At Home Bikini Wax: Yes You Can!


I know what you’re thinking: Waxing my own bikini line? ARE YOU INSANE!?Well the answer is no, I’m not insane. Just very frugal and, to be honest, curious. I’ve been shaving my bikini line for years and recently tired of that. The hair would grow back so quickly, coarser than before and I was ready for a change. So I decided on waxing. And instead of paying at least $30 at a salon (the cheapest I was able to find in my town), I decided that I had enough knowledge and a high enough pain tolerance that I was willing to give the DIY bikini wax a shot.

From my experiences, it is not that bad. Sure, I would prefer many things to waxing my bikini line (like medieval torture), but it wasn’t the horrific experience some report it to be, even doing it myself. In some ways it’s even better – no strange woman lookin’ at your hooha.

So, I’ve compiled a little guide of tips and tricks for you adventurous girls who want to try an at home bikini wax! Take a deep breath and read on.

1. Choose your weapon wisely.

Not all wax kits are created equal, girls! Make sure you find one that is specifically for the bikini line or for several areas including bikini line. Some waxes are very harsh and inappropriate for your sensitive areas. Also, make sure that you use hard wax! In my experience and those of the many others I know who also torture wax themselves, the soft wax is not a good idea for your bikini line (the skin is too sensitive and not taught enough).

My favorite kit is the Alexandria No-Heat Hair Removal Kit. It’s reasonably priced (only about $10!) and contains a large container of wax, which will last you for at least 6 or 7 waxes, I’ve found. And the fact that it’s no-heat is great because it involves no prep work and there is no risk of burning your sensitive skin. One last thing: try to find a water-soluble wax. This means that if you realize it hurts too much you can just clean the wax off with warm water. It makes for a super easy clean up and no scary commitment issues.

2. Pain Control

I don’t have any issues with pain when I wax, but many people do. Popping a pain killer (Tylenol or Advil…not Vicodin) an hour before you wax will be sure to make it more pleasant. Also, don’t wax while you’re on your period. You’re more sensitive to pain, so you’re basically setting yourself up for failure!

3. Perfect Your Technique

Just like anything else, waxing takes skill, so I suggest waxing something much easier first, like your legs. You’ll develop the technique and learn what works and what doesn’t. For instance, you have to apply the wax in the direction of your hair growth, which can pretty tricky with the bikini area (those hairs grow in every damn direction!). You also have to make sure you apply the wax strip in the correct direction and, although most kits don’t explicitly say this, rub the strip REALLY well on your skin to grasp the hairs well.

You also want to pull the skin around the area taught to decrease the number of times you have to go over the area (by pulling the maximum number of hairs), but also, to reduce your pain. Lastly, you MUST pull down, not up. This requires a bit of an explanation: when you pull the strip off (in the direction opposite to hair growth!), leave the strip as close as you can to the skin, instead of pulling the strip up and away. This is proper waxing technique and pulling up and away doesn’t work. Plus it hurts like a biatch.

There you have it! Your own little care package for those about to venture into the world of DIY Bikini Waxes. I wish you luck!



    1. Erin says:

      as frugal as waxing yourself is, for the love of god, if you're doing anything more than your bikini line (where your legs meet your body) DON'T do it yourself. there is NO way you'd be able to get everything and you run a HUGE risk of birning yourself. i wouldn't play around with hot wax and that part of my body…

    2. Erin says:


    3. Jasmine says:

      I wax most of my body.. legs, upper lip, arms, pits, bikini, and brazilian. The brazilian has one spot that kills like a mofo, but by far, the most painful thing to wax are your pits. Mine were sore until the next day!!

    4. nikki says:

      Oh man, I tried to do this once… didn't work out so well. You have to be quick or it hardens and then you have to pretty much cut the wax off.

      I know it sounds weird, but you'd be better off asking a close friend to help you.

    5. Amy says:

      I do my bikini and my underarms myself. The first time hurts the most – but after that, I've found that the hair is even EASIER to get out. I agree with the statement about underarms hurting the most though. It's my favorite thing to not have to deal with shaving for a few weeks but it took me a couple of days to finish it all

    6. rachel says:


    7. Lily Schmo from Koko says:

      hhaha all that work just to look like a pre-pubescent girl?

      no thanks, i'll keep on looking like a grown woman, who's

      husband enjoys a fluffy southern region


    8. Ashley says:

      wow i tried this and it hurt but was so worth it.

    9. Justine says:

      I don't know about you Lily, but no matter what my husband thinks I don't want "fluffy" hair poking out of my bikini like an animal.

