Missed Class (Again)? No problem!

taking-notes.jpgI can’t even count how many times I missed class because I overslept, was sick, or (let’s be honest) just didn’t feel like going. While it’s nice to take a break now and then from the monotony, it can also have its downfalls, such as missed quizzes and participation points that could lower your grade. I never want to admit it, but it seems that the old adage, “You miss class, you miss out,” that our professors have been preaching since the first day of class freshman year actually holds some truth.

So what’s a girl to do?

Sure, you could go to every single class, but that’s not really plausible, is it? You never know when your alarm clock will decide to stop behaving, or you will stop behaving, or an impromptu roadtrip will pop up and require you to skip Friday classes for the drive (and Monday classes for the recovery).

Are you supposed to sit back and accept defeat? Can I get a “hell no”? We’ve always been taught to find solutions to the problems that plague us, and I’ve got the perfect one for all of us:

I Slept Through Class.

It’s genius, really; people sign up with their school e-mail address (it has to end in .edu in order to prove that you’re actually a student) and from there can browse hundreds of notes uploaded by their peers. Yes, those peers of your who would never miss a class! You can just find the class you are looking for, grab the notes and still be prepared for the potential impromptu essay in section on Tuesday.

Right now they have over 400 universities represented on the site, so there’s a good chance yours is on there. If it isn’t you can get the ball rolling at your school by uploading your own notes.

Why would you ever share your notes? Well, for one, to be nice; it is better to give than to receive, remember? But if nice isn’t your thing, do it for the free shiz; they have a program that rewards users with gift cards.

It used to be that only the lucky few with access to test files and notes passed down from older siblings struck gold like this, but now everyone (with a .edu) can have a piece of the note-taking pie. And it tastes good.



    1. giz says:

      getting a gift card as payment while I help someone else get an easy, college-tuition-priced grade?

      I don't think so.

    2. Stephanie says:

      Notes are not going to help you get a better grade.

      If you're honestly a lazy ass, you won't be on this site..because then you wouldn't care..

    3. You'll Never Kn says:

      Absolutely love you for posting this. I am always missing class. Damn those hangovers!

    4. belle says:

      @ giz – that's something i've never understood…if it's not hurting you why wouldn't you help someone else. i have no problem giving out my notes…i always hope some of that karma will come back to me:)

    5. Meagan - Mizzou says:

      We actually have a kid from Mizzou that started a site called

      He started it because due to an illness, he couldn't always make it to class and would ask others to let him borrow their notes. He does a lot of promoting and keeps the site in good working order.

      I understand not wanting to share your notes, but I do it because I believe I take good notes, I want to have a place to save them besides my hard drive, and I think people will be able to fill in holes in their notes when the teacher goes too fast.

      If you really need to find notes for your school, I highly suggest checking out Grade Genie too.

    6. Star says:

      I love this idea! I had a horrible last semester, lots of person problems that I didn't feel like discussing with my teachers. Luckily the students were glad to loan me their notes and I got a B in a class that I missed almost a month of. It was really a life saver and, contrary to popular belief, I wasn't being "lazy", I just had a lot thrown at me at once.

    7. Star says:

      And that was supposed to say personal problems, not person problems but I guess that works too:)

    8. Katie says:

      You know, the education system is a bit outdated if you ask me…

      Yeah, back in the day this system was fine, without computers or internet or cell phones etc…

      BUT, we've evolved, why hasn't our education?? Closed note tests? Psh. That's not realistic at all. In the "real world" after college, we'll have any resource we need at the touch a button. I think education should be more "real world" based.

      So, when someone up at the top of the comment section claims that these people getting notes are just getting an easy grade, yeah right! They're the smart ones, using their available resources to their advantage. It's all about cheating the system to be the best you can be. :)

    9. Anon says:

      Sign up? Sign up where? At the teachers own website? Make your own website for notes? Where do you get the notes from online?

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