First And Worst Ladies: A Yearbook


Michelle Obama is already on her way as being one of the most influential First Ladies. She played a large role in Barack’s campaign and she looked damn good doin it. She will be joining a long line of beautiful, intelligent, and memorable First Ladies who have made just as much of an impact on U.S. history as their husbands.

But let’s be real…there a few first ladies who no one remembers cuz they did nothing but stand there and look pretty.

So here is our walk down memory lane, if you will. A yearbook of some of the best first ladies…and some of the worst!

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First Lady Stand-Outs

lady-bird-johnson.jpgLady Bird Johnson “Mrs. Social Butterlfly” -Lady Bird had it rough trying to fill Jackie O’s shoes, but she did a terrific job and everyone loved her. There was no one this First Lady wouldn’t schmooze; she was friendly with members of Congress and their wives, members of the president’s Cabinet and their wives, and foreign dignitaries. She partied in that White House like no other.


carter2.jpgRosalyn Carter- “Most Likely to Control Her Man”-Ever wonder how to keep your man wrapped around your little finger? Rosalyn Carter is an inspiration to ladies around the world. It is not a secret that Jimmy Carter consulted and sought the advice of his wife on nearly every important decision he made – she wore the pants in the relationship. Well done Rosalyn, well done.


er.jpgEleanor Roosevelt-“Most Likely to Make a Difference”– Always thought the First Lady didn’t do anything except “keep the president happy?” Well, Eleanor Roosevelt was a mover and a shaker. She fought for the poor, the rights of African Americans, migrant workers, and helped dissatisfied students. If it weren’t for her, we may be more unhappy than we currently are.


jackie_kennedy1.jpgJacqueline Kennedy“Best Dressed”– There is no doubt that Jackie O is the most popular and well known First Lady of all time. We have to admit, fashion and great looks can take you extremely far in life. I know I’m still rocking those classic big frames. Mrs. Obama has even been compared to this fashionista being called Michelle O.


hillary_clinton14.jpgHillary Clinton- “Most Likely to Rule to the World” – Okay, Hillary accomplished great things in the White House, like expanding peoples’ ideas about universal health care and family issues. But who can forget Bill and Monica’s big black dress incident? Apparently Hillary has selective memory or a lotta love. Regardless, she made history herself as one of the democratic front-runners for the presidency. She fought the good fight, and even though she didn’t make it all the way, she definitely made her mark.



Failing First Ladies

73696-004-e314e77c.jpgEllen Wilson-Most Likely to Not Make a Difference to Mankind, in any way…at all”- Ellen Wilson makes Laura Bush look like an over-achiever. “I am naturally the most unambitious of women,” is one of her more famous quotes that display her absolutely grotesque lethargy as a woman and as a person. Hopefully the Wilson’s had a great sex life, because if not for that – she would have been an ACTUAL physical waste of space in the White House.


grace-coolidge.jpgGrace Coolidge- “Most Likely to Fight for the Spotlight (and win)”– There is nothing wrong with making yourself noticed, but when you actively compete with your husband for the national spotlight – that’s a little over the top. It is even worse when your name is Grace Coolidge, and your husband is the President. She became more worried about parties than she was politics, and her marriage suffered severely for it. She did not even know that he had decided not to seek re-election in 1928 until he announced it to the press.


pat_nixon1.jpgPat Nixon- “Most Fun at a White House Party”- Pat Nixon’s quoted goal in life was, “I just want to go down in history as the wife of the President.” Way to aim high! Despite being the first First Lady to earn a graduate degree, she went on to be a “good will ambassador” across the world, while rumors of her uncontrolled alcoholism became a distraction to the White House and the DC political scene.


nancy_reagan.jpgNancy Regan- “Most Likely to Drive People to Drug Use”- Nancy Regan is reknownd for her “Just Say No to Drugs” campaign. Ironically, drug use increased by 15% during her campaign. The innundation of her obnoxiously over-simplified yet condescending message led many to experiment in drugs that they normally would have passed on. Though it can’t be proven, we are fairly sure that crystal meth was invented by someone who heard ‘Just Say No’ one too many times.


laura-bush-5.jpgLaura Bush-“Most Likely to Marry Well”- Laura Bush said, “The role of the First Lady is whatever the First Lady wants it to be,” and she wanted the First Lady to sit on her ass and do nothing. The Children’s Reading initiative that W used as the catalyst for the “No Child Left Behind” Act, has left more children behind than Michael Jackson’s last concert tour. Reading: good. Over-indulged Bush: bad.




    1. LizzyBee says:

      I do not understand why people continue to praise Michelle Obama as a style idle, and am even more confused as to why people hail her as "the new Jackie O". She does not have great style. Yes, she has presentable style, but nothing extraordinary or trend-setting. She does not have personal style. Why can't people see this?

