French vs. Greek: Who Has the Biggest….

french_man.jpgSo, ok. We’ve all heard it…

“It’s not the size of the wave, it’s the motion of the ocean.” (Though I think the size of wave definitely helps the motion of the ocean…don’t you?)

But for those of you who are all about size, you need to start dating Europeans. Make that Frenchies…and steer clear of the Greeks (sorry, guys, we still think you’re fun to look at, what with your godliness and all).

As a part of a campaign to promote wearing the proper contraceptives to young’uns, the German-based Institute of Condom Consultancy performed a survey of weewee size and found that Frenchmen averaged a whopping 6 inches, whereas Greeks were a good inch shorter.

(Editor’s Note: For some reason I am really craving a baguette right about now…)

So not only are the French demanding les condoms grande, but they are gettin’ all the girls, have one (inch) up on the Greeks and bragging rights for quite some time. I just hope this doesn’t start some sort of war; we don’t want to have to teach our grandchildren about the Battle of the Bulge.



    1. Garima says:

      I've always actually heard the Italians were bigger than the French and the Greeks.

    2. Casey says:

      Well my American boyfriend is a good deal bigger than that. Size doesn't matter. As long as they know how to use it it will feel good.

      But as a side note Ive heard Hispanics have the biggest, not sure if that's true though.

    3. Lisa says:

      I'll take my 9 inch Croation anyday!๐Ÿ˜‰

      (I agree that Italians are a good risk too!)

    4. Jill says:

      Greek men average 5 inches??? So why do Asian guys have to live with the burden of being perceived as small???

    5. living-large says:

      I honestly would like to agree, but I can honestly say that it can't be true. unless the women surveyed went to a specific spot in Greece where only Albanians live…

      a survey was taken worldwide by an internation organisation at the Gold Coast, Australia… it takes 45 minutes for a female English tourist after arriving at the international airport in Greece to have slept with her first guy.

      even in saying that, whether it is true or not, surveys are surveys… they are based on a 10 peoples opinions, and majority of times, the people that fill them in are the ones that don't get laid…

      if you are going to judge a size… judge for yourself and experience it… make ur own call๐Ÿ˜‰

    6. ioannis says:

      I think the survey is bogus because i'm greek and my penis is 7inches long and the funny thing is I have 2 brothers that always make fun of me because I am smaller than them.

    7. Georgios says:

      Let me tell you a complete true story regarding this issue.

      3 months back i was chatting with a lady from Spain who had lived in Crete for 4 years. It was a adult chat room, she didn't know i was a Greek at first, so it ended up me showing her my dick for judgement:)

      When she saw it she immediatelly asked me: Are you Greek ? …and i answered: YES i am ! How in the gods name did you know that?

      She replied: Well, it (my dick) has the shape of my ex: Big, thick and curved. And he was a Greek from Crete, she told me.

      The funny thing is my dad is originally from Crete and my mom is from Athens:)

      FYI: my dick is 7,5 inches.

      So..i really suggest that they take another look at the size of the Greeks for justification:)

    8. chris says:

      lol I don't think that a mere survey could yield reputable results. It's probably stupid to start posting penis sizes on the internet, but for the record, I am Greek and cleared 6" no problem๐Ÿ˜‰

    9. ardy says:

      Greek guys tend to have a good sized belly by the time they're in their thirties. that must mess up measurements. also, french guys just plain lie about dick size. i lived in france and they were the smallest dicks i've ever seen. i've also had my fair share of greeks. greeks seem average to above average. but they also are attractive, while french men look like dogs.

    10. rdmj says:

      I think they took all of the smaller Greek mens penises. I rode a bus for 6 hours to Athens, and was next to these 2 Greek babes and they both had respectable if not large bulges… couldn't take my eyes off em.. then me and my friend were dropped off in central Athens, we looked over and there was a policeman.. a GOD actually, I could see his HUGE bulge snaking down his left leg of his uniform from 100 feet away… OMG. My friend even noticed it and she never looks, you had to be Helen Keller to miss that thing… jeez… it was about eight and coke can thick NOT even hard. Perhaps they should have started the penis measuring with the police dept!!!

      Greece rules!.. Italians have big ones too, as do North Africans!! I'ma cockaseur ..;0)

    11. greek dude says:

      I disagree with this because I'm greek and have been told I have a fairly large penis I'm 8 inches and very thick

    12. From Experience Gree says:

      A Greek guy I know is 2 inches soft, and 4 1/2 – 5 inches hard. It's the smallest that I've ever seen. This is from a woman's point of view. I feel like all of the other comments are from Greek men who feel they need to post that this survey is wrong in order to feel better about their small penises.

    13. MidnightVisions says:

      Its not the size of the boat

      its the motion in the ocean baby!

