Letting It All Hang Out – Farting in Front of Your Man




It’s all gross, which is why we do it in the privacy of our own homes. But, when is it OK to stink up your boyfriend’s bathroom or let him in when you’re peeing? Is it ever okay to poop or fart in front of your man? Let’s discuss.

I have been in a relationship for roughly eight months now and, while my boyfriend sees no problem with shoving me in a dutch oven, I personally haven’t been able to pass wind in front of him…yet. He was always very open with his bodily fluids in front of me – and I love him for it (“it” being that he feels comfortable with me, not the smell of his farts suffocating me under the covers). However, men definitely hold a double standard with females regarding the pooping/farting business.

While we haven’t crossed into the “me farting in front of my man” part of our relationship yet, we have gotten into the, “he pops into the bathroom when he knows I’m pooping,” situation. I normally yell and shriek for him to get out and he laughs and gives me my privacy. I don’t care if he comes in while I’m peeing – I have always been comfortable doing around him – but #2 is a whole different story.

There is a part of me that thinks you can get too comfortable with a significant other; I want him to find me sexy and a foul smelling bathroom situation may prevent that.

A girlfriend of mine has been dating her boyfriend for over four years and she still has never pooped or farted in front of him. 4 years! Some say that keeps the romance alive, others say its creating boundaries for your relationship. (Editor’s Note: I think it causes serious stomach cramping, but that’s just me.)

Some guys have no problem with the farting; they simply think its funny or could care less. Some guys are always freaking out when they hear girls talk about the bodily functions. “Girls don’t poop!” they scream. But we do, so why are we forced to hold it in when our boys are around?

What do you think ladies? Have you ever stunk up his bathroom or ripped a big one in front of your boyfriend? How did he react?



    1. becca says:

      i remember the first time i farted in front of a boyfriend. and he thought it was cute. what?! ok, i mean, its great that he was ok with it, but cute? seriously?

    2. Alice says:

      I'm definitely in the "keeping the mystery alive" camp. Been going out with my boyfriend for over 2 years; never farted in front of him, and I turn the shower on in the bathroom if I need a poop. Burping's okay though.

    3. Panda says:

      I farted on my boyfriend yesterday. It was fine. We use the bathroom while the other person's there..they're just not things that disgust us. They're natural normal human functions.

    4. Mara says:

      My boyfriend of almost two years is certainly not shy about stinking up MY bathroom… generally I try to avoid the situation in general if at all possible but I wouldn't go to too great lengths. I cant imagine actually going to the bathroom in front of him tho – ugh, no thanks. Natural body functions? Of course. Necessary relationship experience? Not if I can help it.

    5. Mandy says:

      I definitely do not poop around my boyfriend, he jokes around that it's a bodily function and everyone does it… but I just don't. He's really open when he says he has to go "blow it up" in the bathroom… but something about being a girl… I'm not comfortable with that…

    6. Toni says:

      OK! THIS IS PERFECT! My man of almost 1 year and I were just discussing this last night. He constantly farts in front of me and lets me know when he has to poop and how long it will be. To me it doesn't bother me when he does that. It did at first but it doesn't now.

      On the other hand I am way shy about it. I have NEVER farted in front of him and I have pooped at his house before but I am a quick pooper so he never knew about it.

      He says he doesn't feel like I am comfortable with him. Well personally I just don't think it is very lady like to let him know my personal "business" I don't even do tell my closet friends that kind of stuff. I will talk about anything but pooping or farting it kind of grouses me out I guess. And I don't want him to suddenly think I am not sexy for it. It is not that I am not comfortable with him I guess I am just not that comfortable with myself… Normal body function or not.

    7. Jess says:

      not my thing.. lol. I've been with my boyfriend for 3 years and we keep our body functions to our selves.

    8. leebee says:

      I live with my bf, and we have been through everything together and experienced everything…. except entering into the bathroom when we're each going. I think that's just a privacy thing. Each of us deserve our own separate time alone and privacy… especially since I have a G.I. disorder. Definitely something that requires a level of comfortability between a couple to deal with. lol

    9. Rachel says:

      In my experience, it makes guys feel at ease when they know that their girl isn't afraid or ashamed of letting one rip. A lot of my guy friends actually complain about how their girls aren't on that level, even after being with them for years. I myself have done all but #2 in front of the bf, at his house, and him knowing, yes; but with him right there, no. Its just… bad. LOL, no one wants to smell that right next to them.

    10. kaTie says:

      This is hilarious! Becca, my boyfriend also said it was cute when I pooted it in front of him the first time, and now I'm married to him, so it's definitely not bad for a relationship. In fact he still says it adorable! I just think that's so weird, but as long as he says my gas adorable and no one elses, it can stay adorable, cute, and fabulous too! lol

    11. Lauren, University o says:

      I dont know if the simple fact of pooping in front of a boy is the problem, or them knowing that i sometimes bring my laptop with me.

    12. heather says:

      ive been going out with my boyfriend for almost 4 years now, and if i fart in front of him he doesnt say anything. silence is golden. but hey, shit happens (poor attempt at pun intended).

    13. ela says:

      i held em for a while which made my stomach do crazy noises. he thought i had major digestion issues and told me i should really see a doc. lol. i'm a veg. that means mucho fiber and double the amount of farting.i let em fly now and if we both eat mexican we see who can do the most damage. fart-wise (length, decibels or smell). when he rips thru a bag of beef jerky i vacate the premises. i may have said too much.

    14. Casey says:

      Ha Lauren, I take mine with me too:)

      I have never farted in front of a bf (to their knowledge) not my ex of 2 1/2 years and not my current of 8 months. If I know it will be a silent non smelly one (and yes I know my farts) then I'll let it rip. But they have never known and never will. I also don't poop in front of them. I will poop at their house or with them at mine after I have reached that ultimate comfort level. But I have pooped at my current bf's house only before i get in the shower while the water is running. And we tell each other poop and fart stories (yeah, weird)

      But my sister is engaged, lives with her fiance and will be married in 2 months and she waits until he is gone or comes home to poop if he is at the apartment. THAT I think is just bad.

