Snow Day? Have Some Fun!

tray-sledding.jpgSo, most of the country is covered in about 47 feet of snow right now, which means one thing: SNOW DAY! Well, maybe for all those kids who don’t go to University of Michigan. That place doesn’t cancel classes for anything thanks to two students who sued the school for loss of tuition and ruined it for the rest of us.


Anyways, snow days are pretty bomb. No class? No responsibility? Lots of snow on the ground? Sweeeet.

You may see it as just another day to spend curled up on the futon with your TV and a bag of Smart Pop Kettle Korn, but I am here to tell you that it is time to throw on the snow pants (or layer 3 pairs of sweats) and get outside. Don’t treat today just like any other day off of class (by drinking Gatorade and recapping with your girls); there is much fun to be had on a college campus in the snow.

(Note: CollegeCandy does not support or condone any of the following acts. They are just things we have…heard about.)

Lunch Tray Sledding: You are gonna have to be a bit sneaky about this one, but grab a backpack and head to the caf. Grab a few lunch trays, take em back to your room and grease those suckers up with a little Pam/cooking spray. Then head out to the nearest “slope” (or some sort of hilly area on campus) and let loose. Sledding never gets old…especially when there is the thrill of breaking rules involved.

Dorm Wars Snowball Fight: One night, while studying in my room, the fire alarm in my building went off. I grabbed my slippers and jacket and headed out into the frigid Ann Arbor night, roommate in tow. The moment we stepped outside, my roommate was pelted in the forehead with a snowball. I was laughing so hard I barely noticed the war that then broke out around me. It seems the dorm across the street had collaborated to get us outside so they could attack us. It was illegal, it was cold…but it was hilariously fun.

Winter Beerlympics: Grab all your friends together, form country teams and enjoy a day of winter sports. Flip cup, an ice luge, a snow angel competition, and some form of icy beer pong will make for some great competition…and a little warming from the inside out.

Naughty Snowmen: I’m sure a bunch of creative college girls can figure out how to take the innocent snowman and turn him into something a bit more…risque. If you do, send me the pics. I’d be interested to see what that looks like!



    1. Samantha says:

      We have a snow day to day in Nashville, TN. I don't have class today, but I work at a college so I'm off…score! There isn't even a spec of snow to be seen. Ohhh, southerners.

    2. Ali says:

      I feel you Lauren…Syracuse doesn't ever cancel classes either despite the 100 inches of snowfall thus far…but from the ONE snow day that we did have off in 2007 I know that lunch tray sledding is definitely all its made out to be…and more!

    3. sara says:

      We just went Trayless at our school earlier this year so they had a bunch of trays left over that they just gave away starting yesterday to use as sleds. Its been great, they work perfect, despite the fact they will begin to collect snow by the end of the route.

    4. Kelly says:

      A friend of mine going to Southern Illinois University had yesterday and today off BECAUSE so many people sued the school last year for not canceling classes.

      My school though, University of Iowa, has yet to cancel class despite the horrifying weather in the past few months. My guess is they aren't gonna cancel anything unless the whole campus is underwater…again.

    5. Arden says:

      there's a picture from my fresh yr! I feel you on the snow thing! I go to school in Erie, Pa and they also do not cancel for ANYTHING!! Actually, today we got dumped on as well including our lake effect snow. I got stuck in my own driveway and was late for a quiz😦 O well Spring/Summer are not that far, or I keep telling myself.

    6. Kelly says:

      I with you Ali, I live outside of Cuse and go to a New York state school and we NEVER get snow days. They don't care if there are two feet of snow on the ground… its like we should all own snow shoes. Ugh.

    7. Kelly says:

      … I'm, too.

    8. Maria says:

      Arden- I know that snow sculpture! And I know exactly how you feel about the Erie snow situation. Kids were walking into classes today with an inch of snow built up on the tops of their heads, it was ridiculous!

    9. bandit says:

      UVA refuses to cancel classes ever, so I think they owe me since i busted my ass and tore my nice slacks because of the ice all over the place. and JMU, just an hour or whatnot away, got classes cancelled – how does this make sense?!?!

    10. Brooke says:

      For some reason we didn't have a snow day at UF either! I think considering there was ice on our bikes and cars last week they should have canceled it because really, who has clothes for that kind of weather in Florida?

    11. Kaitlyn says:

      Samantha…you go to a college in Nashville and classes were canceled?!?! Lucky. Lol. I go to MTSU in Murfreesboro, TN and we had a full day of classes…not cancelations at all.

    12. Nicole says:

      That is an old urban legend about law students suing the school. It's made up at every university and has been debunked by snopes by the way. I go to Michigan State University and we NEVER have classes cancelled. Don't feel so alone . . . most of us are sitting in classes at major universities dreading the thought of trudging through the snow and cold. =)

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