      The same thing can go for guys

      to say who has the nicer ass

      greeks or french girls

      the truth is

      hey, they both got fine asses

      learn to be happy with what u got

      and dont be greedy!

      cuz next time u cry for the big one

      a guy like me๐Ÿ˜‰ will come with a really huge one

      and make the girl cry more pain then pleasure

      "please stop go slower"

      thats when I kick it in to third gear and give that pussy a ride for her life .. =D

    14. Bubba says:

      Dem asians is about 2-3 inch hard.

    15. Mistiko says:

      I'm Greek and I've only ever been with Greek guys.

      I also have never been with a guy less than EIGHT inches.

      Go to Greece and see for yourself:)

    16. Pete says:

      anyone who believes this rubbish is an idiot. and btw the french clear 6" bahahaha i have no idea what the "average" size is meant to be but come on… 6", that is pretty small.

    17. panos says:

      Guys thats lies.

      I am Greek with 9inches cock,all my friends are up to 5 inches.

      As more close people are to Africa their penis is bigger..

      As more black as more big,MOTHERFUCKERSSSSSSSSSSSS

    18. Why be misinformed says:

      Remember that all of these figures are averages and does not take into account the largest or smallest sizes which can skew the whole number. Alot of the numbers are bogus anyway, i've seen a black guy with a 4 inch and an asian with 9. I guess iit has to do with environment too.

    19. kay says:

      people say us Greeks have small packages. but its funny because mine is like 7.5 inches long. i must admit that Greeks have pretty small ones when they are soft but they get a whole lot bigger.

    20. Manly Package says:

      6" hard is nothing to brag about. In point of fact, amongst some groups the difference between flaccid and hard/erect is quite a bit. For blacks/Africans there is little difference between the length whether flaccid or stiff. Same with most peoples from warm areas. Those from colder climates on average are smaller when flaccid than those from warm areas but when aroused are as large or larger. There is so much b.s. flying around that this thread is hilarious. People want to compare themselves to porn actors but forget most of them (not all of course) are hired because they are supposedly larger than average in the first place. Every guy out there would have us think he's hung like John Holmes.

    21. mikey j says:

      this topic is completely stupid. Everyone knows that Argentine men have the biggest dicks. My boyfriend was born in Argentina and his dick was 8 inches. When it was hard, it was maybe half an inch longer. Take that, Frenchies!

    22. missingsomethinghere says:

      I'm Greek. A girfriend of mine dated one of my brothers and told our mutual friends that he was huge. My brothers always bragged but I never believed it- or cared, of course. But when I heard my friend's comments, that he was nine inches, I believed it. I've only dated Greek and Italian guys, and all were at least six inches. The biggest was ten, I swear, and he was Greek, born in Greece, not Greek-American. He also had a very hairy body, like the stereotype of Greek men. I think that the hairier the man, the bigger the penis. Anyway, the author of this thread is plain wrong. Greek guys are hung. End of story. The ones with small ones are probably either unhealthy, or maybe they are part Turkish or Albanian or some other nearby nationality. Also, I've heard from my friends that Orthodox nationalities tend to be bigger than Catholics. So Greek, Russian, Ukrainian, and Serb men have the biggest, or at least longest, dicks. Maybe circumcision has something to do with it, since East European and Balkan ones are usually uncut.

    23. niko says:

      Greek dudes are small? Ha! I was born and raised in Greece. I know from seeing other guys that no Greek is under 6 or 7 inches unless he has a medical problem. Mine is over 7 and very thick. One American girl I went out with even complained it hurt her when we had sex. I've known many Mediterranean girls who refuse to date a guy unless he is Greek, Italian, Yugoslav, or Arab, since those men are the most hung by far. Only blacks, maybe, are bigger, but blacks only seem bigger when up against the average American, who is English or German. Mediterranean guys are very big. Ask any European. The only guy bigger or longer than me was my best friend in college. In the shower after basketball practice I saw he was bigger than me, maybe 9 inches. He was Serbian. Greeks and Serbians have alot in common. I also think that Serbians have bigger dicks than Italians, but Italians are definitely bigger than Americans and French.

    24. maria says:

      I've both French and Greek guys. The French guy was about 6 inches, I guess, and the Greek guy was about the same. You want a man with a giant schlong? Try Mexicans. My boyfriend not only looks like a more masculine Enrique Iglesias, but his dick is 11 inches long. I know many women don't like uncircumcized penises, but they don't know what they're missing. Foreskin is hot, and uncut guys have more sensitive penises. With circumcized guys, their dicks lose feeling over the years, which isn't good for a woman. I love going down on my boyfriend's 11 inch, mocha dick. Yum! I'll take him over any other guy anyday.

    25. cassie p says:

      Czech guys have the biggest dicks. My lover is 35 years old with a 10 inch dick and big balls. He also has the deepest voice I ever heard in a guy. Many other Czech men are also very manly. I've never dated a French or Greek guy, but I wouldn't trade my Czech boyfriend for any of them. As for Italians, get real. Their all gay anyway, or act like it. Czechs are real men.

