The Facebook Status Problem


I’ve written about my various issues with Facebook before, but the improper use of the Facebook status now tops my list of things that drive me crazy.I don’t believe in Facebook statuses (stati?). I find 93% of them unnecessary and the other 7% contradictory. What am I supposed to think when someone’s Facebook status says they’re doing work ALL night, their away message says they’re wasted, and their Gmail status says they love the new Beyonce song? Where do I even try to start a conversation? Should I meet them in the library at 4 a.m with a tray of shots and the lyrics to “If I Were a Boy”?

But that’s not even my biggest concern with the Facebook Status. My issue is the “IS.” Over a year ago Facebook removed the obligatory “IS” from the status. But every day (Ok, 3 times a day) I sign on and people are not only still using the “IS,” but they are using it incorrectly:

Gena is CoUlD iT bE aNy CoLdeR?

Mallory is LOST MY PHONE. LOL.

Sharon is HAHA Beverly Hills chihuahua was soooo funny.

Yes, I am kinda a grammar snob, but come on people! The problem is so easy to fix:

1. If you just love the “IS” so much that you can’t live without it, then add a few more words.

Gena is curious to know if it could be any colder

2. Delete the “IS”

Mallory lost her phone. LOL.

3. Reconsider posting a status that reflects badly on yourself

Sharon has no status.

Even though I will never like the Facebook status, I will always appreciate a grammatically correct one. Bonus points if it’s funny.

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    1. Patrice says:

      lol! this is too funny! Personally I love facebook statuses, just b/c I fully take advantage of facebook's ability to stalk people, and I like to know what everyone's up to!

    2. Jill says:

      I agree. I hate when people don't remove the "is". It's not the difficult.

      Last night I saw someone's status: "Jessica is WINTER FORMAL!!!!1!!!".


    3. Lisa says:

      I could not agree more! The thing that really gets me, is the uselessness of some people's status. I can almost understand when a person's status is like "Jill is at the beach till Friday..Cells good" or something of the like to let people know how to get in touch,but honestly, who cares that "Rachel is watching Steel Magnolias and painting her toenails."

      Another thing that bothers me besides the incorrect use of the "is," is the incorrect use of tense. EX. "John is going to get my car fixed"

      OK, you cannot just go from speaking to third to first person in one sentance. It just doesn't work. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that the Facebook status is not only useless, but annoying. =]

    4. Anna says:

      I find this a bit anal-retentive. Facebook is a social networking site… it should be fun and carefree. Why do we need to judge people from the way they word their status?

    5. Savannah says:

      I also appreciate grammatically-correct Facebook statuses. But unfortunately, the Facebook application on my Blackberry apparently hasn't removed the "is": the other day I updated my status from my Blackberry and thought it would say "Savannah kind of wishes _________", but to my dismay, it was updated as "Savannah is kind of wishes _________." I mean, in the future I will make sure to word my sentence correctly, but at the moment I felt so stupid…

    6. abby says:

      I judge the intelligence of people based on their facebook status. Sometime I avoid logging onto facebook, so I want get angry for five minutes

    7. jen says:


      its really not that big of a deal

    8. deepikaur says:

      Haha, this was a good read! It doesn't really irk me that much, but I do wish people would use their "is" correctly. For example, yesterday, a friend's status read: _____ is new york. I do doubt that the said friend IS New York.

      Anyway, I thought that "Should I meet them in the library at 4 a.m with a tray of shots and the lyrics to “If I Were a Boy”?" was pretty brilliant. Hats off to that quote! I do understand the dilemma here. On a serious note, introduce them to a service like Ping.FM, from which they can update several statuses/stati at once.

    9. Sharon says:

      Sharon IS so honored to be mentioned, even if, in the end, I have no status…

    10. belle says:

      Haha on the steel magnolias/painting toenails quote. Status updates really are just an indulgence of our already self-obsessed society. I do not need to know that you just ate chicken fingers and now you're watching the OC. If its funny, fine, otherwise avoid it. Is it true that twitter is just a glorified version of this going on ALL.THE.TIME?

    11. renaisy says:

      omg – right on !!! i struggle with this all the time too. haha, and i thought i was the only one.

    12. Ali says:

      I agree with Jen. Who cares? You obviously have WAY too much time on your hands if you're worried about other people's Facebook status's.

    13. regina says:

      Ali – you're a hipocrite. you have too much time as well if you didn't even care to read the blog, but did so anyway.

    14. Charles Farley says:

      Facebook is indeed a social networking site, but that is no excuse to be lazy. And poor grammar is exactly that.

      It takes no more effort to create a meaningful COMPLETE thought, than it does to translate one's dribble into a complex and unecssarily confusing string of TRUM.

    15. Tanya says:

      Hi, found you through 'related posts' on my own blog. Facebook is funny, so many people hate it but it seems everyone is still on there because we all love to pry into everyone elses lives, and peek at everyone elses photos. It's just human nature.

      I love the attention seeking statuses,

      '…is devastated right now.'

      then you find out they broke a fingernail.

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