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Top 10 Websites for Shopping on the Cheap

Tell me if this sounds familiar: you’re relaxing in bed on a Sunday with a cup of coffee, coaxing the knot out of your brain left after five margaritas at Cabo Cantina, and flipping through the latest issue of Vogue, Bazaar, or Elle. After two hundred pages of Zac Posen dresses, Louboutin heels, Marc Jacobs bags, and “Smart Splurges Under $500,” you begin to cry.

Even if you traded in that hard-earned internship for a paid job delivering pizzas; even if you dropped out of school and stopped paying tuition; even if you sold a kidney, maybe two, on the black market in Thailand you still wouldn’t be able to afford a pair of $14,000 knee high alligator boots from Manolo Blahnik, or a $20,000 Hermes “Birkin” bag.

If you’re a dedicated follower of fashion like me, but poor as hell (like me), you need to know about these cheap online shopping websites: (In alphabetical order.) This site isn’t just for discounted books anymore. Amazon’s apparel and accessories department offers equally amazing deals on clothing, bags, and shoes from all the top labels. There are deals for every price range from over-the-knee patent boots from Jimmy Choo for $379 ($620 off the original price) to Seven7 skinny jeans for $18, a 70% mark down. As Seen on Screen is a British company that specializes in trendy fashion items that are based on (or the same as) items worn by your favorite celebrities. They’ve got ASOS brand leather knee-high gladiators in the style of Ashley Olsen for £55 (about $102), a studded belt identical to the one Carrie wore in the “Sex and the City” movie for £15 (about $28), and an amazing selection of items from independent designers like a sheer chiffon floral top by To Love Kuvaa for £30 (about $56). This is by far the best place to find imitation designer purses. If you’re thousands of miles from Canal Street (or if the idea of Canal Street makes you retch), you’ll love Fashion Junkee. Their “Inspired by Marc Jacobs” Stam bag is a ridiculously low $46, and their “Inspired by Balenciaga” motorcycle bag is only $58 and comes in twenty different colors. This is the store that definitely sucks away the biggest portion of my paycheck. See a plaid Dolce & Gabbana skirt on the fall runway you’re dying to have? Chances are they’ve got a similar item in their store for about a thousand dollars less. But the store can get crowded, and the music they play is annoying, so shopping online is a godsend. They add new merchandise everyday so visit often. Also, be sure to check out their higher end (as in, a few extra Hamiltons) label Twelve by Twelve and their accessories line For Love 21. This isn’t a designer label (Know Label, get it?), but if you don’t care what the tag says then this is an amazing website to find high quality clothing at low prices. My favorite items include a little black party dress with rosettes in the style of Philip Lim for $48, and a white silk pleated babydoll top with black ribbon trim that looks like it was taken off the back of Chloe Sevigny, also only $48. This site is really all about the shoes. They’ve got dresses, bikinis, and lingerie, but these items tend to be for older women, mostly in their 30s. Skip over that stuff and go right to the footwear. They’ve got a pair of studded platform oxford booties currently on sale for $39 (was $49) that I’ve been dying to buy and classic t-strap pumps in a range of colors for only $29. This is like a flea market you don’t have to wake up at 6 AM and drive to. They’ve got hundreds of vintage items for men and women all for around $30. Shoes, pants, dresses, all categorized by style (“Disco,” “Hippie,” etc.) and era (from the 1940s to today). I try to stay away from actual Target stores because I find that I walk in just trying to buy paper towels and come home with two bras, a pair of jeans, and a George Foreman Grill. I stick to to keep myself from over-shopping and to make sure that what I walk in for is what I walk away with. In recent years they’ve also earned major style points with their Go International designer labels. Currently it’s Richard Chai’s turn, but my favorite was definitely Proenza Schouler’s line. I wear their bustier top all the time! Supposedly the British high street chain Topshop is coming to America, but until it makes it to your city, you’ll have to settle for browsing the runway worthy duds and Kate Moss designed separates online.

Has anyone got a favorite discount shopping site they’d like to add to this list? I’m always looking for new places to burn through my savings.



    1. Ashley says:

      I looove asos… just wore a pair of kick ass copper snake skin pumps I got (on sale for $15, no less!) and got compliments on them all night!

    2. Victoria W - Bingham says:

      Love this article! Thanks for the killer round up of sites, I love fulfilling fashion whims on the cheap.

      TopShop is fabulous! Its an edgier and more fashion-forward H&M. I fell in love with it when I lived in England- super inexpensive and cute stuff!

