Can’t Afford College? Get a Corporate Sponsor!


College is expensive. Really, really expensive. Even with scholarships and financial aid, most of us are left wondering how we are going to pull this off.

Of course, there are several ways to approach the issue:

1. We could go to Mom and Dad (assuming they could help in the first place, or that you want them to – this is a slippery slope to giving them more influence over our futures than some of us our comfortable with)

2. We could take out a loan (but that means lots of scary paper work, co-signers, and debt)

3. We could sell our virginity

3. We try out the newest trend: human capital contracts.

In my opinion the name sounds a lot scarier than it really is. It might just be me, but the words “human” and “contract” ooze creepiness and give me visions of living as a sex slave for the rest of my life. Fortunately for me, thats not the case here.

Human capital contracts are the newest resource in paying for higher education. Basically, investors (companies) would agree to pay for your education in return for a percentage of your future income over a fixed period of time which is scaled to your wages. Unlike loans, you are essentially using your education as collateral, betting on yourself and your abilities. Meaning the more you earn, the more the investor will take. The flip side being, the less you make, the less they are entitled to.

Of course, anything dealing with finance and debt and signatures makes me hyperventilate, so naturally I had some questions. The most important ones being, “What do I stand to gain?” “Why are investors interested in my education?” And, of course, “Will I end up chained to a radiator in the basement if I don’t get a job?”

Here’s what I found:

Human capital contracts are set up as a potential win-win for investors and students. The risk is transferred from students to investors but still draws investors in because they could potentially gain more than they would on a traditional loan (which earn investors money through interest charges). This idea could potentially open the market up, as it is no secret that in today’s economy loans are limited due to rising costs and government funding is rapidly being withdrawn. But with this new alternative more kids could finish college and become productive members of society.

Unsurprisingly, with any good idea there are some drawbacks. These drawbacks mostly surround investors, but students should be aware of what they are getting into as well.  The biggest issue right now seems to be getting students who are potentially interested in higher paying jobs (doctors, lawyers, future millionaires etc.), to balance out lower income jobs (starving artists, writers, non-profits, and, um, me) because these are the students who will earn investors money. Admittedly, I was wrong with my whole sex slave theory, but critics are saying that this agreement resembles a form of indentured servitude because you are in some ways owning a piece of someone else… but the same could be said about traditional loan arrangements, right?

What do you think? Would you be interested in human capital contracts to pay for school?



    1. Stephanie says:

      Yes, I've been looking for/into them intensively for the past few weeks.

    2. Jess - Queen's says:

      I think this is totally scary. They do in fact own a piece of you and because this whole concept is so new, I kinda doubt there are any ocncrete laws or regulations surrounding it. Basically the whole idea scares the living daylights out of me and even though I don't know how I'm going to pay for my education, this just isn't an option for me.

    3. Mazuba says:

      What if instead of taking ur money out of your income ,they have you work for them for a period of time ?

    4. john says:

      I might have to look into this.

    5. Crystal says:

      Yes i would definitely look into that, how would you go about approaching a company about this? When i became an NAR they paid for my schooling and gas to get to the classes, but they asked ME about it, i would not know how to ask a company. Any ideas??

    6. Mary says:

      I'd consider this just because I'm so sick of getting denied for loans and being to old for most scholarships. It does sound kinda scary though. Even if what the company makes is scaled to your income they could potentially "own you" for as long as they feel it takes to get back their investment…which could be your entire life.😦

    7. megan says:

      I think in order for this work in the long run specific expectations will have to be explicitly clear. For example, a specific time in which the company is entitled to a portion of your income (for example 25 years- similar to a morgage.) Also the percentage they take should be noted in the contract you sign. Also, potentially working for the company (if you have skills they are in need of) should be another way to pay off the debt. Just some ideas.

    8. Max (yes I'm a says:

      I would DEFINATELY be into this, because even WITH the biggest possible student loan this year I will NOT be able to afford moving to my school (3,000 miles) living there (dorms are freaking expensive, $600 a month for PART of a room), living expenses (food, basic clothes, etc) and all that… if I get the maximum possible student loan, all the scholarships through my school already, PLUS a part-time job, I'll still be THOUSANDS in the red… Still owing $5,000 to the school I'm transferring from (on top of $50,000 in debt from my years there) don't help either.:/

      If ANYONE knows of a company who would do this, or a company in the video-game-design industry willing to do something similar, please PLEASE PLEASE email me and tell me about it…

    9. sigifrid says:

      im from tanzania im ask for anybody who may sponsor me the college fees i have the admission to the college of african wildlife mweka thanks.

    10. LEONARD MAFURU says:

      Im a Tanzania boy am asking for anybody who may sponsor me the college fees, i have admitted to the ST. AUGUSTINE UNIVERSITY OF TANZANIA 2009/2010.

      My physical address is


      P.O.BOX 523



      Lastly am praised to the one who will help me to accomplish my goals. Thanks a lot.

    11. Kristine E. Deala says:

      hi there.

      i need sponsors..

      for my study in college because my family is too poor to support me..

      i am 18 years old..

      i want to take BS in Accounting.

      pls email me



    12. emeka says:

      pls am a nigerian 18 yrs of age,now am living in cambodia pls am looking for individuals,corporate bodies to pls sponsor me true university,am willing to relocate anywhere that this would be possible,i just pray that introducing myself as a nigerian would not be a problem,i dont have to lie i need sincere help pls,thank you so very much heres is my mail address ''

    13. saning'o konne says:

      Dear readers of this website,

      mweka is realy expensive,l also got mweka admission for tourist hunting but l was not able to afford the fees,l request sponsorship from any kindfull person, lam a maasai boy who is a hunter by nature and l would like to get this proffissional by studying in this nice plse l request your help to you generous people from any where in this world or even just give me email address is,

    14. pamela charlotte says:

      hey i am an african girl with a 3 sister. we live with our mom who is unemployed and at this rate it is reaching a point that she cannot afford our education expences.bythe way my parents are divorce icould tell you more but that would be blabbering so please help me successfully complete my education and help me get a sponser and if possible be mine.

    15. sidney karrr says:

      well first off my name is sidney karr. And today i am asking for anybody who has a heart to please hear me out i am 20 year of age. i have learning problems but that did not stop me from getting my high school degree. and i am now seeking to become a pastor which means i would have to go to school for that. All i need is some help paying for school i was not the best high school student but i know that i could be one of the best college student to ever live on this planet. please who ever reads this don't just put this aside i have a calling in this life time and world , and i don't want to waste my life my mother just passed away march 7,2010 from sickle cell…. and for me that was a major set back for me and my life. i really do need help and if anyone could help me i promise that in the long run u would not regret it … i also have a dream to become a actor that was my one and only dream but as life went on for me, i saw how much of a help i could really be for the human race , yea its going to take a long time for me to become a pastor . but i know that i am going to stick to it and do all my work and read as much as i need to.. and fars as my dreams to become a actor if u really want to help me out with that, that would just be up to u but what my heart really crys out for is help paying for my education in studing how to become a real pastor for the world…. there is a lot more to my story but if want to hear more please contact me at 718-530-5899 please i really need help… thank u for reading my story

    16. ssali muzafaru says:

      i want to get sponsor to pay for my fees

    17. gabrielmaketo says:

      l need help l need school fees to finish my degree

    18. Melissa says:

      I’ve been reading up on this for a couple days now, but I still want more information.

      How do I find a sponsor??

    19. Tatsiana says:

      I am a Belarussian student. I have been admitted to Monterey Institute of International Studies for School of Translation and Interpretation and now I am desperately looking for scholarships as I can't afford to pay the tuition. I believe I will find a sponsor sooner or later as my future goal is to become a professional interpreter in the UN.

    20. Ludoh says:

      hellow, i am a 20 year old female from Botswana,looking for a college sponsor to do Airline and Aviation management,its a two years course and cost around 3000 pounds for a degree.i will sponsor my living expenses as i am working right now to save the little money i earn for accommodation incase i get a sponsor.I passed with a merit in final year of high school and i have reference

      feel free to contact me at or +26776067278 a grant or loan will be acceptected.


    21. Jesus Hurtado says:

      I am a Peruvian student. I wolud like to study in Kaplan International Colleges Translation and Interpretation and now I am desperately looking for scholarships as I can’t afford to pay the tuition. I believe I will find a sponsor sooner or later as my future goal is to become a professional interpreter in the UN the amount the i need is 9000 usd the class start on september please if you read this and you are interested in helping people in a very noble way pleas my email is

    22. Caroline Winnie Smit says:

      Moreover, I will like to change my study of field. I have decided to study Nursing and become a Nurse(NR). And then little go futher…

    23. Jackson Hill says:

      financial aids are really needed in 3rd world countries as well as on disaster areas.*'.

    24. financial aids are really needed in 3rd world countries as well as on disaster areas.',"

    25. NAGASHA JOAN says:

      Hullo,Am Nagasha Joan and i kindly request for financial assistance.Am in second year pursuing bachelors degree in computer science, in Makerere university in Uganda. i have been looked after by my uncle but he told me to look for away out because he does not have the money to support me further.I kindly request that you do me a favour and pay for me such that i finish my course. Thanks for your support.

    26. Bilali maulid says:

      Dear sir/madam

      My name bilal,from

      Tanzania ,25yr man maasai tribe,i'm looking for sponsorship,i wld like to join college porsuit my diploma course on wildlife marnegment here at MWEKA WILDLIFE

      COLLEGE,and its too expensive for me and my family to pay for my fees and other


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      Help myself ,my family nd peaple around me,

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    27. amanyire derrick says:

      hey there

      am derrick

      am 15 7ears

      i was plz askin 4 a sponcer coz my family is so poor

      i promise not to waste ure money if u sponcer mi

      god bless u

      u can email me on

      thanxs alot

    28. well mark says:

      Dearest Borrower,

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    29. Gloria O says:

      Im kenyan lady aged 21yrs. sat for my KCSE exams in 2006 and got a C+ grade. Ive not been able to join college because my parents are poor and can't afford to pay for my tuition. I wish to study Bachelor of Commerce in the Kabarak university here in Kenya. Ive already made an application and just hope for the best. Iwish to get a sponsor who will take care of my tuition fees. I will really appreciate.

    30. Gloria O says:

      Gloria's Email is my phone number is +254713242222. really looking forward to hear from you. Thanks and God bless you.

    31. JULIUS says:

      I am Julius from Kenya and i sat for my secondary school certificate examinations in the year 2007 and attained a mean grade of C+(plus).Since then i have not been to any college or institutions,due to lack of finance.I had a number of admission letters with the latest from the University of Nairobi for a barchelor degree course in Arts(SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2010 INTAKE).I therefore kindly request if there's any well wisher/s to help me in one way or the other to pursue my dreams and i'm very sure God will one day reward you for having saved someone drowning in the sea.GOD BLESS YOUR PEOPLE.

    32. JULIUS says:

      I am Julius from Kenya and i sat for my secondary school certificate examinations in the year 2007 and attained a mean grade of C+(plus).Since then i have not been to any college or institutions,due to lack of finance.I had a number of admission letters with the latest from the University of Nairobi for a barchelor degree course in Arts(SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2010 INTAKE).I therefore kindly request if there's any well wisher/s to help me in one way or the other to pursue my dreams and i'm very sure God will one day reward you for having saved someone drowning in the sea.You can call +254711717745/email:

    33. JULIUS says:

      I am Julius from Kenya and i sat for my secondary school certificate examinations in the year 2007 and attained a mean grade of C+(plus).Since then i have not been to any college or institutions,due to lack of finance.I have had a number of admission letters with the latest from the University of Nairobi for a barchelor degree course in Arts(SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2010 INTAKE).I therefore kindly request if there's any well wisher/s to help me in one way or the other to pursue my dreams and i'm very sure God will one day reward you for having saved someone drowning in the sea.You can call +254711717745/email:

    34. JULIUS says:

      I am Julius from Kenya and i sat for my secondary school certificate examinations in the year 2007 and attained a mean grade of C+(plus).Since then i have not been to any college or institutions,due to lack of finance.I have had a number of admission letters with the latest from the University of Nairobi for a barchelor degree course in Arts(SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2010 INTAKE).I therefore kindly request if there's any well wisher/s to help me in one way or the other to pursue my dreams and i'm very sure God will one day reward you for having saved someone drowning in the sea.You can call +254711717745/email: for your support

    35. Rachel muthoki wambu says:

      Hi,am a 20 year old kenyan lady.i did ma kcse last year got a looking forward to do a pararrel degree in one of the public universities in interested in bachelor of commerce.i have all the information and need a sponsor pay my tuition parents are not able to pay because the fee is too much for mum is a local business lady in our village and ma dad is a watchman.they earn very little.i visited kenyatta university and they told me i was qualified for that degree.i want to apply it next year for the september intake.i kindly request you to help me in paying for the fees when i join the university.please i really need a me out and God wil bless you abundantly.please contact me through my email address or my phone number 0714459431.please reply and tell me whether you will help me in this.