    15. Manda says:

      I've been with my boyfriend for 3 years. At first, I was really insecure about farting/burping in front of him. I was like that for atleast 2 years. I moved in with him right after out 2nd year anniversary and I accidentally burped really loud. From that day forward, I fart/burp whenever and he doesn't mind at all. He usually laughs and tries to compete.

      I don't mind if he comes in the bathroom when I'm peeing, but if I'm pooping and he walks in I make him leave. He doesn't let me in the bathroom with him…ever. Lol

    16. Laur says:

      A few weeks ago, I was having serious digestive problems and could not poo for the life of me. I was in pain and told my bf of 9 months, because it was obvious that I didn't feel well. That was the first time we talked about me, er, pooping. I'm pretty sure he loved it. Not that I couldn't poop, but that suddenly we were talking about my poo issue on a daily basis, until I felt better and could go to the bathroom again. Looks like my constipation broke the ice. Go figure.

    17. chellie says:

      I don't really see what the big deal is, lol..if your man is looking for a girl who does not fart or poop, he should just move on! xD

    18. nikki says:

      i let rip all of the time in front of my b/f but i do suffer from ibs he thinks its funny especially when ive eaten cabbage the couple down stairs must wander wots coming though the ceiling

    19. CoChee says:

      While farting, pooping, & peeing are normal bodily functions, I'm not comfortable doing any of these in front of ANYONE.

      I think what's most important is being courteous and clean. When you poop, afterwards spray some air freshner or burn a match. When you pee, turn on the water faucet or flush while you're peeing to drown out the sound of your pee hitting the water. After either acts- WASH YOUR HANDS!!!!

      If you fart (unexpectantly) APOLOGIZE. If it slips out while you're sleeping, then you're not liable.

    20. Dom says:

      I've been dating my current boyfriend for about 8 months now. We burp and fart around each other and have since the very beginning–stuff happens. Usually we just mutter an excuse me and move on–no big deal.

      When I stay at his apartment, I definately use his bathroom to pee and poop whenever I need to. No use feeling uncomfortable, right?

      I just have an issue when he tries to talk to me through the bathroom door while I'm going (1 or 2). I just… can't. Anything that was going on… stops. And it's not my boyfriend. I also have that same issue with public restrooms (I just CAN'T go in crowded ones), or even when I'm home with mom and dad and they're trying to tell me to do something when I get out…

      So, there you have it. I'm good to go as far as any of those issues are concerned… just… not directly in front of or in conversation with anyone…

    21. holly says:

      haha, this article and the comments are hilarious~!!!!!@

    22. Tots says:

      omgosh i remember when this happened, he begged me to fart in front of him bc he said everyone farts and to just get it out in the open … i couldnt do it on demand but when i did omgosh he laughed so hard i was so embaressed, but he wanted me to do it so i did haha and now im married to my hubby and everything is normal it happens and its ok, even though we still laugh about it.

    23. Erica says:

      I've been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years. We basically live together at college. He pees in front of me all the time, at least once a week (he pees outside a lot, generally on the way home from parties). I find it kinda funny. He has no problem farting in front of me (but was definitely embarrassed the first time he did, but I can't fart in front of him. I get "stage freight" when it comes to peeing, pooping or farting in front of people, haha. So it's not just him, it's anyone, really. He also tends to be a little shy about having to "drop timber." We don't hold it in, we just don't announce it, haha. We can definitely talk about it, it's just the act of pooping it in the other's presence. I guess we just spare each other, haha.

    24. Veronica says:

      LOL My boyfriend and I were dating for about 2 months when I accidently farted in front of him. We were watching movies and I fell asleep, only to be awakened by my own fart. It was a hilarious situation. I wasn't sure if he heard or did I really just do that and he didn't know whether to act like he heard LOL Than all of a sudden we both bursted in laughter and he says "WOW, mark this day and time that you farted in front of me, that was SO cute" Now pooping in front of him, thats just wrong. There is a certain concentration and privacy that people need when pooping….LOL ewww, thats just…BAD, REALLY BAD. Btw, we have been dating for a year and a half now and he is definitely the love of my life.

    25. carolina says:

      How long does it take for somebody to poop, seriously? laptop to the bathroom? letting know how long it would be? Some people should get check about that. As far as i know the bathroom is not a hang out place you go in do what you have to do, wash up and get out. Ive been with my boyfriend for 3 years now. I have never even thought about peing or pooping in front of him. Yes, its normal and everybody does it but that doesnt mean you have to share it. It just kills privacy and respect in a relationship. Guys that think is ok to poop in front of your girl? have some respect!! so not atractive. Farting could be a little diferent since that is something you cant help SOMETIMES.Its doesnt mean he is gonna come and start farting all over me. I dont know what girls are thinking. This shouldnt even be discuss.

    26. Mickey says:

      I've farted twice in front of my boyfriend.

      One time we were eating after getting out of the pool and I was sitting with my legs up on the chair. I didn't even expect it to come out but it did. He and his friend laughed for about ten minutes then forgot about it.

      The other time I was laying down and laughing and when I sat up I farted. He laughed his head off for about twenty minutes and reminded me the next day about it.

      I usually try to keep my bodily functions to myself, but they'll slip out at times. I've let out a few silent ones and they've smelled bad but he's never said anything. I don't think he noticed.

    27. Cassidy says:

      okay so I've been with my boyfriend for two years and recently one of my friends farted on her boyfriends lap and they both laughed! Needless to say I was shocked. Me personally I have never farted In front of anyone especialy my boyfriend (that he knew about) I just think it's nasty and if I have to go #2 only do it at home with the sink on (I get "stage fright" even at home) now I don't have a problem with burping but at least then you can move your face and the smell doesn't linger lol

      Acctialy one time I bent in to kiss my boyfriend and accidently burped (luckly he laughed to):)

    28. patrick says:


      guys do it all the time, because its a guy thing. you just look like a man when you do and its the biggest turn off in the world. WORST THAN HAIR. (although that can make u gag)

      The idea of pooing is fine as long as you don't broad cast it do much and it doesn't stink out the bathroom.

      burping is nasty. if you need to try keep it quite and don't tell him you have (i had a girlfriend who always burped really quite then went "omg i just burped!" while i was like i really didn't need to know that.)

      peeing is fine, normal everyone has to it do just like breathing. im as is most guy completely indifferent to it. so don't be bothered about letting him kno if u need to wee or if he walks in and you are..

