OMGG: Our Fave Upper-East Side Socialites Head BTS


This weekend is the only thing that stands between me and Chace Crawford.

Of course, I’m talking about the season premiere of Gossip Girl, which airs Monday, September 1 at 8:00 on the CW Network.

Since my life pretty much sucks– I’m not currently sleeping with anyone, I’m spending my “new clothes” money on speeding tickets, and I can barely afford my daily latte, let alone an extra-dry martini or a burlesque business venture–I’m looking forward on living vicariously through Dan, Jenny, Serena, Blair, Chuck, and, oh yes- Nate.

When GG left us at the beginning of the summer (which feels like eons ago), Serena’s brother, Eric, had just come out of the closet; Georgina had stopped into town just long enough to break up Serena and Dan; Chuck briefly scraped together an ounce of morale, only to eye-f*ck Amelia, Lily’s new interior designer; Blair hopped a plane with some random dude; and it seems that Serena and Nate and Dan and Vanessa were left to hang out for the summer.

Oh, there’s also the middle-aged love triangle between Chuck’s dad, Serena’s mom, and Dan’s dad, and Lily married Bart right after confessing her love to Rufus. Seriously, forty, and you’re still playing love games? Whatever. I’m sure this plot line will bring barrels of drama to the small screen this season.

Wow. Sometimes its hard to believe that GG has only been on for one season! We’ve already seen sex, lies, betrayal, bulimia, kids on suicide watch, theft, more sex, underage girls getting wasted and performing a strip tease in a night club, sex in a limo, cocaine, and Jenny’s perpetually uphill struggle to fit in.

What’s Season 2 going to throw at us? We’ll find out beginning on Monday. For now, here’s a sneak peek of our favorite guilty pleasure, with episode recaps coming at you every week!



    1. LucyInTheSky says:

      So frustrated- we recently moved and our DVR won't be set up until Tuesday, and I'm going to my roommate's birthday party on Monday. I will HAVE to find a way to catch this later, because the first episode is important!

    2. Casey says:

      I work till 10:30 every weekday which mean I need to find a way to record all of my shows! My boyfriend told me I better find a way to record it because he's been looking forward to season 2 all summer and refuses to watch it by himself.

    3. Marisa - high school senior says:

      I am so pumped for season 2!

      I’ve seen some other sneak previews of the new season, and let me just say that my heart keeps getting broken and stitched back up again. Season 2 looks really good and I think a little more mature (if that’s the right word for it) than season 1.

    4. Izabela says:

      What’s-her-pajamas is seriously one hawt woman. Been that way since I first saw her in the first X-Men movie, but there’s somitheng about this series that never grabbed me. I don’t hate it. . . I dunno . . . just somitheng about this particular brand of Vampire doesn’t itch my Vampire fetish. I think the first couple episodes went a little over the top with the gratuitous vamp sex and it kind of ruined the image in my opinion; like it was the big selling point of the whole series or somitheng. Red Shoe Diaries: BDSM Vamp Bayou Vamp Style.

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