Sex in Public: Fantasy into Reality

publicsex071608.jpgAhhh – the romantic sex on the beach, or steamy encounter in the office bathroom. The stuff of romance novels and erotica everywhere. Personally, the beach was never my thing – too much sand (and it gets EVERYWHERE) – but the office bathroom isn’t too bad for a quick romp.

Sex in public places – yes, please!

There’s a certain amount of danger and excitement in sex in a public place that makes the original thrill of bumping uglies just that much better. It’s everyone’s fantasy isn’t it? Titillating and only steps away from being a scandal. Sure it’s awkward and not really as hot as they make it seem on TV, but still worth the while.

For me, it’s never been a planned operation; it’s not like me and my menfolk were passing notes on secret meeting places and which skirt I would wear (because skirts are a must for quick sex in a public place). It was just something that happened – he was horny, I was horny, and, apparently, we were both feeling a little adventurous.

There’s no real formula to sex in public places; you just do it. If you’re smart, you do it quietly, because there are people out there and they can hear you (no, rows at the movie theatre do not have a magical sound barrier between them). And you do it quickly, because the trip on the elevator might not be long enough otherwise.

Although it can definitely be a good time, sex in public is also a lot of hassle and, sometimes, more trouble than it’s worth. Like in the bathroom at the bar where you have to be quiet, quick and avoid touching any of the nasty surfaces. Or in the stacks at the library, where you have to be (extra) quiet, quick and conveniently not in a row full of books that some student may want to check out.

Despite it’s downfalls, though, I recommend it to be tried at least once. There’s nothing like the thrill of having your back against the wall with your lover between your legs and the sound of footsteps on the stairs…

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    1. Ericka says:

      yes, please.

    2. Missy says:

      Any tips for sex in a dressing room?

    3. Godlesscupcake says:

      Fuck yea! Elevators can be good so long as there's a working unlocked stop button. Dressing rooms are only gonna work if they're not being watched by live employees (like JCPenny's, wink wink). Technically car sex is always public. Parks are doable if there's tall shrubbery and you make sure you're not in a "dog park" first. Under bridges sometimes can be good if there's no hobos. If you live in the S.F. bay; Bart trains late at night (like the ride from S.F. to Dublin/Pleasanton in particular). School locker room showers are a possibility. If you work for a large retailer there has to be a "supply closet" or a dark corner in the warehouse…

    4. Godlesscupcake says:

      Wow I realize my previous comment makes me seem skivy…LOL

    5. Anonymous Coward says:

      (Peter) you're a whore.

    6. this guy says:

      Godlesscupcake, how about we meet at the Pollow Street station and we can ride down to Dublin on the late night.

    7. Anonomous says:

      The comment from Godlesscupcake is awfully detailed. I take it that cupcake makes a hobby of banging in public places? Not that I'm judging…I've gone for the gold by the road once, and in an academic building during the day on the stairs. The trick to that one was picking a Sunday afternoon and a relatively obscure part of the building (and hoping for the best.) Life's short–hook up in public.

    8. Rachgirl says:

      Sex in public = Amazing. I'd put it up there with my love for carrot cake and Gossip Girl. My top two are in the elevator lobby of the Hilton, what a rush. And in the stairwell of my dorm. Neither are very sound proof and who knew the kinda positions you could get into when you just gotta have it…

    9. Anonymous says:

      I've once had sex in a public restroom in an academic building at college. Wasn't to public, as it was behind a closed door. But as Her and I were walking out, another man walked in, I'm sure he was understood what just happened. Was also a hot night because there was a competition between her and her friend about what public places us 2 couples have done it in.

    10. Dave says:

      Godlesscupcake, YES! I've tried most of those actually.. sex in public just happens to be something that I've dabbled in a little much.. lol

      The front porch of a house in the city with all of the front lights turned out.. The hot tub at a party when all of the partygoers vacated the area (actually got walked in on 2x doing that one but we just kept going lolll) Car and park sex are alright.. never seemed nearly as fun as any of the others cause I've always done it in vacated parks/parking lots at night.. but I got caught by the police once doing that (luckily they didn't realize what we were up to)

      Nobody mentioned stairwell sex either. That's a good one.. specially if it's a really tall building and you KNOW people are in the stairwell but you're to busy with what you're doing to try and concentrate on whether the steps are 5+ floors away or just 1.

      The last one I'd mention that I enjoyed a bit was having sex when you know someone is on the way. I don't know what makes it a thrill but I did it a few times in high school with girls when we knew their parents would be home from work ANY minute.. and I.. uhh.. got walked in on once doing that too..

      Well just try it out sometime if you haven't. Astounding memories and great fun.

    11. Darenth says:

      haha I love this.

      I would love to try different public places..not so public, like semi-public ;p

      And OMG Ive thought of the JCPenney dressing room!! Its perfect..I can just go "shopping" with my boyfriend, try any short, sexy dress they have, model it for him and just take him up to the dressing room/ the big one where theres seating….

      Awesome idea, Im SO more into it now! lol

    12. DanielleSteel says:

      Best placec I ever had sex in public was in a hot tub… full of people! It was a party of his friends, girls and guys, and we all went skinny dipping in the hot tub. I sat on his lap and just played it like i was making more room for everyone. he slid it inside and i bobbed in the water until her came. i can't say it was that sexually enjoyable for me, but the thrill of it, with people sitting literally 2 feet from us, was incredible! it made sex later pretty amazing as well😉

    13. bodyworks2010 says:

      I've had both given and recieved both oral and full intercourse in many public places, always very stimulating event for me and her.

      Once at a girlfriends office picnic, we had full intercourse, twice, in the green strip between the walkways.

      Many times on local beaches, and once on Seven Mile Beeach, Grand Cayman Island, at dusk with people strolling past.

      The best was on an OC beach; we were just out of high scool. My gilfriend and I had sex on the beaches frequently, and this evening just after dust the beach was empty, or so we thought. We got totally naked and I began with oral, then she, she stoped and whispered, I want you inside. We then went into full action, me atop her. She got there three times, me with her on the last; we were more than a bit noisy. Then from the dim light of the cliff base came giggles, whistles, clapping, and a few hoots. We jumped to our feet, fully exposed and dripping in sweat, to see a group of hippy-type couples seated at the cliff base; they had quitely enjoyed our performances. Insted of being embarrassed, we were both instantly and totally stimulated; although I had just finished, I was now facing them fully solid, hard and high, and her nipples were hard and pointing to the sky. We looked at eachother, laughed and dropped for round two, right there with all of them giggling. One of the ladies said, mind if we watch you guy again; I said something stupid like its a public beach, and we went into full depth action. After we finished, we went up to them,still drippng wet, and ask them to join in our nudity, they immediatelly joined in, so we talked and laughed to after dawn, one couple having exhibitionist sex while we watched.

    14. Sari says:

      haha!!! I think people think they’re knitlag really quietly, but usually they’re not. still not sure what’s sexy about a toy store .but hey, we all have our thing right?

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