i always have had girls wanting me to take them to the cinemas.The same at clubs when i am not with my girlfriend i go with mates and i am forever having woman come up to me.My mates get abit frustrated as they look on and wonder.It depends on how you carry yourself.Good luck.

    52. Michelle Jackson says:

      Being short for my age as never been a problem for me.Coming from short parents i didnt expect anything else.My dad is only 5’1 and my mum is only 4’9.I have an younger sister who is 21 and she is 5’3 followed by my brother who is 19 and he is 4’10.I come in at 24 and my height is 4’7.While growing up my mum told me about her experiences in being short and how she met our dad. I had read about an exclusive club that had opened up about 5 miles from home.It was for people with restricted growth both male and female could turn up.Now where i live the only short people were us so i thought i would give it a go.My mum said to try it has it was a good idea.My dad dropped me off and said he would return to pick me up later.I couldnt believe it when i walked through the doors it seemed like a whole new world to me.There i was being able to look into the faces of people when i spoke to them.There were about 30 of us the guys were between 4’6 and 5’0 and the women were something like 4’5 and 4’10.The leader of the group said that this was the first time he had met people as short has himself.We spent about 2 hrs talking to eachother and decided to go to the local pub for a drink.Now as soon as we walked in most of us had to show i.d for our age.Some were okay has they used this pub alot so it was just newcomers.Dave decided to sort out a round of drinks for us and being the tallest we picked him to go.When we sat down a guy called Bryan sat next to me.He seemed very happy and we carried on chatting most of the group were glad they gave it a try.Bryan told me how he is the only one in his family that is this way.He as a younger sister who is 5’7 and an older brother who is 5’10.While being at the club Bryan was pretty quiet till we got to the pub.It was like non stop talking.Bryan lived in the same town as me and i never ever saw him and same for him.At the end of the night we decided to meet up again.Has i phoned my dad to pick me up Bryan asked if he could take me back seeing as we were going the same way.I said okay and off we went to get his car.I wasnt surprised that he had the seat pulled up and a cushion and extension pedals put on.Has we walked ti his car he said quietly that he really thought this was going to be hopeless and that he is glad he gave the club a try.I said to Bryan how tall he actually was and he said to be frank with you i think i am shorter than you.I laughed and said no way has he was a couple of inches taller than me.I said naw you must be about 4’10 he laughed and when we got to his car he kicked his shoes off and said come to me now.I stood next to him and he was now a couple of inches shorter.He said that he likes to wear shoes with the biggest heels possible.He was right he stood about 4’5 and he realised that he was the shortest one there when he turned up and was glad he had these shoes on.So far everything is working well at the club and i have mad quite a few friends from there and Bryan is one of them.I know he wants to take things further i just said i didnt want to rush things.We will see..

    53. Katarina says:


      steve says:

      Wed, 20th Aug 20083:52 pm

      'i am very iltelligent'

      Nice grammar, I couldn't help laughing out loud when you wrote that!

    54. John says:

      I'm 26, 5'3", bulky, stout frame, not lean to say the least, and I never really had a problem with girls. And I am not rich either (if that is what you are thinking). Two of my previous GFs were my height and one was ard 5'5". Current gf/fiancee is around my height.


      1. The way what I see it, when you are lying down, everyone's the same height anyway.

      2. Presence/confidence matters more than height.

      3. Not all girls are shallow, some are, but there plenty out there who aren't.

      I have friends who are way taller than me, tone, lean, but never had a GF before. Those friends typically do not have a clue about girls at all.

    55. Abby says:

      Short guys are HOT? Ummm….no they aren't. Short guys aren't masculine at all. Dating one would be like dating a little boy…..yuck!

      1. badboy says:

        you'll think little boy when i shove my rod down your throat.. eat d*ck b*tch

    56. jennifer says:

      short men below 5 5" , should all be rounded up and hanged. All are waste of time.

      1. Jenny says:

        I think you should be hanged

      2. jacob says:

        wtf is your problem lol you should be hanged just for the way you think

      3. Larry says:

        Just who do you think you are making a nasty statement like that? I'm 5' 3" and I'm perfectly fine with that. What's more, I have friends who tower over me who also respect me. Heightism, is just another form of prejudice and to be perfectly frank, you seem rather small minded to make a remark like that. You deserve a lifetime of loneliness because let me tell you, it's tough being a short man and having to put up with crap like that.

      4. Kevin says:

        Ibet your a 500b cow whos named your Fork lol

      5. Iris Hoasa says:

        u need to b hanged along with everybody else who thinks just like u.

    57. greg says:

      I am a short guy. While that does instantly take like 60% of all the available ladies out of the dating arena, the 40% that are left over is still a very large number. I think it helps that I am stocky and fit. I was standing next to a guy that was the same height as me but skinny. I just felt about a foot taller. And I notice that some short guys don't look short, while other do.

      And it depends on what you want in life. If you want to be player, well you're going to have to get a job that creates a ton of cash flow. If you want to find a nice, pretty girl to marry and build a life with. Well there is nothing wrong with being a nice sincere guy, with a good job that knows how to treat a lady.

      Oh, but don't ever get a women that seeks to control you.

    58. Dee says:

      short at 5' 8"!!!!!!!!!!!

      u got to be kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!

      im 5' 2" and my boyfriend of 3+ yrs is 4' 10"!!!!!!!!!!!

      lyk i luv him lyk crazy cuz hes lyk da most amazin person ever but u noe damn 5' 8" short. do u have any idea how much my bf WISHES he was 5'2" or even 5' for me!!!!!!!!!!!! he never cared bout his height ever b4 but we started goin out a long time ago he would here every1 tellin me "but hes so short" n it reely reely bothered us cuz lyk wtf! but u noe wat w/e cuz we been 2gether da longest out of anyone we know n he is amazin in every way hes great 2 his parents great 2 me crazy spontaneous personality great hair great eyes n friggin amazin in bed 2 n we can still even now talk for hrs n hrs n hrs n hrs i luv him n im glad i dont care wat ppl say cuz damn if 5'8" is short wats 4'10"???

    59. Jesse Generic says:

      First off, Abby and Jennifer… You're both stupid and naive. I'm kind of short. I am a five foot four United States Marine. I like to think I'm pretty masculine… I mean, it kind of goes with the job. Haha. I have no idea what all these other short guys are complaining about. It's not hard for me to attract women. Even before I joined the Marine Corps… I use to be a short punk rocker, with a mohawk and a leather jacket. I had no problem with the ladies… My ex-girlfriend is five foot eleven, and ot wasn't awkward at all… She still tells me that she's in love with me every time I talk to her… She was a little obsessive. Lol.

      Oh, and all you mentally-disabled losers who claim to be short at five-seven, and five eight…. WTF? You guys are doushe bags! Hahaha.

    60. Henry says:

      Im a 5'6" guy and have never had a problem with my height. I do have a massive dong though to which has always helped me with confidence.

    61. Jdub says:

      I'm 5' 5" and my girlfriend is 5' 8". We're freakin cute. I've also been called hot by all of her friends. Guys, if you're short, don't be a wus about it. It's not always about how tall you are but how much presence you have. But i must say, it never really feels "right" being shorter but it works out. I'm also jacked so people don't give me too much crap.

    62. SMan says:

      I’m a guy standing 5’7. I had gfs and sex partners in my life, It’s not generally about height. How many women SAY they want a nice guy? and how many women SAY they want a tall guy. Most of them do, but it’s something that goes out the window. I always joke about my height, I show them that my lack of height don’t affect my lack of confidence.

      If a woman turn you down solely based on your height she doesn’t love you or is extremely superficial. It’s not the quality woman we would want to date.

      A short woman who are below her other female friends is having insecurities. She doesn’t like her height, so she think that a man tall can cover her insecurities. I think the height issue is more located in our own heads than the women’s head.

      The chihuahua type of men is not a turn on, or the guy with a napoleons complex. The thing is that its no need to bulk up, gain muscles, look like a short plug or try to compensate in all other ways. We are who we are, and it’s extremely important for us to stay calm, collected and laidback. We don’t want to be that chihuahua or that stereotype of a short jerky guy. Once we manage to show confidence things will improve.

      Why should we lower our standards or just “go for what we can have?” just because we are short. We gotta find ways to kill those prejudices and project alpha masculinity in the right traits.

      I have a 5’4 gf and none of the reasons in the past why my exes left me was because of my height. There were other reasons. I know many guys being 5’7-5’9 who gets ass every weekend.

      We must accept that we can’t grow taller.

      Women don’t know what they want. Women SAY sometimes what they want because it seems logical, but what they respond to is a totally different thing.

      Be honest, stay firm, stay confident, don’t take crap form no one, be nice with your women. But only when they deserve it, if they treat you bad you gotta be able to walk out that door anytime soon.

      When you can safely guide your girl through the streets, drive safely, stay collected and rational when everyone else can’t and safely get her out of your unpleasant situations then you are a protector.

      It’s no need to have a big buff gorilla walking around who says KILL constantly… What are the odds that some crazy thug gang is gonna come beating up our women.

      I’d say that showing the right traits and projecting masculinity, being outgoing, fun and confident is the ultimate key to success with women.

    63. T says:

      I've always be in the shorter range of height, but I've always had more luck with girls since grade school than my taller friends. To me being short is almost like my weapon of destruction, but actually I'm not even that short anymore I'm just used to being the shortest one in my group. Anyway for women its not like its ONLY height, because you also gotta be good looking. If you are tall but not that good looking a good looking shorter guy maybe have the edge on you, but if u are tall and good looking then you will have greater access to the taller women. But really when couples get together and pair up they mostly will find a partner that matches their own attractiveness so there is really nothing to worry about.

    64. Sam says:

      I just started seeing a guy that's about 5'4 or 5'5. I'm 5'3 and always dated guys over 6'0, so it was weird at first, but I really like it. It's easier to hug him and look in his eyes and all that. It's a nice change.

    65. Brian says:

      Ok you guys that are 5'8" + and you think your short? I'm 5'4" and lemme tell ya I get called hot all the damn time but i'm undateable. I think i'd rather be ugly instead of short. Being short is the only thing women are united about not liking in men. And even if we find a woman who does like shorter guys, the 6'8" guys are more interested…So i gave up females my hand does the job and w/out all the headache.

    66. Dave Stewart says:

      I have always been short and had alot of trouble finding a partner.Being a guy and only 4'10 tall is alot to comprehend for a female.I mean whereas alot of my friends and family all know what i am like.Take quite a while back now i was at a club with my friends and i found a bar stool to sit on which was much more comfortable for me has my friends are between 5'9 and 6'4.Now trying to talk to people is a pain having to always look upright.On nights out with these guys it was worse still being that bit taller.Has i was seated on the bar stool i woman squeezed past my friends to get some drinks has she was getting served i thought that she seemed average height for a woman.I decided to help her with her drinks has her friends were talking.I got off the stool and forgetting how tall i am when i stood up to help her she was a good 6 ins taller than me.I took her drinks over and chatted with her and her friends.I was backwards and forwards with her and my friends.By the end of the night i asked if she wanted to go out another time with me and was politely told that it possibly cant work out because she only like tall guys.I then remembered back to the other knock backs with my height.I am now married to a decent woman who is 5'4 and to me that is the perfect height.I dont think that anyone much taller than that would have worked for me.Maria is quite sensitive and when we go out she wears heels when she likes and it never bothers me.They may be only a couple of inches but it isnt always.It is quite funny when she wants me to give her a cuddle and when we lay on the sofa watching t.v she is much more comfortable and my feet are a few inches away.She forgets and says oh can you rub my feet with your toes and then she realises that i cant reach them.I like it best when she lets me stand up and we kiss and cuddle has my head is just leans on her shoulder.Growing up my nickname was always called dinky dave and as soon has i am indoors it stops and i am plain Dave.

