Birth Control Has Side Effects: I Should Know

As college students, we pretty much think of ourselves as invincible, I know I certainly have. Until recently that is. I’ve been in car accidents, including one where my car hydroplaned off a cliff. I’ve drank myself to the point where I should have gone to the hospital. I’ve had my life threatened. But those things never quite hit me to the point where I realized I could have died.

On January 2nd, I woke up at 4:30 in the morning with a searing pain in my left lung and back. It felt like two cinderblocks were pushing on either side of me and every breath felt like a knife going through my lung. I have a low pain tolerance, but this was the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my entire life. I managed to walk to my parents’ room to wake them up as I was gasping for air. My mom helped me back into my room while my dad furiously researched the new medication my dermatologist put me on, convinced it was a side effect. I eventually fell back asleep, but when I woke up again I was greeted by pain that was even worse than before. My mom came in to check on me, and I told her I needed to go to the hospital.

In the emergency room, one of the doctors listened to my symptoms and said “I think you may have a blood clot in your lung.” What? A blood clot? In an 18-year old? I was so confused and scared; I immediately started bawling. They quickly took blood out of my left arm while putting an IV in the other, and I woke up in the middle of a CT-scan. They did ultrasounds on my legs to make sure there were no clots because that’s where most clots originate. About an hour later, another doctor came in and told me they did find a clot in my lung.

I was terrified.

A nurse came in to give me a shot in my stomach that would start to seal the clot to the wall of my vein so it couldn’t break apart or move to my heart. I called my boyfriend and my best friend not really knowing what to say, partly because I was on a massive amount of painkillers and partly because I thought I was going to die.

The doctors believe that my birth control caused the clot, but they are still running tests. I was shocked. I knew blood clots were a side effect of the pill, but they are so rare, especially in women under 30. I received a shot to the stomach twice a day along with various painkillers from morphine to percocet. I was also told I had to be on a medication called Coumadin, a blood thinner, for 6 months. This medication comes with a lot of rules and requires weekly blood tests to determine if my blood is too thin or not thin enough. Depending on that level, I have to adjust the dosage of Coumadin I take. I’ve been on it for a week and the dosage has changed three times. I can’t eat foods high in vitamin K like salad or broccoli, I can’t drink more than 2oz of alcohol.

I left the hospital on January 6 and was allowed to go back to school on the 8th. I got tired and short of breath, accompanied with a much less severe but still noticeable pain in my lung which would not go away for about 6 to 8 weeks according to the doctors. But I’m alive. If I didn’t go to the hospital, I would be dead right now. The clot would have made its way to my heart or my brain, and I would have died. As much as the situation bothers me, and I keep asking why this happened to me, I am so grateful that I’m still here. Things like this don’t happen to people my age, and if it does, it’s usually too late. You hear about the funeral, not the recovery.

I’m glad I can sit at my computer and share this story with you all because I don’t want any of you to go through what I did. I want you to be aware of what can happen, to recognize the symptoms, and realize that birth control and other medicines do have side effects.

If you feel a pain like that, don’t assume it’s something minor because it’s probably not. Your body tells you things, so listen to it.



    1. Emily says:

      That is so scary! I'm glad you're okay. Things like this, as rare as they are, are why I am afraid to go on the pill.

      I hope you feel better as soon as possible!

    2. Madison says:

      Get well😀. I didn't realize that was a side effect of the pill. But I'm male and you know, I never had much reason to know.

      I hope everything works out.

    3. pamela says:

      i'm so glad you caught the clot before it was too late. people don't realize the major risks that come with birth control pills. my mom's sister was on birth control when she was in her 20s also, and she started getting daily headaches but did not make the connection between the pills and the headaches. when she was 25, she had a brain aneurysm and passed away. the doctors associated the headaches with the aneurysm, caused by the pills.

      please ladies, if you notice anything irregular like headaches while taking the pill get off it and see your doctor! i myself was on birth control for 5 years having to switch 3 different brands because i also got headaches. i am now off the pills and feel so much healthier. they majorly throw off your body's natural balance. if your boyfriend says he loves you, then he can pay for the damn condoms!