    29. Amanda says:

      My bf farts infront of me but if he is on the toliet aving a pee and I walk in I get shouted at to get out. He has never pooped infront of me either but broadcasts it on occasions.

      I don't mind him seeing me pee, altho I dnt poop or fart near him. But have broadcasted if needed a poo haha. ALTHOUGH I do burb in his face quite often, I save them and do it. He hates it, it's funny. Its strange though, He can fart and I hate it and I burb he hates it.

      I guess the real thing is here: We all DONT mind our OWN body functions but its how much you care about the other person.

      Ask your man/girl what they like and dislike, then just stick to the ones they dont mind:)

      I shuld have thought of this sooner….5 years haha x

    30. robert says:

      i am a guy and i speak for my self ladies i know gas is not loving but its ok we are all human kind it happens no big deal if your guy can't love everything about you then he a jerk off it maybe gross to fart but we all do it there nothing to be a shamed of the only thing we can do about it is laugh with each other not at each other time to let lose girl then you will be a true free bird and allways remeber this a women fart is strong enuff for a man but made for a women hahaah be happy and injoy

    31. lee says:

      my man made me laugh and I farted On him.

    32. Rocky says:

      Years ago while serving in the USAF I met a beautiful young college girl (picture Kidman in Bewitched). After a short courting she stayed over at my dorm one sat night. The events that night convinced her I was the one,but the event the next morning convinced me she was the one. As I laid there awake thinking she was asleep she let out this incredibly loud 5 or so second fart. I acted like I was asleep, but could not resist letting her know about it later that day. She said she knew I was awake and thought there was no reason to hide it from me. She blamed it on the one beer she had the night before.

    33. DaveO says:

      My gal has Irritable Bowl Syndrome, and doesn't forcibly fart too often, for obvious reasons. But when has to go dump, i can tell with her change of facial disposition mixed with desparation. Clear the hallway and bathroom, cuz here she comes! Planning a trip or activity outdoors requires careful thought and usually a roll of toilet paper at her convenience.

    34. Mel says:

      I remember when my boyfriend farted infront of me. i thought it was funny and told him it was natural. then he told me he cant wait till the day i farted infront of him. i thought it was a little wierd but im glad that he is ok with it. i mean everyonr farts so just let it out.

    35. Ruby says:

      I was on my second date afew days ago, and i was laughing and farted really loud, i could have died there & then.

      but i kind off pretended i didn't hear anything

      im still embarrased

    36. Charlie says:

      actually, is sexy when a girl fart

    37. Matthew says:

      Oh my gosh. Shut up Patrick. If a guy can't except that a woman is a natural woman and shares the same bodily functions as everybody else…then he's a jerk and has no concept of functions that are common to all human beings. Women fart just as men do. How can you blame someone for a fart and call it an absolute turn off when you and everybody else in this world also fart; sometimes in front of a significant other.

    38. Lindsey says:

      I have been with my man for 12 years now. He first farted in front of me at about month 3. I still remember, I was cracking up. From there on out it was a normal everyday function. Poop, pee, fart, burp whatever. We will be laying down in the bed together conversating and I will just fart and we will continue talking. Then again, we live together with kids etc… so we are kind of past the stage of worrying about our bodily functions.

    39. CharlieSays says:

      I used to be really embarrassed about this when I was a teenager (even though I grew up with a very shameless brother and several nurses in the family)! Then I met a guy who was even more embarrassed about this stuff than me and it got really funny waiting for one of us to accidentally let one out! In the end he was the one to break the ice when he came home one night very drunk (after a friend's stag do) and fell asleep after sitting down on the toilet with the door wide open. He woke up again after sliding down the wall and hitting his head and I had the hilarious task of helping him back on to the toilet to finish what he had already started! He was too 'out of it' to care that I was witness to everything, but soon remembered after waking up with a hangover the next morning. He tried to avoid me all morning, but after I promised to let him watch me to level things out a bit he quickly came around and we realised we had both been a bit stuck up about everything before.

      I still don't particularly enjoy hearing/seeing/smelling total strangers (like in public bathrooms), but I honestly don't mind if I'm in love with someone and these days I generally prefer to get those things out in the open a soon as possible to save months of stomach aches and having to mess around with hiding the sounds, etc. Everyone does it and if you are going to get hot, sticky and naked during sex then you should be okay with using the bathroom. It's also sort of a bonding thing, especially if neither of you are usually that open about it.

    40. Kelsey says:

      This is a tough one. I never farted, peed or pooped in front of any of my previous boyfriends. Now I'm in a long term relationship and more often than not I spend the night at his place. I try to hold everything in, but recently it gave me terrible constipation (which I had to tell him about because he could tell something was wrong). Then, this morning as I was sleeping, I farted as I woke up. I was so embaressed because I knew he was awake. Then he dropped me off at my home on the way to work, and told me he loved me as usual.

      It made me realize, that although I still don't want to go to the bathroom in front of him, he loves me, and one little occaisional fart is not going to send him running to the hills.

      Still wouldn't poop with him in the room, though.

    41. Laronda says:

      This subject is a funny one to me!!! I actually farted for the first time in front of my fiance this morning. It was really loud too like a clap of thunder. We both just busted out laughing. I told him I had to get him back for all the ones he let loose under the blankets. Then about ten minutes later he let one rip, a wet sounding one at that and just about killed me. He said HAHA payback is a bitch huh? and we both just laughed

      1. anon says:

        aww!! that sounds like a really healthy and fun relationship

    42. pamela says:

      sooo one time i was in the bathrooom of my boyfriends house and when i was peeing a little toot came out and that was the 1st time i farteed in his house.nothing happend…at first but then his son came up to the bathroom door and said (i herd that!) i didnt say anything i was sooo embarresed!i didnt come out at first either.then i finally decided to come out because it would look bad if i just stayed in there soo i came out and i new he heard. i waited for him to say something but he didnt, he was polite enough not to joke about it. his son on the other hand just stood there and smerked at me. we've been tgether for about 4 years now and we have had some fights but he is a polite handsom man!