    36. John mepukori muruny says:

      Hi am a maasai student,a kenyan citizen. Am in college,EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT(pre-school teacher)and am in problem of paying my college fee,am requesting wellwishers to help me.cell 0724612570.iwill be happy for any help. Thank you

    37. adams says:

      this is a viable option as it will benefit both the student and the sponsor. am interested in training as a pilot and fully ready. what must i do?

    38. adams says:

      am interested

    39. onyango says:


      I am Onyango from Kenya and am looking forward to do my certification exams of ccna.It means a lot for me if i can get a sponsor to pay this tuition fee for me.Remeber the best gift you can give to your child is education. My parents are not able to pay because the fee is too much for them and this makes me hang around in our neighborhood doing nothing while others go to school. It hurts lot.

      I kindly request any well wishers out there to help me on raising these fees which is kshs 30000 only.

      Kindly contact me through my email address:

      Thanks in advance

    40. choden says:


      I am choden from Bhutan I am studying Mass Communication in india and its 1st year. Till now my uncle is sponsering my studies but now he says that he can't do any more so, i want help from you people if you all are kind enough to do please. Help me……..

      I am realy need of held other wise I can't study now If you all are kind enough please contact me through this

      Thanking you in advance.

    41. Les says:

      Hello I'am a Native American living on a Reservation in South Dakota. I attend a community college but the only problem is it's thirty miles away and i have no car to get there, so i have to depend on a transit bus. It's my second year attending and i'm going for my associates degree in general construction. But noone ever told me about the ups and downs in college so i'm learning the hard way. Each day i wake up with worries on getting thru the day or how my children are doing, i gave up everything so i can see my children grow up better than i did. It hurts me to see my family struggling because i'm the only one who attends college. That's why i keep going even if i can't pay for college there's always a way, every mmorning i pray to god to help me stay strong. Because i'm not the type of person who would give up if there's another day there's another way. So who ever reads this please take note: i'm not writing this because of something stupid i need help from a person who has a good heart and i can represent in a good way. Pilamaya (Thanks)

    42. when natural calamities strike, we will need financial aid in one way or another;"*

    43. johnson jack says:

      Hi! I'm Tanzanian, 21 years old and I'm a student taking my first degree on wildlife management at Sokoine University of Agriculture. I aplied and manage to get a loan but it is only enough to pay for my tuition fees. All of my hopes lies to a sponsor out there who will help me to pay for my accomodation and other of my school expenses, just a litle that would help me in my studies. these are my contacts: +255718266656 and my e-mail:

    44. Tom says:

      I need some help parents helped as much as they could for my college,I will be studieing golf all I need is enough to get started. If you can help email me at I will even give you free golf lessons when Im done Thank You!!

    45. chris says:

      Hi My name is Christine.I am a single mother with a daughter in her first year in college.I am 48 years old.I am doing my best to help my daughter get thru college, and its really hard right now.My hours have been cut with my job.I work for the school system.Michigan is one of the worst states to live in right now. there are no jobs.If someone is out there who can help me. Even a loan would help..this is my email. could work another job also, if you have work to be done.<my daughter could work also around her school work..thank you

    46. tricia says:

      if there is a god out there. hear my prayer…….I am on my own.going to college.I have no family around that can help me. they are struggleing themselves.But I am determined to do it…..please god, give me the strength to not give up.thank you

    47. simon says:

      Am Simon from Nairobi and am strunded acaddemically.Three years the line since i finished my O levels but have not been able to kickstart my college education due to fees problems, Any help will be warmly appreciated my email adress is

    48. Hannah Fizell says:

      Hi,my name is Hannah an I need a sponsor!! Anyone please. God gave me a huge passion for animals and I am going to school right now for Marine Biology. My family is struggling big time and as of now I am having a hard time finding a job in my area. I have dreams to follow and need help.
      For more info,if you are interested in assisting me.Contact me at:

    49. Bianca Hollimon says:

      My name is Bianca Hollimon, I am a 19 year old freshman college student attending the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. I was able to afford my first semester in college because of inheritance money. Now that money has run out and my family is not able to help me in anyway pay for school. I am in desperate need of almost 9,000 dollars for my second semester in school. My classes will be completely dropped at the end of the week and I'm running out of options for things to do.

    50. Jessica says:

      I am a promising student studying biology. I am on the pre-med track. I was able to afford the first semester of out of state tuition because of donations. I need a sponsor to help me continue my education. I am determined to become a successful doctor.

    51. Lina says:

      At this point, I will take whatever help I can get. I need one more year to graduate & I apply to law school in less than 10 months. BUT, since I can't even afford to eat I have no other choice than to drop out. Any sponsor willing to help has my full attention.

    52. jersam says:

      Hi, Im Jersam from Philippines. Im a educator………..I did study my masters degree but force to stop due to lack of financial support. I need 4000 US dollar or an equivalent of almost 180,000 pesos to finish it…..I will give back to any one through service to the people if someone would help me. here is my contact number 09086620133…..and my email:

    53. alleineebron says:

      Hi! I'm Cherry Alleine from Philippines. I am now currently stop studying due to financial problems. My father left us and from then on,he did not support me and my two siblings to study. My mother don't have a stable job to help us. So I write to you to please help me. I need two more years to graduate as an Engineering student. And i need to enroll this coming April 2011 to cope up with the subjects that I lost. Please help me to have my private sponsor to support my studies. I want to be a successful engineer. And I really want to finish my studies to help my family. Thank you very much..

    54. dorine says:

      Iam Dorine and awidow and am working hard sothat ican achieve my dream of persuing acourse in cips have already started going to college but am very much stacked idont have finance to register for exams and itherefore request any well wishers to lend ahand .and provide a support and may god bless you.

    55. Edmond says:

      Edmond from Uganda in need of a sponsor
      contact me for more information

    56. rizwan says:

      yeah it seems a pretty good way to pay of college debts i mean common my friend got a gre score of 1540
      and he cant attend a good college cause he doesn't have any money go foreign it suks i tell you…….
      do any one any companies willing to go for such investments and what are their criteria and requirements..i am a guy studying in india 2nd year engineering electronics engineering…any advice would help and please "dont spam"……
      pls contact

    57. rizwan says:

      PS: is the loan non collateral ? i mean what are the normal conditions and terms….any one any ideas??
      Does anyone any body who has taken such offer and benefited from it and from which company??
      any alumni vouching for such companies?? I really don't believe in the concept of some one owning someone else….i mean agree on the condition only if you can pay of the bills and its way better of than the alternative being a drop out…at least with this you have a chance….i am interested in high income jobs(okay call me greedy B!@#$$d but i am willing to take the risk) i believe more students should use this chance to better their profile value though i admit there are risks as well ….

    58. charles nyamweya says:

      The main reason I am writing this is that I need to make a request. I am a 24 years old Kenyan citizen male currently a recipient of the international student scholarship from Hartwick college moving to united states to study political science. I am looking for a sponsor to assist me raise some money to pay for my college expenses.
      Please contact me on any advice through email address or through my phone number +254729456743

      Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks in advance
      Charles nyamweya

    59. Kenny Goodin says:

      In 7th grade i took a practice SAT and made a 2100 out of 2400, do you think i have a good chance for a scholarship? I'm a freshman now, and my gpa is a 3.9. i pass all of my classes with little, or no effort. im taking all honors this, and next year, and im doubling up on math's and sciences. I know im considering colleges a little early, but its better to start planning early, as opposed to starting late. email me at with your thoughts on this, please?

      1. Mo Allen says:

        From what you say here, you should look into leaving high school early. Wait until junior year to really see though, since it's the toughest. If you wait all 4 years your scholarship amount should be great. However, freshman year is easy. Really easy. So you shall see…

    60. Brian Ronido says:

      Im kenyan citizen aged 21,i got enrold at Nairobi university school of law in 2009 for a LLB bachelor of law course but discontinued for two years due to lack of fees,this period ends this september yet ive no money to report.Im kindly requesting 4 help 4rm any sourse in form of sponsorship so that i can continue with my studies,any form of help will be highly appriciated ,thanks in advance.

    61. cris says:

      Hi, iam a a mexican yea i know we are known for being drop outs an most of the time really bad learners but i have been one of them for example but this year is different my life i stop college after the first year same problem here lag of financial help and this political things is making it worst thanc to them getting an education is like giving up all of our pay checks..But i started last year again an now iam a certified pharmacist technician an now going to do bussiness an then again i will need money which it suchs because i have always have good grades but since i live alone i have to pay for my own expenses so it makes it worst.. any help will be more then welcome….

    62. jayjay26 says:

      I decided to drop college to join the military. I think it was a good choice; now college will be a bit cheaper.

    63. joshua otieno says:

      college education has proved more expensive for the less fortunate. Getting sponsorship here in Kenya is even more difficult. I just need any way out to join a college. Email me at

    64. Apio Molly Grace says:

      Hai over there,am Apio Molly from uganda. a single mother of requesting for financial support from a wellwisher so that i can complete my degree course in psychology and counselling in this way you would have helped me to educate my kids.i shall be greatful for your kind consideration.

    65. Ben Mbewa says:

      Am a kenyan citizen of 28 years, I attained Diploma in community Development and project management. I still want to proceed with my learning. I long to save souls perishing in sins, my ambition is to study theology in one of the adventist Universities Specifically Bugema University in Uganda. I am looking for a sponsor to help me achieve this dream. God Bless you in advance. AMEN.

    66. JACKIE says:


    67. jannyl says:

      anyone can sponsor in the philippines?
      cant afford to go to college

    68. Faith patrice says:

      I am a Tanzanian citizen known as Faith Patrice. am 18years old i want to do procurement and supply and i realy wish to go on with studies but its being difficult for me to do so because i cant afford its fees. i am looking for a sponsor to help me achieve my dream. please email me at or contact me at +255652268334. i hope to hear from you. thanks in advance

    69. fred says:

      Im Tanzanian citizen aged 20. i'm looking for someone to sponser me in my degree of procurement and logistic management,Because the school fees are too expensive my parent cant afford and i realy like to complete my education.please help me to fulfill my dreams.(

    70. Battsengel says:

      Hello. I live in Mongolia. I really want to go to a school in USA specially I want to go to one of the LDS schools, but can't afford college. I am looking for a sponsor who can help me to reach my goal and to make my dream real. Thank you. Please contact me through my email address

    71. Arselio says:

      i am 31 yrs of age now, but i want to study back in college, i want to take a course of aircraft engineer pls sponsor me

    72. iamysser says:

      I'm a freshman college student but I never finished the year, I only took the first semester then I had an Absent without Leave (AWOL) due to financial problem. When I decided to continue my studies at my college university, I couldn't cause I still have an unpaid student loan. My parents are separated, I live with my mother but I don't receive any financial assistance for my studies. I'm more than a year left behind. I would really like to come back and finish my course. I tried applying for scholarships but they ask for official copy of grades, when I tried to get one from my University I figured out that I can't get any academic records from them unless I had my student loan paid. Another thing is that not even one of the scholarships I applied for has a program which will pay loans and bills I had before my scholarship term with them. Meaning to say, I really have to pay the student loan. As of now I am planning to withdraw my studies in the University to start all over at a different school, but I'm hesitating to. Every year 60,000 students take the exam to get into the University where I'm currently AWOL, and that I know, I'm so fortunate that I qualified. But of but and but, what should I do? I really want to finish college.

