Love It or Hate It: The Zebra Jumpsuit

jumpsuit.jpgMy friend and I decided “to hell with this recession!” and did a little shopping this past weekend. Well, discount shopping (I’m not totally frivolous). Stops included Nordstrom Rack, Off 5th, Loehman’s and, my personal fave, H&M.

Upon walking into H&M, where I was looking for some basics, I was visually assaulted by something so outrageous, I didn’t know what to say. While my friend was sifting through a pile of spring sweaters (read: throwing all the sizes she didn’t want on the floor), I was frozen in my place, staring at what couldn’t-possibly-but-so-totally-was a zebra jumpsuit.

Yes, you read that right. Zebra. Jumpsuit.

If you have been to an H&M in the last few months, you have probably seen this before. The saleslady, who came over to assist me in my state of shock, explained that the jumpsuit had recently become H&M’s biggest seller. “I don’t get it, but the minute they come in they are sold out.”

I had so many questions:



“Are girls getting too lazy to pick out a shirt and a pair of pants?”

“Isn’t it more difficult to pee with that thing on?”

Too bad I couldn’t get any words out. I was so offended by this item that I had to leave the store immediately; I never even got the chance to try on the skirt I had come for. But, if the saleswoman was correct, I am alone in my total disgust and misunderstanding of the zebra jumpsuit, or jumpsuits in general. People really like ’em (and I don’t mean Katy Perry cuz that girl wears some weird shiz).

What do you think, College Candies?  Do you love or hate the zebra jumpsuit?

  • When my mom moved me into my dorm freshman year she left me $65 to buy a humidifier. I took that money and bought a pair of heels because I can sleep without damp air blowing in my face, but I can't rock a humidifier with a hot black mini.