Would You Date A Guy Who Weighs Less Than You?

brian-emo-01.JPGIn today’s society, the most appealing man is one that is big and manly, one who is there to protect his “weak” woman. And the ideal woman? She looks like Barbie: petite, busty… petite. The ideal pair, then, is a big, strong man and his teeny, frail little lady. Because of this unrealistic ideal that we have all been socialized to expect and strive for, women want to feel small and cute in comparison to their men.

Yes, we want to weigh less than our men.

It makes sense, right?

I know it is stereotypical to say, but I like strong men who are bigger than I am. I think girls feel this way for many reasons, one being the constant feeling of insecurity and body image. I know I would feel insecure about myself and have the constant feeling that I needed to lose weight if I was dating a man who weighed less than me. I also think, politically correct or not, I’d like to be with someone who could protect me. I’m not saying that I can’t stand up for myself, but I like the feeling of security that a nice big pair of arms provides me.

And, let’s be honest here, it is hard to feel feminine and ladylike when you are bigger than your boyfriend.

So as much as I would like to say I would date a guy who weighs less than me, the reality is that I probably wouldn’t. But I’d like to know: am I alone?

Would you date someone smaller than you?



    1. Alice says:

      For me the issue isn't the guy being small. I like my skinny indie-rock type guys who are more androgynous than anything. But if I were to go out with (or even have sex with) one, I know I'd just feel fat and horrible. I've got enough body image issues without the added comparison of being "even fatter than the guy I'm with z0mg"

    2. David says:

      "In today’s society, the most appealing man is one that is big and manly"

      As opposed to the multitude of previous societies which have valued the most emaciated looking men of the slightest of build who were notably effeminate and passive.

      This post is ridiculous. If you're so obsessed with your own body image that someone being smaller than you causes you shame and humiliation, then you shouldn't be dating anyone. You should be addressing your very serious body image issues.

    3. Krista says:

      I only weigh 100 pounds, so some guy weighing less, yeah, he probably hasn't hit puberty, and if he has, he needs to go back and hit it harder.

    4. Lily says:

      I like feeling protected when I hug my guy, so skinny doesn't really do it for me in that aspect.

      But at the same time, I find slender guys pretty…

    5. Kelly says:

      I'm the same as Krista. I'd be shocked to find a 5'2" 100lb college guy.

      David: This is not a dumb post. It's a blog for college girls about things college girls care about, like their weight and bodies.

    6. David says:

      Sadly, you're right. It appears that my web browser failed to properly identify that this was a website designed to be viewed exclusively by women and didn't prevent me from gaining access too it. My most sincere apologies.

      Be that as it may, how do you feel about the question "Would you date a girl bigger than you?" being posed to a group of men? What about a guy posting on a blog that he wouldn't date a girl who weighed more than him?

    7. Richelle says:

      Obviously, the girls who have posted in this comment section would be completely fine and in agreement with that topic. It is exactly what this post is talking about, just re-worded, fight-picker.

    8. Scarlet - Wesleyan says:

      David needs to get laid.

    9. Samantha says:

      I like the skinny boys, but I'm pretty small myself so I don't typically find guys smaller than me. Though there are many shorter and I can't really get into that.

    10. Sam says:

      It doesn't matter to me. I use to only date really big guys so I would feel more secure about myself. I felt secure, but I knew deep down I was settling.

      Now I'm secure and feel good about myself, despite not being super skinny.. and I get the guys I want. No longer forced to skip on amazing guys just because they weigh less than me, I'm a lot happier and have met an amazing guy.

      I think David is completely right too. You need to work on your own perception of yourself first.

    11. Emmie says:

      I weigh under 110, so it's unlikely that I'll ever have to make that choice. But I did date a guy that was shorter than me but weighed more, and that made me slightly uncomfortable. Whenever I walked next to him I was slouching a little and bowing my head so that we'd be closer in height (we were almost exactly the same, so a little bit of slouch worked wonders). It's not that I have body image problems, I know I'm skinny, I love my body, it's just that it's hard feeling feminine when we're conditioned to think that men are supposed to be the big strong ones and then you're with a smaller guy. I went out with him anyway, though, he was a great guy, so I wasn't going to let the height stop me, but I would have preferred him to be just an inch or two taller.