    73. Nadine says:

      Hi i am a 17 year old white girl in South Africa, i am currently studying hairdressing and beauty i only have 2 levels to go, unfortuantley both my parents a currently unemployed, can anyone help me to pay formy last 2 levels, its about 7500.00, if i am lucky i will finish before december 2011. please help

    74. Berriahs Moses says:

      Dear Precious People,

      I am a Kenyan citizen aged 19, I sat for my KCSE in 2009 and attained a grade C-.

      My parents broke up in the year 2000 and so we lived with our Mum who struggled alot to pay for our fees.

      But before I could sit for my KCSE, my Mum got very ill and was admitted resulting to my drop out of school to care for my siblings.

      And after the release of my KCSE results nobody was willing to pay for my college fee.

      I therefore would wish to request the WELL WISHERS to sponsor me to pursue Diploma in Hotel Mgt. and I would be extremely grately.

      Thanks in advance.

      Yours sincerely,

      Moses Berriahs.


    75. Karissa says:

      I'm 19 years old and can't afford my tuition, so it would be nice to find someone to sponsor me. Please help me so i can go to school and make a better living doing what i love. email me at

    76. aGony 01 says:

      hi i'am a filipina and im 16 yrs old . i cant afford my tuition in college my course i want to take is AB mass communication . pls help me i need a women sponsor

    77. Joseph says:

      I am an IT Support Technician from Tanzania. I am very interested in PCs and have been supporting lots of clients in different cities. I have been in this field for 6yrs now. But the problem is that I did not finish up with college stuff, I wish to attend any college from abroad so that I get a GENUINE document that can help me work all over the world.

      Thanks in advance

      Yours Faithfully

      Joseph Mengi

    78. Ruth Nambi says:

      Hi, am from uganda but currently living in united states, i am struggling to pay for my tuition at school, i am interested in become a nurse practitioner and major mostly in the elderly, my dream looks shuttered at this point with a need of someone to sponsor me, am asking anyone who is willing to support me finish my bachelors in nursing, of recent i saw an opportunity of applying for a scholarship in a university but they asked to apply to the school but its requirement requires i have someone sponsor me because its a partial scholarship, and every semester comes i wonder what am going to do and the time am wasting, some one who is willing please help, thank you and have blessed day

    79. vincent says:

      iI am a19 years old freshman,I finished my Alevel education last year 2010 and attained an average grade in my examination.Due to the difficulties that am facing[financial problems],I have not gotten that chance of joining any college.

    80. ronald says:

      Iam called Ronald I finished my A level last year but my business has failed to raise the money for my university fees.I urgently need a sponsor even if it means paying back when i get enployed.reach me at or call +256702130062 or +256773733294

    81. frank says:

      Hi am 28yrs old freshman I finished my Alevel education in 2003, and i perfomed a good grad in my national examination. After then in 2005 i got a chance to join a canada world youth program (youth exchange) it tooks 6month and by this i was sponsored by CANADA WORLD YOUTH (CWY) which was partnerd with NAFRAC organization-Tanzania, after finish the programe i got back home and from there my stuation went bad so, up to now am facing the fainancial problems. my intetion is to join abroad college and study on INFORMATION AND TECHNOLOGY(IT) So am looking for a sponsrship( schoolarship)

    82. Grant Gibson says:

      Hi, I'm from South Africa and I've been accepted to Everglades University but can not raise the full amount for tuition. The average wage in South Africa is about R50 a day that's about $6.70 so I'm really struggling to raise the money. Any help please, I've tried to get a loan but have no co-signer and South Africa won't loan for international studies.

    83. hazel elwin says:

      i wanted to go to college to fulfill my dream to become an accountant in the future but college is really expensive.. i am single mother of two, they are studying right now.. my parents can't afford the expenses we have.. i can't go to work because i am only a highschool student.. i want to have a sponsor so that i coud continue my studies and have a good job after.

    84. calcal says:

      hi am a 19yr old on my second year of private dance college an due to financial problems will have to drop out cant get a loan off studentfinance as its private. i want to qualify an teach dance to under priviliged kids in my area. please help does anyone no who i can apply to for funding plz my dream may be over

    85. paul joseph says:

      iam Tanzania male aged 27 im looking for sponser to help me get degree in hotel industry.there is no university providing degree in Tanzania

    86. Ivan Bagamba says:

      Hello,am looking for a sponsor to help me continue with my education and have a bright future

    87. Help! says:

      I'm 22, I was in college for 2 years, but then i had to drop out because my dad could't afford the tuition anymore. I really want the chance to be able to finish my education. So anyone who can help me, I'll really appreciated it. Please, someone, anyone!

    88. gee says:

      hellow. am 18 and am a freshman in college, am raised by a single mum and we are 4 all depending on her…am looking for help…someone to sponsor my college education.

    89. OPANDE JOHN says:

      Help Please.

      My name is John Opande and I stay in Kenya. Im 18 years old and I finished high school in 2010. I got a mean grade of B with 62 points but unfortunately my mother can not afford to take me to college. Please I need help to enable me achieve my dream of becoming an editor. My email address is Anyone willing to give me a job so that I can pay me way to college I will be forever indebted. Humbly asking please

    90. pamela says:

      Please help me. I am a single parent of one. I was orphaned at age 6 and I have always wanted to be a paralegal then lawyer despite my age. Is there any one who can sponsor me on this. I will be very very grateful.

    91. bahati joan says:

      my name is Bahati Joan. i finished my Alevel in 2010 but my dad has failed to raise money for my tutuion yet i realy want to study. anyone out ther who wants to help should send the money in my account 0140546215201.i will be glad if to you and to God for having created you and blessed you with giving hands. may He bless you abundantly for the help.

    92. lindseybaby22 says:

      I am a college junior and played basketball at the community college I attended. Even with the athletic and academic scholarships, I still owe thousands of dollars to a community college. My GPA is a 3.8 and I now have to take winter term off because I can't afford to attend school. According to FASFA, my parents make too much money for me to receive much help, but my parents are living paycheck to paycheck and are barely able to make ends meet. Every week something is getting turned off whether it is electricity, internet, or gas. I love going to school, I even want to become a college professor. I think in this economy it is like only the rich , afford to go to college. I have tried to apply for private student loans, but got denied by everyone. My credit score is 650, but since I don't really have a credit history they won't approve me. .

      1. lindseybaby22 says:

        I also tried applying with a cosigner. I tried my mom, my dad, and even my grandma. They all have credit issues so I got denied with a cosigner too. It is really sad that there are so many people across the US who would love to go to school, but don't have the opportunity or resources. It also kills me to see the people who can afford to go to college blow the money on partying and not going to class

    93. Kennedy M.Mwashi says:

      My name is Kennedy M. Mwashi.I come from Kenya .I come from a poor family that cannot afford the tertiary education fee that I intend to pursue.I really want to study IT but lack of funds has let me to just stay at home and sometimes do manual jobs to earn a living of the day. Any well wisher who has been touched is greatly welcomed.My email address is and telephone is +254722 924 517.

    94. Roseline Munialo says:

      I am Roseline Munialo second year student at Machakos Teachers college i can't afford college fee.I come from a poor family that can not afford even kshs 1000 i really want to finish teaching but i can't. i am staying at home because luck of fund.
      Request any well wisher who has been touched please help me. i need kshs 45000 to go through my study. any reference conduct E mail a dress telephone no. +2540704476113

    95. As a single mother and full time employee, full time student. I totally understand the indentured servantude theory. I actually feel like I make more going to school, than I do working. Morey money goes to trying to work, than anything. If I had a corporation that'd actually pay for my eduation so I could finsh, I'd be willing to take that step, considering I won't ever be making enough for anything else anyway.

    96. margret says:

      Hi i'm a 22 year old lady from Zambia but beside in south Africa.I finished my o levels in 2008.Am in south Africa in search of employment so that i can take my self to school and make use of my life,because i don't have any one to take me to school.Things have been so had for i keep my self from the little money that i earn ,some part time jobs can't even pay for my accommodation, sometimes i have to sleep at the working place if don't pay the rent.I would really want some one out there to sponsor me for my education,i really want to be educated,i would like to study mass communications.Please if any one is willing to help me i'll be very grateful.You positive response will be highly appreciated,you can email me on this email address:magj.jere6@ g

    97. SIR/ MADAME

    98. Kabwe Justin says:

      Iam a 20 year old male with the intrest at heart to study Economics, but i cant afford to pay because collage in Africa is expensive

      1. @loopepa says:

        hi Kabwe, college in africa may sound expensive, but compared to the US, its cake walk. The exchange rate does not help. I understand that the situations are different but honestly speaking, I still don't know why college in america is this expensive. I just completed a degree in communication and owe $90000. Not cool. But hey, neither is ignorance.

    99. Christopher says:

      I am from malawi, my parents are very poor they cant manage to pay for me fees to a college, i wish i did accounting, the fees for the college that i wish to go is around £450, i woud be very thankful for your help. Please help me God wil bless you. My phone numbers are 265881564754 and 265700817 and my email’s

    100. abigael sisey says:

      please help

      am a 22 year old lady from Kenya i finished my secondary in the year 2009 , i have one parent and he cant afford to pay my college fees because we are so poor am looking for someone to help me because i have already got a college that is rift valley technical training institude ,i dont know what to do ,what to start with since am soppose to start nxt month for my position not to be taken please help if you are out there am reealy in need of education to help my two sisters in secondary ,God will bless you forever you will have peace my email is abysisey and my phone number is 0701000512


    101. Shakeera says:

      I’m an 18 years old teenager from Nigel.I’m doing metric at the moment.I stay with my mom who is unemployed.I am looking for a sponsor who would be willing to pay for my institution.I’m willing to do whatever it takes to become successful as a pharmacist or a lawyer.If interested interested in helping fulfill my destiny please contact me on 0743836548 or email me on will highly appreciate the it.Thank you !!!

    102. Anele Nzuza says:

      Hi my name is Anele Nzuza from Durban South Africa I’m a 2w year old female looking for a sponsor to pay for my tuition fee I’m going to do office administration and I need to pay R12,205.00 for me to the course I also need R5000.00 for registration plz help coz my family can’t afford to pay thanks my number is 0765083316

    103. VIJANE TOLEDO says:



    104. samson ongweso says:

      AIM A KENYAN CITIZEN I DID MY KCSE in 2009 and attained as grade that can enable me to go to university but since the i have not yet joined any college. please help me.

    105. Carolina Miranda says:

      My name is Carolina and I recently turned 20. I live in California, US I am trying to be a lawyer, and unfortunately depend only on myself to pay for school, as well as any financial help I can get. This Idea most definitely interest me. I realize is a win-win for both sides and if it helps me return to school and finish the career I want, I would definitely do it.

    106. Sarah says:

      is this even real?

    107. FreemanC says:

      I am a 21 year old woman seeking a way to afford college, I am not the traditional student I am actually intrested in Art Univerities, Academy of Art University to be exact. My major is Multimedia Communication, and a minor in public relations. Any art major student knows how expensive school can be, so if there is any way to help pay for my education i'll appreciate if some one would let me know..

    108. moureen says:

      l am a 22years old lady who dropped out of school due 2 pregnancy.l was studying Bachelor of science in Biochemistry and now would like 2 go back 2 looking for a kind hearted sponsor 2 pay ma school fees.please help

    109. susan says:

      I am from Kenya, but currently leaving in utah, am looking for help with paying for school as am in college but having a hard time paying for it, please help,

    110. mwendalubi says:

      hi..i am mwendalubi,am currently studing at nrdc in zambia and unable to raise money for my school fees.if you can help,please contant me on +260975757811 or at thank you so much..