    26. ivan says:

      Let's set the record straight. Ukrainians have biggest dicks in the world. I have eight inches soft, about nine hard. Most Ukrainians are as big as Africans or bigger. My sister went out with a French-Canadian guy who was only three inches. I don't have to tell you she stopped seeing him. Now she exclusively dates Ukrainian men. No girl who sleeps with a Ukrainian guy will go out with any other guy, unless he's rich or something and she doesn't care about dick size. Girls who like big dicks know Ukrainians are the most manly all around.

    27. sheila says:

      Asians aren't all small, people! My ex was Thai and he had a 7 inch wang. I don't think thats a small one. Greeks and French? The one Greek guy I had sex with had a dick so smelly it made me want to barf. According to my friends, French guys are no better. Greeks and French reek like dick cheese. Thai men are hot, and naturally smooth. You all can keep your hairy stinky French, Greek, and Italian guys.

    28. charliewaffles says:

      I'm gay. I've never been with a Greek or Italian man. I had sex with an Asian with a dick so small it was laughable. No more Asians for me!!! I studied abroad in France. They men were very sexy. Some dicks were big, others small. Like every other ethnic group. White Frenchmen tended, I think, to be a little shorter in the pants than the North African Arabs, Armenians, and Iranians in France. I sucked off one Armenian guy who was almost too big to fit in. One Iranian I met was probably 9 inches, but another was about 2 inches. You got to take your chances. The 2-incher gave me a mind-blowing blow job, while the big guy came in less than a minute and was a big disappointment. Overall, French guys can be hot, but Asians are only for guys and girls who need teeny tiny weenies. Asians are pathetic.

    29. kentley says:

      This Korean guy or whatever, cruised me in a club. He looked cute so i went home with him. His dick was 2 inches soft and erect, was hardly any bigger. His foreskin was longer and thicker than his dick. I got dressed and went home, didn't even waste my time. If I had a Greek, French, or Italian guy with 6 inches, I would be happy. Pick up an Asian guy and you'll appreciate your Greek stud.

    30. cartman says:

      At least Asians are bigger than Jewish dicks.

    31. diaou says:

      Arabs have biggest. That's why women all over world want Arab men.

    32. josh says:

      I'm a Jew. My dick is 6 inches. So there. The Israeli army can always find Palestinian militants cuz there dicks smell from miles away.

    33. youaresogaymyfriend says:

      I'm a transvestite. I like Greek, French, Italian, Jewish, Arab, and Asian dicks, as long as there attached to natural born masculine man. My dick is eight inches.

    34. hollabackgirl says:

      what happened to red blooded all american men? Who cares about euro trash and arabs?

    35. wingman says:

      Some of you morons can just go to hell. I’m Chinese, an American, and a man. My dick is 7 and a half inches. I don’t care if you believe me. Yeah, every man in Greece is hung so big he can hardly even walk. Every nationality has big ones and small ones too. There are even black men with little dicks, believe it or not, so stop beating up on Asians, you dumb sh*t faced f*cks. A quarter of the guys in my school were Asian, and I remember that quite a few were big. Maybe white guys brag about their supposedly huge dicks because they lack the brains, talent, and character that make up a real man.

    36. Pit says:

      I am Greek with 8inches

      And my Italian friend has 9inches too

      I think Italians,Greeks have the biggest tools in world after Niggers

    37. Larry Rabena says:

      Well all this talk about dick, I thought I might as well drop my two cents. I'm a filipino male and have a whopping 4 inch erect penis. I mainly have hispanic friends and they range in the 6-7.5 range. Seems like there are big and small from every nationality. With a 4 inch dick I've learned to use what you were given. There much more important things to worry about than cock size.

      Kudos to all you horse cocks, I envy you.

    38. yianni says:

      hey larry i got 9 inches easy of loucanico its genetics. your dad ,grandad etc. you gotta eat that feta cheese first lol lick it before you kick it .

    39. giannis says:

      I am greek and my dig is 8,5 inches, all of my greek friends have at least a 8 inch dig i have been to america recently and i had sex with 8 women the all said that it was larger that any american gay that they have been with.Come to greece to find out how big greek men have and how strong they fuck!!!

    40. Hu says:

      I'm Chinese, after I read those words above I am little upset,so i measured my dick, He is 17.5cm, or 18cm.I think mine is just average size, because I was in a water polo team when i was in china, and I saw other boys has bigger dick when we take shower, and our water polo coach has a really long one, sure I've also seen smaller dicks. I feel when people get fat and big belly, their dicks look small.

    41. Kari says:

      I am dating a French man. His penis is 6.5 inches. I am satisfied with him. American men are better in bed than European men, but I hate putting up with their stupid games. I would rather sacrifice multiple mind blowing orgasms for a guy that can give me romance without the bullshit.