    12. Cassie says:

      Been there done that. I’m actually a “bigger” girl and would be hard pressed to find guys bigger than me AND had the personality I liked. So I said why not when this kid started hitting on me. We dated for a while, and *gasp* even had enjoyable sex.

      It really doesn’t matter what size each person is. It’s how they truly feel about one another. That’s the important part. And if someone’s seriously that concerned about themselves while partaking in acts of intimacy, then you probably aren’t secure enough in yourself to be doing sadi acts. If he finds you beautiful then don’t go and question yourself all the time!

    13. Brittany says:

      Okay, my first couple years of college I weighed about 125 and dated a guy who weighed 120 max. He was taller than me but he was just one of those super skinny types. I'm average height and at that weight I was average/slightly thin.

      It never bothered me much, but one day he tried on my jeans and they were too big for him. That was pretty sad, especially since they were a size 5!

      Later, after were weren't dating, we went out with some friends and he was dared to try on girls' jeans. He fit into a size 0!

      I don't think it matters if you're close in weight, but my guy now is about 40 pounds heavier than me and I like it that way.

    14. Catherine says:

      Is this situation even possible? It seems highly unlikely, if not impossible that a guy would weigh less than a girl unless their is a huge age difference. Like if the girl is in college and she was dating…. well a 5th grader. Is a guy really going to weigh less than like 100 or 110 pounds? Maybe 1 guy out of a million. But unless you are Shamoo, this isn't even an issue. And if you are shamoo, are you really going to be finding dates?

    15. katherine says:

      i prefer my guys to be bigger and taller (which isn't a problem. i'm 5'2" 120 pounds). but to date a guy physically smaller than me? well i don't know. he'd be a preteen LOL and that won't be good

    16. erin says:

      My guy weighs less than me… like 50 lbs less. We love each other and our relationship is good, but I do feel super fat sometimes just being next to him. I feel like maybe we look odd cuz he's skinny and I'm overweight. *sigh*

    17. nikki says:

      I think it's really unfair to say that only girls the size of Shamoo could date someone smaller than them. I'm about 5' 7 , not overweight and I have been interested in a few guys who weighed about the same or less than me. It just happens sometimes.

    18. Vanessa says:

      Ok – For Catherine who asks if this is possible, yes, it certainly is. My boyfriend is 25 and I'm 20 and he is easily 30 pounds lighter than me, because he's lanky and 5'8. I'm 5'10, naturally I weight more than him.

      People who care that much about how they'd appear with someone else need a serious reality check. You should love the person for who they are, not how you look paired against them.

    19. Kelly says:

      I find this topic ridiculous and completely agree with David. It is the same exact thing as a bunch of guys saying "would you ever date a girl bigger than you because girls are supposed to be smaller?"…

      So are skinny people only supposed to date skinny people, and fat people with fat people? Ridiculous.

    20. c2m2 says:

      Umm…Barbie is not petite. Petite is short. Everywhere. Short legged, short waisted, short limbed. Barbie is none of those things. When I go shopping in the Petite section of Macy's, I don't see Barbie anywhere. I think you mean thin…like people who wear size zero…

    21. Rosie says:

      I dated a guy who weighed 40 pounds less than me on a good day–he was extremely skinny at 5'10" and I was slightly overweight and 5'7". I actually gained a bunch of weight during our relationship because he was eating so much, trying to gain himself. He lost 4 pounds, I gained 20. I didn't have an issue with his size, or even my own–but his eating habits were a big deal. I thought that was more of a dealbreaker than size.

    22. Iga says:

      Although i voted 'no chance' i think a meaty woman can be more 'womanly' – curves, ass, breasts – thats all womanly, and its bound to weigh more. I think I am in that category. But a man that is too skinny isn't for me.