    4. em says:

      my best friend found out that her severe migraines throughout high school and college were related to her birth control…turns out she's been having strokes and she didnt know.

      scary shit…

    5. Lisa says:

      I'm glad that you were smart enough to pay attention to your body and seek medical treatment right away! I'm a blood clot survivor myself. When I was 22 years old, I was watching tv with my husband and suddenly had the pain in my chest with major shortness of breath. The next morning, a CAT scan was performed and I had multiple clots in both of my lungs. I was hospitalized for a week to receive heparin therapy and remained on coumadin for nine months. Coumadin is NO JOKE. It sucks the life out of you, I remember… Nothing like trying to "take it easy" with a 2-year-old on my hip. Daily and then weekly trips to the lab for PT levels aren't fun, either. Luckily, nearly 8 years later, I'm fine – no reoccurance (though a couple of scary trips to the E.R., just to be sure). To this day, the cause of my clots is unknown – lots of tests and no results. I hope they find the cause of yours!!! My thoughts are with you. Please keep us updated on your progess.

    6. Elise says:

      Jeeze. I started experiencing migraines with nausea about four months ago, which let up during my placebo week and happened like clockwork three hours after I took my pill the rest of the month.

      My doctor's advice? "Take the pill before you go to bed at night, and you'll sleep through the headache."

      Yeah. Time to research.

    7. Lauren, University o says:

      I used to get headaches too, so I went off the pill. It just was not worth it. I recently got the Mirena and am baby and headache free. I am really happy my doc recommended it.

    8. Sarah says:

      Jeez, and I thought the only negative side effect to birth control was getting fat (I gained 10 pounds!). This article was very eye-opening; thanks!

    9. Candie says:

      My friend started having extreme emotional problems because of the pill last year. Her mood swings were off the wall. She became completely antisocial, cut all her friends out of her life, got rid of her entire wardrobe and had to take a whole semester off. She still hasnt returned a year later.

      I dont know if the pill was the only factor that led to her disturbance but her doctor said the hormonal changed played a part.

    10. vi says:

      … I know this isn't the point of the article, but I've been wanting to start on the pill. I know that the side effects can be severe (like article), but they are supposed to be rare. I just want to explore this deeply before I decide whether or not to start. So question: there must be hundreds of women out there who use the pill daily without complications- are the side effects really that common? are there any positive sides to the pill (besides no babies and all)?

    11. Jacks says:

      Vi-it's made my boobs bigger and firmer, which is a positive. I haven't had any issues with it, but again, that's just me. I am on Yaz, and have been for about two years. I have to admit, it doesn't do much to control my PMS though-if I get upset the day before my period starts, I will bawl uncontrollably for hours.

      I can't remember what pill I was on before, but it did nothing for me-I was having my period twice a month.

      It's definitely worth doing your research before you start, and I would suggest starting on a low-level estrogen pill.

    12. Stephanie says:

      I would talk extensively with your doctor before going on it and really pay attention to your body after you go on it. I had to try a few different kinds before I got to one that worked for me. I am on ortho tri cyclin low and my periods are lighter, but the hormones are still strong. Again, just be very aware of any pains or changes and let your doctor know right away so you can switch or get off entirely.

    13. Annie says:

      I'm 18 and I've been on Yasmin for a couple years. I didn't gain weight, lose weight, or have headaches. I used to have bad cramps and mood swings and don't have either now.

    14. Annie says:

      Oh- I forgot to mention that one of my friends had a clot in her leg, presumably from her birth control.

    15. Casey says:

      I've been on ortho tricyclen lo for 5 years now and have never had a problem. I only take it for BC purposes because I've never had irregular periods, PMS, cramps, or acne and my periods have always been light, so I don't know how well it works for any of those things, but it's kept me baby free for 5 years.

      1. Renee says:

        I was on birth control since I was 14. I'm 36 now. I never expected to have blood clots in my lungs. I'm healthy in all other ways, fit, don't smoke, don't drink. Now I have to live like an old person for the next year while these clots dissolve. I have to give myself shots, get blood tests, take pills. I know ortho tri cyclen was one that I took years ago. I've been on others since. Its the estrogen you need to worry about, from my doctor's advice. Please consider going off of it. Use condoms instead.