      French men are good romancers, but they need a little help in the bedroom. They like to have a lot of sex, but need to learn quality not quantity.

      I can always teach too ;P

    42. blub says:

      hahahha look at all the greeks making up fake stories

      there was a source that the greeks had the smallest dick in europe

      now one will come.. uhh i have a greek brother/cousin/father and he has 10000 inches.. eventho ima ugly hairy bastard๐Ÿ˜€

    43. eledron says:

      lol try brazilians i'm brazilian and got 9 inches we have a sexy latino dick and make sex so gooooooood we have experince i can say we are really mans

    44. nick says:

      im greek and at 15 mt moms friend walked in at me when i was jerking off; lets just say everyday she and lots of her friends came over to ride the salami the biggest they ever seen 14 inches of greek loukaniko ha ha ha niggers beat that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    45. ella says:

      what a ridiculous thread this is

    46. jo says:

      It's pretty funny to see that greek guys take that so personnaly…. I don't think this is a very scientific study and anyway if it was true it's only an average ….doesn't mean you're all 5 inches guys.

      A canadian guy

      P.S.: Can't wait till they bring out a survey comparian americans and canadians๐Ÿ˜‰

    47. rrp says:

      They could have saved the research funds! I could have told them that the French men are nothing but DICKS. Oh you meant size of their penis! Never mind

    48. Jurek says:

      Well I'm confused, I'm Greek and my unerected penis is 5.1-5.5 inches like is claimed, however erected it exceeds that of 6.0 inches usually to the 6.5 to 7.0 area. So what exacly does the study mean?

    49. George says:

      Blub, you’re obviously a racist biggot. I am Greek and I’m not ugly or hairy for that matter…

      Also why would the author of the article make such an obvious lie? To attract readers? I opened the article that the author posted and it said that the French beat out the Greeks whom were less than 3cm short than the French…not an inch….and that the Greeks were modest compared to other European countries….

      seriously…why would you lie like that? To attract readers?

    50. Con says:

      look ok i think im goin to be the only honest one here and say my dick is 4 inches and im greek and if you dont belive me reply to this give me your msn and i will show you!!

    51. takaros says:

      im 17 years old and my dick has 14.5cm length and 13cm circumference. i think 14.5 is 5.7 inches. but a doctor told me that it will be growing up until 20. i dont know. is that supposed to be small or what ???

    52. Giannis The greek says:

      I dont think that greek have small dick beacuse im 13 years old and my dick is 14 inches and my brothers have big dick and my friends so i dont believe that greek have small dick

    53. buddy says:

      I think the question is who has the biggest dick, not who is the biggest dick. I vote the Democrats!

    54. mick says:

      My girl friend shagged a Greek while she was on holiday a while back and came back with a dose. I found a photo in the holiday snaps of him with a hard on and it certainly wasn`t big I would have also found out because I got the dose as well and hadn`t been with anyone else other than my girl. After I`d spoken to her quite harshly she said he was a selfish bastard who just shagged her, came quickly then fell asleep. I don`t blame him because she`s a good looking lady(or not a lady) I blame her but she told me that he had a small dick of about 5" but he worshipped it and kept asking her if she liked it and waving it in front of her so maybe all Greeks worship their dicks with a distorted view

    55. Truth says:

      Its all about perfect shape, a womans vagina can only handle up to 6.5 inches of hard dick inside them. I know this because I am long and I always get "ouch, that hurts" because i go in so deep. I have a good girth too which most women find most appealing.

    56. aylin says:

      I have been with many men all around the world!! And Greek men to me are the best…they have really hard thick strong cocks generally and nearly all of them ฤฑ met love sex and fuck really strong and hard..specially after they learn I am turkish:)

    57. Samirah says:

      Im a transgender women from USA.I think greek men have a nice manhood.But in my experience arab men are the biggest and thickest.the ones from north africa are huge and cant fit hehehe.I had this algeran guy and he made me cry because it hurt,he was 10 inche and very thick!!!

    58. The Truth says:

      It is proven by study that greeks have the smallest penises in Europe, even chineses are better equipped then greeks, and they are asian.

    59. Dimitris says:

      my penis is 6.3 inches hard and my friends penis are form 6 to 7 inches greek isnt he country with the smallest dick i would say greeks are in top 15 worldwide. (JAPANISE HAS THE SMALLEST ONE ITS AVERAGE 10 CM)

    60. The Truth says:


      What you say doesn not interest me, i rely on studies

      And this is what the study tells:

      "The results were that the survey found men around Europe vary dramatically, with the French, famous for their letters, who measured up with the longest and thickest penis, whilst Greeks had the smallest average measurements."

      Greeks HAVE the smallest penisesin Europe, this is a fact andnow live with it !