    43. meghan says:

      this isnt really about my boydffriend, but 1 time i was at my nannies nd i was with my moms boyfriendss son nd i really had to go fart and i coodnt hold it in any longer so i let it rippedd but i made a fartin noise with my mouth to cover it up wen i thought i stopped farting i stop making the noise with my mouth. but i realized that i was still actually farting sooo everyone new then that i was trying to cover it up but worse of all they all new that i actually FARRTED! till this day they all bring that memorie back

    44. rachel rae says:

      Oooh man idk,I was with a guy for 4 years and it took me a gud 2 years to let one go.but I honestly do hate the feeling of not having that comfort level wit sumone I mean damn how can a relationship progress to tha next level without a little love for the gas

    45. Trev says:

      I read this whole damn thing and many women are worried men "won't find them sexy" If they fart infront of them.

      That's horrible.

      If he ever says that it's unsexy, he's probably got anger issues and a small weiner to fuel his fire.

      Men keep saying chivalry is dead… Well, if he's not holding open doors for you and throwing his coat over puddles, tell him he can put up with a fart every once in a while.

      If a man thinks your farting is gross, get rid of him. He's a baby and needs to find another woman to dominate to feel secure in his relationship.

      Or maybe you'll just never be as perfect as his mom.

    46. Long Lei says:

      Cjinese people will often examine eacj otjers poop

    47. Jessica says:

      Okay so I'm going to visit and stay at my boyfriends house over christmas break and this article has really helped me, yes I know its all natural but it was still an iffy point but then I realized that my friend and I can talk about our periods in front of him and he'll laugh and doesnt care so why would he care about pooping, truth is he doesnt! It's good to have a little reassurance though.

    48. Elle says:

      I have been with my boyfriend so far for about a year and a half. I still haven't been able to fart in front of him. I feel so uncomfortable and I worry that it's going to smell really bad and/or be really loud. I don't want for him to think differently of me like I'm really gross. But the thing is he farts and burps in front of me and he when we're on the phone he pees. He wants me to fart in front of him and he said he's fine with it even if it smells. The only think that I've been able to do is burp silently around him and pee at his house but still with that, I feel really uncomfortable like its unlady-like. I don't know what to do to reassure myself that it's okay and just let the gas go. I want to feel comfortable around him with that. Any suggestions?

    49. gerri says:

      Wow…1-3 years of not farting in front of your significant other?? geezzz…i could understand not pooping in front of your partner…because pooping is just too much…

      but farting/burping is definitely and should be okay! if i hold it in..i get stomach problems…and i like it when a guy farts in front of me…because i want him to be comfortable around me…the more the guy farts in front of me the better…AND GUYS!! IM NOT SAYING NOT TO BE CONSIDERATE! YOU HAVE TO TELL YOUR PARTNER IF YOURE GONNA FART! OR TRY TO AT LEAST GO TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROOM…CUZ THAT STINKS! the reasons why i prefer a guy to fart in front me is so i can fart comfortably in front of him! shiizz…if he can't accept you for who you are….then he's not the guy for you…

      i don't like farting…but when i have to fart…i'll let it rip! hahaha i'm actually the one who finds it funny…my guy gets kinda grossed out hahhaha..but he farts too! and it friggin stinks!!! lol just laugh it off is all i say…

    50. gerri 2 says:

      ohh and an advice for Elle…Just fart dammit!! You shouldn't care so much about how it will make you look unlady like…we, as women, are so lucky to be living in the modern days where women are more empowered and are able to take care of themselves financially and all this…women can be "players" now lol…

      but anyway…just FART! he won't leave you for that…he sounds like me…I remember i was with a guy who would not want to take his shirt off in front of me because he was fat or soemthing….and we've been together for almost 4 years!! i was kind of offended because to me…i felt as if he thought i was that shallow to leave him because of his fat body….i already knew he was fat! just like your bf already knows youre human with normal bodily functions….stop being reserved! and get on with it and fart!!

    51. Elise says:

      My boyfriend farts around me all the time. I actually think it's cute that he's comfortable around me. He lets me walk in when he's peeing but I never walked in on him pooping before. Ever. I burp and fart in front of him all the time. No big deal. He just laughs and moves on. So ladies, fart all you want around your man. They'll still love you!

    52. Alicia says:

      Farting in front of my boyfriend is just too embarrassing. When it has happened, I turned beet red. He laughs and kids me about it, I blush. So, I try not to break wind in front of him.

    53. Megan says:

      Well, I typically am a little bathroom shy around my boyfriends, but this one event really helped me overcome some of that shyness. I was about 20 at the time and was with this guy for about 4 months. It was a nice summer day and we went hiking. We had been on the path for about an hour and I apologized first to him but said I really needed to fart and he said ok and I did and he was cool about it. I realized though that I didn't just have to fart and didn't know what I was going to do because there were no restrooms around and we still had some distance to go before we got back to the car. I held my poo for about 15 minutes but I was so desperate to poo I just had to tell him. He was really nice about it and said he would cover me if someone came by (which no one did fortunately). So I was a little uncomfortable at first, but he turned his back and I, well, did what I had to do on the side of the trail. And he was ok… we actually started telling bathroom stories thereafter. It really changed how I approach things now and am thus less bathroom shy.

    54. Rosie says:

      ok this is perfect because i just googled this having had a VERY embarrasing incident with my boyfriend just now. Wed just been for a chinese and were sitting in the park getting a bit passionate when suddenly i let one rip…weve been going out for nearly 4 months now but ive known him for over a year and have NEVER EVER farted on him..

      well i can tell you now he was in absolute shock!he had a huge rant about how disgusting it was and jumped up to walk off whilst i was apologising profusively/ trying not to laugh hysterically whilst the remainder of a fart slipped out!!

      and now, hes just sent me a text saying that was disgusting, i used to think you were attractive till that what the fuck!?

      and ive apologised and apologised..

      just for the record, he has not farted once in front of me but we always burp and talk bout pooping…i guess just farting wasnt a boundary wed overcome yet and i dont wanna make a habit of it either!!

      1. Leah says:

        you should never apologize for something that is natural and human for everyone including yourself. You should break up with him.