    67. Warren Mitchell says:

      Growing up i always knew i was gonna be short, when i used to have my mum pick me up from school i was always the last has my teachers couldnt see my mum with all the tall mums.I was always saying to my mum why cant you stand near the front but she always said that she didnt like pushing in.At parents evening when i was 9 it dawned on me that my mum was quite short compared to the rest of the parents.I decided to ask my mum how tall she actually was.Not that it meant that much to me when she said 4’8.I then clicked that even though she was taller than me i had to go through the height measurement at school with the rest of my year.At first we did boys oldest to youngest i was one of the youngest and the shortest out of all the boys.We had to endure the tallest to youngest in the boy group there i was again at the end of the line.The nurse had come up to the school and measured us so it was done proper she had a proper height machine and we had to stand on it.The nurse shouted out our heights and we had to stand in the shortest to tallest order.The tallest boy if i remember correctly was 4’11 and the shortest boy was me at 4’3.The next shortest was 4’6 and he was laughing at me because i was shorter than him.I didnt take much notice of the girls until we had to stand in line with them and i wasnt even taller than any of the girls which i thought so.Over the years i grew steadily and i hoped everyday that i would grow taller than my mum.I already had to watch my younger brother and sister outgrow me and i was getting frustrated.My mum was always saying that she hoped i would grow taller than her has it wouldnt be fair on me if i ended up way short.I was always getting my mum to check my height on my birthdays to see if i was getting taller or not.I thought surly i can grow to 4’8 like mum i couldnt handle it if i was going to be shorter than her.In secondary school i had my brother and sisters friends asking was i really older than them.My brother Mark was already 6 ins taller than me and Chrissy was a good 5 inches taller.I think i was about 16 and i said to my mum lets check how tall i am has i thought i had just gone through a growth spurt.Has i looked at my mum has she marked the chart she said i think it is 4’7.I was abit unhappy has my mum was still slightly taller than me and even more noticeable when we all went out has she wore high heels and i stood out more.I am now 22 years old and just had to have a physical for my new job at the doctors.They did a weight and height measurement for me.The nurse was already taller than me anyway i was asked to kick my shoes off to get an accurate measurement.Has i looked up at the height machine has per usual she pulls down the indicator onto my head.I am then told i am 4’9 so somewhere along the line i grew a couple of inches from age 16.The job i do is suited for a short guy and i come in handy for the taller ones.So all round we are happy even more so because i did get to grow an inch taller than mum.

    68. Caspian says:

      A lot of people have said that for women, height is just a preference, for a lot of cases this isn't true. I was at a college party and was talking to a very pretty 5'5 girl. I'm not trying to appear big headed, i'm just being accurate. she said i was "a very uniquely good looking guy and that that she admired my respect for women" and then we hooked up, the next day she sobered up and realised that me being 5'8 (3 inches taller than her) was not tall enough and went back to her cheating boyfriend.

      As i said, I'm 5'8. I am lucky enough to get girls. I however, have never had a girlfriend which is crippilingly lonely and saddening; not having some one other than a family member to love and care for you, and for you to do the same for them. But don't be disheartened. If your short, exploit your strengths, whether you're funny, clever, handsome or athletic. Girls dig confidence, the catch 22 is that a lot of people see confident short guys as having a 'Napoleonic Complex' where as other guys are just cool and confident.

    69. Caspian says:

      PS: Abbey and Jenifer dont be silly little girls now, you know bloody well that you wouldnt say NO to Zack efron 5'8 or Emile Hirsch 5'6.

    70. freena says:

      dis is just for jess….wen i read ur post i ws like man same s happening wid me …the height diffrnce thng and the yearning for his mysterious transformation !

      i really wish it happened…

    71. Christian says:

      Actually I'm Chinese too, 5'5 and I agree with the comment above and don't take offence. Yes there are a lot of tall Asians and a lot of short whites and blacks but on a whole we are a smaller race.

      I get rejected a lot and I think it is my height to be honest. Which I think is sad for the women involved because like you said they cut-out a lot of guys just because they are shorter than them, even if it's an inch shorter.

      I know it's natural to have your own attractions and inbuilt attractions towards taller guys for most women but there's no disguising the fact that it is the same as discriminating against something they cannot control. And when that thing they can't control is their height?? That sounds crazy because it makes no sense.

      I can understand if someone doesn't look after themselves, ie is disheveled or is overweight. Yes you can clean up, workout, diet and look great. But that's something someone can have influence over and do something about. I can't change my height, anymore than I can change my race.

      And when so many women won't consider a guy who is even a little bit shorter than them or the same height. Well…

      I'd be interested to know from the opposite end. Tall women have you ever liked a guy who was a bit shorter than you or the same height and found they didn't want to go out with you because of your height?

    72. Christian says:

      Actually I'm Chinese too, 5'5 and I agree with the comment above and don't take offence. Yes there are a lot of tall Asians and a lot of short whites and blacks but on a whole we are a smaller race.

      I get rejected a lot and I think it is my height to be honest. Which I think is sad for the women involved because like you said they cut-out a lot of guys just because they are shorter than them, even if it's an inch shorter.

      I know it's natural to have your own attractions and inbuilt attractions towards taller guys for most women but there's no disguising the fact that it is the same as discriminating against something they cannot control. And when that thing they can't control is their height?? That sounds crazy because it makes no sense.

      I can understand if someone doesn't look after themselves, ie is disheveled or is overweight. Yes you can clean up, workout, diet and look great. But that's something someone can have influence over and do something about. I can't change my height, anymore than I can change my race.

      And when so many women won't consider a guy who is even a little bit shorter than them or the same height. Well…

    73. tony says:

      im only 5'6 and i never really had a problem with girls, these guys complaining that they are short virgins has a lot to do with how comfortable they are with themselves. if you're embarrased about your height, then you will definently have a problem.

      any girl who will only date guys of a certain height, are not the kind of girls i would ever want to be with, so it's actually an advantage for me because i don't have to waste my time with them. although i would never date a women who is like 6 inches tall, there's a limit…if a girl is 5'4 and will not date a guy who is less then 5'8, there's something wrong with her, i wouldn't even be friends with someone like that.

    74. Sarah says:

      Ahh these discussions never end. People buy into the crap the world feeds them and mostly aren't bothered to question it. I don't think any of the excuses are valid reasons for not dating a shorter man (unless he has issues with it). Ultimately you're just letting society's rules control you. I'm not saying it's easy to dismiss the stereotypes and offer yourself up to funny looks, judgements from others and feeling weird (it's natural due to how we're brought up). But so long as you realize that, fine. It's up to you how far you want to 'conform' and how far you want to push the normal boundaries. Just don't think it's your independent true opinion not influenced by outside society. Cause that's bullshit.

      I met a guy 6" shorter than me and had an instant crush on him. I was very attracted to him physically and personality wise. But I didn't consider it an option because of the height difference. We became friends and he eventually asked me out. I said I 'didn't know' and went home and had a panic attack. I freaked out cause I couldn't believe I would say no to someone I liked so much based on such a stupid issue like height and yet there I was considering doing just that. I eventually talked to him about it and decided I couldn't rule it out unless I gave it a proper try. We've been seeing each other for a while now and he's the most promising guy I've ever met. The uncomfortable feelings I had about the height issues went away pretty fast (unexpectedly) and I'd now even say I like being taller. Does this make me less shallow than other women? No. It makes me more open minded and willing to challenge pointless stereotypes. The only reason I'd not date a guy shorter than me would be if he had issues with it. This guy doesn't. He's simply who he is. I feel ridiculously lucky.

    75. Darwin - New York Un says:

      Being 5'6 (though my girlfriend keeps telling me that I'm only 5'5), I think there definitely can be confidence issues over it, but you live with what you have and who cares about the girls that judge harshly on height anyway.

    76. Justin says:

      Jen and Abby .. whoever you bitches are..

      can go fuck yourselves:)

    77. Vincent says:

      I'm short, and GQ baby girls. Every woman I have dated has been taller and between 7 1/1-10. Its one thing to be short and puny, and its another to be short and muscular, well read and educated. Girls will screw around with all sorts of jokers and clowns until they want to settle down. I'm 5'3 1/2 and the lady whose one day going to be my wife is like 6 feet with out heels.

      More power to me!

      The chiwahwah that bites

    78. David says:

      This is why it is easier for short guys to just have sex with children.

    79. Michelle says:

      I'm six foot two and the best relationship I ever had was with a guy who was five foot ten. Especially if you're tall for a girl, choosing not to date guys because they're short (or shorter) is close minded. I'll admit that it can be awkward at times, but there are a lot of great guys in the world who are maybe a bit shorter than you may have liked. Plus, you probably wouldn't like it very much if a guy didn't want to date you because you were "too tall".

    80. caapolio says:

      i was in love with a girl and she turn me down ,just because am shorter than her,this real bullshit, you should love poeple for who they are because everybody are special in their own way

    81. Anom says:

      5'8" is minimum average height for a man, so your boyfriend is within the average range, just like me:)

    82. d0red3ff says:

      wow, really? who ever made it a requirement that your dude has to be taller than you in heels? Feeling insecure because he's shorter than you just shows serious lack of self-esteem on your part.

      Im 5'7", my fiance is 5'3" and I will still rock some 5" stilettos and dare someone to look at us crazy. Theyre just shoes, and its just height.

      You can all go ahead and skip over the good catches just so you dont feel "awkward" appearing in public with them. Using height as criteria for a worthy date, youll probably end up in several miserable relationships.

      In the mean time, Ill watch drama like yours on TV while cleaning my 3 carat solitaire, and cuddling with my "short man" who worships the very ground I walk on.

    83. notsoshort says:

      5'9 is minimum average height, but I'd say 5'7+ is pretty average. 1-2 inches away from the average man is not really that bad.If a girl neglect us because of our height, then its just gonna be more quality women that are not so shallow to choose from.

    84. Simon says:

      Im really short for a guy at 4'10", 18 yrs old, and havent grown since I was 12 due to a growth problem. But when I just turned 13, a girl that lived two doors down from me who i grew up with was 17 and was about 5'6 ish at the time, and she just asked me out. I'm a bit intimidated by tall girl's but decided it was worth it. She said she didn't care about my height or age and she said I'd catch her up anyway. Im still with her now 5 years on, and she shot up to 6'2" and she likes the fact now that im so much shorter. She always wears at least 4" heels so she is more like 6'6. On my 18th she took me out with her mates, and wore massive 8" platform heels along with her modelling mates, and I was definately feeling a bit intimidated but she looked absoulutely stunning and left other guys drooling. I only just came up past her waist, but it was good fun. Only annoying thing is I have to ask her if I want to kiss her, as I can't reach.

      But to you other short guys out there, there's always a chance.

    85. mauser says:

      All I can say is keep your heads up short guys. I'm a short dude and there was a time I never figured I would have a date but my first one happened at 17-I'm 26 now and women will pay attention to me.For example my coworker is probably around 6' but he's very quiet and shy and the girls overlook him-me I'm very flirty,the women think I'm fun to be around.I think what helps a lot is making women laugh-granted its not everything but when they laugh it loosens things up.Anyways just don't give up and fuck jen and abbey what the hell kind of name is that anyways! Heeeeeheeeeeee-By the way you don't know what your missing in bed just ask the girls I've been with:)))

    86. JS says:

      Hey, hey! Just had to add my two cents- I'm a 28 year old female and FAR prefer guys who are shorter than me! I'm only 5'7" tall, so go figure!

      I don't know what it is, but I find it very physically attractive. Just the way I'm wired, I guess. I wear heels quite a bit of the time, and when I'm taller than the guy, it's just a bonus.

      As long as he's okay with me wearing heels and standing a bit taller, I'm ALL for it. It's not a desire to emasculate anyone or anything by standing taller, quite the contrary, actually. Shorter guys often have confident attitudes that really make them attractive personality-wise, too.

      Currently, the dude I'm casually seeing is 5'2" tall, and hotter than h*ll!

      So short guys out there, it might be kinda true that a lot of women out there have other preferences, but some of us REALLY dig you! Be confident, and enjoy being who you are- you're HOT!

    87. Norma says:

      My lovely boyfriend John is 5 inches shorer than me and I wear heel! I'm 5ft 10in and am proud to be seen with him. I love it when he ahds to sand on a stool to kiss me!

      What mtters i are in love

    88. mustafa says:

      if ur a women and u replyed to this saying u don’t mind a shorter guy, u are lying why would u be on this article if u haven’t searched the subject? it must of at least crossed ur mind? hypocrites.

    89. Brendan says:

      im 5,4 guy and i cant go a day without someone remindin me of how short i am, iv been made fun of my entire life and im the shortest person i know,girls included on top of that im almost 20 and look about 15. My life sucks but i guess im gonna have to get used to my height.

      1. pri says:

        Who do you hang out with where 5' 4'' is the shortest? lol… I am 4'10'' (I'm a girl). A lot of my closes girl friends are in the 4'10'' to 5'2'' range and I have a lot of guy friends who are less than 5' 5''. You need to come hang out with us (we're in our early twenties, BTW)!

      2. James says:

        Hey man, you just gotta get used to it, Im 5' 7, so I know those are valuable inches that help me allot… Still, I mean maybe go to the gym and get wider as a way to boost your confidence. If you get cut and pretty big allot of people will say that your big before your short.

        Also man, its way easier for short guys to look muscular, cause they have less frame to fill out. Personally I dont think you should ever worry about your appearence as a way to get girls, I mean sure some or even most girls, but the right girl won't care and if shes gonna care about some dumb shit like that I bet that shed also care if you got fat, or got burned in a fire, or got injured and handicaped, just saying… you don't want to date superficial people…

        Just tease those idiots right back, like I said, for me it helped to get big cause I was like well I can still kick YOUR ass haha😉

    90. John says:

      I totally understand not dating or being attracted to short guys. I don't date girls with small breasts and I think most of my friends don't either. C cup is the absolute minimum.