    61. George says:

      The Truth you're an idiot, and no Greeks don't rank the lowest. Survey's aren't facts…the fact that you can't disintegrate from an empirical scientific fact as opposed to a query based survey is what makes you false. Survey's also say that Latinos and Negros have the lowest IQ's than any other race, while Asians and Jews have the highest. But everytime I bring in a survey like that (which has been tested thousands of times) I get flagged to the wambulance for this crappy survey that's one out of…one.

      If I'm Greek and my measurements exceed the study then that's a fact….I could care less if some other Greek douche-bag is smaller…it's not my problem.


      All of these are plain lies of a stupid propaganda!

      The truth(la verite) is that GREEK MEN are well known for their enormous "package" and their ability to please sexually women from all over the world.

      Personally, as a young Greek man(and lawyer) from Thrace I have a penus of 23 cm long and 7 fingers wide.

      I don't know about the abilities of the French men.

      The only truth is that during the summer months, thousands of French women visit Hellas, not only for our civilisation and innumerous sandy beaches, but also for having sex with the gorgeous muscular Greek men and their big penuses, that obviously can't find back in their homeland.

      Imagine that Hellas is also a female sex destination, because every year there are 3 times more female tourists in Greece than male tourists.

      According to official stats of BBC, Hellas is the second most preferable country on sex tourism for women, after Jamaica.

      So, English, French, German and Scandinavian women prefer the Greek men and their big "packages", than their compatriots ,whose penuses have been shrinking for centuries due to luck of sun in their cold natural environments.

    63. louisa says:

      I've lived in Greece for almost 6 months now and all the Greek men that I've had till now were f*cking HUGE! and with that I mean long AND thick

      they are also beasts in bed

      they ALL were and they're also extremely attractive

    64. The Truth says:


      are you idiot or just acting like a retard ?

      how can you dismiss a study like this that has been done as a "propoganda" ..what would be the purpose ?

      It is not unusual for so called "Greeks" to turn their heads away from scientifical facts, so i can understand your behaviour (complex).

      So what that Hellas has women visiting their country? …so has Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy and Turkey and Lebanon…whats your point ?

      It is really interesting that you mention that you are from Thrace which has been inhabited by Bulgarian tribes and Serbian tribes much long ago…is it really a coincidence that you have that big cock as you say ?

      Southern Greeks usually have smaller penises then those in the North…though northern Greeks arent tht big either some of them have unusual lenght of cock…very similiar to Bulgarians and Croats or Serbians.

      Is this a coincidence? I think not.

      Since you are from Thrace yourself..i suggest you take a look at your ancestry for some Bulgarians…i think its from them you inherited this "big cock" of yours.

      For your info: I am Bulgarian !

    65. Panos says:

      Geia sas!

      As u understood i am Greek.

      I have to say that, if size matters than width size matters more…

      Imagine a cock of 30cm and width 3cm..๐Ÿ˜›

      But ok… my opinion is that who u use this is much more important. If cock's matters than its a woman's brain thing! As the woman's thing has 12cm length inside and about 3,5cm width..

      Hey people, imagine a special licking <> and special combination from a 18cm length and 5,5cm width cock on G n' A spot..

      And for my friend Bulgarian I am from Cyclades.


    66. George says:

      @The Truth

      Wrong, southern Greeks and southern Italians have bigger penises since they have African gene co-relation in them, where as the North has more of a slavic influence. While they are big, slav's and northern balkans tend to be average.

      Also, Bulgarian, since when is a simply survey scientific fact? Do you know anything about the scientific process? I recently read a book published by a Nobel Laureate Richard Lynn on "IQ and the wealth of nations". He used dozens of tests done by geneticists in the balkan area and bulgaria's average IQ was a whoppingly low 93. Do you mind explaining why your countries IQ is so low?

      Should I assume you have a low IQ? After all you use a cheap survey done by a single Greek doctor to judge my package, why shouldn't I use a genetic test done by a world-reknown Nobel laureate to judge your intelligence?

    67. Lara de larue says:

      I think all this is rediculous!! Its facts!! and averages!!! which means half of men are over the average!
      Greeks have smaller dicks
      French men have larger dicks

      YES …. some french men have small dick (5inch)
      and YES …. some greeks have big dicks (7-8inch)

      Frenchmen live up to their reputation!
      I have been there! and they are way bigger then American men!

    68. s says:

      Based on durex condoms and statistics, French men have the biggest penis in Europe, and the Greek's have the smallest.

      You can tell the size of the greeks Penis by their statues of men.

      Truth hurts, I know

    69. George says:

      "durex condoms and statistics"

      Durex doesn't take statistics on penis sizes, just global survey's on sex rates throughout the year. Stop lying.

      Idiocy hurts, doesn't it?

    70. Erik says:

      My dick is taller than me and fatter than your mom!