    16. Meli says:

      I don't usually post things, but I wanted to say I'm glad your recovering. Please go see a counselor to talk about it, it will help you with the psychological side effects of this near death experience. You have a full and beautiful life ahead of you. Good luck deary.


    17. Kate says:

      So Scary! I had a similar experience this summer where they found out that my birth control was causing me to have pancreatitis and i almost died. I've since had to stop taking the pill (for obvious reasons) and i have no plans of ever going back on.

    18. sara says:

      I just started on the pill a month ago. I'm actually against it but the doctors said I need to take it to see if my cramps will go away because they are literally unbearable. My boobs are bigger, but I've always been a skinny girl with a great metabolism and I think its slowing down now because I've noticed a definite weight gain. I've gotten more acne but I'm hoping that after being on it for a few more months my weight and acne will be under control and I'll get cramp relief.

    19. Jes says:

      Wow, to add to your experience, a 22 yr old girl I know had a severe stroke from her birth control pills last year the night after we went to a Mardi Gras ball. I had never heard of someone so young having one from that before! Definitely very scary…

      I've been on & off the pill since I was about 16 (for PMS reasons) but I've been on the pill for almost 3 yrs straight now. (Im 23) Coincidentally, have had migraines ever since I hit puberty…

      I'm pretty sure mine are allergy related, since they're always much worse in the spring and fall, but am curious to know if they have something to do with my pill..

      Also, it seems the pill hasnt done crap for my cramps either as of late, as I have to take 2 Ibuprofen 800's a day when I'm cramping…

      The depo-provera shot is worth it if you have severe cramps like me, but the prgesterone in them makes my migraines worse, so its not good if you have those…

      Definitely do your research before getting on any birth control, and dont hesitate to ask for something different if your current method is giving you problems!

    20. Amy says:

      I've been on the pill for 6 years now. I was on one type of pill…can't remember what name it was but I switched doctors and requested to try something different. I have been on Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo for 3 years now and haven't had any issues. Some girls I know have been on several different pills because their bodies just react to it and they needed to it (sensitive) that they needed to find one works right.

      Side effect are rare. If I wasn't on the pill, I would be in dire pain from cramps every month. I'm 25 almost 26 and I do not regret being on the pill.

      You just have to listen to your body, talk to your doctor and find the right pill.

    21. josie says:

      this happens more frequently in smokers; are/were you one?

    22. Bridgette says:

      I stopped taking by birth control fully last year. The pills made me so sick and I refuse to go back to depo. The cramps suck but I rather deal with it then the feeling I got everytime I took my pills.

    23. liz says:

      I discovered I had a blood clot near my brain when I had a stroke in fall of 2007. I had just started grad school in the UK and was living in student housing. I was 22, active, didn't smoke, no family history, etc etc. They just assumed it was my Birth control; however, they did some more tests and found out I had three genetic mutations that make me prone to clotting. I highly suggest you make sure that's one of the tests they perform once you're off the blood thinners.

      It's really scary, and it took me a few weeks to fully understand that the stroke and clot could have killed me… but at the same time I only spent a week in the hospital and fully recovered physically during that time. The only left over problems were emotional and that I'm on thinners for life thanks to my mutations.

      Oh and one more thing. Clotting does increase if you are a smoker, but second hand smoke can also increase the chances of having a clot while on birth control. So you need to be careful about bars/restaurants/friends/etc.

    24. Sarah says:

      I had serious emotional problems ever since I started taking the pill. I just felt really sad and unstable all the time. I would start crying out of nowhere and didn't know why… it was very unlike me. I read an article about birth control depleting vitamins including B6 from your body. B6 regulates mood and produces serotonin. I did a lot of research and found a few site that summed-up the information well. Here's one you may want to check out –

      I would not take birth control without these vitamins! Check out the part about how the pill can effect your cervix. Scary!

    25. Yvonne says:

      Caitlin, please email me if you're willing to tell your story to a national magazine. More people need to know about this.

    26. Leslie says:

      I was on birth control pills and i was getting heart palpatations from them and my heart skipped a beat. I have taken myself off of them and since i've done that i have had no problems with my heart.

    27. Shea says:

      Wow. This story really opened my eyes.