    91. emily says:

      John is short

    92. SHORT GUY on top of it all says:


      This height thing is one that I have never quite understood. This is probably because I’ve always been the shortest kid in every class I’ve ever been in. My entire family has always been short. But I’ve also always been one of the smarter kids in the class. Always THE best artist in the class. One of the more aggressive kids in the class. One of the best athletes in the class (with MVP trophies to prove it) I could always kick most of the guys in the class ass, AND I was usually able to attract hotter women with less effort. As a result I just had natural and genuine (not feigned) confidence and felt that I was just naturally supposed to be better than most people at most things that I did.

      My adult life hasn’t been any different. Being an ex wrestling state champion and a martial artist instructor who has trained with some of the best in the world (Gracies, Ruas; Parker; Inosantos; etc.) and authored several books on self-defense based on life experience. I speak professionally, am expert in a number of areas and am a MENSA member. I also carry myself with a natural confidence that naturally attracts women and intimidates some men.

      I’m happily married to an extremely beautiful woman who is about 2 inches shorter than me …and 20 years younger and could have had plenty of tall men if that’s what she wanted. I’ve always dated very beautiful, smart, intelligent, classy and sexy women and dating, finding, meeting women has NEVER been a problem for me.

      Before getting married I dated, for several years, a girl who is the niece of a very famous actor/comedian who had lots of rich and tall friends/associates/colleagues who tried to get her because she was so beautiful …but NONE of them could do it or take her away from me because she was in love with me and we had a deep and genuine friendship.

      Bottom line is this… The obsession with height that many many tall people seem to have ….and also many many short people is astounding to me. Far too many people use their height as an excuse for their inadequacies or their failures. Also, far too many tall people just assume that they are intimidating or will naturally be perceived well when it’s not necessarily true. While single, the tallest girl I ever dated was 6’01” without heels. My tallest actual girlfriend was 5’10” beautiful and much younger than myself and crazy about me. (Could have orgasms just from sitting next to me watching TV with no sexual contact) but I just couldn’t take her seriously because she was just too tall. (Yes …shallow I’ll admit …but true.)

      So my advice to all is …do a reality check. There are many more things going on than just your height.

      By the way …I am extremely short for a man at just 5’3″ tall …okay… perhaps 5’4″ but that’s it.

    93. Audrey says:

      I am 5'3" and have never had a problem being attracted to short men. I am a strong woman who does not need some hulking freak to feel secure and confident. Usually the men who dated me were tall but that is only because the tall ones asked. My husband is 5'7" gorgeous, and hung like an elephant. Judging men because of height is beyond moronic. Stupid women get what they deserve; short,shallow,bad relationships.

      1. Eeee says:

        But judging men by their penis size is appropriate?

    94. Wendy says:

      My lovely boyfriend John is 5 inches shorter than me and i am 5ft 10in

      I am proud to be seen with him and I wear heels.

      The only thing is when my ex sees us it drives him wild and he is 6 ft

    95. pepindits says:

      There's always somebody for everybody. I am about 5ft 3in. I think height does matter, but it's not the only deciding factor. I haven't really had a problem getting girls.I have a girl/woman as I type this. She is a little shorter than me. One time when I picked up to go out, she was wearing heels. In my head I was like (aww crap). But I got over that real quick.

      This whole protection thing is a joke. Protection from who and what? If the girl is a drama queen and starts fights with people let her deal with it. As I think the girls looking for protection are probably the ones who cause all kinds of problems and drama anyway. Let her have the tall guys.

    96. John says:

      As a short man I notice two major trends in female psychology

      1) They're obsessed with making sure their kids aren't short like their fathers and brothers

      2) They're obsessed with not having kids with diseases such as Autism

      Just wonder- is the massive trend in autism among kids due linked to taller fathers ???

    97. Mike says:

      jennifer and abby – you are both disgraces to your gender and to humankind.

    98. joe says:

      I like all of the people saying look at Bono or Tom Cruise or Kanye West theyre all short and they can land dates like nothing. WELL THAT IS BECAUSE THEY ARE SUPERSTARS WITH 7 FIGURE BANK ACCOUNTS. obviously height doesnt matter. DUH! You guys are lame.. its all about preferences. there are woman that prefer shorter guys too you just have to go out and find them. THEY ARE NOT GOING TO COME TO YOU!

    99. Tom Ace. says:

      Im a 20 year old man, 5 foor 8ish and i can honestly say that height is absolutely not important for a woman. Listen to me please! i have fucked so many girls its ridiculous. im not on here to brag but im on here to make a point. Ive had girls that are 6 foot asking me out and what not..because it matters more about personality then anything else.

      Im an abercombie and fitch model so for me girls were never an issue. To be honest, girls that say height is important and blah blah..2 words..FUCK YOU. how about us males open up a site dedicated to saying: I WILL NOT DATEA WOMAN WITH BREASTS NO BIGGER THEN C'S. I WILL NOT DATE A WOMAN IF HER ASS IS NOT PERFECTLY ROUND. I WILL NOT DATE A WOMAN IF HER HAIR DOES NOT GO DOWN TO HER BREASTS. Id love to meet the girls that say fuck average or short guys, and id love to look at them and say, bitch go get fucking implants because u need them. The guys that are 5'8 at least and cant get pussy, its not ure height. i will guarantee u that. I get more pussy then any of my tall friends and im not muscular either. You cannot meet girls online, they always have to be iin person. Its in person that u impress them. Im sure ive been rejected twice because of my height, they didintt say it but i felt it..and im glad i did because i ended up banging someone even hotter.

      ITts women that look at unecesarry requirements that will never live a happy. I look at my parents, and dont get me wrong, my mother is 5 foot 3 and is very very very good looking. my father is not an ugly man, but i look at my mom and she coulda gotten any 6 foot man she wanted, but she didint..she took my 5 foot 7 dad, becauuse his personality is 6 feet in its own way.


      Whats so special about 6 feet guys? sure theres plenty of them, sure theres plenty of average and short guys. Wwhat if every girl had the same breast size and same lenght of a guy id say fuck that i need some diversity…

      So guys, remember this..have a personality. its the most important helps to be taller no denying that, but its not impossible. My 5 foot 4 friend gets girls every other week. dont fucking ask me how.

    100. pepindits says:

      Tom Ace. I am not complaining about being soo short. But you my friend, are not short. Sure, I don't get nearly as much tail as you (so you say) but I do get some.

      You say height does not matter for a guy. Then you close with saying how your friend is 5"4 and get's girls every other week. And you don't know how???????? You don't know how a short guy get's so many girls?

    101. Deenie says:

      I really prefer shorter guys. They are just so much cuter than taller guys! I mean, really!

    102. Apollo says:

      As a guy who stands 5'5 on my best day, height is never an issue for me when dating but I find it's a huge problem for many women. In fact some women regardless of their own height will openly deny that height is an issue, lying to themselves to look less shallow with respect to short and shorter men. On the flip side, there are some women who are blunt, nasty and vicious who make it their own issue to insult and discriminate against short men based on stupid, unscientific fallacies. Nobody likes to be treated like dirt or made to feel worthless, but I actually don't mind the blunt behaviour from the nasties. It makes things easier and quicker for me in the hopes of finding a woman that will look past my height and recognize the good qualities that I possess. Besides, not that it makes me feel better, but I can be just as cruel to the heightist chick who desires the 6'0 tall man and passes me off as a nothing. Everyone has a preference and there's really nothing wrong with that. I would rather not be lead on by a woman, wasting my time thinking that I have a chance with a her, pretending not to be a heightist. That being said, I have more success with ladies my height and taller. They seem to have less hangups about a man's height than the shorter ladies who's main excuse for discarding the short guy is the so called protection and security a tall man can offer.

    103. Dan says:

      Lots of great comments. I want to stress this one though: People can't do anything about their height. It's not the same as being overweight or something that you may be able to control. You are no better than a racist if you are a heightist.

    104. enna says:

      this is one of the dumbest things i've ever read. is this really a topic for discussion? since when is 5'8" considered short? most women are 5'3"! and for the commenters *faceplam* manliness has nothing to do with height. and any woman who would pass up on a great guy because of his height (and her own hangups with it) deserves to be single forever. it's discrimination, plain and simple.

    105. A shorter guy says:

      I am a shorter guy. One thing is sure, I am quite nice by mind, well educated, I own good image in my company. I respect women. After my marriage, I can very well take care of my wife and children. I love to do a lot of housework, so my wife will get more free time, she can live her life fullest.

    106. Zan says:

      I'm 5'6

      I think it's cool when a woman is tall… she can be soft, feminine, and cute… but her body just kept getting stronger and stronger while other women stayed smaller/weaker… that's Hot

    107. John Pittman says:

      I'm 21 years old and I stand at 5'6". I've landed multiple women taller than me, some close to six feet tall. One being just last night actually, at an 80s hair metal cover band's show. I saw this girl in a pink corsette get up on stage and show her tits for the band and the crowd and and later met up with her at the bar. She was 5'10" at least with really nice perky Ds. Two hours of convo, two shots, and some flirting later, Iv'e got her in the back of my bronco get a lil nibble nobble and some fuck action. I have a fetish for taller women because me myself am a shorter person. Trust me guys once you get with a taller girl for the first time you'll never think it can't be done again. Don't listen to these haters. And another thing to remember ladies(especially the shallower ones) you should only judge size on any man where it counts….

    108. Sad Man says:

      I stand 5'2". Ive never had a girlfriend in my life. Though everytime Ive been around young women some woman who was 5'4"-5'5" was REALLY interested in me. Maybe its my looks.

      Its the guys bullying that did it. Im horribly insecure. Plus it doesnt help that 90% of women wont even consider you human. That fucks you up for when a woman does come along that likes you. And thinking she will change her mind later sucks when youre desperate.

      The only way out of this conundrum as I see it is, if a woman displays interest – think of her as a fuck buddy and nothing more till she proves shes sensitive to your problems, or she proves she wont dump you for a taller man. I hope I get another chance before its too late.

    109. Pepindits says:

      Sad Man, We are the same height. Why do you think people picked on you? Cause you were small? I have never had that problem before. I mean, people may joke once in ahwile, but it’s all because they are insecure themselves….I think.

    110. Tommy says:

      Well.. Im 5.8 and that's even an inch shorter than your boyfriend… It's only as cruel as some guys who don't like women with small breasts… You can't change it, it's cruel but it's also fair… nobody HAS to like anything they don't. And stop thinking about how you would just love to be 6.1, it only makes you seem unhappy with yourself… and gives people another reason to reject you.

    111. Tommy says:

      And another tip for youngsters —–

      People don't actualy make fun of your height. They make fun of your insecurity. If you Laugh it up and make a joke about it… they will just forget it… and who knows… maybee you'll attract someone near, that will see this.

    112. roni says:

      i am 24 yr old man that has been considered "attractive" to most of my female friends… i'm a lil bit taller than 5'8 barefoot and can be a 5'9 or more easy with any kind of shoes and i have never been labeled or called "short" and i'm almost never the shortest person in a room…but since looking into celebrity heights (dont no how i got here)lately i've been seen and labeled more on the short side than the average height according to most girls on here or the net and now i've started to feel "SHORT". i have never had any problems with dating women since average height of women are from 5'4 to 5'8 but will date any girl that i find attractive and up to 5'8 in height mainly because thats my preference.. and probably dont think i'll date a 6 foot women cuz it will make me feel short but i've dated and "banged" a lots of hot chicks in my 24 yr of life without any trouble… i've also had girls that have choosen me over a "taller" guy and have had girls to have choosen a guy who is "short" or just shorter than me… i guess it all comes down to good looks and money IMO

    113. Kurtymac says:

      roni, im just going to stop you there, nobody here wants to hear about how a 5'9 guy thinks hes short. first of all its hollywood 50% of actors wear lifts in their shoes. Go to you might notice that a lot of your celebs arent as tall as u think, heck 5'7 guys are being labled 5'10 in Hollywood. 5'9 is average im 5'7 and would love to be 5'9. However, i wont bitch cause i see that people on here have it worse than myself. but hell id love to be legitly average. (5'9)

    114. Ozark says:

      I'm a 5'8" woman, love wearing heels, and love guys shorter than I am. Come on, girls! They're adorable!~

    115. I have been dating a guy an inch shorter than me for the past three months. He is everything I've ever wanted in a guy, absolutely gorgeous, sweet, funny, intelligent. At first the height difference seemed strange, and the fact that he is so tiny, but when he takes his shirt off and his six pack is revealed I don't think I've ever been more turned on. He is the sexiest and I'm totally okay with forsaking heels for the rest of forever..I don't need to be taller than 5'6

    116. Tricia says:

      My first boyfriend was short, taller than me, but still short, and I thought it was great. My problem was, he was really touchy about it, and I like to tease my friends, so I expected to be able to tease my boyfriend too. But he got really offended by it. Its just been my experience that shorter guys have less self esteem and bigger egos, which, while endearing for awhile, gets old.