    111. Nyambega Rodgers says:

      Hi,am 20,a Kenyan studying Economics and Statistics at the University of Nairobi.I am just finishing my 1st this month but there is a possibility I may defer because of inadequate finances.I kindly appeal anybody out their to lend an helping hand,your support shall be gladly me on +254705594601.

    112. Nyambega Rodgers says:

      Hi,am 20,a Kenyan studying Economics and Statistics at the University of Nairobi.I am just finishing my 1st year this month but there is a big possibility I may discontinuing because of inadequate finances.I kindly appeal anybody willing out there to lend a helping hand.your support shall be gladly appreciated.pliz contact me on +254705594601 thanks in advance.

    113. Nyambega Rodgers says:

      Hi,am 20 male,a Kenyan studying Economics and Statistics at the University of Nairobi.I am just finishing my 1st year this month but there is a big possibility I may discontinuing because of inadequate finances.I kindly appeal anybody willing out there to lend a helping hand.your support shall be gladly appreciated.pliz contact me on +254705594601 thanks in advance.

    114. KASEMBO KULWA says:

      My name is kasembo saimon kulwa a student at bugando university in Tanzania. Wonderful enough am about to stop my studies due to lack of school fees. may i kindly ask for the mobile no is255768145291

    115. mbali dlamini says:

      Hi there I am 23years young girl who like to become a successful young chef but the. Problem is that I don’t a person to sponsor my fees an I can even work for that person so long if I get the money to go to school. I am hoping out there is somebody who is willing to help me an I promise I won’t disappoint that person

    116. Ilija Dakic says:

      Hello, if anyone, willing to be a sponsor is reading this i would appreciate if you contacted me. My name is Ilija Dakic, i live in Serbia, as a 23 year old person that cant be motivated in Serbia because of political and financial state of our country i would like to study somewhere else and possibly work there.

      Phone: +38166032846

    117. Nahom Birhaneyesus says:

      My name is Nahom Birhaneyesus from Ethiopia(Addis Abeba) and now i am learn in highschool last year eduation.i want learn next year in American college for this thing i have 2 get sponsors,please sponsor me.i am waiting of the person that sponser me.if u want 2 spnsor me,my mobile phone number is +251920646064

    118. emmanuel says:

      having a B +;i can join university but i want to do a more well paying course.with money i can do it through a parallel ready for the human contractor. is my email if interested.

    119. Namuganza Sandra says:

      My name ia Sandra a Ugandan National. I joined University and this is my 1st year of study but my family cannot afford my schoolfees any more.I have a dream of becoming an Economist.There4 I am seeking for assistance and support from anyone out there.I look forward hearing from my saviour who will help me acieve my

    120. johnny says:

      y name is johnny, i have been having problems with my girlfriend and have been together with her for over 6 years now, I do love this woman a lot and do want to get married to her but at times i did feel a little confused about this and has wondered if she has been true to the relationship…until i have found king son. she told me that she was not being true with me..I did later find out that she has been seeing her ex boyfriend I was overwhelmed and did not know what to do, although I still loved this girl and could not see myself with anyone else, I did not want to lose her and king son assured me that they could help me with this problem, I contacted once again to let him know that I did want to get help with this. With the powers

    121. Gilbert Okonga says:


      My name is Gilbert Okonga from kenya. I have been admitted to Marist International University College to Pursue my degree in education but I cant afford the school fees.

      I will be grateful if I got a wellwisher to help me pursue my career.

      Please contact me via mail: for your generous concern.

    122. Mubiru Steven says:

      Am Steven from Uganda ,am in my vacation and i did physics ,chemistry ,biology and math having a dream of becoming a successful engineer but my mum can't afford paying my tuition ,if there is a possibility for me to continue with my eduction then it's great .my contact is +256704188334 and +256791145368 thank u.

    123. Se'keria says:

      Greetings! My name is Se'keria C. I will be an undergraduate at Bethune – Cookman University in the fall of 2012 to study Mass Communications and dance. Unfortunately my mother and I are unable to fully pay all of the school fees required. I am currently searching for someone who is willing to sponsor a studious and industrious independent worker, such as me. I am a dedicated and determined student that strives for the best!

    124. beatrice aoko says:

      my name is beatrice aoko from kenya did highschool in 2009 and got grade c but couldnt get to college coz of financial prob.I want to study tourism management..I really need this opportunity and i promised not to let you down….if interested contact me…may God bless you

    125. naluswata josephine says:

      My name z josephine from uganda,i completed my highschool in 2008. Since then i have tried several petty jobs to raise some tuition but since m not so qualified,the payments cant even help in paying rent. The best way is to further my education but i cant even raise a quarter of the money needed. Please i need someone from anywhere to sponsor me. M a quick learner and responsible. I would like to study cloth designing & interior designing. M very hardworking so u wont regret. My email z

    126. Geoffrey bett says:

      Am a 23 year old Kenyan with a diploma i business management and am interested in persuing a barchelors degree in BA in any university that can offer me a schorlaship

    127. Geoffrey bett says:

      Am a 23 year old Kenyan with a diploma i business management and am interested in persuing a barchelors degree in BA in any university that can offer me a schorlaship or any willing sponser .Ill be grateful contact me throughp this email;

    128. Abdulatwifu Amiri says:


    129. Hannah says:

      My name is Hannah from simpsonville SC Which is a town inside of Greenville SC. I went to college at Greenville Tech. the comunitty college in SC and took 3 basic classes. Before i could go back to school i found out i was pregnant with a little boy so i didnt go back the next semester well had him march 18th he was stillborn at 36 weeks. i am looking to get back to school and further me education and better myself to show my little boy i can do it even though he is not here. I just cant afford it i am already 2,000.00 dollars in debt just in two simesters. My goal is to help children and take care of them. If there is anyone who is willing to help me please contact me at or

    130. vic says:

      I am Vic an incoming fourth year college student here in Philippines. I'm looking for a sponsor just for this last year of mine in college. I am willing to pay everything after i got a job someday. for background check, please email me and i will give all of my personal information.. i really want to finish my study. please those who are interested, help me.. God bless!

    131. Taylor says:

      II am from Waverly, Ohio my name is Taylor, My goal to start KCU in fall, But must move to be there in july..I will be playing football for KCU in kentucky. i still have to raise over $ 5,609 more on tuition more after picking what classes , an $100, to hold new room fee, an parking an books etc, not counting living expences.To let you know iI am not trying to just get money an lie, an for my dreams an my dreams to take my moms worries of this can call KCU if you can donate to help and give it to them by ask for Stacy calling 606-474-3284 or 606-474-3227. an let them know (there is one other Taylor starting this year) soi if you can just say it is for the Taylor E of Waverly Ohio an playing football I am sorry to ask for this help,

    132. Taylor says:

      please know with this dream of my moms an of mine an my love of football, that anyone who pays it forward to help me at KCU, please know i wont le tyou down an i will pay it forward again also, and i have lived my life seeing my mom do so and i woulld love to let her know this is one less worry and one of her dreams started and her dream to see the ocean an with my sister but i really think with football that i couldnt do it if they ever get to, but you never know. everyone tells her she is crazy to want to get well enough to drive 11 hrs with a motel break half way and get there an get a motel for a day to see the ocean an get her shells an drive longer they say than she will be there, but keep my family in prayer and i forgot to give you my email god bless sorry for two post an gone on about mom. just hard to leave her, but i got to make sure she isnt worring one day in future.

    133. dixan patel says:

      Hi, i live in india. I hav no money 2 pay off my fees. Plz help me study. Im in 12th standard. I need a sponsor.
      email me at:
      contact me:

    134. hai, am christan chinyundu from zambia. i need to be supported with finacials to college says:

      i need financial support in my education.(college) my dream is to become educated and help ophans and sreet kids

    135. Cindy Louhoo says:

      Absolutely! I would for example offer to travel to a 3rd world country and do medical work or even in Appalachia (my own backyard) and do pro bono work. I want to work off my debt!!

    136. Dennis Nyaanga says:

      Am Dennis Okemwa Nyaanga from Kenya.I finished my form four level last year and scored a B- of 57 points but since i have a single parent and my father is very poor i have no hope of persuing my course of APPLIED BIOLOGY which has been my dreams.Please am looking out for someone to help me out at whatever cos thanks in advance.

    137. Bernard Godson says:

      As my name above, am from Tanzania I loose one parent which cost me a lot to loose hope of archive my goals of studies which I left four years of college. Where you read this message please I bag your help….. My contacts

      +2557129986 or +255789707051 2155

      Arusha Tanzania

      Thanks you

    138. Stan K. says:

      hey my name is Stan I'm from Kenya
      I'm in need for a sponsor after finishing high school, I have struggled to enter college and so far completed an ICDL course.
      I would like to start Diploma in IT , graphic and web design courses but cant afford it I would like to further my studies and also help my two brothers who are in high school and primary school. please help


    139. akora ivan says:

      i am aKora Ivan currently at the university but i am finding it difficult to pay my tuition so i am kindly looking for a person from Europe to sponsor my education further.

    140. Paul says:

      Hello,my name is Paul from kenya,am good with computers,been working at some cyber cafe n learned on my own alot about computers,am pretty good at it though i dont have any certificate of it and i would love to study IT but my family cannot afford tuition fees,i passed my high school education and did some bit of accounting course,my dream is to be an IT analyst if i get a willing sponsor to invest in email is or cell no. +254718052739.

    141. juma Ibrahim says:

      I am Kenyan from samburu District,i am planning go for a corse on Health records and information technology but am from a poor backgound ,am looking for wisher who can support me to make this.

    142. Rodany says:

      Am pastor Rodney from Kenya running a children 's home total number of children are 45, one hs finished college three are yet to join college but no funds!!!!!!! I have 12 in high school and then 32 in lower primary, most of this kids have no parents or have one parent- in need of assistance financially. The name of organization is called faith centre, our email address is "

    143. samuel says:


    144. Anthony says:

      Am Anthony Chara from kenya, a boy aged 20yrs. Am seeking for a sponsorshinp for my college education for my parents cant afford. I’d be much grateful for any assistance. My email address is ( Thanks.

    145. ssaka dan says:

      AM ssaka from uganda age 22yrs am an orphan i completed A -level in 2008 but failed to get asponsor for education help me to study BBA coz am able to do it

    146. Ssaka dan says:

      Hello am ssaka am an orphan i can’t afford tution for university though am clever help me coz i won’t disappoint you i want to fulfill my dream.

    147. Queen says:

      Need a Loan, Loans from R1000 R10,000,000 00. Get your no obligation FREE quote now! Repayments up to 54 Months. No Collateral, Money paid into your account within 24 hours after approval. For more Info contact us today via

    148. kirokwa yusuf says:

      i have a certificate in electrical intallation i wld like to continue my studies, i've had a lot of hardship even upto this level. i'm good at studies and if i am given a chance i will excel and help others

    149. jay janet says:

      I am a kenyan studying Bachelor of Commerce in Pwani University, a constituent college of Kenyatta University am in need of a sponsor to help me continue with my studies. I will really be grateful if i get one.

    150. kar says:

      seems like.. there are many people who wtill want to study.. but having financial problem. I think, I can help one of you. But, you should manage to get the master your self. I will prefer to sponsor you till degree only. Contact me in

    151. Rhiannon says:

      Hello! My name is Rhiannon Ledwell. I have been working very hard to be accepted into CalArts, and I have finally achieved that goal…I will be forced to drop out before I can attend though, as I received almost no financial aid. I have no family who can help me out financially either. I will be crushed if I have to give up on my dream, so I started a scholarship fundraising page. Please take a look at it, and if you can help me out even a little bit, I would so greatly appreciate it. If not, please pass it on to others who may be able to help! Thank you!