      Almost two years ago (my first year of college none the less) I got on bc and had 3 migranes, in a week. So I went into my lady doc and she freaked, saying i should have told her about this the day it happened, and took me of the bc that day while schedualing me an appt to a neurologist!

      I thought she was nuts since i had migranes almost every month before bc. But she said they might have been mini siezures and she wasnt just trying to suck my money out of my wallet.

      I brushed it off and now looking back, that was very serious.

      The next bc i took caused me to have a pd every other week so i got off of it and now im on the bar thats in your arm.

      No problems so far (knock on wood) and it's been in there since november. Just weight gain, & mood swings, oh and freaking out because my pds are so spread out.

      but i would defnitally say dont settle for a bc switch until you find the right one for you and if theres something weird going on go get it checked! Better safe than sorry!

      Thanks for the story Caitlin!

    28. […] Caitlin-University of Alabama It’s been almost six months since I wrote to you all about my blood clot experience, and, let me tell you, has it been rough. I’ve gone through a lot of snags that I didn’t […]

    29. Trista says:

      Birth control also gave me a blood clot as of recent. I am 25 years old and had been on the pill for 11 years and with no problems, until now.

      My leg started hurting about 3 weeks ago, it was red and definitely had inflammation. I went to the ER and was told that it was a tick bite and was given medication and sent on my way. 3 days later the pain was so unbearable i went to my regular doctor who told me i had SVT (superficial vein thrombosis). I was told that it could worsen and travel to my lungs. They then decided to put me on warfarin (blood thinners) for 3 months. I too can not drink, eat my green leafy veggies, or do things i enjoy this summer such as ride a motorcycle, ride roller coasters, or play softball because one hit to the head and i could bleed and die (as my many doctors had told me).

      So there goes my summer, but i am also glad it didn't progress and that i am alive to tell the tale. Also, I quit smoking cigarettes 6 months ago, and now i get the clot, figures – lol.

      Women, please be aware of your body, don't smoke on birth control, exercise and take care of yourself. I am also prone to varicose veins (hereditary), if you are too please ask if birth control is right for you and talk about alternatives such as Vaginal Contraceptive Foam, or condoms. Take care and thank you for the story Caitlin!

    30. Shanna says:

      I also had a similar experience from the pill (yasmin) and from a long flight to China. I’m a 20 year old, healthy college student previously knowing little about blood clots. I left for China for three weeks during Christmas break and returned feeling flu like symptoms and a pain in my lower left leg. I went to the ER in WA (where my dad lives); however, they quickly dismissed the theory of a blood clot due to my age and gave me a quick ultra sound, not detecting any clot. They gave me pain killers saying it must be Sciatica which has to do with a pinched nerve in your back and sent me home on a plane back to Milwaukee (where I live).

      The pain did not go away when I returned and my mom insisted that I get checked again. Another ultra sound later, they found the blood clot in my lower calf right below my knee. After that I was extremely sick for two weeks, my mom had to give me a shot of blood thinner in my stomach everyday and I was also prescribed Coumadin (Warfarin). Weekly blood draws and doctors visits became a weekly routine. All I kept thinking is how lucky I was that my clot did not break off on my flight back from China or WA. While flying, any “healthy” person is 3x more likely to develop a blood clot (blood cannot circulate as well in your body because of altitude, etc), think about the risks if you’re flying AND on birth control pills!
      I also am on Coumadin for 6 months and it has been difficult. I am also cold ALL of the time and live in Wisconsin, winter was terrible for me. Even now, it’s been 70 and I still wear jeans/sweatshirts. Weekly blood draws are not my idea of fun or something I would have thought I’d ever have to do, especially since I have a fear of needles. Also, if you develop a blood clot, whenever you get pregnant, you have to inject yourself with blood thinner throughout your entire pregnancy which a lot of people are not aware of… there are so many things in your day to day life that you take for granted that you have to change after having a blood clot.

      If you’re on birth control, just be careful. There are other types of pills like the mini-pill that do not have as many serious side effects the like mixed estrogen (which causes the serious side effects like seizures, strokes, and blood clots) & progestin pills. Just explore your options! If you fly and are on birth control, just make sure you get up and walk around/stretch every hour.

      I hope this helps!

