Sex in Public: Fantasy into Reality

Ahhh – the romantic sex on the beach, or steamy encounter in the office bathroom. The stuff of romance novels and erotica everywhere. Personally, the beach was never my thing – too much sand (and it gets EVERYWHERE) – but the office bathroom isn’t too bad for a quick romp.

Sex in public places – yes, please!

There’s a certain amount of danger and excitement in sex in a public place that makes the original thrill of bumping uglies just that much better. It’s everyone’s fantasy isn’t it? Titillating and only steps away from being a scandal. Sure it’s awkward and not really as hot as they make it seem on TV, but still worth the while.

For me, it’s never been a planned operation; it’s not like me and my menfolk were passing notes on secret meeting places and which skirt I would wear (because skirts are a must for quick sex in a public place). It was just something that happened – he was horny, I was horny, and, apparently, we were both feeling a little adventurous.

There’s no real formula to sex in public places; you just do it. If you’re smart, you do it quietly, because there are people out there and they can hear you (no, rows at the movie theatre do not have a magical sound barrier between them). And you do it quickly, because the trip on the elevator might not be long enough otherwise.

Although it can definitely be a good time, sex in public is also a lot of hassle and, sometimes, more trouble than it’s worth. Like in the bathroom at the bar where you have to be quiet, quick and avoid touching any of the nasty surfaces. Or in the stacks at the library, where you have to be (extra) quiet, quick and conveniently not in a row full of books that some student may want to check out.

Despite it’s downfalls, though, I recommend it to be tried at least once. There’s nothing like the thrill of having your back against the wall with your lover between your legs and the sound of footsteps on the stairs…

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