    10. Claire says:

      I get the prepubescent "Lolita" thing, Lily, definitely…but I still tidy up down there. Bruised like NO OTHER the first time, but afterwards, once you get the technique, waxing yourself is AMAZING. Painful, but pop a tylenol or do a shot of tequila and you'll be fine.:)

    11. Jules says:

      I rather look like a prepubescent chick then some neanderthal.

      rule of thumb: no hair below the waist.

    12. Elle says:

      I tried waxing several times and it just sucks – the ingrown hair, the PAAAIN!!!, the need to actually grow hair before it can be waxed again… Seriously gals, what's wrong with just shaving while you shower?

      1. Rebekah says:

        i would shave but my area always turns out bumpy bloody and ingrown hairs. you sound pretty confident with it but dosent it look absoulty gross and hairy when you wear a bathing suit. mqybe im doing something wrong. any tips?

    13. taylor says:

      what an informative article, and so humorous too! kudos to the author!

    14. BEA says:

      very well written and humorous! thanks for the info!!

    15. ass sniffer says:

      i like to shave my ass hair..

      good 4 you

    16. Samantha says:

      Just curious: Why not Vicodin? I always take a half before I get it done (at the salon, that is). I have yet to work up the bravery (or foolishness?) to try it myself, although it would be a lot more convenient.

    17. Megan says:

      I'd much rather look like a prepubescent girl, and have a hygienic vajayjay than have a bushy smelly thing.

      1. Hairy Alivera says:

        That is the most uneducated thing I have EVER heard. Hair is there for a PURPOSE. We didn't evolve this way so that the hair is a huge inconvenience. It's there to keep out bacteria and all the other disgusting stuff you have in your vagina right now. Of course you're supposed to WASH the hair, you don't just leave it there to rot and mold. Jesus Christ.

      2. Omayra says:

        AMEN to that! So many women are getting brazilians for all the wrong reasons and forgetting basic biology and evolution. I'm not trying to tell other women what to do with their bodies but the prepubescent look actually kinda disturbs me. We should be proud of our womenhood.

    18. Julia says:

      It's a good thing my older sister is a cosmotologist and knows a thing or two about waxing. Although is would be very embarrassing to ask her to wax my bikini area….

    19. Jordan says:

      Do you suggest any other brands of wax? The stores near me don't seem to carry the Alexandria wax and I'd prefer to do it soon rather than wait for it to be shipped to me (and would prefer saving money on shipping!). Thanks!

      1. guest says:

        you can make it yourself, just try one of the sugaring recipes floating around online.

    20. halle hutchinson says:

      psshhhh thats nasty having a bushy vajaja when u have a hsband ewwwww whats the difference from shaving it off then ripping it off with tape

    21. megan says:

      waxing is better bc shaving makes hair thicker u get more ingrown hairs and it grows back to fast and i find that shaving again before hair gets ling enough it hurts and makes me bleed a biy hurts like a bitch and looks bad, and its all prickly by the next day not worth it, wax is better

    22. August Low says:

      What is the ingredient of the wax?

    23. Lauren, University of Missouri says:

      TSent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

    24. Anna says:

      I have a question. What if you have never waxed "down there" before? Is it okay to do it yourself? I've actually never waxed anything in my entire life, and I really, really, really don't want to go to a salon; I'm too embarrassed. The only way I can get waxed is if I do it myself. Is that bad to do? Please let me know.

      1. guest says:

        no its not a bad thing to do. I would just advise cutting the hair down a little before waxing so you can get close enough to the root without having to wax multiple times because it does hurt the 1st couple of times but the tylenol really does help:) I always wax myself and to me the trick is to relax an just get the job done. then you can scream and do whatever it is you do after the job is done😀

      2. shannon says:

        also wax somewhere easier first, like legs, because it is less painful and easier to pull off.

    25. rich says:

      one suggestion: to avoid hair sticking out from under your bathing suit. wear your favorite bathing suit, shave off the hair peek out while wearing it.

    26. rich says:

      Hair is mostly a vestigial thing, a relic from our evolution, although it may still serve a purpose depending on where you live. one would certainly be fortunate to have all that body hair to keep body heat if one lived in cold climates.

