Gay Virginity For Sale!

lance-bass.jpgSo, apparently the Wall Street crisis is hurting people in more ways than we thought. We’ve discovered yet another desperate person trying to sell sex to pay off debt.

Remember that crazy, desperate college grad student from Sacramento who tried to sell her virginity to pay for her student loans (I guess working and saving is just not as profitable)?

Well, looks like she inspired someone because after Johnny No Name blew away the severance pay he was offered when he was let go from his investment banking firm position, he decided to move on to selling his gay virginity online — because whoring yourself out is the must have job of the year.

What is gay virginity, anyway? According to him, it’s a hand job and/or blow job, but absolutely no anal (at least not part of this specific deal), because he’s not gay. Sure, keep telling yourself that.

The real comedy comes when he swears to the bidders he is “HOT” and looks like Adam Brody. Well Johnny, if you’re so “HOT,” maybe you should try to model your way out of debt instead of selling a hand and blow job.

…Just a suggestion.

It may or may not shock you, but where there is one desperate person there is of course a few more; currently Johnny No Name has a high bid of $11,000.

You gotta loves those brothels in Nevada and Rhode Island, thanks to them this is all perfectly legal. I wonder if Mr. No Name’s plane ticket from New York to Nevada is included in the bid?

This is just another piece of evidence that shows how far people will go for money and sex. Would you sell your body to pay off thousands of dollars of student loans?



    1. stevedenver says:

      And what if the winning bidder shows up and the Adam Brody look-alike is more like George Costanza?

    2. some guy says:

      I think this manwhore is retarded too, but at least reading the fking article stevedenver

    3. Calo says:

      that's what life is all about!,taking chances.

      And if some idiot wants to pay for a hand job/blow job,good for you!,I would pay just for penetration but that is just me!……

    4. PublicSpeaker says:

      I want my debt eliminated as much as the next person but just because its legal in some states doesnt mean I am going to sell my body for it. Thats not what my body was created for! besides how can you sell somethings thats priceless…lol

    5. Miss teen SA says:

      We all have choices and no right to judge others for their choices.

      Make you choice on what ever basis, and own it. I would do what ever suits me and won't even care what other think about me.

      I will go to hell or heaven alone, so why should I care what others think or say about me?

    6. jo bloggs says:

      my virginaty is for sale.. any offers ??

    7. arnold says:

      i have a debt. i'm from indonesia. i don't now, how to sell my self. please help me. i need a lot of money. i'm still virgin man. contact me in +6282341088887

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