      Hell it even does equations, a genuine one-eyed Einstein!

      I think that wins me the biggest dick contest,

      GO SWEDEN!


    71. AlbanianDoctor says:

      @ giannis The Greek, first of all the biggest dick ever recorded on the world was only 12 inches and he is 36 years old, and ur 13 and u have a 14 inch. total BS! as a doctor in both countries US and Albania, while doing physicals i have seen all kind of sizes, and from what i have seen this is the order by size:

      Arabian/Turk(people from Turkey)

      Caucasian mixed with turks: (Albanians, Kosovars)




    72. QueeenUSA says:

      i have traveled the world and have been with many men of different ethnic backrounds.. im a polish women and i have been with greek italian albanian arab french etc. the biggest i ever had was an albanian guy and he was 11 inches.. greek men are average and so are italians.. i been with 1 arab and he was 5 inches.. but ive been with many albanians and for some reason they give me the best sex.

    73. mut says:

      I am albanian and I have a 9 inch dick. Albanians are the biggest in the world.

    74. Thanasi says:

      its true , my pootsa is 4 inches erect

    75. john says:

      once you go greek you cant sit for a week

    76. poutso-parisis says:

      This is only a freakshow. You have all been deceived. Nothing like this has ever even happened. It's all figment of one white boys' quest for power over the penis. How could you all be so stupid?

    77. vvv says:

      I'm Vietnamese and my dick is 7.5inch and fat and i'm gonna fuck all your, greek,italian,french,albanian,arabian,black,latino pussies!!!

    78. Jay says:

      I'm gay and I've dated a lot of guys. The biggest guy was HUGE. He was 7-8 inches soft and 9-10 inches hard, and thick around. Very hot. He's Ukrainian, Macedonian, and Serbian. Also, he isn't hairy, very smooth. He had by far the largest cock. Also, if you've ever watched porn, the guys from eastern Europe are always hung.

    79. Doug says:

      Aylin, u dirty slappa!

    80. albo says:

      i have traveled the world and have been with many men of different ethnic backrounds.. im a polish women and i have been with greek italian albanian arab french etc. the biggest i ever had was an albanian guy and he was 11 inches.. greek men are average and so are italians.. i been with 1 arab and he was 5 inches.. but ive been with many albanians and for some reason they give me the best sex.

      Hahaha queen usa speaking the truth mostly albanian are big.Fuck greeks italians and rest

    81. Nathan says:

      Wow. So many whores on here, so little time.

    82. joe says:

      ya right im greek my family is an average of like 8 nice try french

    83. hihi says:

      well, to be honest I heard many stories about biggest shafts in the world: Eskimos. Their dicks are about 4 feet long on average and about one feet in diameter, so they have big difficulties during walking. But they found solution, walking on big crutches:). Some have real problems because their poor dicks always lag behind them, collecting all the dirt from the ground.

      Some even have put their dicks into special backpacks which they wear on their back. Really hard life for them.

      So feel lucky all your small-dick nationals from A to Z countries, because you don't have their problems. You are free!

    84. The guy says:

      To clear up everyones story, there was a study done about a year ago by maxim, playboy and a couple other magazines about penis size. They had almost 5 million males of all different races and this was the final standings. 1) Arabs 2) Greeks 3) Italians 4) Caucasians 5) Africans. Also all of these people claiming to have 9…10…11 inch penises are most likely full of it, another study those exact same magazines did about size in general on men all over the unites states shows that only 2.5% of men are 7.5 inches or over.

      The guy, head editorial supervisor for XxXxX magazine

    85. Bella says:

      The one thing that this whole entire thread has taught me– is the astounding, shocking, surprising, eye-opening fact that there are an innumerable amount of whores and harlots and sluts in the world. No wonder men think so lowly of women– because of women's actions. How can any woman not be ashamed to say this "in the past six months I've been here so far, all the dicks I've had have been huge" or this "I've been all around and have had all different kinds of dicks" .. what has happened to the souls of women? When men look at women, they no longer have respect. As if women are a sex toy. There is no affection, respect, or love. And it is the woman's fault. Because look– you are all harlots!

      1. fuhku2 says:

        OMG!! LMAOOOOO….You are absolutely correct!!

    86. Bustaflow says:

      well, i laugh when i see most of these comments
      <we have the bigeste>> etc
      look íts not all about the sixe but how u use your <tool> ask women its HOW u USE ur dick and not how big it is
      ofcourse the size its an importante facture on the pleasure of women but its also how u use it
      dont forget that we greeks do the best
      KAMAMI while u others eating KAIMAKI
      peace n love

    87. kww says:

      Yep my boyfriend is Greek and he is hung to all get out…girth and length…I can hardly get my whole mouth around it when I am giving him head…and forget deep throating him…sheesh…he is the only Greek guy I have ever been with and I am black and date interacially but I have never been with a black man that was as large as he is…oh yeah and he has endurance and knows how to use it…

      1. kww says:

        Actually I must add that my boyfriend is only half Greek, 1 quarter French and 1quater Dutch…I always joke that he is Greek from the waist down…but based on some of the comments on here perhaps some French too down there…haha.