      2. Allison says:

        I agree with Leah. I dated a guy once that was overly offended if I ripped one in front of him. I figured that was going to be a deal breaker for the relationship, especially since I unfortunately have irritable bowel syndrome and so it's not always possible to hold in the gas. I do my best to be polite and not go overboard with farting but I tend to think that you shouldn't have to apologize for doing what everyone has to do sometimes.

      3. Kevin says:

        Yeah, he's an immature piece of shit then. Find someone better.

    55. hannah says:

      well my bf told me on the phone last night that i had farted on him in my sleep. he laughed about it. he farts all the time, and i was embarrassed at first. we've only been together 2 months but we're pretty open to those things, its a normal thing and its something to laugh about really, nothing to stress about.

    56. William says:

      lol…..Ladies, let me reassure you that the vast majority of men think farting is normal and hilarious, and will not judge you for it. In fact, if you fart in front of your boyfriend without too much (or better yet without any) embarrassment, they will like and trust you even more because it shows you are not a prude and that you will probably not judge them either, just for being human. If you let one rip and it embarrasses you, just laugh it off. Jokingly blame it on the cat or something. I guarantee you your boyfriend will find it hilarious. If he doesn't, then there are some mommy/potty training issues there and he needs to get over himself.


    57. StevieLouise says:

      i never fart infront of my boyfriend of 8 months, i burp all the time, and i have like proper man burps.. and he doesnt care, hes just abit gutted that he cant burp as loud or good as me. But i'll never fart infront of him.. i mean we've spoken about it, but i dont fart infront of anyone, even my best friends. Sometimes when he does stuff to annoy me i say 'i'll fart' and hes like go on then, cause he knows i wont and we joke about it. He says i've got a 'golden bum' cause i never poo or fart according to him. but when i was at dance i overheard a boy saying that girls 'dont poo, its wrong' and how he refuses to believe it.

    58. Cristina De Basto says:

      O.K, I think my story is the worst by far! So I went out one weekend with my girlfriends, we ended up having one too many drinks and by the time we knew it, we were all over the place. I called my boyfriend to pick us up at the club (my bf of almost 3 months). He picked us up with two of his buddies. I suddenly had the urge to throw up and as I leaned over the side of the door I let out a NASTY one. His friends could not stop laughing and I couldn't be more embarrassed. My bf told me he likes me a lot but that it was very disgusting. Its been almost a week and I STILL can't get over it😥

    59. Roxy says:

      haha these stories r so funny!! i cannot do it personally myself, way too embarassing! as for cristina's story…dont worry, he will let it go in time! just say u were drunk and werent in control of it!:)

    60. Jordan says:

      The first time I farted in front of my boyfriend, we were sitting on my bed and I had to sneeze. Along with the sneeze came a lovely little fart and he doubled over laughing and said (between laughs) "I have never loved you so much before". So even though he was okay with it I was mortified and went between hysterical laughing and horrified crying. Now it's pretty stinking funny. Pun intended.

    61. wise says:

      This is a good topic my girlfirend of almost 8 months was a lil shy bout it but not me lol I let it go n front of her with no problem and she let it go befor 1 time it slipped and other times when she had a heavy cough I laughed and said omg I love u lol

    62. FoShizz says:

      Great Topic. My boyfriend and I are together 7 months & i burped the other day & he thought it was Sexy xD but farting for a girl is a bit weird …But he Farts & always tells me when he is going to poop & for how long :L

      I on the other hand am too shy .

    63. Shannon says:

      I personally think that it is not the guy setting the double standard but the female. My husband LOVES to refer to me as a "dude" because in a lot of situations I have more balls than his friends do. I'm with Panda on this one. I love the fact that my husband would rather go paintballing and kayaking with me than his guy friends because we have no limits. His friends are totally okay with me farting in front of them too. We even have farting contests sometime. (Yes I swear I am female) I will always believe that us women are the ones who create that standard of being "women like". I don't take time to do my makeup and I don't need fancy clothes or nice hair. It's sexier when you're all natural and any guy will tell you that.

    64. Shannon says:

      and one little add on. I kiss my husband and brush my teeth and do everything in front of him when he's pooping. If you can take a shower with the guys you should be able to poop in front of them. If a guy has hi puberty he knows girls poop.

    65. Faith says:

      omg hahaha all this shoul be printed into a book called "ladylike?"

      i personally would NEVER fart in front of my boyfriend bc i think its nasty and idk…it just makes me feel gross so i tend to keep my poo and farts to myself. peeing on the other hand i find it cute. like "i gotta tinkle" or something like that or "i gotta peeeee" i find that perfectly fine… he loves me no matter what!!!!!!!

    66. Crystal says:

      well first my parent have been married for 30 years this august and my mom has yet to fart in front of my dad,(but hes heard it in her sleep lol) and my husband has only heard me fart once and thats because it slipped, i was horrified and he was soooo happy hed been wanting me to for months cause he doesnt see the big deal. that is one thing i do love about him he could care less about that stuff, but i still dont fart infront of him, but now its cause i frusterated him!

    67. JACKIE says:

      haha i farted in front of my bf and he just started laughing his ass off but he said it was cute cuz he was happy i was gettin comfertable in front of him(:

      im glad we are getting more comfertable in front of each other cuz were gonna be moving in wit each other and its gonna cum out sooner or later right?

      peeing i have no problem wit it

      but POOPING is a whole different story

      that, i need privacy for

      but other then that its all good(:

    68. Jaleel says:

      i believe that its the sexiest thing a women can do be it doesnt happen often. so for you ladies out there just let one fly and see what they say and if they say its adorable,cute then it most likely turns them on because it does me very well and i'm a guy

    69. Billy Bob says:

      My ex girlfriend farted in front of me and I was so repulsed I vomited on her face.

      Hence why she is my ex.

      And I don't think they will ever let me back in that restaurant…

    70. Sandipan says:

      yahh, My gf also farts everytime in fron t of me.

    71. Yorkshire Lad says:

      Well I've been with my girlfriend for almost a year now and we've only recently discovered each other's bodily functions rather as a mishap as we both managed to get food poisoning. We were basically alternating on the toilet whilst playing connect 4 and Uno Stacko. It was a situation neither of us wanted to be in but it was a mutual embarassment so we can kinda laugh about it now the trauma has ended. I burp and fart in front of my lass whenever the urge arises although I still try to hold it in whilst present in front of her parents but that is more of a respect thing as opposed to embarassment. My girlfriend has yet to fart in front of me but she does joke about it. I think she will do it without thinking one day. I still love her to bits all the same. She's my rock and without her I would find it very difficult.