    117. bob bob bob, bob bobber-anne says:

      Yo, I’m 5’5″ and male.

      I sometimes feel insecure about my height, and often ponder when it limits and cockblocks me. As height bias is fact, surely sometimes my height screws me over – in the most relevant case, women might overlook me at first. <—- ack, notice that word, 'over-look'

      Similarly, I've felt insecure about dating girls considerably shorter than me, like girls in the sub-5' range. I feel like that's foolish, but I _would_ like any sons I have to be taller than me. Point being, I can understand how girls might feel insecure about dating a shorter man.

      So, all this gets rolled into my thinking the following: there's a lot of initial prejudice and bias short men face, especially when trying to get poontang and/or love. And we short men worry about that, and that's just how it is.

      But, worrying aside, we can do well. Examples:
      – a few weekends ago I was at this gathering, and later in the evening a very good looking 6'-6'2" guy was working this lovely girl. I popped in, laid my moves and disarmed the other fellow, and later in the night she and I shared some really incredible kisses. You know, the kind where there's no non-verbal negotiations or coaxing, but a kiss just happens. It was spectacular! (The girl was slightly shorter than me, but the point is that I 'won' over a tall, handsome and non-douchebaggy guy.)

      – I've had not a few romantic and sexual experiences with taller women. It's quite flattering to see a 6' tall woman, nice breasts and curves and expressive face to boot, flush and to hear her knees knock when you talk to her.

      – I'm heterosexual, but sometimes when I see a really handsome short man (like, shorter than me) walking down the street I'm just stunned. You know how when see an extremely good-looking person you kinda get paralyzed and just stare? It's like that.
      And I just feel a gravitation and affection for those individuals, like a 'that person could be my friend' type of feelings. And I would wager that women feel similar things, albeit in a more sexual light.

      – Oddly enough, I notice myself biased against other short people. But say I negatively size-up (<– again these words!) a short person in the moments between first seeing them and conversing with them. No matter what my prejudice was, it's going to soon have a bunch of new data to compete with like tone of voice, humor, word choice, eye contact, etc. Height will always be there, but height is not a defining facet of one's humanity. And unless your girl bones horses in her spare time, you can bet that humanity is gonna be your selling point.

      Bottom line:
      All else being equal, a taller man will whoop a shorter man's ass in the game of love. But things are not equal. To short men, I'd say don't be a douchebag, care about other people, nurture your brain and everything will be all right. Oh, and try, shorter men (and taller women) to get love. Try and fail and learn and try again. And hell, good luck tall guys and disinterested-in-short-men women, too! Sometimes we all need a little love.

    118. Lauren says:

      I'm 5'11 and it's ALWAYS been a pain in my ass to find a guy taller than me. And I'm plus sized, so I'm just all around BIG! The guy I'm currently talking to is only 5'8 and it's awkward, but he's just so cute and so fun to be around and talk to. It sucks that he's shorter, but I don't think I can deny that face.😦

    119. Lauren says:

      I'm 5'6" and when I go out I wear heels that make me at least 5'8" and though that's not gigantic it still makes a lot of short guys feel awkward talking to me. I tend to go for guys over 6 foot tall simply because most of the shorter guys want a girl who's like 5'2" to make themselves feel more macho. However, the most important trait in a man is confidence, even if you are a 5'6" guy, ACT tall and women of all sizes will find you more attractive than the 6'4" guy slouching in the corner. Shoes with lifts couldn't hurt either…

    120. Oscar says:

      I'm 5'5 , my friends have always made fun of how short i am, sometimes i do let it get in my head, but i think its all about ur personality , im a really funny guy, nice, well dressed, and I pick up lots of girls, its all about your character and your confidence dont let other people bring you down.😀

    121. Todd says:

      I've known some short guys that became great fathers and great husbands to their wives. Cut out the crap ladies, the lovee of your life should not be a height contest.

    122. Simon says:

      Well, first of all. 5'7 – 5'9 isn't really that short. And as I responded earlier a while back in this blog post, you can probably guess that im a guy standing 5'7 above the ground. Do I have problems with women? Not really, I have a amazing woman who is 5'1, and what happens to the "short girls likes tall guys" myth?. In fact I dated women raging from 5'1 – 5'9.

      The truth is that if a man is comfortable with himself, projects alpha masculinity and stops bitching about his height he might get some more success. Women are emotional being, and they care in most cases about how a man makes them feel. Looks don't really matter in the end when it comes to women, but projecting the right traits.

      Not being tall, doesn't mean that it is a disadvantage. It can contribute to other short guys seeing that "if that short guy can attract women, so can I". It's more about understanding the female psychology and how you see yourself.

      Who likes a boyish chihuahua who constantly nag, complain, craves attention and is constantly defensive?. Maybe "short" mens low self confidence, lack of self irony and insecurity is what truly turn the girls off, and not the height alone?

      Girls/women can SAY that they want tall men, SAY that they want this or that. But what about what they truly respond to?.

      I have male friends who attract women and they are not specially tall. The key is to come from somewhere confident, and obsessing over a physical issue we can't do anything about unless its with dangerous surgery will NOT improve the situation.

      I'm wearing insoles when im out socially which makes me around 5'9. The thing is that if a woman see that you guys are fun to be around, can joke about yourself and project the alpha masculinity height is something they won't even think about.

      Read some stuff from Carlos Xuma (dating expert who is actually NOT tall) or Ebben Pagan (a.k.a David DeAngelo) or Nico Simon Princely. These guys teach you how to attract women with the real you and not by gimmicks, fabricated pickup lines and bullshit.

    123. pat says:

      I just can't believe all the complainers of their short stature out there. Instead of crying about being short you need to be happy with who you are and that will show as confidence.Even people who are 6'2" have problems. Everyone has issues to face no matter how tall they are. I am 5'6" and 43 and do just fine with the ladies. Make sure you stay fit, dress well and have some attitude. Never act desperate around a girl. Oh and if your penis length is at least 6" then you are at least average down there so that could be used as another confidence booster. Women will appreciate that your short but have an average to above average penis. If it is shorter than that then you need to find something else like you have nice pecs to build confidence. Remember whatever it takes to build confidence is key.

      Good luck!

    124. Brian says:

      Nice try carly, but I'm 5'5" and pretty much fully grown. The only way I even get first, or second dates is by using friends to manipulate girls into seeing me. I always get the "you're short" or "this is awkward". My response (if I wasn't such a nice guy) "do you have a death wish?" or "f*ck you, c*nt*!" In the few actual relationships I've had, I have been the one who actually makes it function, until the girl is too damn shallow and runs off with a 6'1" d*uchebag.

      Being a short guy is like being a flat-chested girl. Your worth as a person for relationships is zero because you are ugly and look like a boy. Or for a more extreme example: a guy has dating issues unless he's at least 5'10" and he doesn't have a high success rate unless he's at least 6'0", so I could easily use this example on heightist women: You have to at least be a C cup for me to date you, a D cup is better, but if you're smaller than a C, then you are a worhtless, lovely hag!

      I hate my height.

      1. daman says:

        I agree brother! We are the fat girls in the man versin

    125. Daniel says:

      honestly, to all of you guys who are 5'7 or 5'8 and "can't land a date to save your life"… i honestly don't think its your height.

      I'm a fairly attractive (not GORGEOUS but good looking), very fit guy between 5'8 and 5'9, and i the ONLY time i have EVER had trouble with women has been at times when i become self conscious about my height. i have been with women ranging between 5'2 and 6'0 (although i usually try for girls between 5'4 and 5'7). i have hooked up with numerous women (easily 60+, and have had sex with over 20-25 different women (counting oral)) i have dated 2 models, an actress, and a princess(long story).

      Now some of you may be asking, am i rich? no. no i am not. I am currently a college student, I have no income of my own and therefore it cant possibly be money. Frankly, when you dont have height on your side, it comes down to personality. i'm a funny, nice guy who writes songs that can melt a woman's heart, and most of all i'm DYNAMIC. i lead the conversation and i'm unique so they're interested in finding out more about me.

      Dont get me wrong though. i have been made fun of, and girls have denied me because of my height, but most of them dont. and of course if girls have an absolute choice they'd pick a tall guy. but ask yourself, would you ONLY hook up with a girl who has a D cup? of course not, because that's shallow and ridiculous, and it's the same with girls and height. the only ones who really care are shallow and do you really want to deal with that?

      I am not saying this to brag, but what i am doing is keeping guys like jason monge from scaring guys into thinking that their lives are hopeless. The idea that an attractive guy with a JD and multiple houses cant land a woman because he's below 6' is RIDICULOUS (he's obviously either setting his standards too high or is doing something wrong when he meets women). lots of guys shorter than me get girlfriends, lots of guys shorter than me get married. if you're honestly THAT worried about your height then just dont go for tall girls (take it from me, long legs are attractive, but sex is much more fun when the girl is your height or shorter. it's just…awkward…)

      p.s. i know LOTS of tall guys who cant get girls for SHIT.

      1. rrr says:

        5'9 to 5'7 is a pretty big difference you hit that invisible 5'8 line of shortness. Scientifically the two biggest jumps in height are 5'4 to 5'6. 5'6 to 5'8(out of short man and more to average man height). 5'9 being above that big difference! So unless you are lying and adding 2 inches like a lot of guys I am not impressed.

    126. moh'd says:

      That is right daniel, absolutely right. I have a friend who is just like you. He was the type you like to have a round and had no PROBLEMS with women, he is just himself, and a pretty cool + interesting guy. The respect i have for him is overwhelming.

    127. Jamy says:

      I second that last post Daniel. I'm 5'6 140lbs and I've never had any problems picking up girls. Most if not all of my friends are taller than me. I've dated women from 4'9 to 6'0 tall. I'm not rich nor am I some kind of a bodybuilder but, I can say that I'm confident in my self and I believe that I've got some game. I can usually tell witch girls are the shallow ones but, I'm not afraid of them or anything. And Ill defiantly give it a try to land one of them. Why not try! You'll never know the outcome if you don't make an attempt. The way I see it girls like to be chased. We are guys and thats what we are ment to do. We have been doing the chasing since the 1st grade. You just have to have fun with it. If you don't make a catch, hell go after her friend. One of them will say yes. Oh, and by the way theirs a lot more positions us shorter guys can do than the Tall Dark and Handsome guys can.

    128. John says:

      So…Im 5 5, Army Infantry soldier, great shape owns a house, im 20yr old very artistic, i have a great education aside from the military, own a house, 2 cars 6 motorcycles, play instruments im really smart funny and sweet and i know i am attractive and a good catch, Im not cocky but I know how much im worth and I am confident with my self, and it pisses the Sheet out of me when I meet girls that say yeah I want a guy whos this and that and sweet and successful great personality blah blah blah BUT!! has to be taller than me … sorry its like really? get the fuk over ur self… why the hell are girls so self conscious if your man is taller or not?? you know I have never been self conscious of my height until some girl that its just perfect! and we hit it off and all until im in the friend zone cuz im short…like really? girls can be so stupid sometimes i just dont understand can someone PLEASE can a female that like tall men wheather shes short or not tell me why the foock is the big deal?

    129. Marshal says:

      WoW, way too many issues in here to touch on them all so I'll stick to my personal pet peave. I dont get how so many girls can say with a straight face "I date tall guys because they make me feel protected". I hear this all the time and it bugs the hell out of me. A lil back ground as to why this bugs me, I'm 5'3" and in my early twentys. So being short it is assumed that I cant defend myself or protect a girlfriend. If this wasn't so offensive to me it just might me funny. Let me tell you why. I'm a college student now but in a defferent life I worked as a military police officer and went all over the world teaching soldiers, sailors, and marines how to defend themselves and conduct SWAT operations. I even worked as a body guard for a 4-star general for a while. Now, if a short guy came out and told you all of this the first time you met him he would seem like a total douche with LMS, which is a huge turn off. But if he didnt tell you this you would assume that a tall guy could protect you better and make you feel safer. All I'm saying girls is dont judge a book by its cover. Sit down, enjoy a glass of wine, crack the book open, and you just might like what you find.

      Oh and lastly, a little fact about a guy I happen to know. Most girls who watch MMA would feel protected around MMA fighter Urijah Faber because he's one of the toughest guys in the world. What most people dont know about Urijah, he's actualy 5'2" not 5'6" or what ever he is listed at.

      1. Ryan says:

        And protected from what? That's such BS. How many people go through life never having to actually "protect" anyone. Or fight, or any of that crap. Such a cop out. The odds of most people having to protect their GF are so low, it's the same as saying "I wouldn't date guys who don't have the ability to not have a refrigerator fall on top of them." It's just silly.