    88. nikos says:

      i cannot find a condom to wear .im greek๐Ÿ˜€ tryied everything durex , duo trojan everything .to all u guys dont worry their is no need to argue hows the biggest dicked race who the F..K cares

      1. ron says:

        keep looking they have the extra small sizes, check asian websites, you should be able to find something that won't fall off. good luck and happy fucking and cudos to your people for inventing anal sex:)

    89. nikos says:

      probebly is what the albanian says my grate grate grampa was fucking turkish women๐Ÿ˜›

    90. Jajaja says:

      There is no mystery to it. Look at Greek history and you will see that the ancient Greeks prized small penises because it looked very youthful, elegant, and sophisticated. Large penises were seen as vulgar and animal-like. Look at ancient Greek statues. The small penis represents modesty and retraction from animal-like desires. A common stereotype of that time was that Jews had very large penises (contrary to the current stereotype, but the anti-semitism is still the same, makes you think).

      So, in theory, men with smaller penises were more desirable in ancient Greek society, so through sexual selection, you would see the results of today. But seeing as how the ancient Greeks were very nationalist about their identity, they always found ways to separate themselves from the rest of the world, the barbarians. So were Greeks just more prone to having smaller penises, and in turn they prized that, as something that separates them from the Barbarians? Clearly this is a chicken and egg problem. Regardless, penis size isn't a concern for Greeks now, as they have been around for 3,000 years.๐Ÿ˜‰

    91. Angelo N. says:

      I think this is funny because I have almost 7 inches and I’m 16 and I’m Greek and proud this is bogus you can’t find an average of a whole country I’m considered small too in my family so this 5 inches bull is funny because that was my dick size in 7th grade hahaha

    92. Sk8ty says:

      Angelo Same here! I’m Greek too and am turning 16 next month and I am also around 7 inches (6.68 to be more precise) ande re malaka! Elineeeees!!๐Ÿ˜€

      Everybody who gives a damn who’s bigger? If your not happy with yourself then it’s your problem! The size has nothing to do with you ethnic background but with your family background… It’s herited. If your big then your father ist probably bug (or one of your grandparents)

      I live in Germany and my friends like to laugh about studies saying that Greeks are small but I know what I have and I’m fine with it, I never pull it out to show them that I’m way bigger then they think lol. So once again DUDES you know what you’ve got so shut the f***ck up!!! But I’ll give you all a good tipp: guys don’t where tight pants it’s nothing for us.. If you get a hard on during class or work you can see it through your pants unless it’s really tiny

    93. greek luver says:

      Ok I’m getting in on this cuz u women that are putting down the greek penis are clueless. Everyone keeps talking length but its a scientific fact that a womans “button” is only 2 to 3 inches inside the vagina…and when a woman gets excited does their vagina get longer? Nope it expands meaning length does not matter but girth does…and with that being said Greeks win by a mile and I DO know from experience!๐Ÿ˜‰ and let me say this….until I experienced a greek, no one could get me to orgasm DURING intercourse, but give me a thick Greek and I’ll leave the table happy and full.๐Ÿ˜›

    94. Nikos says:

      well,first of all mandy you're the ugliest woman i've ever seen.secondly I'M GREEK and my penis is 7 inches so shut the fuck up and have sex because you are definitely a virgin.hahaha!!

    95. joh says:

      14 greek 8 inch so๐Ÿ˜›

    96. Alessandro says:

      Greek/ Itaian- 14 and 7.2 inches so u can suck it frenchies

      1. mary says:

        oh no, i hope it gets bigger when you get older.

    97. Alex says:

      Lol i'm greek and when i was 14 my dick mesured to 8.7inches. Now i'm 16 it's 9.1inches and 6inches thick.

      1. pierre says:

        can we see a pic?๐Ÿ˜‰

      2. Me kala says:

        Re makaka psefti …

    98. I am French. This study that said french men have larger penises is not serious. The study was self reported. So everybody can say basically what he wants regarding its own penis size.

      More details here:

    99. Blogger says:

      A woman's anatomy is just as important as preference and compatibility!! Enough with the enormous size! What woman wants to be that uncomfortable? Not me. .

