Is Your Man Gay? Take The Quiz!

gaybritneyspears.jpgUnlike most women, I don’t watch Sex and the City. I don’t have HBO, and I just never got around to watching it. And unlike most men, my boyfriend looooves SATC. Seriously.

By all other accounts, he’s your average college male: he’s got as his homepage, he wears the same three t-shirts on a rotating basis, and drools over Jessica Biel. But when the movie came out this past spring, he begged me to come with him to watch it in theaters. I remember waiting on line outside the box office with hundreds of other women and a few other couples, when one of the men came up to my guy and nodded his head in my direction. “She dragged you, too, huh?” My boyfriend smiled proudly and said, “Nope! She’s never seen the show- I love Sex and the City!” The poor stranger gave me a sorry look that clearly said, honey, your man is hitting for the other team. I hadn’t really thought about it before then, but since the SATC incident, I’ve always kind of wondered…could my man be gay?

If you’re reading this and you’re thinking to yourself, “my guy has had some questionable moments,” take heart. This new online quiz for women asseses your man’s perceived sexuality through twelve multiple-choice questions. I took it myself and I can vouch that all superficial qualities are addressed in the quiz (would he rather listen to Cher or Linkin Park? Would he rather go to a Broadway show or a hockey game?).

And while no conclusive evidence of your man’s sexuality can be proven through an online quiz, it may give you some peace of mind: Carrie Bradshaw-lover and all, my man checks out as “straight as an arrow.” Phew!



    1. Amanda says:

      This might be the most stereoypical articles I've ever read.

    2. Little J says:

      This is disgusting. Truly.

      And if you think your boyfriend might be gay, then ask him, don't take an online quiz that stereotypes. That's just unnecessary and ignorant.

    3. Kay says:

      Seriously? A quiz?

      Get to the root of the issue… that being sex, obv. Does he like having sex with girls? Yes? He's not gay.

    4. Tyler says:

      Watching SATC, maybe he just wants to check out Kim Cattrall? I would think the hundreds of girls you see making out with each other drunkenly at the bar would be show far more homosexual leaning than watching a TV show. Add to that, you have to define what is 'gay'. Is it kissing and sexual stuff, or is it more based on romantic and love feelings? We don't classify all girls that make out with each other as lesbian or bi, so why would those rules change when describing guys?

    5. Jean says:

      "ESPN as homepage" , "same three t-shirts", "linkin over Cher", "Hockey game over Broadway"???

      If those are the prerequisite for hetero, I think that little test will find me very gay.

    6. Boo says:

      "We don’t classify all girls that make out with each other as lesbian or bi, so why would those rules change when describing guys?"

      They don't, and no one said that they did.

    7. saddened says:

      normally i try not to always listen to mainstream opinion but for this, i'm jumping on the bandwagon.

      this test is WRONG.

      in a sad way.

      imagine if your guy saw this in your history?

      can you imagine the way he'd feel? the self doubt this would impose?



      college candys better than this,

      fo' sho.

    8. Sara C - Fordham says:

      I'm sorry this story has elicited such negative reactions. I did mention that the quiz was "superficial," that it only gaged "perceived sexuality," and that "no conclusive evidence of [anyone's] sexuality can be proven through an online quiz." I apologize for misleading you.

      Since I'm not a homosexual myself, I'm in no position to decide what is and is not "gay." And I clearly state that a quiz cannot, either. I had only hoped to point out how ridiculous it was, and hopefully get a few laughs.

    9. Kay says:

      "Since I’m not a homosexual myself, I’m in no position to decide what is and is not “gay.”"

      Gay people don't "decide" what is and isn't gay either. Being sexually attracted to the same gender is gay. That's it.

      Anyway, I have a simple 3 step test for figuring this out:

      1. Take your vagina

      2. Show it to him

      3. Gauge reaction

      1. kirstie says:

        hahahaha im diggin ur test :p

    10. Joe the Drunk says:

      Does listening to the Smiths make you gay? I admit it may mean you tend to be moody and angry at society, but gay??? Gimme a break

    11. tara says:

      help pleae. i dont want to continue a reltionship if this guy is attracted to men and women. it will confuse my child eventually and drive me insane to tell her.. sorry sweety… he has arrangement with another man tonight.. we cant see a movie tonight..

    12. tara says:

      my boy friend of 2 months has been giving me signs that hes gay. he likes the show friends…. he hinted a guy was cute at a party.. and he likes it when i do him in the ass while hes going down on me

      1. rnae says:

        dear tara your man might jus be gay but wen ah dude goes down on you… sweety that jus means he might be bisexual okay sooo dnt break uhp something good okay

      2. Renee says:

        Are you sure that a guy is bisexual if he likes his ass being licked?

      3. Renee says:

        My husband never complained while I was playing around with his butt either but that doesn't make him gay, you like it don't you, it's just a feeling of ooh you feel good on me! Hope this helps:-)

    13. Hannah says:

      Hey i think my boyfriend is gay. My ex bf gave him a nipple twist and he giggled, My friend Alexis told me that he tlks under the table with his friends about their feelings in her algebra class, and he told his best friend, Evan, that he would pay him $75 to wear a dress and a thong. And he never tells me i'm pretty only my shoes…..

      1. Libby says:

        Yeah he's gay.

      2. Tela says:

        yep he's gay, but would be a great shopping bff! lol good luck

    14. Bobbi says:

      Hey there is nothing wrong with being a gay guy, bc i'm one. I think guys are so yummy. And then theres one guy and his name is Shane, i think he likes me but he has a girlfriend. His girlfriend wears really cute shoes, and her clothes OMG, she has such stylish taste!!!! I think her name is Hannah. But she's going out with the guy i like, its not fair.😦.

      1. chanelle says:

        sorry bobbi but dats so nasty……ugh i mean im bi but ur gay!!!! so wat ur telln me is u ratha fuck anotha dude in the ass!!??

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    16. Abel says:

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    17. bryce barkowsky says:

      what do i do if my dog humps my boyfriend during sex…???

      1. trey oliver says:

        i told younot to ask anyone about this

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