    27. Kristin says:

      The Veet no-heat wax strips also work really well. Sometimes hard to find at drugstores, I often buy a couple packs on to last a while

    28. Rebekah says:

      This past week, i have tried sugaring. i followed all the directions i had found from various articles and youtube videos, and i cant seem so get it right. i finally tried sugaring my bikini line and i got maybe 5 hair follicles off!! wtf?!! shaving hurts, leaves bloody marks, and makes little bumps, which is so ugly looking while wearing a bikini! ew! ive also tried multiple nair products down there, like the spray on, and i swear nothing works…. i have been shaving for nearly a year now and i wonder if that may have made the hair to coarse for at home waxing. somebody help me please because i have camp coming up in a few weeks and we swim EVERYDAY! what the hell am i supposed to do!! i am almost 16, and i dont have more than 10-15 dollars to spend, especially on things that are uneffective (honestly, i feel like i have tried so many expensive products and nothin helps)…. seriously what am i doing wrong??! :)

      1. Jillian says:

        I can't really give you advice about waxing because today is the first day i'm doing it myself. However, I can maybe help with the shaving technique. Also never use nair products down there…. ahhh so bad for you!

        As for shaving this is what I find works best. Let your hair grow in so that it is a little more than just stubby (for the first time atleast; kind of like if a guy doesn't save his beard for a day or two). Make sure you exfoliate the night before and in the shower before you shave. Exfoliate. Then let it be under the warm water while you deal with the rest of your shower. Use a moisturizing shave gel or cream. Start by shaving in the downward direction. Don't do more than like 2 strokes in each spot. Too many strokes = razor burn. Then generally I shave at like a 45 degree angle going up. I do the whole area in one direction and then the other. I have very coarse hair and this usually leaves me very well shaven. It lasts a few days but once it starts to come back you can do the process again.

        Whether you try this or waxing, good luck!!

    29. funnygrl says:

      y quarreling babies??? those who r shy… keep on goin vth razers!!!! lol 😛

    30. funnygrl says:

      1 more important thing 2 b remembered by the point of hygiene.. is dat one shud not make any physical contacts 4 atleast 2days after bikini wax… keep it clean and comfy!!!

    31. Milena says:

      I've always waxed myself since day one. I ridiculously read the directions perfectly. It wasn't bad. I don't remember too much pain.

    32. getting hitched soon says:

      Hey. I am trying to get up the nerve to wax down under. I am very modest and can’t spread eagle for just anyone. I am glad I took the time to research at home waxing. For now I think I will keep shaving, (atleast til he gets home then he can help) since I haven’t had to tidy up due to being celibate. I had forgotten all the reasons to rid the area…like hair holds moisture…hence bacteria is prone to develop and after a long drought I don’t need anything to interfere with our groove. Besides who wants a mouth full of hair?!!!

    33. Guesst says:

      What about waxing the main area "down there"?
      does that hurt any more, or any less?

    34. Bell Hooks says:

      Guy, take it from a lady. Plenty of hot as fuck, intelligent young men have never thought my womanhood as being disgusting, whether it be shaven, waxed, or two weeks grown out because I got better shit to do with my time sometimes. Desire and sex are not affected by the symmetry nor the amount of my pubic hair, and so far the orgasms are a plenty. Save your opinion for when your staring at the mirror jacking off to your own waxed legs.

      1. Grace says:

        bahahahahahahaha agreed. you go girl.

    35. Kaylee says:

      Is there any way to MAKE a wax? Like with lotions and glues and such? Because I think if I asked my MOTHER to take me to get that waxed…shed ask who and why I’m doing it. It’d be awkward to say “I don’t like bumps and I don’t like feeling like a mammoth…”

      1. Jess says:

        Look up a sugar/honey wax recipe. It works really well. I like it because it's cheap, easy, and organic so no harsh chemicals.

    36. Cheryl says:

      If you get wax stuck on you first of all Do Not cut it off with a scissors. That is the worst thing you could do. Take some baby oil to it, and it will come off, might take a lil scrubbing but it will come off. Good luck!

      1. Guest says:

        I also like to apply a little neosporin on my bikini line after I wax. It helps get rid of extra wax and sooth the area. It has to be treated like the open wound it is. Also, NO SEX for TEN hours after waxing otherwise you could increase irritation and cause infection.

    37. 4kidsandacat says:

      I get the whole idea of wanting a trim but not the full-on Brazilian wax. I don't want to look like I stuffed a squirrel down my pants, but I already have enough issues with looking younger than my age, there's no way I'd want to take it all off! I do like the idea of taking off all of that hair in weird places though, which the Brazilian wax does address. Is there anything in between the Brazilian and the bikini? I think some people might prefer the mini delta over the landing strip. My question about waxing your self: Isn't it hard to get a good vantage point to see what you are doing

    38. Bernstein says:

      Its great opportunity for you in Alexandria to remove unwanted hair from your body parts to keep it clean and attractive. we are here to serve you.

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