      2. anon says:

        Women like to communicate indirectly. So yes, it is a cop out.

    130. toto says:

      5'8" too short??? u gotta be joking, right?

    131. Laura-Jane says:

      i'm 5'8, my bf's 5'7 it doesn't really matter tbh, people do comment when we walk together, but it doesn't bother us as all..

    132. ANTHONY says:

      im 5'4 and i get girls.

    133. Garrett says:

      This is more a response to the guys out there that feel self conscious about their height and the guys that say they can't get a girl due to being short.

      I'm 5'4, age 19 and never had trouble with the ladies. Most of these guys that say they never had a gf because of it are just too self conscious and blaming it on what seems out of their control, so it couldn't possibly be their own fault.

      I've had 4 girlfriends since age 16. 4 isn't a huge number but one was 2 years long. My first GF was when I was 16, she was 19 and pretty damn hot! She was about 2 inches taller then me. My 2nd gf was about an inch taller then me, a cheerleader and she dumped the highschool quarterback for me😉. 3rd was her best friend…. yeah long story and the 4th was my height. All very attractive girls. During this time I had a 6ft tall friend, good looking guy and very nice but self conscious as hell, he just got his first gf about a year ago after 3 years of hitting on anything that moved.

      So there are tons of girls out there that love shorter guys, they just may not know it yet, the key is just self confidence.

      Also a little muscle goes a long way, don't have to be ripped just don't be so skinny that you look incredibly fragile.

    134. Gerard says:

      I'm about 5"8 or 5"8 12 and weigh 156 pounds, with a good upper body built. Am Eurasian and people have said I do look good looking and hunky. somehow i never like to date girls who are 5"7 or more on 3 inch heels. so they have to be about 5"4 the most. Its just preference. Anyway I don't really find women above 5"7 that attractive too.

    135. David G says:

      I think you're being extremely biased in the sense that you only seem to be looking at one side of the situation. The average height of a man is 5'10", so someone who is 5'8" has only a two inch deviation. You, however, at 5'8", have a deviation of 4 inches from the average height of women which is 5'4". Meaning it is likely that men who are 5'8" are significantly more abundant than women who are 5'8".

      So what really stands out more, your tallness or your boyfriends "shortness"? You think guys find taller girls as attractive as shorter ones? Above average height for a girl is just as unwanted from a guy's perspective as a man below average from a girl's perspective. Coming from someone who is 5'9", I'm significantly less attracted to women who are above 5'6". And no, it is not an insecurity thing. And no, I am not the only one who thinks this way. I have several friends 6" and above who would agree with me.

      I think classifying your boyfriend as SHORT is a bit unfair. He is a bit below the average height for men, and you are tall.

    136. Anonymous says:

      First of all, David G, you are completely right. I was thinking the exact same thing while reading this.

      Second of all, wow some of the girls posting here are incredibly immature, naive and just straight up ridiculous. All short men should be rounded up and hung? I mean, give me a break. Let me tell you something you clearly complexed bitch, anyone with a personality and attitude even moderately similar to yours should be the ones rounded up and hung. Now get off the internet and go play in your sandbox.

      Finally I'd like to say that I'm 5'8" as well and not ONCE have I been turned down by a girl that I wanted to get with. Not only that, but in all my relationships, and I've had a lot, I've never been the dumpee, but rather the dumper. Not something I'm proud of, but some of you may want to re-think your logic. It isn't about height, it's about the content of your character and how you play your cards. It's about NOT being attracted to dumb bimbos who think that men below the average height should be hung or are NEVER masculin.

      To conclude, I've fucked tons more girls than your 6'5" boyfriends could ever dream of, which I'm sure he does concidering guys are just like that. Also, a good portion of the time, they call me back for more. Hey man I may not be the most masculin, rugged, tall man you'd ever see, but I'm obviously doing SOMETHING right.

    137. amen says:

      Heh get Napolean who is 5'3 to round her up

    138. Nick says:

      I am about 5'9 and I always got teased by friends in highschool about being short. Honestly I never thought about my height (and me being short) till they mentioned it.

      I find that most guys either don't know their height or lie about it on purpose (even by a few inches). My buddy is about 5'10 (maybe a little taller) and he always said he was 6'0 but he even said that we were very close in height.

      It kind of sucks for me, my mom is 5'3 my dad is 6'2 my older brother is about 5'10 and my younger brother (by 6 years) is 6'4, although he has a different mother.

      One thing I have come to realize is that going out to clubs I feel very short. All the guys there are 6'0 + and I never get attention (hell, it's even harder to get a drink from the bartender). And it sucks to be shorter then girls in heels. It's cool though, because I hate clubbing anyways lol.

      What's worse is my low self-confidence. I even bought 1 inch lifts on ebay, just to give my a little boost.

      I am a big hockey fan and I hate how the "short" guys are made fun of (5'10 and shorter).

      The average height for a Canadian male is hard to believe at 5'8.5 so I guess I'm ahead of the game.

    139. Travis says:

      Hey guys.

      I'm 5'5, very attractive, even too the point were my guy friends say I am. That's how you know your really attractive. I'm also funny and cool to hang out with. I know this because I have many friends, and in high school many people knew me before I knew them.

      Down to the point, it is harder for a short guy to get girls. I don't have girl problems anymore, because its to the point where sex has lost its glamor. So naturally I don't care if girls are into me or not. I only care if they are fun to hang out with. I normally like to get play from random girls outside my "group."

      All my life I heard from the best looking girls of my college and high school… if only he was 2 inches taller, I would date him instantly.

      Like 2 inches makes a fucking difference ha.

    140. Alex says:

      Let me share my humble opinion:

      I'm a 22 year old man. While growing up, I never thought of myself as a short person. Granted, I never was one of the tall ones at school, but I didn't felt like a midget either. When the time to start dating came, the problems began. I didn't get any, ever, while my friends where. I asked some female friends, and it came out my weight was the problem. Indeed it was. At 5 foot 8, I weighted about 245lbs. I started dieting and exercising and I managed to get to 165lbs, my actual weight. Still, no luck with girls. Then, one night, a girl stood next to me, while wearing 4inch heels and told me: gee, you're short!

      I thought…really? A 5 foot 5 girl, wearing heels, telling me that I'm short? That's when I saw it…Men's height is not the problem…women are!

      It seems nowadays every man in the universe must live up to some ridiculously high standards, namely being at leest 6 foot high, handsome, and a bad boy, classy and nice. So me, being my height and a really nice guy, not bad boy at all, I'm fucked. I have lots and lots of female friends, but that's all they are. Friends.

      Please note that these standards apply for any women. It doesn't matter if you're talking about Gisele Bundchen or a 4 foot 10, 260lbs monster with facial hair. The only ones obliged to be perfect are us, the boys.

      If you don't meet the requirements, most women suggest that you just "wait to find the right person", that, "eventually, you'll find her", which, translated to english means: please wait till I've had all the fun, and when I start running out of decent options, I'll come to have a serious relationship with you, while I totally emmasculate you for the rest of your life. In the meantime, you shall wait patiently and have no fun at all, while you endure rejection from one women to another.

      This doesn't sound like a very good deal, does it? That's because it's not. But luckily, as with everything there is a solution: prostitution.

      Stop wasting your time and thinking you are the problem, when you're not. Find alternatives. It's cheaper, faster and despite what women say, less diminishing to yourself.

      Before you start insulting me, let me say that I know I am generalizing. I know there are lots of exceptions! Sadly, I still haven't found any…

      1. Mari says:

        Haha, you seem to imply that only men have certain standards that they are expected to live up to… But that is not true. You are narrow-minded–THAT is the real reason you can't score any chicks.

        Us women are also prescribed specific ways we should behave, eat, dress, look. It's not just men. You're kidding yourself if you think that.

      2. Alex says:

        No, you are very much mistaken. You women have always the power to decide if you want something with a guy. Only rich or famous men enjoy that privilege. In the vast majority of situations, women are the ones in the power position, a position you abuse while whining about how bad men are.
        I am NOT narrow minded, I'm just fed up of trying my best, being nice, etc, only to be rejected for the ONE thing I have zero control of, my fucking height.

      3. Justin says:

        amen brotha

      4. Eddie says:

        I totally agree with Alex.

        I've stopped wasting my time with dating, relationships, engagements, marriage talk, etc.,ect.,ect.,etc. I've learned to accept my 5'5 self and love life without needing a woman in it. Marriage and relationships in todays world are for tall guys and the shallow, ignorant, pretentious chicks who chase after them. On occasion I do feel sympathy for some of these guys because I don't think any honest and decent man wants to contribute to the ever growing divorce rate. I see more tall guys getting married, divorced and dealing with the horrid financial consequences. At the same time, I stay far, far, far away from the same women who divorced these guys.

      5. Eddie says:

        What really makes me laugh is now all of a sudden, short single guys are worthy male companions after years of being branded as unfit and unnattractive. Guys, there's enough women in this world that provide pure physical fun without playing mind games or messing with your emotions. Why spend a couple hundred bucks on a date with a woman who's not exactly guaranteeing a second date? She's likely grading you against other guys she's currently dating who've spent the same amount of money or more. The guy that spends the most might get a second second date but that means nothing. Better to give it to an escort or adult entertainer who will put out and won't compromise your brain with emotional BS. She's not going to judge you or disrespect you on your height or your looks when she's paid to please you.

      6. Jake says:

        haha i found your article reply bitter and great, very funny

      7. Alex says:

        I don't know if anyone is reading this article or the comments anymore, but about a year ago from my fist post, I want to fill you in with what's been going on in my life, regarding the topic at hand.

        As I said, a year has gone by. I haven't had a serious relationship, a hook-up or even sex. I have tried lots of days to go out, meet women, and see what happened. I haven't had any luck.

        Ok, I'll admit, apart from being "short" I'm also a shy guy, but I'm working on my shyness (which can be fixed, unlike my height). I've been turned down multiple times, ones without any explanation, others with. And guess what the explanation was with no less than 5 women. Sorry, too short for me! "Surprisingly", all the girls that said that (all of them, I swear) were shorter than me. They didn't even bother to talk with me once they saw my height. What would happen if I was talking to a girl and said…sorry, too flat chested! That wouldn't be nice, would it?

        And on an side note, to speak not only about women's prejudices when it comes to height, but about how shallow and idiotic some of them are (yeah, yeah, I don't have to generalize), I want to share a little story. I did meet a girl this year. We hit it off really well, we started to really like each other ( I would even say I fell in love for the first time), and suddenly one day she told me we should only stay as friends. She left me pretty devastated. About 3 months after that, she went on a student exchange for 9 months. While on the exchange, she started talking to me again on facebook, and shortly after that, she told me she'd made a mistake and that she wanted to make things right. She came back for 1 week, and we finally saw each other in person, she told me we couldn't be together because she didn't want to leave again and do a long distance relationship. Fucked me up again.

        Now here comes the fun part. It's been a month and a half since that passed. Yesterday I found out she's on a relationship with another guy for about 3 weeks ( a 6 foot 3 guy, If you must know), and this is my favorite part…he lives in the same city where I live. No problem with distance in this case.

        As I said long ago, I refuse to think I'm the problem. If I am, something is really wrong.

        P.S: If you are going to answer to my post (I highly doubt it), don't bother telling me how bitter and pathetic I am. I'm fully aware of that.

      8. Cody says:

        I'm 5'2" buddy. Life isn't fair. Same boat you're in.

      9. Sophie says:

        I'm sorry to hear that, Alex. I'll admit, your predilection seems to be quite true for most cases. I've friends who're about my height (I'm 5 foot 1), and they still insist on guys who're 6 foot and above. Which I can't understand; since, to me, anyone that tall just looks plain intimidating. Too much height can be off-putting for some too.

        However, I've got to stay that the perfectionism does go both ways. I've a face that women call cute, and I don't like to shout or argue no matter how angry I get (I just ask for some down time to cool off). While my body isn't super-model material, I'm not fat (110lbs) or flat either; and I've crushed on short or geeky guys before.

        But because I'm dark-skinned, a tomboy and have some pockmarks due to past experience with suspect skincare products; I'm not date-able. At all. Dunno how it's like for you, but…..I'm 22 and I've never even held hands. The only men who've shown ANY interest in me were either perverts (flashers, gropers and stalkers); or guys who go through women like clothes and merely hit on me because I make an "exotic conquest".

        Thankfully, I've still other meaningful relationships, and if I ever go gay, there are always the lesbians who find me appealing.

        All in all, it's just a judgmental world out there, I guess.

    141. Waldo Emerson says:

      I'm 6'2. I don't think anyone can argue that a mans height is related to his penis size. sucks to be you.

      1. Manlet says:

        Yeah? I can argue. Care to prove me wrong?