      P.S anyone who comes out with those stupid myths that girls don't fart or poop need to have evidence presented in front of them (let's face it, it would certainly shut them up hehe!)

    72. David says:

      I wouldn't want my woman farting in front of me. Farts stink of shit. A man wants his women's ass to be a sexy thing. He wants to rub his face on it and lick it. He does not want it stinking the place out.

    73. Scott says:

      My girlfriend and I fart and poop in front of each other. I have dated girls that are afraid to fart and poop…and that is a bit of a turn off. Be open with your body…that's a turn on! My girl sometimes farts during sex. No problem!

    74. NoName says:

      I've been dating my girlfriend for almost a year now, and since my first time getting turned on, I've known that for some weird reason it turns me on when a girl (who's not related to me, and is my age) farts. I don't know why, and plenty of people have it, they just don't talk about it. My girlfriend is way open about farting and pooping and peeing and all that, and finally one night I confessed my little turn on to her, and now she does it even more frequently around me. In fact pretty much anytime she wants to seduce me, she (and I quote) "has a secret weapon" to ensure the success of her endeavor. She's pretty much amazing, and honestly, guys like david up here and other male posters in this thread REALLY piss me off with their chauvinistic b.s. Girls are not kitchen-tethered-sperm-recepticle-dolls put here for your enjoyment. They are human beings. And my weird little fetish not withstanding, girls should be afforded all the freedoms guys have. P.S; not a 40 year old weirdo saying this, I'm 19 years old. Just your average college student.

      1. eryka19 says:

        i wish more guys were like u.

    75. NoName says:

      ^ and in my rant, I forgot to mention that she is TRULY the love of my life.

    76. Bert Flap says:

      To NoName some may say that if you are turned on by the stench of excrement which farts what in effect are, then there is something wrong with you. You label as chauvanistic those that find the stench of excrement repulsive. That assumes that those men who find it repulsive when a woman does it are not offended when a man does it. To be honest, if you do not have the good manners to take your erupting anus away from the general population then you are a dirty inconsiderate tramp – whether male OR female!

    77. ED McIvor says:

      In Western culture burping and farting out loud in the company of other people, whether you're male of female not only characterizes you as knuckle dragging, lazy, self-centered boor, it screams disrespect for others to say nothing of a genuine lack of self respect. Sorry gals, if you think males farting and burping is an expression of masculinity, male bonding or something men do regularly in the gym, on the golf course or just hangin' together, you've been hangin' with the wrong class of men. They represent about 5% of the North American male population who also spit on the street, pick their noses, rarely shower or who don't wash their hands after using the bathroom. (Although I'm ashamed to admit how many men at every socio-economic level, from laborers to Wall Street executives, don't wash before leaving the bathroom)If you're attached to a guy who farts and burps in your presence and thinks its funny … my condolences.

      That said I think its way cute when a woman inadvertently toots or if a little audible burp escapes her lips. That most women are shy about pooping in their boyfriends' bathrooms, or that they try to poop fast so their men don't suspect that's what they've been doing, is charming. I find it poingnant when a woman confides that she needs to poop or that she's been having difficulty on the toilet. There's hardly anything more endearing than a woman sitting on the toilet peeing or trying to poop. I knew, for instance, that my female business partner would get aroused telling me how she had experimented with different kinds of menstrual projection, that she occassionally takes her laptop in with her when she poops, or the time she called me on her cell phone while she was on the toilet talking over the sound of her urine hitting the water.

      I've never yet turned away a woman who has needed to poop or pee while I'm in the shower or shaving. I prefer the courtesy of her asking for permission, but I have never turned down a polite request.

      Ladies, most men are not turned off knowing you have to poop, or being present at that moment you do, or if you happen to fart or burp by mistake. I think the more feminine and proper you are in general the more we love you for those aspects of your humanity.

    78. Bulb says:

      @ED McIvor.

      Please don't claim to speak for 'most men' when claiming most men do not find it a turn off being present when a woman needs to excrete. As a man I would never consider doing such a thing with a partner present and I would think that many would feel the same.

      We are not animals. We have the capacity to control when we empty our bowels. It is a complete lack of respect to fart or worse, feel the need to excrete when your partner is present.

      People should have a bit of dignity and keep their toilet habits private. We are not stupid, we know people have to use the toilet – whether male or female. I think the ones who like the idea of a woman sh*tting in their presence are merely displaying some kind of warped sexual fetish in the guise of being unpeturbed by such actions.

    79. sweet_sunshine says:

      my bf finally farts in front of me, it happened one day when i was with him all day and he told me he had gas, then we were laying in bed and and watching one of his lame tv shows and i tried to change the channel, and he said if u change the channel ill fart in this bed… i did…and he did…a couple times lol, he said it took him a long time to do it because i didnt do it first and he felt restricted but i let him know it was ok. he definitely doesnt care if i fart and actually encourages me to just let it out, he thinks its cute when i say excuse me after i do.

    80. Byron says:

      O.K., Peeing is one thing, but, farting & taking a shit in front of that other …. The smell well be gross. The romance is far more important. I'v had 3 girlfreinds in the past. Would I do it different, I hope so.

    81. FART FREAKOUT! says:

      I CRIED of being so embarresed of farting infront of my boyfriend ( ithought i could do it and get away with it ) i got away widd it for about a week when he suddenly brought it up! I cried for about 3 hours while he comforted me tha whole time ( we were talkin in txts) he kept tellin me hes fine with it but i was so devastated… So embaressed i could of thought i could go without chilling widd him in person anymore to save myself from even more emberrasment… Ithink i need help with my farting phobio.. Im fine with him farting in my presence but me i cant stand farting infront anyone EVEN FAMILY AND MYSELF! yes myself i actually hold my farts to spare MYSELF hearing me fart…. I need to seek a theripist lol but now im calm and im comfortable to do it infront him but hes probaly never gna hear a fart or poop or burp situation widd me ever again if i can help it!