    31. Dr.Edna Rosenthal says:

      I am a physian and I agree that all these side effects should not happen any more, one has to do everything that all young girls and women will be protected. There are good news for all of you: there is a little computer on the market: Baby-Lady com(uter)from Valley Electronics in Germany. It is a product of long years of research at the University of Erlangen and Duesseldorf also in Germany and it gives you to know the exact fertile and unfertile days by examening the temperature every morning at the same time. You take the temperature by mouth for 50-60 seconds and you will get the answer for the next 24 hours. The thermometer is high sensitive and influences the inbuilt computer. The Pearl-Index is 0,7 this means the device is 99,3 % sure. According to latest examinations the results for the unfertile days were 100% sure.If you want to know more about the computer please contact me by Regards to all who wrote to Caitlin and to you Caitlin that you will never, never use one of those pills, sincerely Dr.Edna Rosenthal from Israel, Beer-Sheva, Tel: 0972-8-6275055

    32. grace estoista says:

      i agree on what josie said: if you smoke then there are many complications if you are taking a contraceptive pills……

      its like taking antibiotics…….

    33. Nedra says:

      I've developed clots or superficial venous thrombosis in both legs and my hips in late 2008 after taking Levora for one month. My local health clinic told me that there was no way that this could happen but it could be a side effect and that I should continue to take the pill. I quit taking the pill immediatly and have since changed doctors. 9 months later my doctor can still not pin point why I am still getting clots or why none of the blood thinners seem to be working(No mutations). I am still experiencing all of the symptoms with no end in sight.

      I quit smoking about a year ago thinking it would make me healthier. Ha looks like I was wrong.

      I understand your pain Trista.

      We know our bodies better than anyone. Take the time to listen to your body. If something doesn't seem right it probably isn't. At the first sign of something being wrong seek medical attention.

    34. Mary Jane says:

      Just finished 21 days off BC pills. The list of symptoms goes on.

      Leg cramps, pain in left arm, numb left arm. numb toes, dizzy, off balance, chest pain, head pain , lower back pain, head aches. jaw pain, my face was asymmetrical for 3 days. vomiting now and then, general weakness. Emotionally I'm outta control crying, throwing things. Mentally I feel stupid, frustrated.

      I've been to 2 hospitals. 5 hr wait in each ,first Dr. says go to the birth control center I cant help you.

      second doctor says "we don't care about you" you have healthy vital signs and you're young. This is axiety. and made some comment about this not being like on house, I didnt get the reference, I dont own a t.v.

      he told me all this before examining me.

      He said I was adversarial when I said this is not anxiety, but I took the ativan it does help with crying. But the physical symptoms are all still here.

      I'm sick of being dismissed by rude doctors. I wish we had private health care. I'm in Toronto. I won't ever take hormones again not for birth control, not for bone density, not on the recommendation of any doctor. I'm young and normally very active & healthy but I don't feel healthy now. Something is really wrong here I hope its a matter off getting the hormones out of my system.

    35. Gen says:

      I think cramps are a part of life. It is good to learn how to tolerate physical pain, what is child birth? If only we were really told the long term side effects of the pill…would anyone take them? We think to much about the moment and not the future. Perhaps surviving some pain for the moment or giving up a blissful moment of casual sex, may serve to benefit us in the future. I'm 23 and I had to learn it all the hard way…

    36. Great article I really enjoyed it. Your blog has some good information including some of the suggestions in this article. Thanks a lot!

    37. Katelyn says:

      I went through the same thing. I woke up with my left leg about three times the size as my right and severe pain in my ribs. I went to the hospital and found out I had huge blood clots all the way down my left leg and I had some in my lungs. I was in the hospital for two weeks as they kept shoving tubes in my legs to try and dissolve the clots. Unfortunately they came back after being dissolved and the doctors say that never happens. And I found out it is probably a lifetime problem. So it is pretty scary. I'm on Coumadin too, I go to the hospital three or four times a week, I have to give myself a shot everyday, and I have countless doctors appointments. It sucks because I'm 19 and this doesn't usually happen to people our age. But I'm glad that I went to the hospital when I did or else I may not be here.