    152. ruth says:

      here is my story and why I need your help on october 30th I run away from home due to my parents abuse. On October 29th I want out with my friends to celebrate my birthday, we watched a movie and than had dinner. That day it was snowing too, and I ended up coming home at 10:15 and the mom got really mad and she didnt belive that where I was and starting hitting me. At that don't I could not take it any more, the next day I left and later I came back with the cops to get my stuff.After I left, I want to leave with one of the people from the explorers and I stayed with them for a few weeks and than they kicked me out. The reason that they kicked me out was because they didnt belive me that when I want to see my freind at st johns, the abanoned me and left me alone with out no where to go to at night. So the explorer I stayed with kicked me out and now I'm living with a friend from High school. I applied to a school to go upstate, because I really want to get a education. I worked really hard for it and I dont want to give up my education like that. What I can go to get a education and pay for school is to take out a loan, but the thing is I need someone to cosign ofr me that works. I don't know to go to, I'm suck and I dont know what to do. I feel like wth out a education I will go no where in life and pretty soon I will be homeless.I'm trying to rise money to go to school, though this fund rising website. It will mean a lot if you can help me out, in anyone way possible. Here is the the link It will mean a lot to me if you can share this link with your friends and family, who would donate to help me out a education. it will mean a lot if you can help me out, thank you again.
      -Thank you

    153. benjamin kimari says:

      hi. am taking a diploma in building and am in my 3rd year looking for sponsership

    154. Danielle Martin says:

      hi My name is Danielle. I will be a third year college student. I have no help what so ever from anyone in the family! I currently hold a 3.3 GPA and if I return to school Im looking at partical schoship and free room and board. But unless I pay my past balance I can not recieve any of it. I can show all forms of proof.Please HELP!!!

    155. krokijo says:

      Somebody assist please. I need college fee worth $5000 starting September this year 2012. if you will help i will totally appreciate because i will be sure i will complete my studies

    156. Clive says:

      Hi i am in desperate need of money for my senior year of college I have the rest i only need $2500 by August 1st….PLEASE HELP ME. thanks in advance..

    157. Mirriam says:

      Hi I am taking Diploma in IATA Travel and Tourism Foundation Level. I am desperately in need of my college fee. My mum who was our bread winner passed away in 2006. Since them have been under care of a guardian. She managed to raise funds first payment of USD.842.00 now I have a balance USD. 1262 to paid by 5th September 2012. Kindly I need your assistance. For more information kindly email. Thanks and God Bless.

    158. Barnabas mutua says:

      Am Barnabas mutua mwaka of age 20 years .I completed grade 12 and applied 4 higher learning at Kenyatta university but have realized 4 sure my parents both peasant farmers cannot afford the quoted fee.I therefore plead to anyone able and willing to help me will have saved 5 people who are my brothers and sisters just looking at me to open their doors.Am waiting to start studies on 27th august 2012 where i will be taking Bachelor of Economics and statistics.i just require USD 5000 WHICH I WILL APPRECIATE IF ANYONE VOLUNTERS TO HELP ME AND GOD WILL BLESS U AMEN

    159. Joshi Kerry says:

      Am joshi kerry,from Uganda 22yrs.I need a sponcer to help me in my Education.I completed my high school in 2009 bt all along i have been trying to get money bt i have failed.I want some body to sponcer me with only $600 to pay my tiution in 06th-Augast-2012.I want to do adiploma in Computer Science and Information Technology on Makerere Universty.Help me coze the litle i have can pay other requirements at e compass.Get me on email; or telphone;+256781780043.I will agree with ur terms and conditions,i promise not to let you down.Help me plz

    160. Namatovu Lillian Mulungi says:

      I failed to raise money for college so i droped out. I need some one to help me out. My phone number is +256782267794. Please reply.

    161. moses says:

      HI.Im in nid of 65000 to complete ma course in the university of nairobi please contact me.God bless

    162. explicite212 says:

      My name is James from Nigeria, i really need a sponsor in my education, pls any kind individual or organisation shld come to rescue me. I will appreciate anybody that God will use to make my dreams come to reality, i need $2000 for my university education

    163. Kalyegira Juma says:

      am Kalyegira from uganda i request kindly any person who can sponsor me am in 2nd year at uganda christian university doing bachelors of Guidance and counseling find me on ,mob +256782043693, or any work that can enable me raisze tuition i need only 3000$ to complete my studies. thax.

    164. Sir/Madam,
      i'm Turkana gentleman from Isiolo, Kenya.I finished my o levels in 2006 and later Joined Region internation college In Eldoret for a diploma in Information Technology, having brought up in an orphanage in Isiolo (kilimani childrens home) I had worked alot to get there, It all Started well until after My first Module Exams, everything Just Changed, My brother who helped me pay for my rent and Food suddenly changed and the Little i could get could not Sustain me having no One to support me anymore, I had already done well in Computing and was earning enough to keep me Walking but my Question is, When will i ever reach my Goals Of Being the Leading in Information technology.Am Pleading to you so that i can take my self to school and make use of my life,because i don't have any one to take me to school.Things have been so hard for i keep my self from the little money that i earn ,some part time jobs can't even pay for my accommodation, sometimes i have to sleep at the working place if don't pay the rent.I would really want some one out there to sponsor me for my education,i really want to be educated,i would like to Specialize in Information Technology.if i get a willing sponsor to invest in me.

      get me through this or cell no. +254716575488

    165. Masette Miriam says:

      Masette Miriam.
      hi Iam Miriam. i am in my secondary level in education. My parents can not afford the fees which means I am to dropout. I really need someone to sponsor me please. PLEASE HELP

      1. Jat Puth says:

        Please tell me more about you? What do you want to do?

    166. margaret says:

      surely i need a sponsor i am a single parent 3 children under my care without a well paying job. i need a sponsor to go back to college and advance so that i can get a better job. Thank you

    167. Zuluka Toure says:

      I'm looking for someone to sponsor my daugther to college next year, she is at the moment in her final year in secondary, she is looking forward to do nursing. please help. thank

    168. Anonymous says:

      i only need a few hundred dollars so i can go to community college to achieve my dream of becoming a police officer. I plan on attending the Ohlone community college in california and would appreciate any type of help.

    169. Darius Tehmeh says:

      I wanna to come and go to college in America so that i can be a better person tomorrow.

    170. matthew mulesha says:

      Am looking for a sponsor into college for the january 2013 intake to study Registered Nursing and Midwifery,am please begging in the name of Jesus,my number is +260965372339 and my email is

    171. kelvin mbote says:

      am a kenyan citizen doing a diploma in nursing would like assistance in my fee ave already started pliz email God bless

    172. Pharis kamau says:

      Am a kenyan who love education but due to financial problems ,i am unable to fulfil my dreams .i want to study CPA.I wish thea is somebody out thea who wud help me study.

    173. Lweendo says:

      Iam a zambian female aged kindly looking a kind hearted pipo who can sponsor me to college. iam a half orphan who lost a father at the age of has not been easy all these yrs.a loan wont do any good coz i cant promise that i can afford to pay back.i jst pray that God wil c me thru this coz av jst lost hope in life.if there is anyone who feels like helping me,kindly email to: Thank you so much for this site.God bless!

    174. Lweendo Munkombwe says:

      My name is Lweendo.Iam a zambian female aged 25.iam a half orphan who was brought by a single mother.i live in the village and life has not been easy that since when i completed school,av failed to do anythng.iam humbly appealing to the public,who evr is willing to sponsor me can email to: .God bless!

    175. Inna says:

      Hi I am Inna
      I'm looking for someone who can sponsor me to college. My parents can't afford the fees. Please someone help me? Thank you!

    176. collins w molenje says:

      Hi,am a student taking Dip in Clinical Medicine,i look forward for anybody to assist me in fees because i can`t afford to raise all the amount,am not able to complete the Training because of fees,please help me,Thanks.

    177. LUTOMIA PETER FEDHA says:

      I'm a 2010 form four graduate desperate for education but have been forced to stay back at home due to financial constraints,am kindly looking for anyone who could help me.Am looking forward to undertake a course in banking and finance.Thanks

    178. Mr bruce says:

      Need a Loan, Loans from $1000 $10,000,000 00. Get your no obligation FREE quote now! Repayments up to 54 Months. No Collateral, Money paid into your account within 24 hours after approval. For more Info contact us today via

    179. Innocent Lukindu says:


      am innocent looking for someone to sponsor me in my education, im a gal from uganda and i promise i will not disappoint you’ im 19 yrs old and finishing my high school, for any help send me an email on

    180. Fulgentus Okoth says:

      Am a Kenyan rural-boy who is desperate looking for college financial assistance. Completed my O level of Education the year 2012, attained C-minus as a mean grade. Passionate and hard work are part of my life. To any well wisher please help. My number is 0704391047 or email

    181. Ann kariuki says: ann kenyan girl,aged 20.i would and appreciate a sponsor to cater for my diploma in catering and hospitality.i believe that thea gud people out there wiling to help out.God bless you so much as you consider to make better tomorrow in my/our lives






      contact us via:

      1. i wish to apply…. what should i do first?

    183. Emmah mulundu says:

      Am a kenyan girl who completed her kcse in 2008. Have gone through a lot since then including be married and left afterwards. I realy want to gone with my studies but i do not have the finances. If willing to help me u can reach me thru 0716534303

    184. ssaka dan says:

      my name is dan am an orphan am poor helpless i completed A level but failed to join university coz am poor helpless help me to get me a sponsor to help me in my studies at university help me please God bless you.

    185. Waqar Ahmed says:

      i can't say any thing at this plase coz i don't want to share thing with every one okay here my email id plz do connect me only girls from europe or canda i'll tell u my life story and trust me u will enjoy ok

    186. Kariithi paul says:

      Peace of God be with you.Being a born again 25yrs old man i hope God will one day open my doors. I attained a C+ in KCSE year 2008.I recieved a letter from JKUAT addressing application for various courses but my parents can’t afford the fee.I believe in God that i will live to support His work but am worried that i cant afford higher education.Currently am teaching as UT and i desire to be atrained teacher.I believe it is my call.Please help me now and tomorrow i believe i will give hand.GOD BE WITH YOU NOW AND EVER.0723 043 749 OR

    187. I am Aganyira Arthur a Ugandan who wishes to study Aeronautical Engineering in China, I have already aquired all it takes for the course, I have the admission with me. Want I desire is a good sponsor so that I can put to accomplish my dream. Thank you, God blees you!!

    188. Nancy says:

      hi,am kenyan girl who's desperate to go college abroad.i want to pursue undergraduate degree in International parents cannot afford this not only abroad but even back at home.Since i graduated from high school,I have been at home for 5years now,trying to do some jobs to help pay my sisters school fees who are still in high school.Am Interested for a Human contractor.ready to sign the deal,please help my dreams to come true.God bless.

      1. Rebecca says:

        consider Wellesley College, they have excellent support for international students.

        here is more information:

        all the best,

    189. kc2congo says:

      I wish all the African's well in getting to America for school. Most colleges have scholarships for int'l students and will let you in if you have a sponsor who has money in the bank. If you have an exceptional talent or sport then you could have additional opportunities for grants. Good luck.

