Beyonce Knowels Has a 12 Inch Waist?



So, apparently that’s Beyonce.

I know, right? I didn’t recognize her either. Her face looks completely different, her right boob is computer generated, and check out that waist! Did she have some ribs removed? That’s gotta be airbrushing, right?


I mean, no one’s body can look like that naturally. And I hope this cover doesn’t inspire women to try.

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    1. J - NYU says:

      I just had a rib removed, and even my waist doesn't look like that.

      Who photoshopped her? Rachel Zoe?

      Plus her face looks tranny-licious. Beyonce has got a beautiful face…why must Marie Clare Trannyfy her?

    2. Sady - The New School says:

      Can I just share that I am really, really happy Beyonce’s crazy shape is right next to the “Terrorized by Anorexia Extremists” headline? You’ve got to watch out for those people! I mean, apparently they gouged an enormous chunk out of Beyonce’s stomach!

      Lord, I love the Photoshop.

    3. Bridgette says:

      She looks like a barbie doll. It is like the shrunk her waist only.

    4. kate says:

      it's the way she is stood.

      If you stand in the mirror and flex one of your feet as if wearing a high heel and keep the other flat, then you get this effect.

      No doubt this picture has been digitally altered but not as much as you're making out

    5. pecan tan says:

      it really pisses me off because every1 has flaws and they airbrush scars they digitally slice off a piece of thigh or anything that doesnt look perfect. Beyonce has big ears she even said so on Tyra or Oprah i cant remember they r real people just like us!

    6. non ya says:

      she did have her ribbs removed because there is no way you waist can shrink without surgery unless your really fat but look at her stomach when she first came out shes a bad influence

    7. Jonny says:

      Oh come on! You have NO IDEA what they can do on photoshop. They can slim her, tone her, make her face look nothing like her….its photoshop! Shes a human being and they make her look like a godess. People need to realise this. Its so stupid!

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