    38. S.Williams says:

      Wow this story is very eye opening, thank you for sharing it to us all. I myself have had headaches and severe mood swings( not much weight gain) since I've been on the pill ( tri cyclen )for nearly 5 years now.I read the article that Pamela posted ( one of the first ones) and it scared the hell out of me, I would have never put two and two together and blame it on the pills. I thought I was going through depression or something, but now that I read all your comments I think its because of the pill. I'm seriously thinking about getting rid of them its not really worth the risk for me. I have very high chances of getting cancer as it is on both sides of my family. I took this thing long enough and think its time to straighten out my life again. I used to be a very happy,energetic,sociable and a non loaner before i started the pill, i want to go back to that life again! thank you all for sharing your amazing story's:) take care every one


    39. S.Williams says:

      by the way!! someone should put something together and make other young girls and women aware of things that could seriously could go wrong, get it out in public! its only by coincidence that i stumbled upon this site and found answers that i was looking for. again thank you all:)

    40. Leah says:

      I'm happy to read your story because my anxiety has been so bad. Nov 21st I took a trip to Hawaii (a 10 hour flight) I spent 9 days there and came home on December 1st. I had pain in my leg and assumed in was from the hiking we did while we were there. I had the pain for about a week and it went away. Last Monday I woke up with extreme pain in my right side and with sharp pains when I breathed in. I called my doctor and asked if he could see me that day. I went in and he told me it was a muscle sprain and gave me muscle relaxers and sent me home. That night I woke up in screaming pain and went to the ER where they informed me I had 2 blood clots in my lung. After doing an ultrasound I also had one in my leg-which is where they traveled from. I spent 6 days in the hospital on an iv of heporin (sprelling) and also taking commadin (spelling again) they released me yesterday and I have been a crazy mess. I keep thinking I'm going to die young, and all these other crazy thoughts. The blood clots were due to me being on birth control and the long plane rides. I can't sleep at night, I still have some pain, and I just can't seem to think positive. To read some of your stories has been a bit relieving but I can't seem to relax myself. I have to be on blood thinners for about 6 months, my arm looks like I am a heroin addict and I am going for my first doctor visit/blood test tomorrow. Did any of you have to go for another cat scan a few weeks after you were discharged from the hospital?

      Please if anybody has any suggestions on how to deal with this anxiety or just good thoughts…please email me at

      Good luck to you all.

    41. Cynthia says:

      This bears repeating: The birth control pill, Yaz, has been linked to a number of adverse reactions, including strokes and lawsuits are growing over these issues. Here is some good information:

    42. Mindy Verson says:


      I just went through this 3 weeks ago. It started in my leg (a clot that ran the length of my leg to my hip). I went to the ER and they thought it was a clot or a torn muscle. As a precaution, I was put on Fragmin. Back to the ER the next morning for the Doppler Ultrasound. That's when they found the clot in my leg. Again sent home with Coumadin and Fragmin. Like you. Horrible pain. So hard to breathe. Then two days later back in the ER. Too many clots in my lungs to count. ICU for 3 days while they worked to make sure my clots did not get worse. The DR explained that ALL clots that are in the lungs must first travel through the heart to get into the lungs at all. So, a clot in your heart is not necessarily fatal. But clots in the lungs definitely can be. I am now on Coumadin for a long time to come. Oh yeah, a return ER visit on X-Mas Eve dues to heart palpatations and pain.

      This is a long road. The cause of this journey? YAZ. No other risk factors exist for me. YAZ needs to be off the market.

    43. Samantha says:

      My name is Samantha and I work for a law firm that is representing women with serious health problems after taking Yaz, Yasmin and Ocella birth control pills. There is now a mass tort lawsuit on behalf of women and their families who suffered severe side effects after taking these medications. Like the author of this article, many women have suffered blood clots and pulmonary embolisms, along with other major health problems. The blog Yaz on Trial, has more information, or check out our website .

      1. Renee says:

        I had a PE, just got out of the hospital. I was on generic yaz-Loryna. What are my rights?

    44. Samantha says:

      Oops – links didn't make it on the page above:

    45. Mary Ann says:

      My 21 year old daughter just had a stroke yesterday. Doctors have not yet determined the cause…but they did ask if she was taking oral contraceptives. She was….