      2. Armoured Fluff says:

        oh that s arguable alright. this is the age of internet fuck tard, you need proof its on a plethora of porn sites which I am sure you visit often based on your insecure comment.

    142. Kaka Spiraka says:

      I gotta speak my mind as a guy age 20 who is barley 5'3. I feel like I am pretty damn funny, I know I am smarter than most people as I'm currently getting good grades majoring in biochemistry. I have a shitload of ambition and know exactly what I want in life.

      But I cant get a girl at all. I have succeeded in the past but since college… not so much. I recognize that I may not be able to "spit game" but come on… be real about it. At a crowded party I'm the shortest person there… How can I even approach a group of girls (all taller) and even try to talk to them? I am instantly judged as untouchable due to my shortness.

      It sucks, and is present all the time like when…

      People start to talk in a circle, I cant even see over the person or contribute to the conversation anymore

      Some people don't even see me and run into me… for real

      Forget about parties… I cant go out and pick up girls because they dont even see me compared to everyone else

      I feel defeated… It sucks… I wish I were 5'8 hell 5'6 sounds great! I feel like I could accomplish so much more, people don't take some 5'2 guy seriously… professionally as well as recreationally

    143. Simon says:

      A mans penis size related to his height, that's bullshit. I'm 5'7 and NEVER had any problems in that case, and actually a mans average penis erected is 6 -7 inches. Besides a mans penis should never be judged while flacid.

      Guys raging from 5'6 – 5'9 got nothing to complain about. Some of the guys i knew were not much taller than 5'7, had HOT chicks in bed every weekend. But these guys were bad boys, bad boys attract women in general. But don't get me wrong when i say bad boys, men that are abusive and bad is not bad boys. They are abusive pricks. Bad boys love their women, but manages to keep a level of attraction and excitement.

      Nice guys is regarded as boring.

      It's a matter of knowing how to created attraction with a woman. Not about height, so much.

    144. Katheline says:

      at first i thought dating a short guy would be weird..i met my boyfriend (of 3years) through and family member.. i didnt think that i would fall for him as hard a i did.. but he is the only person i can trust with anything, and at first it was a little weird walking around with him because i am 5'7 and he is 5'1, but now im so comfortable with him that it doesnt matter.. yea people stare allll the time but they are not us and dont know everything we have been through..

      plus i love dressing up when we go places because people always go up to him asking where did he find me at and that he is soo lucky to have me.. so i know it makes him feel good..

      dont judge anyone until you know them.

    145. Matthew says:

      5'8" is tall for a woman. 5'8" is even taller than the average woman in the Netherlands, which has the tallest population in the world. 5'8" is only a hair below the average man in the USA, and a bit above average on a global scale. Definitely not short. Considering the fact that both men and women exaggerate their heights, these facts may be a hard for some to believe. Many of the people reporting their height as 5'10" are really 5'8" and many who claim to be 6'0" are really 5'10".

      1. Joyce says:

        True! My late mother in law was Dutch, and she was only 5'4"…I'm latin and I'm 5'8" (very, very tall for a latin woman).

    146. Betty says:

      I'm a tall woman of 6 feet. I'm marrying a man shorter than me by about 4 inches. I look at pictures of us and don't feel mismatched in any way. He treats me well. He is attractive. I love him with all my heart. I'm proud to be with him.

      I can't believe the silly nonsense about not feeling protected. My fiance is much stronger than I am. I know that he can protect me. He'd do anything to protect me.

      When we get married, I'm wearing flats. I always wear flats. I don't know how to walk in heels. My fiance couldn't care less whether or not I wear heels. He told me to buy any shoes that I want, as long as I can walk in them.

      The most important thing about being with is shorter man is that you must be with a confident shorter man. He'll proudly hold my hand as we walk down the street. He's never had a problem with my height. It's the opposite. He thinks it's sexy as hell.

      I know a couple of women who refuse to date men who are shorter than them. Guess what? They're single. I'm not saying that all women have to date shorter men. When you go into dating with a narrow minded attitude, you set yourself up for failure.

    147. 5'10" and says:

      First, it was race. Then it was weight. Now it is height….When are people going to get that we are all just people? I have a friend who is 6' and he tells me all the time, "I wish I was three inches taller. I could be something." Really dude

    148. Sad Man says:

      I posted earlier (look up).

      The reason women are so picky while men can be attracted to shorter and taller girls (generally only ofc, I dont find many shorter girls attractive) is simple.

      A man can fertilize all women. A woman can be fertilized by one man. This is the primitive mental algorithm women are using when they only go for 6 footers even if they are only 5'0". They know they can get reproduction out of it. Survival is not an issue – at least in feminist welfare doling western countries that force men to pay for women in general.

      1. Joyce says:

        I'm not picky with height; I'm picky with faces!!!!

    149. Dave says:

      I'm a guy and I'm only 4'10. I'm 22 and for years I could never get a girlfriend.

      I've always preferred girls that are short (not neccisarily shorter than me), because it's easier to talk to them.

      But my current girlfriend is a lot taller, she is over 6ft, and is by far the best person I've met as well.

      The only thing is that she wears high heels quite a lot, so she seems even taller, but I have got used to it. It sucks though I can't reach to kiss her, so I have to ask😦

    150. That guy over there. says:


      I know a guy that’s 5’1″ and in his teens. 5 FUCKING FEET 1 FUCKING INCH TALL. He’s a great soccer player, he’s got good grades, AND he’s got a girlfriend that’s taller than him. This just goes to show how superficial and shallow society can be, and it’s all a load of bullshit. As a 5’4″ guy I can tell.

      For those 5’7″ guys… for the love of Aunt Jemima, you guys AREN’T tall, so don’t complain.

      1. Joshua says:

        ya im on the same boat as you im only 5'3 yet i get checked out by girls all the time

      2. Guester says:

        Haha I think you meant "you guys AREN'T *short* ".

        But I get what you mean; you've got a good point there.

      3. mike says:

        yea we know u soulless fucktard!!! he posted that on another coment

      4. adam says:

        i'm 23 5'7-wer'e not tall but we are not short.. we are just about average height, i have never in my life had a problem finding a girl, ive had 4 long term relationships ( in the years) and recently as a single man this year ive had 4 ( hot interests/fun).

        I will admit i'm sure i don't always get the girls with first impressions and yes im sure they do notice im not a TALL handsome man, but they look at your face, your body . 5'7 with a body that has been to the gym can beat any 6 foot lanky guy when it comes to gaining female interest and attraction.

        Lastly . because first impressions arn't our strongest points . especially when other taller guys are around, when you spend enough time with a girl she won't be looking at your height she will looking into your eyes and learning who you are / want to be..

    151. That guy over there. says:

      As an addendum to my previous comment…

      What I mean to say:

      For those 5’7″ guys… for the love of Aunt Jemima, you guys AREN’T SHORT***, so don’t complain.

    152. the_truth says:

      well, let's be honest. tall men pick their women, medium and short men get picked by women. nobody ever said life was fair, but it's just how it goes. if a woman has a chance to date two guys who are say similar in appearance and one is 5ft8 and another is 5ft11, which one will she date? if she sees two guys that are similar in everything, one is 6ft, other is 6ft3, which one will she date? in the first case it's 5ft11 no questions asked, I'm 300% positive on that one. In the second case it doesn't really matter, because 6ft is already tall enough, he's tall, it's enough…tall, dark, handsome – that's the trick, and in that order only. any woman, like that guy said, it doesn't matter Gisele B. or an ugly 4ft11 overweight pig with facial hair, wants exactly that. if your dark and handsome, but not tall, you stand less chance compared to a guy that's just tall, but say pale and average looks.

      I am a 23 year old 5ft8 European male living in a 'tallish' country with a 5ft10.5 average for men. When I was a younger guy, like 17-19, I never saw my height as a disadvantage, even had a taller girlfriend than myself. But the pressure my environment made was virtually so strong, I had to brake up with her just to live in peace. Later on I got rejected so many times from all sorts of women( and I'm not even ugly, kinda handsome guy really, at least my guy friends and male/female relatives say so) that I've really stopped trying. Now, when I go out, I go to drink and leave the women to the tall men. I'm with peace with my life role of a single guy, who'll never have a girlfriend. Luckily for me, I have a lot of money, and I'll have even more as I'll get older, so like that guy whom I mentioned earlier, I'll just pay for prostitutes and that's it. It's either that or j**king off 'til the end of my days, that's how it will go for me.

      1. Jesse says:

        Bullshit. Hahah Total Bullshit.

      2. Jesse says:

        You are a sorry man. Grow up and go get laid. I am 5'3…. 5 fucking 3….. I am 33 years old. You know what, I pick my girls. I have had sex with 34 women in my life… None of witch were drunk. I met them at work and in public places. I am not even rich. I am confident. Confidence is the only thing that matters. Get it or you will end up jacking off for the rest of your life. My height has never been a problem for me. Not ever.

      3. Nate says:

        You are so incredibly right, I'm 5'4.5 and senior in high school. I get women all the time because I'm confident and comfortable in my own skin. Anyone who thinks they are'nt getting action because they're short is an idiot. I will say this though, I look a lot like Daniel Radcliff and I've had a lot of people also compare me to Elijah wood (both short actors). Just be fun, sweet, charming and entertaining and you will be more successful with women. BTW most women do not consider 5'8-5'9 to be that short, so every man complaining about being that average height stop bitching and work on your self esteem.

      4. MCN says:

        This is total bullshit. I'm 5'8", 25 years old, and I get a new girl every week or so. Sometimes two in one night if I'm lucky. I've been with 3 girls over 6', one that was 6'2". Women in the U.S. and in Europe. It's all about confidence, not height, my friend. If you're not confident, enrich yourself. Go to the gym, pack on some lean muscle. Do things, learn things, go places. No one likes a dud, even a rich one. You'll get the girls.

    153. anthony says:

      I'm a 6'3' dude in college and i was very short back in freshman year of high school and i know how u guys feel but honestly even to this day i don't really get alot of chicks but it really doesn't matter. OK? I've got alot of friends and i've had it alot better than i used to and height shouldn't be an issue. It's working on yourself making sure ur the best that you can be.

    154. Helgusson says:

      I'm 5ft9 & 1/2 (176cm) and not doing too badly. I live in Iceland where 6ft (183cm) for young men is the average, so 5ft9 is considered short here…so is 5ft10 for that matter.

      I'll admit it used to be a big issue. I got rejected by a pretty girl when I was 19 simply for being "too short" even though I was several inches taller than her (she was like 5ft5), and more or less the same thing hapened again when I was 20. I dwelt on that for years and didn't have the nerve to ask out another girl iuntil I was 25. So, i've been there in that dark place. I've learnt to be more confident and outgoing, if a girl rejects me it's her loss because I know deep down i'M A GREAT guy. I've learned to move on if a girl rejects me for my height.

      1. debbie says:

        this is debbie u can def love a short guy really dousnt matter im pretty attractive lady got a shorty

      2. Jhigh says:

        your 5foot 9 thats not short.. thats average height… you would be amazed the difference a few inches makes… believe me..

    155. Patience says:

      I'm not the tallest guy in the bunch. I'm 5'6" I think. The following may be a generalization:

      People get with "more attractive" (totally subjective) people because they believe they lack something in themselves. Getting that attractive person would make them feel better (nothing actually changes though). It all comes down to self-esteem. I say this from my own experiences. I got with a nearly 6 foot woman who I thought was perfect.

      Aside from the inevitable break-up, I suffered super low self-esteem. I wanted a woman to take care of me and reassure me emotionally. I judged her as nurturing and caring based on her physique. I made a ton of judgments based on WHAT she looked like rather than who she was. She dumped me for a player who was taller, manlier-looking, and probably had bad-boy in him. OUCH! I've begin entailing that she dumped me and got with him within a week partly due to self-esteem issues (which I know she has). Needless to say, I've learned my lesson there.

      So, just like men aim for the super duper attractive model with perfect skin and whatever else, so too do girls filter out the stereotypical nice guy for the reckless, tall bad boy. It's a matter of self-esteem, low self-esteem.

      Of course, there are people who will be honest about their desires. I have respect for them. There's also a difference in honesty and just being a flat out jerk. The appreciable ones actually respect you and don't give you crap. Anyone who gives you crap doesn't deserve your sympathy.

      So, if you're like me and consider yourself at a disadvantage in ways like height, let's realize that these physical attributes do not determine our worth. You & I have the choice to believe whether our value is weighted on something beyond our control.

      Your self-esteem is in your control. You have the choice to rate your own value. Love and accept yourself the way you are. Ever been around someone who was genuinely loving and caring? I bet that person had a super fantastic life in many ways; I'm willing to bet they really liked themselves.

      Forget the height. Do you love you? Ignore the media's expectations, society's expectations, girls' expectations, guys' expectations. What are your expectations for life? What do you want?