    23. Emma says:

      When I was in high school I dated a guy who was a year ahead of me. He was 5'2 or 5'3 and I was just about 5'4.5 or so. He was asian, so he didn't keep a lot of weight, he must have weighed 105-110 depending. During that time I usually weighed around 115-120. It wasn't usually weird, although I never let him carry me and I never sat on his lap, and his hips were so much smaller that once when he wore girl jeans for Halloween (don't ask, lol) I gave him my smallest pair and he needed a belt.

      It didn't bother me an awful big amount, I guess. Now I weigh around 110 or so, and my current boyfriend is taller (6'0) and heavier (about 160) and I don't ever think about looking silly next to him.

      I have noticed acquaintences of mine who will comment (sometimes mean or rudely) when they see a couple where the girlfriend is chubbier.

      It doesn't really make too much sense to me, but I think it might just be a subconscious thing within our society.

    24. Liz says:

      I'm 5'4" and 105, so smaller than me is unlikely. Also, I'm attracted to taller guys… so even my ex, who was just as overweight as I am, was about 50 pounds more than me.

      I don't think there's any general rule on this per se, but personal ideas are just realistic. I'm not saying I would never date anyone smaller than me – but I don't think my imagined beau would be smaller than me.

    25. katherine says:

      Liz: 5'4" and 105 pounds is NOT overweight. it's bordering on underweight

    26. Jes says:

      Well I'm 5'9 1/2 and 125-130 lbs, so I'm a tall, relatively skinny (but not super-freaking skinny) girl. My boyfriend of 5 years is 5'10 and maaaaybe 160, 165.

      I wear a size 4-6, he wears a men's 32. We're basically similar size, but he has absolutely NO body fat. (grr)

      Standing next to me, he looks "thinner," but he weighs more.

      However, as I noticed last night while we were butt naked all over his bedroom having AMAZING sex (LOL), I may have a little (ok, a lot) more jiggle to my butt or thighs than he does, and he might have the amazing 6 pack, steel thighs and biceps I've always wanted, but that shouldn't make you feel insecure about yourself.

      I wont lie and pretend that I dont get jealous of him. We can eat the same things and I'll gain weight, but he wont… Yeah, it makes you a little self-conscious, but its nice to have a chiseled man to look at at the end of the day.

      And by no means does his thinner body mean he's any less "manly" than bigger guys. If I may say so myself, he's VERY good (…damn good, lol) in the bedroom and incredibly athletic, so I dont feel like I'm with a pansy because he's not Gaston from 'Beauty and the Beast' throwing raw eggs down his throat. (ha)

      Plus he's extremely intelligent.(Much more intelligent then most guys our age… he's a chemical engineer) I guess what I'm trying to say is, at the end of the day, a person's personality and character reflect much moreso upon how you percieve them compared to other people than their initial body size might suggest.

      I cant imagine how my life would be if I ever blew him off because I was worried I'd feel self conscious about myself. How sad.

      The saying's true that when you love/get to know someone, they become more attractive to you. Maybe we just need to get to know more people?

    27. Gwenivere says:

      It seems that in many of these posts in order for your boyfriend to weigh less than you, the girl must be fat and the guy would have to be super skinny. (Note: I said many, not all.) This is definitely not the case. I am 5'7 and weigh 132 lbs. I don't think I am fat at all. My boyfriend does however weigh less than me. He is 5'2 and 128 lbs. He is definitely not super skinny. He is filipino which explains why he is shorter than me. He trains and works out his muscles everyday which makes him very toned and muscular. The down side of him constantly working out is that he has no body fat. This makes him weigh less even though muscles weigh more than fat. We have been together for over 4 years and have never felt weird about our height or weight differences. If a guy is supposed to be someone who makes you feel safe and protected than my guy definitely does that. His height and weight doesn't provent him from being able to stick up for himself or me. Actually, I love to see someone try to pick a fight with him, because it would be funny to see that outcome of the antagonist. I feel bad for a few of you who say you felt awkward dating someone who was shorter and/or weighed less than you because you thought people would stare or look at you funny. My boyfriend and I look like complete opposites. I am caucasian, taller and have bright blonde hair and blue eyes. He has every trait opposite from me, Asian, shorter, black hair and dark brown eyes. Even though we are different, we have never felt like people stare at us or have I ever felt the need to "slouch" my posture so we looked closer to the same height. I am sorry to say, but if it would bother you that much, you need to take a good look at yourself to see why it does.