    100. Sarah says:

      I travel the world extensively and without a doubt I have found British, Australia & Dane men to be far larger than any others: I’m talking 8″ to start. Even my gay male friends agree. I hear the most complaints from my Dane playmates when it comes to finding suitable condoms

    101. James Foran says:

      The andropenis survey this article is referring to is not a scientific study and the sample for Greek penis size consisted of only 35 men. In order for this survey to have any validity whatsoever there would need to be random sampling of the population and a significantly larger sample size in order to be representative of the 11 million plus Greek population . In addition the only 35 Greek subjects were measured by nurses while the the French subjects were self measured. The Kinsey studies in America in the 1960 ‘s were self reported and average American penis size was believed to be 6.5 inches in studies were nurses measure the penis for the men the average penis size is 5 inches in the u.s. Currently. Therefore self reported measurements are not reliably method of recording accurate penis size. In addition this andropenis survey comes up with drastically different measurements of penis size for most of the countries on the list when compared to accepted scientific studies in their respective countries. The university of Crete has conducted a study of greek penis size with hundreds of Greek participants and discovered an average penis size of 6 inches for Greek men and the subjects were measured buy nurses and were not self reported measurments like the French used in this bogus entirely unreliable study conducted by a company which sells bogus. Products to increase penis size. Furthermore the andropenis study utilizes different measurement methods in different countries some self reported (unreliable) and some measured by nurses. Although 10500 men were measured in total only 35 Greek men were used in this particular study to represent the entire nation which is absolutely ridiculous and unscientific. Furthermore their results for japan are over an inch longer than reputable penis length studies measured by nurses which concluded 4.2 average erect penis size for Japanese men which goes to show how unscientific and bogus these andropenis survey is. The results of this survey possess no basis in reality whatsoever and an accurate studies are a avaiable through the Internet and are have drastically different results. In addition to the French measurements being inflated due to self measurments France possess a significant African immigrant population which would skew the results. For this study to possess any reliable results at all every subject in every country would have to be measured and each country would need to possess an equal number of test subjects or at least a number of randomly chosen test subjects large enough to be representative of the population which 35 for Greece is no where near enough as is evident by the fact that an average penis size of 6 inches has been discovered by reputable studies and not some bullshit survey results were some countries are self reported and thus drastically inflated (Mexico, France, japan etc ) as compared. To the results of accurate scientific studies in their respective regions and some countries are drastically deflated due to a ridicously small sample size (35) which is not representative of the population as a whole

    102. mux says:

      it's all about where you put it: greeks into vaginas, while french into male rectums

    103. alex says:

      this is pure crap… im greek and my dick is 9.5 inches… and im only 17 too.

      1. John says:

        only 9.5? i am sure it will get bigger when you are older..

    104. brian says:

      reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally, i love you…

    105. Virve says:

      I will answer, in stages:

      The URBAN LEGEND: I am sorry Mandy but you are terribly wrong. In research Greeks said were the shortest ''average'' and not the shortest. Greeks were considered highest among Europeans in older times. But it is true that now, French have averagely the biggest in Europe. But do you know WHY? Why the short French with the past´s shortest penis now have the biggest`?

      THE TRUTH: French, have amongst all Europeans, by % the most BLACK AFRICANS! Many Algerians, Nigerians, etc. are now considered French. The research is not saying from white or BLACK French! Black Africam-French people made the average inches more than they would be originally. Greeks had till recently the less mixes, especially with outside of Europe. Have you seen many times half Greek negros, with exception the basketball player Schortsianitis? Me, never!

      THE CONCLUSION: If you expect a big penis from white French, probably you'll be dissapointed, at least the level you would like. If you are really desperated for an enormous penis, by biology, search for a black man!

      I understand you are desperated, so happy to give you some knowledge Mandy!๐Ÿ˜€

    106. Virve says:

      I will answer, in stages:

      The URBAN LEGEND: I am sorry Mandy but you are terribly wrong. In research Greeks said were the shortest ''average'' and not the shortest. Greeks were considered highest among Europeans in older times. But it is true that now, French have averagely the biggest in Europe. But do you know WHY? Why the short French with the past´s shortest penis now have the biggest`?

      THE TRUTH: French, have amongst all Europeans, by % the most BLACK AFRICANS! Many Algerians, Nigerians, etc. are now considered French. The research is not saying from white or BLACK French! Black Africam-French people made the average inches more than they would be originally. Greeks had till recently the less mixes, especially with outside of Europe. Have you seen many times half Greek negros, with exception the basketball player Schortsianitis? Me, never!

      THE CONCLUSION: If you expect a big penis from white French, probably you'll be dissapointed, at least the level you would like. If you are really desperated for an enormous penis, by biology, search for a black man!

      I understand you are desperated, so happy to give you some knowledge Mandy!๐Ÿ˜€

      1. mimi says:

        My white french bf has realllllllllllly nice one:) long and thick. Never seen that size before.

    107. paul says:

      I am from Honduras central america, Aryan descendant and my Dick is 9.3 inches length 6.2 thick

      1. lapad en la rachad says:

        thats some ficking lie… LOL

    108. Kyriakos says:

      Im 16 and my dick is 12 inches..

      1. Kyriakos says:

        btw im greek.

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