      Love and accept yourself the way you are.

    156. Ana says:

      I like short guys, I think they are HOT!!!!

    157. hjkkk says:

      i'm 5'5'' and my bf is 5'7'' yeah i get a lot of shit from my family that im dating a short guy who i will marry one day, but idgaf. there's a lot more taller guys that are just as smart and have a great personality as him, but my bf is my bf and i will trade him for noone!!

    158. Joyce says:

      I'm 5'8" and I've been pretty much with all type of guys; short guys, tall guys, heavy guys, muscular guys, scrawny guys, outside my ethnicity, etc. I have no problems with the shorter ones; I was married to a guy shorter than me, but he had self image problems and that ended the marriage. Now I'm with someone who doesn't have that problem and I'm very happy.

      1. Jhigh says:

        I love how you say I was married to a shorter guy….

    159. Doesnt Matter says:

      Listen short guys out there… i am 5'5 and dating an absolutely gorgeous girl, she is 5'9. Im not joking. And im not saying she is gorgeous just in my eyes, ask anyone else in my school. Ive always been hooking up with girls an inch or two shorter than mer because i thought that was easier and what girls wanted. Turns out i was wrong. Girls want the guy who will treat them respect but also always down for a good time. Trust me on thus one, you guys can do it, just dont think about height, and be yourself. Girls will appreciate it.

    160. Kevin says:

      I'm 20, and about 5'5, have 2 younger bros that are 5'10 and 5'11. I am shorter than average, but I don't care… I have never lost a 1v1 fight in my life, and I take shit from no one. Girls do like me because I am fearless, strong, protective, and intelligent, so I use what I got to get what I want.

    161. Smarti 32 M UK says:

      From my point of view, a 32 M UK of English/Welsh/Greek ancestory, my 5'8" is what I like to refer to as 'the shortest of the tall guys'. In western society, i.e. being amongst white males, at 5'8" you're going to feel a bit on the small side because lots and lots of white males are around the 5'10+ mark. Just walk around anywhere and have a look; it's not a myth, it's reality. There is of course 'the average', and 5'8" is well within the average range. Going down an inch to 5'7" you are now entering the realms of shortness. 5'6" is short. When it comes to height, you can't really argue with a 5'9" guy because they're short enough not to be lanky and they're tall enough not to feel short amongst tall guys. 5'9" is where it's at. But there are a whole host of other factors involved as well. As in what are you analysing your height for? If it's basketball, then I can understand; if it's rockclimbing, then ditto; but if it's 'girls' you're after, then I'm sorry to have to crack the news to you guys, but height comes about 10th down on the list. The face is more important, especially the eyes. After the face, then comes the 'personality' as some people like to refer to it as… Personality is a bit of a broad term, but it covers things like 'humour', 'sincerity' 'intelligence', 'behavioral patterns'. If you're funny and confident, you will get girls. If you're funny and confident but your face is messed up, you got to be funnier and more confident than the funny and confident guy who has nice eyes…. There is most definitely a correlation between 'uglier' people and better humour, but that doesn't mean to say that tall people can't crack good jokes. The keyword is 'balance'. If height really bugs you, then what you are experiencing is simply an inherent animalistic instinct which is embedded in all of our minds. Ask yourself, which is BETTER, the Lion or the Leopard? Which is more beautiful? I choose Leopard over the Lion any day of the week. Ask yourself another question "If I was 2 inches taller, would I be me?". Where does it end? If you had a magic wand, no doubt the first thing you'd do is make yourself taller, but by how much? Then you'd make your muscles bigger, but by how much? Then of course you'd make your penis longer, but by how much? By the time you'd finished with that magic wand, you would be about 8 foot tall, with bowling-ball sized muscles and a penis that would have the same dimensions as a large cucumber. Then what would you do? You'd obviously walk around beating up as many men as you could find in your path, and make love to any woman that takes your fancy. Now this is all very well in a Manga magazine, but in real life you have to have a little more humility at hand. If you're 5'8" and you want to hang around bigger guys, then the rules are simple, you got to have your wits about you and be funny, you got to bring something to the table. I personally have never been worried about being 5'8". That in itself is a bit of a dilemma because measuring one's own height is an artform in itself. First of all you have to measure yourself barefoot, which is basically an inch shorter than what you measure wearing Nike trainers. Then if you cower ever so slightly, or stand to attention, you can vary your height by as much as an inch or 2. To this day I have never really known what my exact height is, but barefoot, standing soldier straight, with a flat paper on top of my head against the wall, marked out, it measures between 5'8" and 5'9". Now if I'm standing in the queue at the supermarket, and a 6'1" Australian man walks in, fairly good looking in the facial department and slimmish athletic physique all over, I know instinctively that we are different. My instincts kick in and automatically I justify to myself how and in which way I am 'better' than him because I am shorter than him… This is only natural. This is nature. It is referred to as 'competition'. We do this to each other all day long, without even knowing it. Now if we check the scorecards between us both, I know without a shadow of doubt that I come out winning. I know I am funnier, I know I am more intelligent, I know I am more facially goodlooking than him (I say I know, but I'm taking a good guess because I excel in all those departments). There is a possibility that he is way funnier than me, ditto intelligent, ditto successful (the face no, because I can see his face, I can't see his humour or intelligence)…. The criteria and possibilities and combinations are endless, but one thing you can not change is nature, and unfortunately for those who have hangups and Napolean complexes, bigger will always 'initially' be better. You just have to learn how to deal with that. Owned.

    162. Smarti 32 M UK says:

      P.s. if you really need to be an inch taller, there are ways to make yourself naturally taller. Various posture techniques can help ALOT, and also stretching, especially hanging upside down from a bar, with your feet strapped into secure ankle boots with hooks on them that attach to the bar, Batman style (you can buy them online). Half an hour a day of that s**t, and you will definitely make the most of whatever height you got. Not to mention the aesthetic and illusory slimming effect clothes, and the general way you display yourself, can have. To give a prime example, in my local supermarket, there is a handsome African man working there. Sometimes he's on the shelves stacking but sometimes he takes the tills. I always thought he was a snip taller than me, like 5'9". Until one day I saw him stacking the shelves and crept up behind him to quickly compare our heights. I was quite surprised to see, that I was blatantly taller than him. I ALWAYS thought I was taller than him. I even asked my 5'11" brother, when we were walking down the road behind him one day, and my bro didnt hesitate to answer, saying it was he who was the taller one. Now the difference is, that although we both have stocky athletic bodies, he has a significantly smaller waist, and tucks his shirt into his trousers and always stands up straight. He has an excellent posture. This gives the effect of he being taller. He's not taller than me, I am taller and a bit more beefy too. But he looks it. So take note, THERE ARE TRICKS!!!!! Now, all these little excerpts promoting wishful thinking and consolation to all those who don't measure up, might seem like a gust of hot air, but let us not forget, that there are guys out there who are 5'5", with ugly eyes, a mashed up face, no muscles at all, severe acne, low intelligence, zero humour, and a micro-penis. There are guys out there who have all these traits, simultaneously. Whenever you look in the mirror or whenever you might get that feeling that you're just a little on the short side, take a moment to feel for those guys who cant even tick one box on the scorecard. Just be thankful for whatever you got and make the most of it. Just do it. Stop being such a typical shortguy and get on with it!!!

    163. SEXYYCHICK799 says:

      People are so shallow. My boy friend is 5'7'' and I'm 5'5''. 1. I'll never choose a taller man over him. 2. He's the hottest thing in my eyes:) 3. Height doesn't really matter, I've dated taller guys that were over 6'0 and honestly I feel more comfortable with my boyfriend, it's the amount of love, not height. I've grown to love his height though it did bother me at the start, not going to lie. But now after two beautiful years with him, no one can take his place. NO ONE! I started noticing shorter people and guys, and they are attractive to me now =p I like that, it's a new perspective on life:)

    164. Justin says:

      I'm a 5'5" 18 year old guy white guy, and first things first, 5'8" isn't short…at all, haha. Second, height does matter, but not as much as some say. Half of you are saying that height doesn't matter, work on personality, the other half is saying being this height screws me. It's really a mix. From personal experience, a guy can make ANYTHING work for him. For example, I'm a short, kinda nerdy guy, with an awkwardly deep voice for my height. But I use the intelligence for humor, and the voice as a conversation starter, 'cause everyone asks about it. I do fine with girls…however, there are far more girls out there who ONLY date tall guys, than ones that only date short guys. It's actually the only definitive thing I've heard a girl claim she needs from a guy. It's never, I will only date a guy with blonde hair, or a certain color eyes, or that wears certain clothes…It's "He NEEDS to be taller than I am/AT LEAST 6 foot." So, if you're a short guy like me and you fall for one of those girls, yeah, you're screwed. However, since many girls aren't like that, you should be fine. Have fun with it. There was this big group photo and before it was taken, I was talking to this tall girl in the back {where the tall people stand}. When it came time for the photo, she was like, "You prob wanna move to the front, 'cause you're…well, you know…you're like, kinda not so tall…" And I was like, "WHAT?! I'm short?!?! There go my dreams of being in the NBA!!" Then I smiled at her and she cracked up. Your height can work to your advantage, if you know how to make it fun. Plus, you can never lose a fight if the person you're fighting is significantly taller. He wins, he just beat up a little guy, you win, you just kicked the ass of a bug guy. Enjoy your height, make it work for you, realize there's a little "discrimination," but also realize if a girl won't date you 'cause you're not tall enough, you really don't wanna date her.

    165. Steve says:

      Im 6,2 and have little luck with ladies (except for the occasional one night stand). I have a friend who is probably around 5,5 – 5,7 and always has, and has had a steady gf since he was probably 16 or so. So there you go. Its all about how you present yourself. I am very calm, quiet and held back. My short friend is active, loud and talk-active. Im not saying all girls dig guys like him, but most do. Whenever I find a girl, she likes me dispite of being so held back, but she most certainly complements me on my height.

    166. robert says:

      5'8 isn't exactly short, it's the lower end of average (actually the same or a bit taller than the world average for adult men.) 5'9.5 is the average height for American adult men, so 1.5 inches under that isn't really short. I'm 5'7, which is the beginning of the "short" range in the US according to many people, although I'm Asian American so that's technically average. However, 5'8 for a woman, even in America, is tall (Average height for all American adult women is 5'4; among white US adults it's 5'5). So, congrats on being tall? But your boyfriend isn't "short."

    167. hjkobayashi says:

      Wow, this post seems to have sparked a hell of a lot of debate. FWIW here's my take.

      I think smaller guys do struggle to get girls, but that's not because they're smaller, but might have a tougher time valuing themselves, especially if they grow up in an environment in which they will get teased for it. I know I did.

      But I'm 26 now and those days are long gone. I hated everything about myself when I was a kid. But I hung in there. There are a lot of pluses to my appearance that I can see now. I am slim (2% body fat), with well-defined musculature, I'm cute and I'm kind of androgynous, which some girls seem to really like. I'm never going to get the Sex and the City bourgeois shopaholic man-eating women. I mean the ones that all have wanky jobs in fashion, or journalism, or marketing. Or fashion journalism marketing. But that's fine by me. To be frank they turn my stomach anyway. At 5'7" I'm at eye level with most women here in the UK, and its nice. It's very easy to talk with them and flirt too. Some days I walk down the street and can see other girls checking me out, or go into a shop and see that the shop girl is a little smitten. I've had a lot of sorta relationships that have mainly been based on sex thus far, like a lot of guys in their mid-twenties, so I'm pretty experienced in the bedroom, and never had anything but complements on my performance. One Italian girl I remember said I had the "perfect body". Yikes! Okay this is starting to sound like boasting.

      What I'm getting at is that those tall/short prescriptions should fade with maturity. The people who discriminate against short people now could well be the ones moaning about discrimination against old people when they're into they're autumn years and nobody notices them anymore.

      As for all the guys bemoaning their inability to "get" women – well dating isn't like playing the claw machine at the funfair. You meet women, get friendly, and things progress from there. You never "get" them. And I fee like it's easier to do that when you're around the same height because they'll be less intimidated and more likely to be open and friendly, like I said earlier. All that anxiety about possibly never being in a relationship that I had when I was a teenager has evaporated. I'm okay with being single at the moment and know the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with could be around the next corner as long as I keep and open mind and a friendly nature.

      One other thing – I'm of Japanese extraction too. So I'm busting the myth that smaller guys aren't attractive and also the myth that Asian guys can't get a date too!

    168. hjkobayashi says:

      One last point: I would never date a woman any more than a couple of inches taller than me. Maybe that makes me a bad person, I don't know. It's just my preference.

