Candy Dish: Faith Hill Looks Better at 41 Than We Do Now

faithshape.jpgSeriously, Faith Hill is one hot mama.

Cindy Crawford isn’t too bad, either.

Celebrities dress up in slutty Halloween costumes too!

Try a new look: the romantic up-do.

Chase Crawford has some crazy brows.

Joe Biden’s teeth are freaking us out.

A college blogger’s look at the pros of both Obama and McCain.

Why are people saying that Will Smith is gay?

Another celebrity proves they are above the law. Way to go, Britney!

Forget The Hills. Get a sneak peak at Whitney Port and The City.

The government is listening (and enjoying) your phone sex.

Pasta fork…or weapon?



    1. Andi says:


      "A college blogger’s look at the pros of both Obama and McCain."

      really? because I'm pretty sure theres a Pro Obama list, and then another pro obama list.

      How about you be a little less biased and just promote college aged girls to cast their own educated votes, rather then posting up one sided articles.

      I honestly expected better…

    2. Thomas says:

      Agree with Andi…not a 'pro' on both sides look there. I hope this isn't the 'source' or extent of research you are doing when making your selection in this election.

    3. Sarah says:

      The comments are closed on the celebrity Halloween costumes article. Probably because SO MANY PEOPLE commented on how obviously photoshopped the pic of the Olsen twins is.


    4. meg says:

      If you ask me, it looks like Shape copy/pasted Faith's head onto some awkward photoshopped version of her own body. Or someone else's body.

    5. Jacks says:

      Hah Sarah I was going to say the same thing about the Olsen twins..very unbelievable photoshop.

    6. Ibrahim says:

      It's true, I'm the writer at ZenCollegelife.com and the McCain article is satire. The truth is I couldn't find a good top reasons to vote McCain list (just like I said in the article). I didn't write either article in their entirety, I just chose two articles which I thought were appropriate and entertaining…

      Sorry to upset so many people. College Candy readers sure are a fiery bunch.

    7. Thomas says:

      Ibrahim if you think those comments were 'fiery' you should stop blogging now. If using your research skills you were not able to find one good thing to write about McCain you better start practicing "do you want fries with that" because you are going flunk out of college.

      I read the article(s) to get another prospective, as I don't think either is a very good candidate for the country. The article would have been satire if you had written that way for both, what you wrote was biased.

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