    3. Ash says:

      I saw this same list on College Fashion:…. I like both of your lists, except I'm not sure about Topshop – when you convert the prices from pounds to dollars and add shipping to the US, it's not exactly cheap!

    4. Helen says:

      Topshop cheap? Not recently! In the last few years its got so expensive!

    5. Koley says: – it's an invite-only email list, they don't spam you AT ALL, just send you emails which allow you to get the real things for WAY cheap – I got a denim mini from William Rast (Justin Timberlake's clothing line) for 70% off retail and absolutely love it! The only downside is the sizing tends to be in inches; however the clothes fit perfectly since you have to know your exact "number measurements" instead of the typical size 4/5/6/7… etc. type.

    6. Koley says:

      ps: the list is open to anyone and everyone

    7. lidia says:

    8. lona says: is another great site to find things cheap and sale notices

    9. Party Girl says:

      this post is awesome

    10. Isabella says: also has great outfits for under $50 – just check it out.

    11. ranagill58 says:

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    12. Taryn says:

      Some other great shopping websites are

      All these websites are invitation only, but they have the best deals on everything! Next week on there is a Gucci sale and right now William Rast jeans. You can sign up with my email as the referral:


    13. Sabrina says:

      These websites are great! Some good websites are with the referral email:,,,, and

      Check them out!

    14. lara says:

      For instant access to some of the best invite only sites I've found–ideeli, rue la la, billion dollar babes, the top secret, gilt groupe, editor's closet, hautelook, gomatta girls, and DD Push–follow this link for your invitations:

    15. Kate Schaefer says:

      If you are looking for American Apparel products on the cheap – this website is the lease expensive and they always have inventory –

    16. Etude says:

      hey, reading this article has really helped me a lot…these websites are good.

      Guess what?? i came across a similar bur very amazing shopping website online..its

      Etude house

      OH!! its amazing. They have a good range of products. I just bought 4 dresses from there. Thought i should share my opinion with many other online shoppers. So go check it out, am sure just like the websites mentioned above you would live fashion4us as well. I completely loved it:)

    17. Skinfood says: is another great site to find things cheap and sale notices Etude house | สุขภาพ | Skinfood

    18. anirac says:

      Try finding deals and fashion coupons on I personally enjoyed and made my purchases through them for 2 years now:)

    19. ken says:

      This article is great but incomplete! You forgot to add the that turns shopping into a more digg like atmosphere.

    20. i like this article too much. there is awesome korean japanese fashion web i think the fashion crazer will like it so post here let us share together.

    21. jewelz says:

      I know a cool little website where you can get fashion jewelry for just $2 check it out at

    22. […] the one hand, anything that gives me a chance to wear my pretty summer shoe collection more than just a measly 3 months out of the year is a good thing in my book (hey, those […]

    23. Jordan ly says:

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    25. krissy says: will tell you when other sites are having deals or coupon codes!


    26. Jessica says:

      Another cool site for cheap sunglasses and accessories is i shop there quite a bit and the customer service is really good.

    27. Serina says:

      If you are looking for one of a kind funky wear with touch of Asian Taste, You can check out I accidentally found them on Yahoo when I was looking for the Taiwanese brand I'miusa. I especially like their funky style. They have excellent customer service too!

      1. johara says:

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      2. Rebecca says:

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    28. Leona James says:

      Hautelook : designer items for sale!! :

    29. hannah james says:

      There is a Cheap site i came across recently,i found the perfect dress there and everything is under £20 so perfect for anyone on s budget!

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    30. Emmanuel Peterson says:

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      1. Carol says:

        That site has nothing to do with cars!! Very misleading.

      2. Carol says:

        the site I am referring to that has nothing to do with cars is called cheap car direct. Again, very misleading

    32. Jena says:

      Good list. Here is a site that lists great daily deals & steals for designer fashion and other superb finds:

    33. Bethany says:

      I found this really cool site;
      It’s a private, members-only / invitation only, flash sales site that offers popular hotel and resort destinations all at up to 65% off.

      They have destinations in the US and overseas (Europe, Paris France, ect.)

      Word to the wise, you have to be quick though. Most of their vacations sell out in the first 30secs of being offered. So I suggest logging in regularly.

      Membership is offered through current members only; feel free to email me if you would like an invite. klavradio(at)gmail(.)com


    34. […] it. And this is what I found: On the one hand, anything that gives me a chance to wear my pretty summer shoe collection more than just a measly 3 months out of the year is a good thing in my book (hey, those […]

    35. brian2baker says:

      Thank you for your tips, i am always looking forward to learn about more sites where i could get cheap stuff online and your examples suits my tastes. It's been years now since i buy most of my clothing online, it's the perfect escape from the mall's noises and crowds for me.

