Makeup 101: Surprising Places to Find a Makeup Deal


So it’s no secret that I love makeup, especially quality brand-name makeup. What I don’t love is the high-end prices (duh, who does?). While I’m not trying to cheat on my bffl Sephora, I’ve made a couple of discoveries of places where you can get the same brand names…for less! A lot less.

Want your Lancome Juicy tube for half the price? How about a Stilla liner on the cheap? Check out these discount stores and you might just get lucky!

Costco: You probably know Costco as the warehouse your parents shop at for electronics and 30 gallon vats of mayo, but who knew it also had amazing makeup? A glorious June day last summer I found an amazing Shashbox kit with four eye shadows, mascara, glosses and highlighter – for only $20! Twenty dollars!! Other great Costco finds include Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume at an unbelievable price, as well as Chanel products and Kirkland. (A little less known but makes great products. Try the perfect match concealer!)

No local Costco? Try out BJ’s Wholesale Club.

Helpful Hint: These stores require membership, but it’s a simple process to get a card and totally worth it.

Nordstrom Rack: Obviously the neglected sister of Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack contains many of the same brands at a highly discounted price. In addition to awesome clothes and accessories, Nordstrom Rack has some great makeup brands, like Stilla and Two-Faced. It’s a great, reliable place to pick up everything like shadow pallets and lip glosses at practically half off. My friend got a gorgeous Stilla gloss for only $7!

No Norstrom Rack? Check out Saks Off 5th (Saks Fifth Avenue’s discount store).

Mashalls: Of course Marshalls has fabulous shoes and dresses, but they also have a couple of great makeup finds. I’ve seen brands such as Lancome and Stilla, among others. The makeup can be a bit hard to locate depending on the organization of the store, but once you find them you can get some awesome brands.

No Marshalls? Check out your local TJ Maxx instead.

Tips for Discount Makeup Locations:

*Although you can’t order makeup online from most of the above mentioned stores, you can search for the nearest locations to find out the best option for you.

*Make sure you check back often; sometimes makeup missions can be failures, but stock changes constantly. Ask a manager what day new stock comes in and make sure to check on that day.

*Sometimes people can be careless at discount stores and you’ll find a lot of makeup has been picked through and opened. Make sure that the makeup is sealed before you purchase it. No matter how great a deal it’s not worth contaminated skin!



    1. Veronica says:

      great advice! i like to shop at ulta as well. it's like sephora's slightly trashy sister, although it's gotten better in the last few yrs. they sell drugstore brands and high end stuff as well. but the real kicker is their 20% off coupons. a few times a yr they send out ones that will work on your entire purchase and pretty much anything in the store, sometimes even perfume. that's when i go stock up on smashbox:)

    2. Provocative Girl says:

      MAC makeup is my weakness! I love it! I have never found makeup discounted anywhere but the girls at MAC are awesome about doing your makeup for you! You're supposed to spend $50 for a makeover, but I realized if you go to the same girl all the time to buy your make up a lot of times she'll do it for free! It's a great tip if you've got a party to go to that you don't want to go pay $50 to get your make up done. Most of the time you'll end up buying at least a tube of lip gloss because lets face it when you get your makeup done you have to have something to touch it up with!

    3. V says:

      The Rack in Glendale (CA) just got a whole load of Stila kits and singles in and the prices are amazing. They also got my coveted chi hair dryer!!! Now if only all my money wasn't going toward rent…

    4. Carly says:

      You should go to your local CCO — cosmetics company outlet. They have mac makeup, bobbi brown, estee lauder, clinique, and more for 30-60% off!!! amazing deals. i love it.

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