    28. Jes says:

      I just hink it's sad how many potentially wonderful relationships are missed out on, maybe because of someone's own insecurities…

      Its really sad how obsessed we've (noticied I said WE, because I'm guilty too!) become with our looks and our self-esteem is always in the crapper nowadays…😦

      I wish we weren't so strained and constricted by this need to feel perfet all the time. It really takes away from what life has to offer us.

    29. Nikki says:

      I also think it's sad that so many girls are missing out on a chance to date guys who are skinny. Doesn't anyone else find them so adorable?? My bf has always been skinny from the day I met him when we were 13; Typical skinny indie guy with a beard. I love him to death, but I will admit that I was very insecure at times around him (standing by him at the beach/ etc).

      After we had been dating for about a year I managed to say something to voice my insecurities. " I just feel so fat being next to you because you're so thin!"

      "Nik, in no way do i ever expect or for that matter WANT you to be as skinny as I am. I like your curves and I think they're soooo sexy!"

      That was an AH HA! moment for me. Skinny guys don't want you to look like them.. they want you… to look like you!

    30. Sarah says:

      This is a tough question. I'm only 5'5" and 138 lbs, and my boyfriend is 5'8" and 145 lbs. This isn't a big difference. To add to it, he has a very skinny build, and although his shoulders are broad, his hips are super slim. Side by side, he probably looks smaller than me, but specs wise, he's slightly bigger. Does any of this matter? Unfortunately, yes.

      I'll admit, I have some body image issues that I'm working on. It works out well for me that although my boy has the skinny, slim look that I admire so much, he's technically still bigger than me. (Plus, we wear the same size pants, so it's like having a whole extra closet full of pants!) I don't want him to be bigger than me so I can feel "protected," I just have trouble feeling feminine and beautiful if he can't even pick me up. You can slam my insecurities all you want, but in the end it's a personal preference issue, and has nothing to do with what others think is the right way to be.

      Finally, I wonder if Catherine truly thinks all girls in college weigh between 100-110 lbs. I'm sorry, hon, but weighing over 110 lbs. does not make you Shamoo. I find that assumption extremely insulting. Unless you're a troll, I'd say you need a serious reality check concerning women's weight and body sizes.

    31. Crystal says:

      Never in my life could i date a guy who weighs less than me!! I guess i am the politically incorrect girl as well but i need a man who is bigger than me to protect me and have that sense of security!! i would feel totally insecure about my body if my guy is smaller than me, whether that is correct or not, you cant help it- society!

    32. Jes says:

      I dont think it has anything to do with being 'politically correct,' but more of maybe not taking the chance to get to know certain people b/c you automatically dismiss them as "not your type" and missing the opportunity to find out that that guy might just be the best damn thing that ever happened to you!

      This goes for anything, race, hair color, body size, accent, etc… I understand we all have "an idea" of the charming guy we'd like to be with, but do you think its fair for guys to blow us off because we're not their "ideal hottie" in their eyes?

      Its kind of shallow and definitely limits our future potential… Remember we're not talking about us stooping to lower standards here, moreso us being worthy of dating some of these incredible guys, and not too being pretentious to get to know them and see their worth!

      I mean obviously whatever floats your boat, but it sure would suck to pass the man of your dreams up just because he wears your size pants or smaller…

      Many times I'm sure its true when people think, "Oh well- your loss.."