    2. Erica says:

      I would have to disagree that Jackie O is the "most popular and well known First Lady of all time". Eleanor Roosevelt helped her husband run the country when he became ill with polio, and did much more for the country than Jackie O could have ever dreamed to achieve. I know that I certainly knew who Eleanor Roosevelt was before I had even heard of Jackie O. Eleanor is even considered one of the top 100 most influential people of our time.

    3. Lydia says:

      I know why! because people are fuckin dumb.

      OBAMA FEVER will soon pass and his supporters will feel disenfranchised because he did not live up to these high expectations. Whether you want to hear these words or not, Obama is not the second coming of Jesus or the new JFK… he is the man that will run our economy into the ground.

    4. kayjoe13 says:

      Obama Fever my ass. As always someone has to take what should be a time of unity and happiness (you know considering we just elected our nations next leader) and turn it into something much smaller, and much more meaningless. news flash the decision has been made. POLLS CLOSED YESTERDAY. do yourself a favor and shut up. He's your president now.


    5. Laura says:

      Regan –> Reagan.

    6. Kristina says:

      Ok just a thought…when Bush was elected last time, people were saying "he's not my president" and have been bitching about constantly since he's been in office. Did you shut up after the polls closed in 2004?? I doubt it. So don't tell people who don't support Obama to shut up…everyone is entitled to an opinion, and people are entitled to NOT have voted for Obama.

    7. Mizzle says:

      maybe people being so divided was a factor in Bush doing so poorly. Honestly, considering nobody can do anything about this for 4 more years you might as well stop bitching and focus your energy in letting capital hill know what you want in a positive and constructive mannor. considering you sitting on ur ass reading college candy and whining really isn't going to solve any problems.

    8. Side-liner says:

      Michelle Obama's standing here, the media, and mags as a style icon has been too much more than it really deserves. In my opinion she doesn't dress well for her body, her outfits overemphasize her caboose. Nothing wrong with having a healthy figure, it's just that that area for her is not very flattering and should be played down with tighter silhouettes. It's really a fashion crime, and it's clearly something that would be criticized if it weren't for her political affiliations. Her style icon status is undeserved. Fashion criticism should not be mixed with personal political beliefs please, keep it separate like religion.

    9. Jodie says:

      As far as I'm concerned, the first lady can wear whatever she wants. She could wear a freaking barrel for all I care. It's about what she DOES in office, not how she looks.

    10. whoa now says:

      i'm not going to argue that wilson was a good president, but i think it should be noted that edith bolling wilson, despite her "lack of ambition" is widely regarded as the first acting female president. after wilson had a stroke in office, he was severely incapacitated and mrs wilson took over many of the day-to-day functions of the government. on large issues, she would consult with president wilson in secret, and then deliver "his" decision to the press; since there is little knowledge of wilson's actual mental state at the time, it is very likely that many of these decisions were hers. why pretend otherwise? i'll remind you again it was the 1920s and women were no where near considered equal to men. regardless of whether or not she got the credit, girl was calling the shots!

    11. Tiff says:

      Side-liner, don't get mad just because you were born ass-less. There's nothing wrong with Michelle Obama showing off her assets.

      And anyways, she wears age-appropriate clothes. They're cute for what they are, but nothing I would personally wear.

    12. Meagan - Mizzou says:

      Isn't the presidency about the president and not who he chose for his wife? I realize that all the wives of presidents have had their role, helping here, giving back there, but honestly, who is to say these women were horrible people? I don't think that can be judged unless you knew the person and the relationship personally.

      They may not have shown themselves in the public light the way the general population would have liked to see, but it could be for any number of personal reasons. An illness, shyness, or just plain passiveness. The presidency is about one man doing what he believes is right for the nation, and the woman he has backing him up isn't for our good, but for his.

      That being said, I do respect your article and your writing, I just don't agree with it.

      P.S. Laura… thanks for fixing that. I think if you are going to talk about someone, at least know how to spell/pronounce their name…

    13. Jacks says:

      If you are going to pick on Hillary for not leaving her man after he cheated on her, you better go after Jackie O, LadyBird, and a whole host of other presidential wives..

    14. Casey says:

      I agree with LizzyBee and Lydia, Michelle does not have great style, she dresses like any other normal middle aged woman would. And yes Obama fever will pass. The media played Obama up because that's what it does. The people of this country base everything they do on what the media tells them to, this situation was no different. Obama was the media darling because he would give them the most to talk about, the first black candidate for a major party (are people forgetting he's half white too? and was raised in a white household by his mom and grandparents)But he is also the candidate that if elected would give the media even more to talk about. He is not qualified for the position and the media knew that now that he is in office they are going to expect him to fall, and fall hard. So they can make headlines and turn around and tear him apart after praising him for the past couple months. Just wait and see. It's all about money and the media are the greediest out there.