    46. DD says:

      I take the pill not because I'm sexually active (in fact I'm a virgin) but because my periods are so heavy and come with so many crazy side effects – like suddenly developing growths on my face filled with liquid once – that I went on it. I was so anemic that they were considering a blood transfusion, and tests determined it was my period. So that's why I'm on the pill. If I had to go off of it, I would seriously be devastated. I believe the pill actually corrects my body – so a chance of getting blood clots, in my opinion, isn't really in my future. I'm getting what I've been needing! No more growths on my ears or face! My periods are really no joke, and I just wanted to say I think it depends on if your body really needs the extra levels, like mine does, or if you're just taking it because it's a fun alternative to pills. I'm sorry, OP about what you went through, and god bless that you're safe.

      1. Renee says:

        I was on bc for bad periods, hormonal acne, migraines due to my period. I thought bc was solving all of my problems, but I just got out of the hospital with a PE. Please reconsider the pill. I plan to visit a doctor about my hormones so we can balance them without bc, since I can't be on it anymore.

    47. Truu says:

      Thats a good article to write. Hormonal birth control actually has a lot of side effects a lot of people dont know or think about. Change in personality, depression, suicidal tendancies, high blood pressure, mass hair loss, and just thinking you're plain insane can happen after you go OFF the pill.

      Birth Control isnt a simple medication, it invokes a deep and serious change in your body's entire hormonal makeup.

      I'll say this from experience, if something doesnt feel right, stop taking it. Your doctor may tell you that "everything's ok" but if…your body just plain doesnt feel right then stop taking it. Its not worth the suffering.

    48. Kristina says:

      OMG the same thing happened to me and I was 22 when I got a blood clot in my right leg and right lung 10 days after trying a new birth control (implanon) in my arm. I am glad you made it through safely. My best friend is going through a spinal tap and maybe a shunt in her brain because of the same birth control. needless to say we are both getting them removed asap.

      Good Luck

    49. […] in which the “should we go bareback” conversation will inevitably arise. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge proponent of safe sex, and I would never suggest going condomless outside of an LTR or without a backup form of birth […]

    50. moraurora says:

      hello, i'm sorry that you experienced such a dangerous problem because of the pill. can i ask a question? did you smoke while you were on the pill or does anyone in you family had a clot before? i have been researching this pill issue and i am just curious whether you were in the risky group.

      glad to read that you are ok now,


      1. Caitlin-University of Alabama says:

        Hi moraurora, I was not a smoker and no one in my family ever had a clot, which is why this situation was so shocking. If you have any other questions, I'd be happy to help!

    51. Caitlin-University of Alabama says:

      I want to send a quick thank you to everyone who's commented. I'm sorry if anyone is going through the same thing or knows someone who has. Thank you to those who have left links to Yaz trials, I've been searching for the right representation for a while. If anyone has questions, don't hesitate to ask!

    52. […] Bullock movies to the point that the person behind me had to check in and make sure I was OK), our bodies (5 lb weight gain that just won’t go away? Awesome.), or our wallets (that sh*t isn’t […]

    53. […] Most people never pay close attention to the side effects of birth control, but we should. Find out how one writer learned first hand just how dangerous The Pill can be. Read More About birth control, birth control side effects, blood clots birth control, coming out in college, lost my virginity, melanoma, parents divorce, sex regrets /* */ /* */ Follow College Candy on TwitterFan College Candy on Facebook […]

    54. […] four years I’ve gained sisters and future bridesmaids. I’ve had ridiculous nights out. I’ve escaped death, twice. I’ve learned valuable life lessons from professors that had nothing to do with the […]

    55. […] The past four years I’ve gained sisters and future bridesmaids. I’ve had ridiculous nights out. I’ve escaped death, twice. I’ve learned valuable life lessons from professors that had nothing to do with the […]

    56. […] realm of oral contraceptives is getting a bit messy these days. Some of you may remember my issues with the birth control pill, Yaz. After surviving a pulmonary embolism, I can now consider myself relatively healthy although […]

    57. […] Yaz The realm of oral contraceptives is getting a bit messy these days. Some of you may remember my issues with the birth control pill, Yaz. After surviving a pulmonary embolism, I can now consider myself relatively healthy although […]

    58. Aoife says:

      I Have The Implanon At Present- Ball Of Shit! Yea You Dont Get Pregnant But I Have Gained About 2 Stone, Got Acne On My Chest And Back, Periods May Not Come For Months But When They Do I Get Them For About 3 Weeks Straight, Constant Pain And Pressure Where The Bar Is And Finally, Very Hormonal! If You Dont Get Side Effects Its A Great Thing But I Have It For 11 Months Now And Its Just Not For Me

      1. maggie says:

        That is the same thing thats happening to ME!
        I have back acne now!
        I have my period for a VERY LONG time!!!
        The implanon sucks!
        I suggest only Virgins get it, since they dont have intercourse!!!