    190. Ayoub Patrick Hassan says:

      am Ayoub from Tanzania,looking for sponsors to suport my studies at Mount Meru University,the college is vey expensive i and my gurdians cant afford to pay the school fees and other contribution, stay blessed..please contact with me to my email address:

    191. andrew says:

      Im andrew from kenya,studing at kiambu institute of science and technology being the first year i've gone through hardship to join the college due to lack of school fees,having four siblings in high school becomes stressful to the parents to afford,im requesting any body who is willing to sponsor my education to help and ill be very greatfull and helpful thank you and God bless you.To reach me contact-0702427553

    192. Julius says:

      Julius 22 year kenyan. .i sat for my exams in 2008 and attained mg, B plain iam looking foward for a sponser who will make me pursue mechanical engineering in kenya.i was raised by a single mother and iwill appreciate any help . Contact 0726222835 thanks in advance

    193. jordan says:

      hellow i am jordan a filipino and at this time i am really want to pursue my studies in college but no enough money to use in my studies. i am really looking for someone who will help me in my studies.thank you very much. my no. is 09469872249

    194. Margret Adhiambo says:

      Am Margret Adhiambo l want to do E.C.D.E cource,l score Cminus in K.C.S.E but l dont have enough capital to pay my school fees plz l need your help.thax

    195. riza says:

      hi,,im riza ordeÑiza,,,im incoming first year colllege on june 2013,,,,but my parents cant afford my financial needs,,they cannot afford,my tuation fees,,,,,i really really want to finish my studies so that i can help my family,,,i really really need someone to help me,,,,09433642306 contact me,,,,,

    196. RIZA says:

      hi,,im riza ordeÑiza,,,im incoming first year colllege on june 2013,,,,but my parents cant afford my financial needs,,they cannot afford,my tuation fees,,,,,i really really want to finish my studies so that i can help my family,,,i really really need someone to help me,,,,09433642306 contact me,,,,,

    197. Abraham katongole says:


    198. Hileni says:

      I'm a Namibian student with great interest of studying environmental science abroad but i can't afford my studies.My mother is unemployed but thou my father is employed he has 3 more siblings of mine which depends on him financialy and is burdened with a decrease in income and a physically demanding job that he plans to retire soon due to the limits of his age.

      Please do consider my request as it will really change my life.

      Thanks alot and God bless you!!

    199. Daka Emma says:

      am daka emma augandan.i would love to get asponser for my at uganda christian university mbale parents are jobless and i struggle all alone.pliz help me.God bless u.

    200. ssaka dan says:

      hello how are you hope cool am dan i completed my secondary school and passed it but failed to join university because am poor helpless help me to get me an education sponsor or sponsor me because i want to study but am poor help me contact

    201. Onesmus says:

      I’m a Kenyan,a first year student in Kenya Institute Of Highway And Building Technology.My parents are so poor and they also ha be two of my simblings in University. Imnow puzzled because they are unable to raise school fees for me.My desire is to become a Highways Engineer and play crucial role in development of Afrian infrastructure. Please email on,If you’re willing to give support or even for encouragement,which I really need at these difficult times.


    202. TINAH MUENI WILLIAM says:

      i am tinah mueni william i would like to join mount kenya university for a law degree.i had an A- IN MY KCSE.i currently dont have school fees.would you help me out?contact email tinahw!@gmail,com

    203. hi I'm lady a third year college student under BS Industrial Engineering in Philippines. this semester i'm planning to stop for a while to sustain my needs because we're having a financial problem. I want to finish my study . I am looking for someone who can help my needs to pursue and finish my studies. I'm willing to show my grades to encourage someone to help me and also to show that I'm really willing to study.

    204. Jeff nyalik oloo says:

      Hi,my name is jeff nyalik,i sat for my kcse in 2011 and attained a mean grade of c+,my dream is to persue a law degree but unfortunately i cant be able to raise the tuition fee since my parents are not stable financially,please may somebody help me please am can reach me through..0716431039 or you so much.

    205. Lubona Love says:


      Please I realy need sponsorship. Am a zambian female with no parents. I passed my high school with good results but I now don’t have any one to sponsor me for college.

    206. Edison says:

      I'm from Bangladesh. With many sufferings I passed my Intermediate exam this year and tying to admitted in university. I'm very interested in Medical Science. But it is so costly for me. So I need a sponsor to bear my educational expenses.
      To build my future a sponsor is so important for me. can anyone help me???

      1. DANIEL KIMANI says:

        Hi eddy my name is khimani am sorry i cant pay for your school fees but i believe that God will help you ,but if you ask me i think you and i can work out a plan to make money ,though it is tidious and time consuming i think we can do it .if you are interested contact me at

    207. Mr.David says:

      Are you in need of a loan at 2%? If yes, do contact me for more info via

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      I will be glad if you can give me emergency response regard on how much you are looking for as a loan. Please note before you can take a loan from me and you must know God and have faith in the lord and also have trust over the transaction because without trust, their is no way two people can move forward .

      Yours Faithfully,


    208. Mr.David says:

      Are you in need of a loan at 2%? If yes, do contact me for more info via
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      Yours Faithfully,

    209. savera bitegeko says:

      am a tanzanian girl aged 19,my family is in critical financial problems that i cant afford persuing my diploma in clinical medicine,am kindly asking for a sponsor.

    210. maria says:

      Hello Maja, I’m glad to see that there are such kind people as you are to help people. My name is Maria. I’m from Ukraine. I want so much to take some classes in the States and see the country. I was thinking about applying for Community Collage. But I live with only my mom and we both are not able to afford I go there. I would be so thankful to you if you can help me somehow. I would like to hear from you. My email is Thanks

    211. NANCY MWAPE says:

      greetings,my name is Nancy Mwape from Zambia. I was persuing social work but ran out of support as the person got ill,currently,I want to go back to school but I need financial help. my email add is your positive response will take me to a whole new level and will help the world. thankyou and God bless you.

    212. Daka Emma says:

      am daka emma,i would love to get asponser for my studies at da augandan and my parents are jobless.pliz help me.

    213. Daka Emma says:

      am daka emma,i would love to get asponser for my studies at da augandan and my parents are jobless.pliz help me.

    214. Kiprotich says:

      how can i obtain loan assistance?

    215. mugumya lawrence says:

      hell,am lawrence ,ugandan,am in my first yr at the university ,am doing acourse in clinical psychiatry,am aborn again christian ,i had sponsors 4rom uk who took me 4 ma high school,un fortunately they became missionaries and run bankrupt,last year i got agovernment scholarship and the government is paying 4 me ahalf the tution,my mom is jobless,cant afford me 4 ma further studies,am looking 4 some one out there led to support me.God bless u. my email adress is God bless u.

    216. andre west says:

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    217. Nessa says:

      Hi, I'm a first year Psychology major and also the first generation college student in my family. I'm already $10,000 deep in loans and I've only been in school for a semester. Any financial assistance would be a blessing at this point.

    218. Max says:

      Im requesting for scholarship to do bachelor of GOD a total ophern from me thrue my email or my telephone number +254704225482. Thakns in advance.

    219. famous says:

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    220. joseph says:

      please help me pay my university fee 0704518749

    221. Davidson says:

      Hello, I am an international student in the US and currently a Senior with a semester left. I am hoping to get my Bsc in Management with a concentration in Global Electronic Business (MIS) by MAY. I have a 3.2 GPA. My family has run out of finances to pay for my last semester given the high tuition and fees in US universities for international students. I am willing to provide all the documents needed showing grades and what i have accomplished so far. i really need help

    222. Salehe hambiwi says:

      I’m tanzanian looking for a sponser to persued my education.i want to take a diploma of medicine(clinical medicine) this year which can spend USdollars 6500.00 for all 3years so i didn’t afford last year!
      This is my humble request to you plz help me!

    223. analisa agustin says:

      hi i am Analisa a Filipino ? i am looking for someone who could help me to continue my college degree …
      my parents cant really afford the tuition for college cause we are nothing either me also i dont have enough money to grab my own dream. could u help me ? Thank U a lot:)

    224. Bostone Mvalo says:



    225. Kelvin says:

      Hello!I’m Kelvin 22 years of age from Tanzania!Kindly requesting for help in any kind for my college studies!I am currently doing LL B degree particularly in second year in one of the colleges in Mwanza-Tanzania,so who ever wishes to join and contribute to my success please you are warmly welcome!My email is and got some BB pin which are 224FB358

    226. TOBIAS SIMIYU says:

      i am a Kenyan 2nd year university student, am so desperate about my fee, i really pity my poor parents who sometimes go without a meal to ensure that i finish my degree which sometimes very difficult to them, please can someone help me out of this pit, God will reward you abundantly because i was even thinking to suspend it to look for a small job in the meantime. Thank you and God bless you!

    227. joseph abayo says:

      ANY ONE WHO IS WILLING TO SPONSOR ME, PREPARES TO EARN MORE THAN HE/SHE COULD THINK if you are a sponsor could you venture with this undergraduate tanzanian coming ENGINEER ! inform me if you are willing through this email you can help not for the purpose of self-benefit but just be compelled to help.I will be glad and thankful

    228. Marvin says:

      I droped out of school(college) due to financial problem. I was doing my first levels in accounts, i would be very gratefull if you can help find a sponsor so that i can go back to school.

    229. diana says:

      hi i am 18 years old and i have a dream of learning at an accredited university in america but i cannot afford the tuition fee. please help me, i really need your help if you are willing and able to sponsor me. my email address

    230. Posiano says:

      Please any one who has a loving and caring heart please i ask any one to help me finish my studies i come from Uganda but study in Ukraine Donbass National Academy of civil engineering and architecture i would like some one to help me complete my tuition and hostel fee i would be so glad to here from the person that God has prepared for me God Bless you.

    231. C.kondwani says:

      I am a Zambia looking for help.i have accepted at college and schools will be opened on 22nd march,2013.i only need $4000 for a three year course.any one to help me.

    232. emma says:

      i`m ugandan aged 23years old,it took mi 2hours on foot to get to school where i completed am secondary level of education.i want to take a degree in accounting and finance,its hard to say but i have the dream but can`t afford paying tuitionam kindly looking for any one who can sponsor my education usdollar5000 for three years,may tgod bless u thnx contact +256706345031 emma

    233. Colleen says:

      HEY, MY NAME IS COLLEEN. This is my second year of College and things are getting to expense. I'm not going to explain much on my needs, because seems like everyone has the same sort of problems on here. I'm just another girl trying to live a money stressful life… Can you help?

    234. Annet Akinyi says:

      My contact..0720012311

    235. Annet Akinyi says:

      Am aso on facebook…my fb name is “rael emasse”. Thats my grandma’s name.thax again

    236. faith says:

      hi.kenyan lady aged 23.i completed high school by 2009;hv computer certifacate n hv been workng in small companies as secretaly,personal assistant and manager.i wish to persue this path in education by contract u sponsor me i work 4 u.+2540711982593.

    237. KABWE says:

      Hai, Iam a 4th year medical student at the University of Zambia,Ridgeway Campus, due to the many academic challenges Iam repeating the 2nd semester of 2012/13 academic year and so i lost my government sponsorship according to one of the loan conditions but i have no other means of paying my tuition fees of about $1,200, i have tried everything there is but to no avail. Is there anyone who may help me or does anyone know where else can go? Iam really scared i might lose my school with only 3 months remaining to go into 5th year as exams starts May 2013., +260972976128

    238. Blessa Mae Esturas says:

      To Whom it may concern,
      I'm heart fully and sincerely asking for your help, i want to enroll college this June but my parents cant pay my tuition due to financial problem. I am very much willing to study that's why I'm looking for a sponsor. i do really begging your help. Please, Please, I am honor student when i was in high school. I do have good grades. We are really poor but i know poverty is not a hindrance for my dreams in life which is to finish my study. I really need a kindhearted sponsor so that i can go to college. I know God will Help Me by just touching ur Hearts.. God Bless Us.

    239. Olamide idowu says:

      Am in nigeria,i want to go and start my university in u.s but i do not have money,please i need loan for my traveling expence and my school fees, i need up to like (700,000)naira.please help me.expecting to here from you.thanks

    240. edward says:

      sorry to contact you in an informal way but i really get access to a Ugandan boy of age 21.i have anice sister of age 18 she just finished high school and she cant join university yet she perfomed well.the problem is that we lost our parents in afatal accident and one of our brothers.i tried by doing any job and paid her fees and mine.i stopped school wen i finished my high school and started working to sustain me and her and pay her dues but i cant afford her university fees yet i dont want her top drop out and get pregnant am too worried and am here to seek your help in any way.anything which can help can be use ful to me alink or you helping us.we are from uganda thank you will be awaiting you reply mys sister is oliver and my number is +256782019276

      yours faithfully,

    241. hannah says:

      just wondering if this applies for art students like moi? I reeeeeeeally want to study in London (experience, acceptability to galleries etc.) yet my pocket doesn't stretch that far. Is there a way of getting a sponsor/contract?