    169. Gaz says:

      I’ll tell you how petty heightism is…

      At 5ft7, I’m considered short in the UK. Now compare that to the average height at, say a generous 5ft10. That’s only 3 inches of difference ladies! If you got a ruler out and measured 3 inches then you’d realise thats not alot, yet it’s enough for me to be harshly discriminated against in love or just normal life.

      However, I’m also at a masculine 80kg and I go gym (not cut yet, but that’s a VARIABLE that I can CHANGE). Also, a thing to consider is that my height is mainly due to my verry short legs at 26/27 inch inside measurement, so my sitting height is pretty average. The rest of it is torso, so I can still give a decent hug on demand.

      My theory – girls don’t like short guys cus it makes em look fat in the same way guys dont like fat girls cus it makes there dick look short…

    170. mojojojo says:

      i am also a short guy between 5 ft 9 and 5ft 10 good, not that short but hear it actually is living in denmark. So don't get so frustrated, the way i see it is that all height is relative. And i think when women says we want a guy wich is 6ft 2, most of them really can't get so they will go after the next best and that woult be you.

    171. @TONZA843 says:

      im 4'11 cute handsome guy from south carolina ..any cute girls out there get at me on skype lilflo16_

    172. Array528 says:

      I have a theory…

      Perhaps women are turned off by a majority of your 'SHORT' understanding of grammar…

      Just a thought.

      And before any of you shrimps start complaining… I'm 5'5". But at the very least I can write.

      1. Weecho says:

        im 5'4 and really i'm proud of it i've dated a girl who was 5'7 and didn't really bother me or her. i am how i am and i embrace it. L:)

    173. ALIKA says:

      I’m 5’6 and 25, I’ve dated girls my age, women in their late 30s and even a few older in their early 50s. Height, age, size, neighbor or long distance—I’ve experienced it all…none of it matters if you have the right mentality; talk to any girl/woman with purpose and a bit of confidence and you’re “generally” going to make an impression. If you don’t, you’ll see it in the body language; telling you, you either suck at conversation or they are just that narrow minded (fuck em)
      To all the shorter guys like myself…just remember “everyone’s the same height in bed.”

    174. Abc says:

      5'8 is barely short at all….its only 2 inches under the world's average male height…

    175. Sipria says:

      Height doesn’t matter when you’re horizontal.

    176. Jamie says:

      Short guys can be adorable . . . and incredibly sexy if they're strong. There's something oddly badass and attractive about someone being more powerful than they look.

    177. Ben says:

      I don't really know what to say, but I'm a really short guy.
      I stand at 5ft 1in, but I have a pretty amazing girlfriend that stands at 5 ft and 4 in.
      She is amazing because she accepted me for who I am.
      Although people may double look at us when we walk on the streets holding hands and TALL GUYS that are TALLER than me tries to flirt with her, she would always ignore them and focuses all her attention on me.
      She's amazing and she's like no other.
      Hopefully each and everyone of you "short" fellas will find a girl that will accept you for who you are one day.

      1. Brandon says:

        I pretty much have the same situation. i stand about 5'3/5'4 and the girl im currently into is about 2-3 inches taller than me and like you said people always second look and just like you i was lucky to realize she doesnt care about height which is really rare these days.

        But it's nice to know there are people out there with same situation as me.

      2. Josh says:

        Ben, its so nice to hear this, im 5' 1" as well and it kinda sucks. ive gotten to accept it but when it comes to dating girls i get really sensitive… ive always been jealous when tall guys would flirt with my girlfriends. it sucked. i hope to find a girl like yours someday bro. you are really lucky!

    178. Lara says:

      If you must know the shortcomings of dating a short guy:

      I am dating a guy who is 5’7″. Everything is perfect…

      (1) Except that I did see myself ending up with a guy who is 6 foot (simply because I like tall guys, it’s true). So there’s the preconception of the perfect guy for you.

      You can get past this, but then there is the physicality of it.

      (2) I’m 5’4″ and when I hug my guy friends who are 5’10” and over, I feel surrounded. It makes me feel safe and protected. I don’t feel the same as with my boyfriend, but in some ways it feels nice to feel so small and safe.

      (3) Tall guys invariably have less issues with their height and therefore always seem more confident, this helps a lot.

      1. Iris Hoasa says:

        ur misinformed. stop judging a book by its cover, and stop dishing out the lame excuse "oh, i feel protected, or he has confidence", do ur research, and then come back with ur list.

    179. Mikey says:

      wtf😀 i'm 5.6 I like my height Girls like me and i'm sexy as hell😀

    180. Kimberly says:

      I think tall guys have gotten picked on by better looking short guys so they feel self conscious and have to make short guys look bad. It's okay tall guys you have good features too I'm sure!!

    181. grow taller after puberty says:

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    182. Maloni says:

      I'm somewhat a short guy 5'4'' 120lbs, and yes I have had my share of let downs especially in clubs. Thing is not every girl cares about height even though a majority do prefer the taller guy over the shorter one. Myself I love being short, and if I could choose I would probably choose to be shorter, I love my height due to the fact that I have much better balance then taller people especially when it comes to skateboarding. I have a shit load of tall friends even one that looks so much like me that allot of our mutual friends will call me Mini Mike due to the only difference is our height. I'm very popular in my town (especially around the girls) due to the fact I am not insecure about my height.

      When it comes to taller girls then myself I could care less hell back when we use to go to little town dances when i was 13-14 there was always this African chick who had gigantism (6'8''), and all the guys would make fun of her for being so tall and somewhat big. One day she came up and asked me to dance (the shortest guy at the dance) and even with all my friends laughing at me and saying go wrap your arms around her legs I said what the hell and danced with her. One of the best choices I have ever made (no we didn't end up together), but I did meet my best friend that night who ended up falling in love with a guy who I introduce as my brother. They are now married as am I with a girl who has the biggest interest I do (skateboarding).

      Story short.. I could care less about my height as I believe my personality speaks more for me then my height does.

    183. Adam says:

      I'm a short guy. I'd like to think it builds some character having to take a loads of shit from society, a lot of it being in high school. I noticed someone else mentioned this but I'll repeat it. I hate having to hear that ignorant statement, "I prefer tall men because they make me feel protected." A lot of people don't know but short men are stronger, unless we're talking about giants. My point is someone who's 5'7 who weighs 160 with 9% body fat is stronger than someone who's 5'10 and weighs 160 with 9% body fat. There's a few reasons why that is but I won't go into it.

      There's also the matter of what you want to feel "protected" from. Another person who's unarmed, a burning building, a house invasion. There's nothing that height would do to impact any of those. Is a girl actually thinking something along these lines while being held up at gunpoint, "My boyfriend/spouse is taller than this man with the gun pointed at his chest. I feel so safe and protected." Those few extra inches up top is sure going to stop that guy from pulling the trigger.

      If that's the reason behind someone's preference on tall guys, I find it a bit misplaced.

      Maybe some girls like taller guys simply because the trait in itself is just more attractive to them but that's fine. It's okay in that sense because it's similar to how someone would like someone with a certain color eyes over another color. However shutting out one color of eyes or the shade of their hair(In this case short people) for ignorant and or dumb reasons makes you prejudice.

      1. daman says:

        I hear you bro, I am 5'7 can bench press more then double my weight. I am in the Army and have gone through tough schools and am currently in a Infantry Division. I have trained in various types of Martial arts and I am confident my abilities to defend myself and anybody in trouble. I also know how to work and use most weapons with deadly force. I had a girl who's last BF was 6'3 and she said she felt safer around me…. I can be a pit-bull at times, I don't let people get over on me and I don't take bull sh*t. YOU KNOW WHAT WOMEN call this Napoleon Complex! If I was 6ft then I would be a protective bad a*s lol.. Its a double standard you will never beat. BTW I am decent looking, drive a nice car have 3 college degrees and am an Officer in the military. Came from a family of drug addicts and street life and overcame it all. However, I am 5'7 sorry women cant change what god gave me…

    184. Chris says:

      All I have to say is WOW! This post is over 4 years old and still comments continue to roll in and I'm glad they are. First, a little about myself, and I hope my words help all the younger people I see have posted here.
      I am a 43 year old man who is 5'1". I am a single father of a wonderful 17 year old daughter, who is taller then me and who was married 16 years. For years I felt the same way many you 20s somethings post about, and believe it or not, I still do sometimes. You know, what's wrong with women? Why are they so prejudice against short men? Why do they date an ugly, skinny man instead of a well built, handsome short guy. Over the years, the answer became clearer, especially after my divorce. Women, not all but most are leaches. Not only do they give us the BS story of needed to be protected but they also love to be "taken care of". Women are nuts. They want to be independent financially and say they can take care of them selves but at the same time, they want a man to "protect them" and support them financially.

      Anyway, I'm getting off track. Many women still give me the cold shoulder because of my size but at this point in my life, I don't give a crap any more. I know I still sound insecure with my above rant but at my age, life is too short to give a shit how a woman views you. If they don't like you for how you are, then they are too insecure about themselves for you to care about. Live your life and enjoy yourselves. Make people laugh, including yourself. Visit new places and meet new people. Eventually, in your travels, you will meet the right girl. Sure, you will experience some lonely times. I have and continue to experience lonely times but in this period of my life, I have learned a great deal about myself, built my body up through exercise, spent time with my daughter, and concentrated on educating myself on my career.

      So, short men, don't let these women get you down. You will find yourself. It may take time but things all work out and you will meet someone. In the meantime…Just experience life. Good Luck!

    185. Fred says:

      5’8 I would say its average so stop calling your boyfriend short. Is an insult for people are under that. For example me 5’5. That’s a real problem.

      1. Danny Lu says:

        I know, 5'8 is normal. I think anything lower than 5'5 is short. I'm cool being 5'5, never set me back from anything. I could care less about it… it kind of helps having a mouth though, you can totally talk down to people.

    186. Pete says:

      I’m a 5’8 guy and never had problems with height up until I noticed how women were discriminating on guys even just a few inches taller than her which is immature and childish, your special love doesn’t haw a certain face and can be found anywhere, women who are shallow will some day realize as time goes on. I am 22yr of age and I have been in 3 long term committed relationships and have slept with a total of 5 girls.. Itw dating life is much harder out of school where you have wider range of women around you. In the real world you get one chance to make a good or bad impression but as long as you try that will make the biggest difference, also think about like this what’s better approaching. 100 girls and gettin 99 rejections landing one amazing chick or being self conscious and approach no girls? A mans height can’ be altered through confidence and money! Work towards a goal and complete that goal, build your foundation before asking a woman to join it and once you do that you will notice that your independence will visually be fire to her eyes

    187. Joe Trammel says:

      I'm 22 and 5'5 and I'm still single!!!This alone has affected my chances of getting a girl!!My advice however is to not let these things affect.Rebel against it!!!!

    188. Joe Trammel says:

      I'm 22 and 5'5 and I'm still single!!!This alone has affected my chances of getting a girl!!My advice however is to not let these things affect you.Rebel against it and never give up looking for the right one!!!

    189. Nathan says:

      Ok i am 5 foot 8 inches (barely made 8inch) i also exercise like a beast…i actually just be myself have a sense of humour …what i realised for short that…..well short guys are generally stronger…an to help with the short kinda feeling is to lift weights…am cool with myself now an heck am taller than 75% of girls anyways..i dont ever run down or force myself up on anyone..just be urself have do your thing man.Trust me…those girls who prefer -taller guys- have there preference…best thing to do is focus on you build urself up eventually the right girl will come along..THEN however there those shallow girls , the ones that like to feel all protected by having a super tall dude..over theM…BE REALLL TALL DUDE CANT HELP U FROM GETTING RAPED STABBED OR SHOT IN THE HEAD!FRICK!! HEIGHT CANT HELP U WITH SHIT SO GIRLS SHUOULD JUST STOP SAYING THAT KIND OF SHIT, THERE ARE GUYS OUT THERE PERHAPS SHORTER MAYBE EVEN THE SAME HEIGHT WHO WILL LOOK OUT FOR YOU AN TREAT YOU RIGHT JUST AS MUCH AS ANY -TALL DUDE- WOULD SHIT!!!

    190. Greg says:

      I am also 22 years old and come in at 5'5". I have had 5 girlfriends, all lasting more than 6 months. I ended 3, one broke up with me and this girl now i've dated for almost two years. Girls randomly leave me their numbers on occasion. I have had NO trouble with women. It might help that I am a musician. But I am confident, loving, clean, stylish and very considerate. I am generally the center of attention wherever I go. I love to make people laugh and I love life. I grew up being made fun of, getting picked last for sports, being undermined. But I had my friends and family so that's all that was important to me.

      Being short does not hurt your chances. Generally us short people feel the need to prove ourselves to the world, making us more well rounded individuals. Also, I am pretty dang well endowed. It has nothing to do with height.

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    203. Barbra says:

      Fantastic summary you have here garcinia cambogia is looking like the next big

      thing. I”m all about Barbra as of late.

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