      1. eryka19 says:

        awwwh lol. no worries at all. i think youre funny and i do not think you have a fart phobia:)

    82. Itch says:

      Me and my boyfriend were together for almost two years and we were completely open with all our bodily functions. I'd fart in front of him, get him to sit in the bathroom with me sometimes when I was both weeing and pooing. In fact, he found it funny when I would fart. This openness really took the relationship to another level. We were open about everything. I don't think i could have handled it if we weren't that open especially because I had stomach problems at the time which gave me a lot of gas. If I couldn't not be open about it, or even talk about it, I think my stomach issues would have gotten really bad.
      I hear my friends talk about how they could never fart around their boyfriends and pooing in front if them is a definite no go. But this just makes me feel sorry for them. I know that sounds a little gross and creepy, but they really clearly don't have a completely open relationship.
      Anyway, I hope I can find what I had with my ex with someone else in the future.

    83. Demeri says:

      I know how that can be. today in class, i farted, and i was sitting RIGHT NEXT to my boyfriend. I was really embarrassed and mentally cursing myself out. i don't fart much so i surprised myself and was really shocked that i let it happen. and when you fart in front of your boyfriend, if he is immature, it may be very hard for him to stop thinking about it and he won't be able to kiss you or be flirtatious with you without thinking of you farting. thats just how it is. but if he REALLY loves you, he won't give a damn (which is disgusting, but love doesnt care. if he loves you, he loves you) . so he might break up with me, who knows . all i know is, if he can't accept my normal bodily functions, he wasnt good enough anyway:)

    84. Richard says:

      First of all, David isn’t looking for a real woman; try pornography if that’s what you seek. Rosie, mí querida, you’ve done nothing wrong unless it was your intention to cause him discomfort; which I seriously doubt. Ay, Pedo…¡Esta Bien! if you truly love another, than you love ALL of them. Age, race, height, weight, religion, even body functions! intimacy is the pure act of being one’s self; it’s honest and selfless. If your girlfriend has an accident and is left with a scar, are you going to leave and find a prettier one? ¡Malo! I kiss her on the forehead every morning as she awakens and a gently say “come close so I can whisper: I am here for you”. Now if a young Vagito like me understands that, why can’t others? ¡Saor!

    85. Scarlett says:

      My boyfriend of 3 months says that I will never hear him fart. It worries me a little because I don't care to burp or pee while he's around and pooping is an ABSOLUTE no-no but the whole farting thing… I don't think it's a big deal. Honestly, if he was more comfortable with it, I would be too. But just due to the fact that he says I'll never hear it, I don't want to in front of him. I did today in his car when he was taking me home and it was really little so I'm hoping he didn't hear it but I'm wayyy embarrased about it:/ I know that hanging out with him will be nothing but I'll probably toss and turn about it all night now because I have a feeling that he will be thinking about it. I wish he was more comfortable with it so that I could be too… It just scares me because I love him and I see him being in my life for a very long time and I don't feel like I should have to restrict myself in front of someone who is supposed to love me. He says he doesn't care if I do it, but he won't… What should I do about it:/

    86. LuckyLiz says:

      I'm modest about farting in front of my fiancee but he doesn't care. In fact, once when we were, um, being intimate, I shifted positions really quickly (I'd been straddling his stomach with my back to him) and when he asked me why, I flat-out told him, "I thought I was gonna fart and I didn't want you to see it if I did." His response? "Oh! Honey! It's okay. I don't care. I love you. No matter what. All right?" in this really cute apologetic voice. It hasn't affected our relationship one bit. There's a time and a place for everything, and it's no trouble to separate unsavory moments from sexual ones. Bonus: I'm not nearly as freaked about the possibility of pooping with him in the room during childbirth (he won't see it anyway, he'll be up by my head holding my hand).

    87. Shauna says:

      It say let it rip!!!!! I felt the same way most of these ladies do at one point but I live with my bf and let me tell you trying to hold in a fart all damn day everyday takes a toll on your digestive system. Now this may be TMI but I’ve farted in my sleep several times not knowing of course until he told me LOL and other times where I literally farted out of my sleep and woke myself up only to see him awake and laughing his ass off. So as much as I tried to keep them in it back fired literally lol in all its 3 years later and lets just say I no longer try to hold them in;-) now my bf on the other hand has been farting since birth lol

    88. Carrie S says:

      For starters, I think my boyfrind of almost a year is more embarrassed to do it in front of me than I am! He’s a real gentleman, so he never peeks in on me while I’m in the bathroom either. I’m a silent farter most the time, so I don’t think he really knows when I do fart. Burping he’s a little less careful about. But it’s not like he does it all that often. But it was really embarrassing one time at dinner, we were having salmon, rice and broccoli… Out of the blue, I let out this GIANT burp. It was AWFUL! But that ended in laughs and snorts and choking… That sort of “broke the ice”. Kinda..

    89. Bubble says:

      LOL , i envy those people who are comfortable farting and pooping around people . But i just can’t do it infront of the people i know , even family members . I’m alright with it all over public toilets though . My stomach just makes weird noises and the thing is it’s audible ! I was sooooo extremely embarassed and i act as if nothing happened . Am i sick ? It’s been like this for few years , do i need to see a doctor for having weird sounds ?

    90. Desrai says:

      I’m soooo glad I found this!! I’m leaving to visit a guy overseas soon and I’m sooo shy about #2! I have such toilet phobia. I’m so worried about how I’m going to be able poop for 3 weeks that I’m not even excited about the holiday. My ex bf and I went out for 11 years and I never farted in front of him and only after 8 years was I comfy enough to say “I need to poo please can I have some privacy” rahahah!! My mom is like Angelina Jolie poops and she is with flipping Brad pitt – get over it! But I can’t. This whole toilet shy prob is called parcopresis. So glad I’m not alone. Wish me luck for my overseas trip!!

    91. Unknoown says:

      Lol I googled this right after I farted infront of my bf…IN MY SLEEP!!! Well I was half awake.. Guess u can say I woke myself up :)) I am still in bed with my bf.. And I a
      Pretty sure he heard my fart the first time!! It was loud and sounded like 2 very loud claps :< we have been together since augest 2011, so this is my first time letting one rip infront of him .. Damn I was kinda embarrassed!! I kno he is just lying to me because I woke him up to ask if he heard me but he said no and that he was sleeping..I farted again then asked him.. He started snoring… What a guy and yet he just farted 3x just now in his sleep:/

    92. Amy says:

      After my boyfriend and i had been dating about a year he turned to me one day and said " we are at the point in our relationship when i can fart in front of you" and he let it rip. I still wont fart in front of him tho even though i know he would not care.