    59. Christine says:

      I just found your story and the same exact thing happened to me about two months ago. I’m a freshman in college and I thought I was getting sick. I had severe chest pain and a very hard time breathing. I’d get so tired when I tried to get up. I passed out and was taken to the hospital. They ran tests and everything and discovered that I had two blood clots. One in each of my lungs. I was in the hospital for days and got shots just like you mentioned. I’m on coumadin now and go every week, even more to get blood taken. My pill was called ortho-cept, I can never take any form of birth control again. I have no previous issues or genetic probelms. Just one of the few people that it actually happened to. I know exactly what you went through. It was all really scary and I think its great that you’re sharing your story and helping others. Thank you so much

    60. […] My heart wasn’t set on UA when I went there. It was the best school to pursue telecommunications and broadcast journalism out of the schools I applied to. I almost went to Clemson. I was almost a cheerleader at Presbyterian College. I got a scholarship to LSU. Vanderbilt didn’t want me, and I was crushed. But it was such a blessing. I settled on Alabama because it was close to home, and they had a great program. Within my first month of college I went through a horrible breakup, was dealing with a lot of anxiety, and was overwhelmed with the hugeness of Alabama as I graduated high school with a class of 102. I started applications to transfer my second semester. My parents told me I had to stick it out for a year. Well, I almost didn’t survive after my first semester after suffering a pulmonary embolism. […]

    61. Cassi says:

      I too have had problems like this. From 2004 to 2011 I took Yasmin and then switched to Desogen. About a week ago I felt a pain in my right leg that felt like a groin strain. Two days later my leg swelled and turned red. Went to the Er and they said I have a DVT (deep venous thrombosis) in my leg that was causing a restriction of blood flow in my leg. I too have to give myself blood thinner shots and take Coumadin. It sucks. I’ve never felt pain like this before in my life, and this was all caused by my birth control.

      1. Dr. Madge says:

        Yaz is not a good birth control, havent you seen the commercials on TV saying how many people experienced blood clots and other dangerous events.
        I suggest you talk to your doctor asap.
        Dr. Madge

    62. a7026408 says:

      I’ve said that least 7026408 times. SKC was here…

    63. raf sistemi says:

      My brother suggested I may like this website. He used to be entirely right. This submit actually made my day. You cann’t consider just how a lot time I had spent for this info! Thanks!

    64. Renee says:

      I'm 36 years old. I went to the hospital on Saturday night with a racing, skipping heart. They did a CT and I had 3 blood clots in my left lung. I've been taking birth control since I was 14, just going off to get pregnant and while I nursed my 3 kids. My doctor just did a genetic test for Liden factor, but we don't know the results yet. I'm on lovenox shots, warfarin and metropolol. I just can't believe this happened to me. Its hard to take care of 3 kids, go to all my coumadin checks while they get my level figured out, and I also work. I never want to take any prescription medicine ever again, except what I an on now to get rid of/prevent clots!!

    65. Renee says:

      I had a CT scan in the hospital. That's how they found my clots. I'm very worried about all of this. I have 3 small children. I just keep myself busy, and sometimes I cry. This just happened 2 saturdays ago, so its very new. I have to keep giving myself shots in my stomach because they are having trouble getting my coumadin level right. I keep going up, then down, but not to the 2-3 range like they want it. I'm not eating any vit k foods. They think I just metabolize coumadin quickly. I also had a racing, skipping heart as part of my symptoms, so I'm worried about that too. Its still happening, but not as bad. Some of my doctors said its related to this PE, others say it isn't. I follow up with a cardiologist in 3 months. You are not alone-take comfort in that.

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