    242. Mussa kulembwa says:


    243. Latoya says:

      Hi Good Day, I am Latoya and i'm 18. I live in Jamaica and i am currently attending 6th form where i am pursuing an associate degree in general studies. i recently applied for a college in Miami Florida to which i received an academic acceptance and an international presidential scholarship to which i am very proud of myself. However i need a sponsor to assist me in the completion of my studies , i want to get a bachelor degree in business administration. But i am required to show a minimum of 34 500 US in a bank letter or statement. i need help with that please .

    244. hi im raymond enerio from phillipines my problem is..i want to pursue my college but i dont have mony to study because my family was so poor..pleasa help me to find s sponsor.
      i am hopong for your help.may god bless you all.

      sincerely yours:

      1. this is my number 09262110846

    245. Amos muinde says:

      HI,i’m amos from kenya,i wanna take bachelor of physics and my family cnt afford please i need your help.

    246. Atanasio kailemia says:

      I am a college graduate. I pasued a diploma in communitydevelopment and socialwork . I have a sister whom i pay high school fees and its becomeing a high task because i am yet to secure a job how can you help me get a job and a immediate loan.

    247. Mr mark milk says:

      Do you need a loan? to pay your bills or to start a business if yes
      then you are in the right place to get your financial problem solve so
      if interested fill the below application loan form and get it back to

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      1. Feladelfo says:

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        purpose of loan: BUSINESS

    248. Tirzah Mwewa says:

      I would like to enroll into college and studyy Logistics nd Transport here in Zambia but my parents cant manage the fees. I would really appreciate if you found me a sponsor

    249. matthew kionzo says:

      i am matthew kilonzo from Kenya,i am a single parented, i want to enroll into a college but my parent cant manage to the school fees i had done well in my form four exams .i would really appreciate for your sponsorship God bless you.

    250. Fenjie says:

      HI I would love this. my parents cant afford my college tuition and I have younger siblings and please please I really need a sponsor I am an honor roll student in her last year of high school and I'm Cameroonian please help


    251. Crystal says:

      hi im crystal, im a nursing student here in the philippines, im searching for someone who can sponsor me all through out in my college years. please fine me someone who can support me in my studies😦 thank you

    252. Maria L. says:

      Hey there, my name is Maria. I'm wanting to further my education in aviation as a avionics technician. The only problem is I'm scared to death of loans and my family is financially unable to help. I've got a small savings, but I would love to be sponsored. I'm from the Tulsa area, and I plan on staying in this area for another three more years so I can get my bachelors degree. I decided late in the year, I'm currently a high school senior. A lot of the scholarships were already closed for my field, but I've been working really hard to get some. I'm willing to work during college too, whether it just as a waitress or an actual company that sponsors me. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I'm not asking for that much, just a few thousand dollars would greatly help me. I've gotten scholarships for everything but $22,000 already, I just need help with the last amount.

    253. jane says:

      hi, am jane and i really to join college but the problem is that my parents cannot raise the money so please if there is anyone who can help me i will rely appreciate.
      please help me to join college

      yours Faithfully,

    254. mitzi ella lerpido says:

      Hi, My name is Mitzi Ella V. Lerpido I am second yr in Bachelor of Science in Physical Theraphy this coming school year 2013 -2014. I need someone to support and help me finish my college education. My scholastic record in school is in average level and always one of the top student in our class. I really need help because I want to finish my studies I wll give back whatever you want in order to pay you for your support. I am a Filipina 16 yrs old and with a younger brother who is only 7 yrs old now. I want to help also my brother after i finish my studies and find a better job. I just came from a poor family my parents dont have job were just renting in a small room. I really need help to help my parents after my studies please help me.

    255. Clint John Gramatica says:

      Hi, I'm Clint John Gramatica, studied a semester in college but stopped due to financial incapacity. I took up Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology. I came from the Philippines. My father died when I was 2 and my mother could not afford to send me in college. I graduated with high academic standing in high school. I am diligent, harworking, and easy to deal with. I am looking for a sponsor who could help me continue my schooling and help me fulfill my dreams and goals in life. If you are interested, you can send me an email or contact me.

    256. Deborah Praise says:

      Am Mawemuko Deborah Praise as I was preparing to join campus, I lost ma sponsor and this was Late Rev.Fr.Dr. David Kyeyune .After losing him, I tried to struggle and join while working some small job where I thought I could pay partial of my tuition but i failed due to high charges demanded. I had performed well in my A LEVEL exams and my dream now is to join Uganda institute of bankers next year. I will appreciate you sponsorship. Please Am SO INTERESTED in academics and am living a miserable life for not joining yet my Og's and Ob's most of them joined please consider me and God will reward you I promise to be a good person because i really need education. Thank you.

    257. Good Day! I am Prices Remorosa from Philippines, I studied at Adamson University located at Manila, Philippines taking up BSBA major in Financial Management. I actually joined different scholarship program by our beloved Congressman or Governor but, it was not yet fine to support my tuition because the money they gave to me is only for my extra's only. My mother and father both don't have any occupation, they're both too old to pursue me in collage and because of financial problem I'm too scared and the only way is to stop. I don;t have any sponsor for my college career. I'm brave enough, wise in every aspect obedient. I got a lot of rewards on both academics and extra curricular. Please find me a sponsor who can help me for my college😦 Im badly need this to support my dreams I don;t want to loose my school days and this is the only best way to do. ;(

      I would really appreciate for your sponsor/scholarship. God bless you. Thank you

    258. Saida D. Marcelo says:

      Sir/Madam: I am a Fourth Year Teacher Student in Philippines. I am a working student, I work at night and go to school in the morning. Its been years Im doing this but now,I cant able to do it anymore..I got sick caused of over fatigue. That’s why I'm really begging for your mercy to help on this matter. I hope somebody can sponsor my education as a teacher in the making. If I am in front of you now, I wish to kneel down before you and ask your mercy to help me and consider me. I am a good student and a consistent honor student and I do promise that your help will be going into a worthwhile cause. Hope to hear from you soon. Drop some call for me. In your most convenient time ..may GOD BLESS YOU always.
      CONTACT NUMBER: +639481400324

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      1. AngeIic says:

        Good afternoon Mr. Queen William, I'm a current full time student, single mother who lost employment in February. At the moment I'm facing a very rough financial situation. I will like to know more about the loan.
        Thank you

    260. Katherine Ordonez says:

      Good morning, my name is Katherine Ordonez am 19 yrs and i cant afford to pay my college. I returned to my country Ecuador a year ago from the Unites States leaving behind my family. I was an immigrant and going to college for me it was a challenge. I gave up my hole life to come back and have an education but when I got here things weren't easy, i don't have a lot of my family's support because i came back and didn't stay but my hunger to go to college was bigger than anything. My semester is of 2,000 any help would be great. Thank you

      Katherine Ordonez

    261. Virgie says:

      Good Day… I’m Virgie Estrada 22 female, im a medical working student, I’m knocking ur heart to sponsor me. God bless us!!!! +639999082300

    262. noel mukuba says:

      am interested

    263. EDEU DANIEL says:

      my name is EDEU DANIEL from Uganda and i need a sponsor to help me in achieving my dreams in my education in a accomplishing a degree in social sciences at Ugandan university. Am a christian who is GOD fearing and ready to work and cooperate with my sponsor.
      thank you and may GOD bless you

      my phone number is +256787836506
      email me on for more.

    264. meebelo says:

      My name is meebelo i would like a full sponsorship in studying bachelor in Development Studies at our National University,am currently doing part time jobs to sustain myself but cant afford a degree at our National University due to the high charges demanded.i want to pursue a degree mostly because i want to have a better paying job and take care of my mother,my sisters and daughter.please help me as education is the only way i would take care of my siblings too.

      Thanking you in advance for your sponsorship and GOD bless.

    265. ssentongo samuel says:

      My name is Ssentongo Samuel from Uganda, i would like a full scholarship for my university course of human resource management.

    266. Derek Baah says:

      I am Derek Baah, from Ghana. I have gained admission into Drexel university (computer science major) with no financial aid whatsoever(due to my inability to meet a deadline). I really want to make my dream of going to Drexel become reality and I am willing to accept any conditions a sponsor might have for me. I have tried in vain to find external scholarships. The option of a loan did not work out because I do not know anybody in the US to co-sign a loan for me. I really need this help because I have made up my mind that I have to further my education abroad if I am going to be that great software analyst. Trust me, I might be desperate but the last thing I will do is to abscond with your money. Please help me.

    267. esther says:

      I’m glad to discover this. I am a 35yrs lady & my biggest dream for 14yrs has been to study law in u.k. I wish to become a lawyer before I am 40 but I am just a laundrist and cannot afford to pay for a degree in law. I am a single Nigerian lady & I pray to God that some corporate body or person will come to my aid now.

    268. Berlin says:

      The idea is scary bt those who dont take risks dont go also looking for sponsor for my education,plz help

    269. Odetta Kaponya says:

      To everyone who may wish to help financially in my education, I am a Malawian young girl aged 18, finished high school last year. My name is Odetta Kaponya and I am looking forward to study nursing and support the country's heath sector or other international organisation in Africa. My relatives cannot afford to pay for my college education.

      Your help will be greatly appreciated


      +265 996 843 358
      Cousin's email

    270. kiyaga says:

      am kiyaga ahmed a graduate from makerere university .i need a sponsor for my masters degree in ready to do anything pse'.ma contact iz

    271. shannon says:

      hi there am called Shannon Wilfred from east Africa Uganda Kampala city and i would like to get a cooperate
      sponsor for my college because is i cant go on just because of many i don't care what gender the sponsor may be
      female or male are all welcome and here is my contact or my cell
      number +256706063563 i will be very glad to her from you thank you

    272. miller says:

      Do you need a loan if yes then get back to us now by contacting us via

      1. mukolwe says:

        yea i need this loan to help me pay for my school fees. thank you

    273. mwinyi ahmed says:

      I need a sponsor to pay my advance school fees please

      1. Mr.Lance Robert.L.R says:


    274. milka says:

      I sincerely need a sponsor to help in Educating my young brother in College.
      I am the first born of 6 siblings and they are all not working. One of my sister is disabled and her health status has drained my parents financially.
      I seriously need a well wisher on this .
      I look forward to hearing from a sponsor.
      Kind Regards

      1. Mr.Lance Robert.L.R says:


    275. Musengeri Edward says:

      Greetings, My name is Musengeri Edward from Kakamega kenya. I sat for my secondary national exams in 2005 and scored a mean-grade of B+ 69/84 points. Since I am a total orphan, my university entry stalled due to lack of finance. I have several letters of admission. Kindly help me realise my future thank and God bless you so much.

    276. Carolyne Opwondo says:

      Hi dear well wishers, I am a kenyan citizen aged 20yrs. I am supposed to join a teachers training college in september this year. Kind come to my rescue. I am really desperate. May God bless you.

      1. Herald Juntect says:




      2. Herald Juntect says:



        mail us

    277. john millimo says:

      hi, My name is John Millimo from Tanzania,age 22 first year student at university of Arusha .i find someone to sponsor my education or to give me loan to pay for my fees because for now i do any one who can help to pay my fees even my parent because they already passed away.please i need the help

      1. Lance Robert says:


        Mail us

    278. mukolwe daniel says:

      hae, my names are mukolwe daniel and i am a first year student at kenyatta university in kenya and i sencerely need a sponsor to help me pay my school fees since it's giving me a hard time because i am an orphan and my guadian has since retired from work. thank you..
      your sincerely mukolwe daniel

    279. Hem Kumar Gotamey says:

      hi i am hem kumar gotamey from Bhutan. i have done degree in education n now i want to do master in edcuation so for that i want sponsor. please help me to study coz m very interested to do master bt i cannot effort. thank u.

