Random Hook Ups – Not So Random, After All

oh-no.jpgOne of the best things about being in college is the plethora of single men at your disposal. I went to a small private school before I stepped foot on my college campus, so the idea that there were thousands of guys that I hadn’t known since birth roaming around made me very, very happy. Finally! People who didn’t know everything about me/everyone I knew/what I looked like during my 8 year awkward phase!

I loved the idea of anonymity and the fact that I could meet a random guy and never have to see him again. It was a sense of freedom I had never quite experienced and one I decided to take full advantage of.

Then I learned one very important lesson: random hook ups in college do not exist.

One particular weekend I went home with a very nice lookin’ boy. He was in a fraternity that none of my friends were in/associated with, which was extremely appealing. We bunked up at his place, had a grand ole time and ended things the next morning with the obligatory phone number exchange (which I immediately removed upon arriving home… I didn’t plan on seeing him again, so why tempt myself during an inevitable drunk dialing situation?).

The following weekend, while out with some friends, we ran into some guys I didn’t know. I started pourin’ on the charm with the cutest of the bunch and we really hit it off. We ended up back at his place chowin’ down on some Jimmy John’s when his roommate came home and began regaling us with stories from his night…

Including one about my man friend from last weekend.

Turns out they were best friends. Hang out all the time. And, in fact, were having a joint birthday party the following weekend. Did I want to come? It was gonna be awesome! I haaaave to be there.

What were the chances? My school had 30,000 undergrads! These guys weren’t in the same fraternity or in the same year in school! How the hell did they know eachother?!

I left the next morning and returned home to tell my roommates about the not-so-random guy I met expecting them to sympathize. Instead, I was faced with faces full of shock. Turns out that the guy from the night before also happened to have just broken up with our next-door neighbor and a mutual friend of ours was in love with him.


It turned out that not only were my hook-ups not so random, but actually became the talk of the town. (Note: This is even worse if the guy is ugly…careful with those beer goggles, girls!) I couldn’t avoid the stories…or the boys. They were suddenly everywhere I went – in my classes, at the bar, at UHS when I went there to stock up on my birth control….

I learned the hard way that college campuses feel like huge places, but it only takes a little time (and some late nights) to make them very, very small. Beware, ladies, of the random hookups. They are never what they seem.

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    1. BJ says:

      I can agree with campuses being small places. By the time I graduated (heck, by the end of my 2nd year), almost literally half of the 19K student population knew who I was.

      It was both interesting and a little creepy at times.

    2. Alex - Cornell Unive says:

      This is so true. One of my roommates hooked up with a guy in a fraternity–they exchanged phone numbers and even went on a date before things cooled down. Two weeks later, we found him in our suite…with another one of our roommates!

    3. Renaisy says:

      this has happened to me multiple times (sex was not involved in them off of course).

      one night, i "hooked up" (quotes are needed because A) we didn't do much and B) the thought of him now repulses me) with this guy from work after running into him at a bar. a few days later one of my girlfriends tells me her roommate thinks her boyfriend cheated on her. rkelly & usher are ringing in my ears now *sammmme girl* well, boy in this instance.

      it happens more than not and i have a theory. for starters, there might be 2393820942 people at a school but they don't all frequent the bars/apts/housing/etc. you do. the same few hundred people go to the same places all the time you just may not realize until it's too late. you're also bound to get to know more people that you realize. second, a lot of college students don't go out! *cue the horror music* so this alone cuts the student population down. ohh, you could even factor out the number of students that aren't 21 to elimate people and even some places.

      taking this even further (i've already been drinking so i'm on a tangent) ….

      this happens to me A LOT. i meet girls all the time too that are friends of friends but you don't realize it until you run into them. reason #58584 why i love facebook.

      alright, i'm done. thanks for listening!

    4. Grady says:

      I go to a TINY college (about 750 people, tops) so this is WICKED intense at my school. I've never personally experienced anything of the like, but I've seen it happen more times than I can count.

      Needless to say, it's CLEARLY not the place to go for Random Hook-Ups…they don't exist, period.

    5. Daniel says:

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    6. ela says:

      after a bad break up from a 4.5 yr stint i went on a boy binge…indeed. i ended up driving one of them home the next morning just to realize he was my ex's new next door neighbor… GREAT. i freaked out and told him…and before he got out of the car he goes… 'i'd give you a hug but ummmm…let's fist it out'…I'VE NEVER FELT DIRTIER IN MY LIFE.

    7. Lauren, University o says:

      Let's fist it out. I'm dying.

      That is amazing. Oh man, I miss college.

    8. MikeK says:

      Lauren, u wanna hook up sugar tits?

    9. Justin says:

      In town for the weekend. Looking for fun

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