    36. Guest says: is really good, the things they sell are brand-name stuff (not too expensive) but they reduce the price of everything to 15 bucks. Kind of like a dollar store, but for clothes!

    37. Myra says:

      Have you heard about secret sales for boutiques (sample sales)? Not many know about them because they use to only be in New York but They have HUGE sales going on right now online, but you can still Google it to be assured that they're real and professional sales. =)

      I'll provide some links to a few invite-only sites for private/secret sales for designer clothes, make-up, shoes, heels, boots, bags, etc. You can find unique home furniture, jewelry, luggage and many home appliances. They even have Vacation Trips and Spa Packages at reduced prices! They also have Mens Designer Clothes and Childrens Clothes. Many times they have items that can't be found anywhere else. The sales only last 1-2 days and you can sometimes find things that are up to 95% off the original price but they sell out fast! I'm pretty sure you'll love these sites either way!

      Good luck and have fun shopping!

    38. littlemissshopper says: is a amazing website namebrand clonthing for dirtcheap !!!!!! Some of the shoes style are from the precious year but mostly everything is pretty new and still in style !!! Plus freeshipping they do charge alot of taxes but you can get some really good products!!

    39. Laila says:

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    42. Starfire says:

      try nothing is over $5.99 and shipping is good. Also try they have sum cute clothes all for under $10. how can you not go wrong with those prices. and the aslo has clothes for men and children as well; as well as accessories. and shipping is cheap.

    43. Do try it out once; you will never regret your decision. And once you shop from this site you’ll know how different it is from the rest.

    44. Ashley says:

      I came across a web site called about two weeks ago i would recommend them for nice cheap fashion clothing and they have some inexpensive pieces as well hope this helps!:)

      1. Foe says:

        the first site you cant even access and the second is not cheap at all.
        were looking for bargains here people… lets focus!

    45. anon says: !!! the very best.

      1. guest says:

        sounds like a porn site??

    46. Sally says:

      Jayjay's from NZ/ Aussie!

    47. tequila says:

      These are pretty good fashionable websites with decsent prices. enjoy.

    48. How about trying online fashion clothing wholesaler Cleocat-Fashion? Their clothes, bags and accessories are cheap and of good quality?

      1. FOE says:

        Very bad reviews for this Cleocat-Fashion site
        thank god i saw this before i made my purchase :c
        don't trust it .

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    50. Samantha says:

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    51. Jane says:

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    52. aida says:

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    54. Forever 21 is indeed one of the cheapest clothing websites. It also has quality clothes. I bought from them many times and I was happy with the products!

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    56. @CayleeMonea says:

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    57. CopyChic says:

      Who are these 30-year-olds shopping at Newport News? I'm in my mid-thirties and guarantee you that neither I nor any of my friends who are "older" as you put it have ever purchased anything there. Not that I have anything against the brand, but hello? Who writes this stuff?

      By the way, whoever said Forever 21 sells "quality" items is half correct. Some of their items do last, but as for most, I wouldn't count on it. Ever heard their "return" policy.

    58. claudia says:

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    63. Jessica says:

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    69. ozra says:

      Funny that you want to burn through your savings! It is rather fun though to spoil yourself – a reward from time to time does wonders for the soul!

    70. keep a guy says:

      Have you considered "stealing" the designs that most attract you, and making them yourself?
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    71. tiffany says:

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      1. martha currey says:

        You should probanly invest in some English/grammer/spelling classes before you purchase anymore clothes. Your comment made no sense whatsoever. And if free classes are too much for your pocketbook than you may want to reconsider slamming someone's advice/insight without at least using the spelling/grammer function in your response software program.

      2. Christine says:

        It's the internet. It is not English class. I agree it is difficult to understand some comments, however it isn't the top of my personal priority list to slam anyone on grammar. I do have to say, while we are on the subject, that you are a bit hypocritical and should check your own comment before criticizing someone else. "Than" should be spelled then and I believe "probanly" should be spelled probably. Also, you might want to resist the use of the forward slash so often. In this particular case and for me personally, it distracts from your point you are trying to convey. Oh and "grammer" is actually spelled grammar. You may want to find a more suitable spell checker? I am in no way trying to sound rude. I just think we should not be so judgmental and nit-picky about ever little thing we see. Moreover, if you are going to relay criticism at least make sure you are prepared to serve it with proper examples. I apologize if this comes across rude, however, it gets old seeing so many critical people who cannot practice what they preach. Furthermore, I would care more about grammar if this was an educated conversation. With all due respect, we are talking about clothes and such.

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