    280. wanderi joseph says:

      Hi am a kenyan aged 19 a form four graduate(2012) with an A- score,i sincery need a sponsor for my university education since my guardians are incapable of a affording my college fees.please help.

    281. simon matheka says:

      for willing sponser contact me via,0715620610,or,so that i can share all my personal information

    282. mohsin says:

      some body help me please,i need sponsor visa,contact me at this number +9203455251814 my e mail id is,,, ,,i need any type visa ,,i need australian visa

    283. irene wanjiku says:

      i am a kenyan who is in need of fees in order to continue with my education. am in my second year studying actuarial science in DEDAN KIMATHI UNIVERSITY and it has come to a point of deferring my studies. i really need to complete my studies to make a better tomorrow.

      please help me i will be glad

      1. Benta Aoko Apunda says:

        Irene my name is Benta Aoko, I am also a Kenyan. I have had to defer my studies for an entire academic year at JKUAT law school. I totally feel you. I have reached an almost dead-end. I think this "human capital contract" idea is an awesome one. Do you think we can get companies in Kenya that would be willing to take us on in that sense? Irene holla at me on 0711442267 pliz

    284. stalla says:

      i am ready to sponser you . . Send me your adders and details about for what perpose you need a sponer and send you bio data along with your photo and qulified certificates . . . Mail me at . Please dont miss use it . . “You all got good days from today god bless you”

      1. mukolwe daniel says:

        Good day… I am a kenyan citizen and a student at the Kenyatta University (KU) here in kenya. I have this big problem in paying for my school fees since I was orphaned at the age of 5yrs and due to this, my Guardian took me and has been helping me out in my studies but he has now retired and thus can't continue helping me out. I now risk dropping out of school, currently I am a second year student in the first semester. Hope you also help me out.
        my student email is

      2. Jeffry Yapon says:

        Dear Stalla

        I am a student from Vanuatu studying in Fiji. I am fatherless and my mother is finding hard to pay for my school fees. Soon i will be sent home so i am looking for a sponsor could you help me please.

      3. I will send you my information tomorrow,

      4. Lewis Ngaruiya says:

        Lewis Ngaruiya is my name< a Kenyan but currently living and studying in Uganda. last semester i was unable to clear my tuition fee thus didn't write my tests but rather did apply for special exams.

    285. MAKRO RONERT says:


    286. Telina says:

      I dont really understand how this fully works But I need help with paying for my course. I need to come up with 2 grand to secure my spot in my Certificate next year within a few weeks. After that I can go on a payment plan which the course is then 1000 a month for 13 months. This is a lot of money but this is my passion and would love to persue a career in this performing industry. I don't have parents that can help me as they have no money. I cannot get a loan as I have a bad credit rating from buying a dud of a car.

    287. Mr Henry Mark says:

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    288. Bess says:

      I am a single mother who has given to both of my children a good life, now I am trying to complete my education however, it has been a journey but I am grateful for the struggle it has made me a better person. I am two semester short of my Bachelor degree, I am looking for a sponsor to help me with my summer bill of $2000.00 dollar, then I can register for the fall and be done in the spring. If there is someone out there that can help I will pay them back in the spring time. Thank you for your time and support even if its just to read what I wrote.

    289. Onako says:

      I am a young lady by the name of Onako Gwinta I am a student at Cti in Durban. I am doing Psychology and its my first year. I need someone who can be my sponsor, I am a hard worker, very dedicated to my work and I am ambitious. I really want education and I would be very pleased if I can get someone to help me financially. Thank you.

    290. jeffry says:

      Hi i am a student who”s parents can’t afford to pay for my school fees could you help me

    291. Mannix says:

      I am a male Zambian pursuing a health program, but have no money.

      Therefore, I am urgently & humbly asking for any good samaritan to pay for my tuition. Below is my email:

      Thanking you in advance.

    292. Julia says:

      I am a college senior studying Recreation and Sport Management and I am seeking assistance with tuition so I can return to school and complete my degree. I have missed the past 2 semesters of school because I am unable to pay the tuition and books. I have 30 credits left, including an internship, to graduate. I lost my full time job the day before Thanksgiving last year so money has been very tight. I estimate the cost to be about $8500. For more about me I can send you my LinkedIn page, as well as my personal site. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

    293. Namukulo Larnelle Nakufa says:

      iam a 18 years old young man from zambia.I have always wanted to become an accountant one day but by the look of things,my dream seem to be blown away bit by bit due to lack of funds.i really need to get to college but not alone thats why am pleading for help of sponsorship to anyone who is able to hear me as I speak from my heart.I know that I cannot reward you back, but am sure God will.If at all there is one who has heard my craving and would like to help me,you can reach me on my adress you.

    294. Yvonne says:

      I am a single mother who is a second year doctoral student in management. I am looking for a corporate sponsor so I can finish my phd and do my dissertation, I also need help with my son"s education. He is a sophomore in junior college and planning to transfer to a 4 year university. I would appreciate a sponsor helping us. I am a single mother and it is really difficult on my own. I really want the best for my son. My email is

    295. guri says:

      am Guri a teacher with diploma in basic education certificate who wishies to do my 1st and 2nd degree in early chaldhood education,please help me get admission and money to pay for my fee..


    296. asava mwema says:

      my name is asava i live in kenya i did my high school last year, i have not been able to go to college this year because fees please help me. i had C+ ENGLISH ,B+ in hisory and government ,C+ IN PURE BIOLOGY , C+ BUSINESS STUDIES, C- IN PURE MATHEMATICS ,

    297. offering opportunity says:

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      1. cynthia Beltran says:

        I am interested, and I think I have the skills to do it, but I do need to know the work schedule, please

      2. Lewis Ngaruiya says:

        hallo there.
        My name is Lewis Ngaruiya, a student in Bugema university, Uganda and i can work part time have in possession the above mentioned qualifications.

    298. Elvister nyoni mtakwa says:

      Iam the holder of acceptance letter from many colleges where i applied but i have no sponsor. So please am looking the sponsorship to sponsor me to forward my education. About $15000 to comple a 3years course please any help i will apriciate please contact me on mobile on *260963370606 or *260979420798

    299. sharon says:

      My name is Sharon,i live in Kenya and did my form four exams last year and got a B+ and am required to join university next month. i wish that you may support me financially regarding the required amount for my fee and also for my upkeep during the learning periods. I will really appreciate a sponsor who will have my regards at heart since it is really hard on my side to support myself.Thanks in advance.

    300. Roseline Omari says:

      I am a fatherless child in college and am not able to finish my college because my mother is unable to pay my fees.please i request for help to finish my college.Thanks in advance

    301. Roseline Omari says:

      I am a fatherless child in college and am not able to finish my college because my mother is unable to pay my fees.please i request for help to finish my college.Thanks in advance

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    302. Roseline Omari says:

      Am a fatherless child in college and am not able to finish my college because my mother is unable to pay my tuition fees.please i request a willing heart for sponsership. Thanks in advance

    303. kansiime Catherine says:

      i am Kansiime Catherine living in Uganda and i stay with a relative without whereabouts of my parents. i finished my senior four in 2012 and passed with division 1 but have not been able to go back to school and finish my high school, am requesting anyone who can help me with college fees for my studies to offer a helping hand. GOD BLESS YOU.

    304. Youngor says:

      My name is Youngor, am from Liberia. I graduated from high school in 2006. My mom is paralyzed due to high blood pressure. No one to help me further my education. I writing to request financial assistance from anyone to help me further my education.

    305. Tony Eshun says:

      Wondering the possibility of getting sponsorship out of the numerous…Im Tony, 23yr High school graduate from Ghana.Looking for the interested sponsor to help me climb the tertiary ladder…

    306. k.m.nafiul haque says:

      I am haque i am from Bangladesh. i came to Emporia state University for doing my MBA. coming here my total money ends. i want to complete my study. No works here. Don't know how i manage my cost of study of coming January semester. Nobody here in USA. it is not possible to bring money from my country.
      I badly need help/support/loan.
      Could any body help me i will be grateful to that very person.

    307. Christopher Obwar says:

      My name is Christopher. I came from Kenya..i did my exams in the year 2010. i attained a mean grade of B plain. am hereby requesting for sponsorship who can brighten my future by offering me fees for my university..i will really be grateful. my email is thank you

    308. Collins Omondi says:

      Hi my name is Collins Omondi from Kenya.I did my high school level in 2011 & got a B, now am currently doing Aeronautical engineering at the East African School Of Aviation.I am in need of a sponsor to help me so that I would pay up the fee in time to avoid missing exams the way am used to.
      I will always and forever be greatful to my sponsor.

    309. Apedun Esther says:

      Am Esther from uganda,dearly looking 4 asponsorship in BBA, an assistance will be gratefully appreciated,

    310. mushibwe canisius says:

      please help with my study am financially helpless

    311. Thomas Targbwe says:

      Can any help me with my college school fees i am a Liberian i intended to attend a university in the USA but no support .

    312. lydia Anokye says:

      Am lydia a first year student in a nursing college in Ghana.please am in a dying need of a sponsorship to further my number is 0542300970.God richly bless you

    313. Alisa says:

      Hi my name is Alisa, and I'm looking for someone to sponsor me. I'm in my last year of high private high and right now I cannot get my program for class because my mom cannot afford it because she's been out of work. Please help me so I can finish my education and move on to college. My grades are excellent. Thanks in advance. Gods blessing on my sponsor. Email me at PS.. I go to school in the NY City

    314. Lender Mike Brown says:

      Loan Offer At 3% contact us with Name,Amount,Duration,Phone Number,Age,Country,State,
      Customer Service

    315. Shadrack says:

      I am a guy aged 24 years,learning in Buruburu institute of fine arts kenya,pursuing a diploma in graphic design.I am currently in my first year,second semester after five years of hustling to find my college fees.I am greatful for that programme that you have started,because i am now stranded on whether i will continue or not due to fees issues.I was sent home for a fee balance of 40 thousand kenya shillings.I am therefore appealing for someone who is listening,i really need this chance to pursue my dreams as a graphic designer,i will be greatfull if anyone offered to sponsored me and God almighty will bless you abudantly.please contact me through my phone number 0728455526

    316. doreen trazius says:

      city . dar es salaam
      country :Tanzania

    317. nereel says:

      I'm Nereel Silva, I'm begging you to please help me in my study.

      1. nereel says:

        this is my emailad silvanereel@rocketmailcom

    318. k.m.nafiul haque says:

      I am haque i am from Bangladesh. i came to Emporia state University for doing my MBA. coming here my total money ends. i want to complete my study. No works here. Don't know how i manage my cost of study of coming January semester. Nobody here in USA. it is not possible to bring money from my country.
      I badly need help/support/loan.
      Could any body help me i will be grateful to that very person.

    319. Dylan says:

      I'm assuming most people who are reading this are people in need of sponsors but I figure it's worth a shot, I'm a 20 year old amaerican studying classical drawing and painting in Italy. I had to go to Italy to receive the proper education I was looking for(most us schools are very contemporary) but money is running low. I paid for my first year but it'll be a stuggle to make it through my upcoming one. It would be a huge help if someone or a group would like to sponsor me. All the money would go towards tuition, art supplies, rent and food. Thanks ahead of time!

    320. Mr Thomson says:

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    321. OTYAMA ANDREW says:

      my name is OTYAMA ANDREW anm still a student but our families is very poor ,my prayer is education end i need to progress in education and our families since they are poor so am sorry to you and and to be patient am 16 years old end am in senior two ,but i need to study up to university but the only problems is money for school fees as my problems is making me not to progressin education .
      thanks may the almighty father be with you as you read this and have mercy on me .

    322. Ngoje Hosea says:

      Its a good move that would help people with financial problems yet are willing to continue with their studies. My question is can I get a sponsor to move in and continue studying since I cannot proceed due to financial problems I am in Kenya

    323. joanne says:

      4th year Medical student UK having finacle difficulties, is this a good idea any thoughts? email if you know of any ways to get sponsership , thanks

    324. Regena says:

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