This Just In: College Guys Are Gross


If this doesn’t motivate you to buy shower sandals, we really don’t know what will.

Also: SICK.



    1. Katie says:

      The reason semen clogs pipes is because it's so sticky, and it can collect a lot of hair, creating a disgusting ball of hair and jizz that can clog anything. It would take a lot of it though.

      I think I've heard this sign is fake. I hope it is. Who wants their room mate going at it alone in the room all the time?

    2. Lauren, University o says:

      Katie, thank you for getting so descriptive. I just vomited. Also, I am never going near the boys bathrooms again.

    3. Anonymous Coward says:

      that is absurd, someone point them in the direction of the girls dorm.

    4. Bunny says:

      ^ hahah

      but really….how much must go through the pipes in order to damage them – thousands of pounds each year? Are they made of a certain type of material that gets corroded by it?😐

      And “semen related costs” cracks me up!!


    5. J - NYU says:

      This sign really has to be fake. How could that possibly be in the HONOR CODE?

    6. Leah says:

      I go to U of M, and I definitely have seen this sign up in one of the dorms. So gross!

    7. anon says:

      the real reason is when semen gets into water it hardens quickly and can become very firm if it is sticking to say the edge of a pipe it'll stay there.

    8. Yumi says:

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