    15. Sam says:

      "Did you shut up after the polls closed in 2004??"

      The problem with that statement is Bush was already IN office for four years.. we knew what he was doing and what he was going to do, hence why people complained. We don't know for sure what Obama is going to do. So I'm quite sure how people can complain without at least having some actions to go by.

    16. dear god says:

      I'm an independent, and I wish people would quit assumign that if you're nto for one party, you're with the only 'other one.'

      It really is possible that there are thinking people in this country- who do not align themselves with either party, and vote for a person based simply on that person's ideas/policies etc.

      I'm so sick of hearing this back and forth between Democrats and Republicans, assuming that everyone in this nation was on either one side or the other, and from an outside perspective- you guys are tearing our country apart.

      If we can't get over our own personal shit and realize that a country that hates half of itself will never prosper, we're fucked.

      plain and simple.

    17. dear god says:

      assuming* & not* (sorry!)

    18. kayjoe13 says:

      kristina, you personally or others for that matter may not have voted for Obama. That's your right.

      You need to put the negative aside and focus on what could be. Why do you think we are where we are right now? Under Bush we are so incredibly divided as a nation that it's almost scary. Let's open our minds and CHANGE (god i'll probably get shit for that). It's not a democratic, or republican thing that i'm trying to sell. let's just give unity a chance, even if if you do only hold your tongue for a small time.

    19. Melinda says:

      I definitely don't think Michelle is a style icon. She wears clothes normal women her age would wear. I don't really understand why everyone is praising her as so fashion forward. Also Laura Bush was right "The role of the First Lady is whatever the First Lady wants it to be,” so i don't think its fair to judge them as failing ladies. They aren't required to do anything. You can admire the ones who really step out and make a difference, but I don't think its fair to call the other ones lazy. Its not like you can see what they did everyday in the White House. Maybe they didn't do anything amazing but that doesn't mean they didn't fulfill their roles as wives and mothers.

    20. teri says:

      I think you need to study your history books a little better. Ellen Wilson actually ran the country for several months while her husband was incapacitated with a stroke. Laura Bush has had far more influence than you are giving her credit for. Lady Bird Johnson was most famous for her project "Keep America Beautiful" which was responsible for the beautification efforts in many of America's public places. Jackie Kennedy did research into the historical aspects of the White House and had many rooms redone to more accurately reflect their history. Like I said… do more research.

      1. merckx155 says:

        how was pickles bush influential??? by opening W's beer and whiskey bottles? by filling up the gas in his chainsaw while he was clearing bush??

    21. Really? says:

      As a proud Libertarian (which is NEITHER Republican or Democrat thankyouverymuch), I find it amusing that EVERY "good" first lady was the wife of a democrat….and all but the older "bad" first ladies were the wives of republicans. Just wondering if Carter had been part of the GOP, would his controlling wife would have been seen in a negative light? Probably.

      The blatant partisanism is almost tacky.

    22. Jwe says:

      Just to clear up the confusion – Ellen Wilson was Woodrow Wilson's FIRST wife. She died in 1915. He married Edith Galt, who was the First Lady who ran the country while Wilson was incapacitated.

    23. Rachel says:

      Big Blue Dress. Monica saved her Big Blue Dress as a "momento."

    24. Eszti says:

      Why are you so mean? OF COURSE Bush has done a lot… He basically destroyed economy, he sent young healthy kid from all across america to be killed in a war which has nothing to be with patriatism, but mostly oil, so all of you stop it! What else could he have done?? I mean its not like he started WORLD WAR 3! And his daughters are such good party-people! So get over yourselves! He rocks!

    25. Chewie says:

      This economic downfall has been in the making since pre-2000. See Bill Clinton… don't blame Bush.

      1. merckx155 says:

        please prove this, it's easy to say crapola but not so easy to prove

    26. […] turns the “great society” into our own “great leap forward“. Sigh. Lady Bird’s Hair slightly […]

    27. John says:

      Jane Pierce. A shrinking violet to begin with, not much fun by nature (pro-temperance and deeply religious), laid low by the death of all her children (at different times), and with a pro-slavery husband who easily fits into the passive-negative category of Presidents, it's easy to see why I've long (since high school) viewed #14 as the nadir of the Presidency, in more ways than one.

    28. carl says:

      Bess Truman. What a sour, ungracious malcontent. Like her mother she never thought Harry was good enough for her. Oh really? Since she emulated her mother's attitudes so much would a man like her drunken bum father who abandoned his family be what you really wanted?

      I've experienced those kinds of women before. They blame everyone except themselves for their unhappiness, and think they're above everyone else. All while accomplishing nothing with their lives. The look on Bess' face in every photo I've seen says it all. Why Harry adored her is a mystery to me.

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