    93. Gracie says:

      I fart in front of my boyfriend all the time hahah We've been together for 8 months and he told me after about 2 months that he had a "farting problem". He's like a 14 year old boy when he farts he runs to the bathroom and farts. It's quite funny but I always try to pretend not to be amused . It started with burping (I get a lot of air in my tummy which burping relieves the pressure) and once he begged me to fart just to prove I was comfortable around him. (So I did) He's so silly about it I feel comfortable to do it around him.

      1. xXGeneralTappyXx says:

        I would assume that you fart alot lol

    94. Michaela says:

      The most embarrassing thing happened to me. My boyfriend of only one month has a problem with tickling me. On our one month anniversary, he tickled me and I farted! He just laughed but I was absolutely mortified. I'm still embarrassed and sad!

    95. Annie says:

      I had so much trouble with this before! Basically my boyfriend and I have been together for 9 months, but we've known each other for almost 6 years now. We were friends for a long time so were definitely very comfortable around each other, but we're both a bit embarrassed about the whole farting/pooping sitauation.

      The thing is, once you're with someone for long enough, its bound to happen. I hold my farts in when I'm around him, just because I think it's polite and I want to look/feel sexy. But in my sleep… I just cant help it! Theres no way to hold those in! I wasn't sure if he had ever heard me, but since he never said anything or had woken up to them I figured he hadn't. One night after dinner I mentioned how full I was from all the food we had ate, when all of a sudden he responds " Aw baby, does that mean you're going to be farting all night? "

      I WAS SO EMBARRASSED! I didnt know what to do or say so I just quickly changed the subject and he just started laughing while he kissed me on the cheek and said "Hahaha it's okay baby"

      I was so relieved he didn't mind. I hear him walk into the other room and fart sometimes. We both know that they're normal bodily functions and the slips are going to happen but I think we just like to keep it polite and sexy!

    96. Angel says:

      This is pretty funny!
      I’ve been with my guy for 5 months now and a couple days ago, I accidently farted. I had been holding it in all day and it just slipped. I was so embarrassed, I literally almost started crying. He just laughed and said that he’s happy that I’m actually being that comfortable around him and that we’re at that level. It happened again today, and same situation. He thinks its cute, but I’m so embarrassed.:/ But I’ve burped in front of him before, no biggie. But I can barely even go to the bathroom if he’s within hearing distance. It bothers me.

    97. Oshay says:

      The fact that we are even discussing this for this long says one tging, “we want to be cute, sexy, and irresistably attractive while pooping, farting, and burping” I mean really, who wants to walk around with stomach cramps and bloat. That cant be good for the sexy figure I want to maintain for life. I remember those days of cutting dates short because I had TO GO. I wanted those long lovely dinner engagements, who knows, maybe they had a huge evening of spoiling me planned. Now, I’m in a long term relationship, soon to be married, and its the first time I let them rip. My fiance just laughs, he thinks its the cutest sound he’s ever heard. (Talk about knowing he’s the ONE) I also burp, use the bathroom when he’s with me, and he just chuckles. He said I’m the first woman to do that with him and that it affirms our closeness. He remembers those firsts among others. Go Figure. Gotta Love Him!

    98. Terikarma says:

      My boyfriend and I have been dating a little over a year. We have been farting and burping in front of each other since about 3 weeks into the relationship. I never really gave it much thought and we always laughed and thought it was funny. Today, my boyfriend told me that I fart and burp too much in front of him now. I was mortified. Now I'm going to have to go to the other side of the bell curve and not fart and burp at all. This sounds childess to me, especially when he made me feel like it was perfectly okay to feel that comfortable around him. Now he's changed his mind – he says it's okay every once in a while…but now I don't want to do it at all. Any advice?

    99. Ripping Farts says:

      My boyfriend of only 2 months enjoys farting, burping and pooing in front of me and I do all 3 in front of him without feeling embarrassed or unladylike.

      We laugh , joke and say the most disgusting and filthy things to each other all the time. We text each other weird and gross things.

      It really does break the ice in any relationship when you discuss or literally fart in front of your partner . We’re all humans and sooner or later you’re bound to do it. There’s no point in acting all femm and ladylike around a guy who is shallow and will dump you if you did all those things infront of him .

      You’re human… Rip as many farts as you like when you need to. If the moron doesn’t like it or makes a fuss, then dump his a$$

    100. Anon says:

      I think it’s totally uneccessary to fart, burp or do any of that stuff in front of someone you love or in front of anyone for that matter. They are private things that should be kept private between you & yourself & there are such things as bathrooms to go and do all that in. I think its extremely vulgar for women to do that in front of their men. Women are feminine beings and should remain that way. Having bad manners by burping/farting in front of others is really not lady like!! Some girls really need to get their femininity back.

      1. bob says:

        what the crap?! why dont you just say never fart or crap at all?

    101. fat loss factor review says:

      Most people think that losing bodyweight is tough. Acquiring started out is the difficult portion but as soon as you get the hold of it, you will not even discover that you are going through a excess weight decline program. Folks who are desperate to drop excess fat are in truth having risky actions in purchase to obtain their objectives by skipping foods and operating out like there is no tomorrow. Other men and women even resort to drugs that have no approved therapeutic statements. I hope that visitors who study my overview on the Excess fat Loss Element would find out that losing weight can be accomplished with out jeopardizing their well-being.

    102. Christy says:

      Wow, I’m reading the comments and its interesting how some of you are very comfortable around your significant other at the bf/gf stage!! Me and my bf never farted around each other, (not even accidentally) and if we need to burp, we burped silently. If we needed to use the bathroom, number 1 or 2 we just said “going to the bathroom.” We don’t mind discussing it, joking about it, telling stories about it or if it happens. We just prefer to keep that private between each other. In my opinion, that’s pretty much the only privacy you have in a relationship lol. Btw me and my bf have been going out for 2 1/2 years:)

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