    33. janae says:

      well i dated a guy who was pretty skinny at 5'10" he wieghed 138 and at 5'5" I 135-140. At the time i felt selfconsious. But not that much cause I was curvy not fat with a small waist. But when he held me I felt big. We went out for 6 months and it became a stressful relationship and i lost 25 pounds. Now I'm 115 and my new boyfriend is 147 6'0" hes pretty skinny but so am i so im more comfortable. I like that he picks me up. I think if you love someone it shouldnt matter but i do like when a guy is not skinnier than me just a preference

    34. amy says:

      This is hard for me because I'm tall. I'm 5'10'' and I'm definitely not fat, but I'm also not really skinny. I weigh between 145-155 usually. My ex-boyfriend was an inch shorter than me and weighed about as much or even a little less than I do. It wasn't a problem at the time, but know that I'm dating a guy who's 6'3'' and built I definitely prefer a bigger boyfriend.

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    37. Pete says:

      I have to agree with the people who who have criticised Catherine's view of the matter. I am by no means the thinnest boy I know but I actually know few girls who weigh significantly less than me, and almost none who are anywhere near my height. This is for the simple reason that women are biologically predisposed to weigh more. That is to say that if you have a man and a woman of the same height then the chances are (and quite naturally) that the woman will weigh more just because that's how we have evolved, and this is fine.

      If a girl didn't want to go out with me because they didn't find my figure attractive that's one thing, and that's fine, but if they didn't because they didn't because they didn't think they 'should' go out with someone lighter than themselves I would think this was a real shame. Personally I would never judge a girl in comparison to myself – why would I want to do that? If it's her I want to go out with then it's her I want, not me.

    38. A.G. says:

      well, I am 130 and 5'6. I would date someone the same weight as me. I am in college, guys won't stay that weight their whole lives and I don't plan on being 130lbs for my whole life. I actually am planning to lose 10 pounds!

      The reason why i wouldn't want to date someone who weighs less is because I would want to sit on their lap and not feel insecure about it. It's hard not to. By the way, my mom weighs more than my dad. My dad is 180 and 6'1 and my mother is 5'4 and 188. She wasn't always that weight. I knew a girl back in high school who weighed 5-10 pounds more than her boyfriend and our teacher(who was a woman) used to say, "well she has the weight in all the right places!" hehe!

    39. A.G. says:

      i want to change my answer just a little. I do have a crush on a guy that is skinnier than me. I mean, I have breasts and hips. I know he is attracted to me too! I think if the weight was significantly different than I wouldn't be attracted to him.. but i think the difference is only 5 pounds. I could be wrong too. He could just look skinnier than me but may weigh more, he is two or three inches taller than me.

    40. miss sixty says:

      i weigh 115, so it's not like I'm fat, but all my boyfriends have been skinnier than me! (they are petite Asians!) i don't feel less "feminine" because of that . . . what a bunch of bull!

    41. Kaceann says:

      … ::sigh:: my last "real" boyfriend was bigger than me, for sure. But since then, going for a little more substance … the guys have definitely weighed the same, if not less. I'm 5'9" and 145ish… one of the more recent guys was the same height and definitely weighed less (skinny skinny boy) and my current is 6'0" and about 150…

      I just like to keep in mind that I've got boobs and a butt and … hey they think I'm pretty hot. So it works out as long as you've got confidence. (Though height wise… still a little shaky. Couldn't date anyone shorter than me…)

    42. zhad says:

      As a guy all I have to say is I'd rather look like the one in the picture up top than any buffed up brick house stereotype. I guess it's the subconscious connection of scrawny + brainy vs brawny + braindead, and I know I'd pick the first combo over the second any day. But even allowing for brains and biceps to coexist in the same person, I would still like a lean physique, which I have now anyways: 165 at 6'6".

    43. Marie says:

      I am dating someone thinner then me, But I am a chunky girl and the only problem I have is that I feel so insecure about my body but we have been together for almost 3 years. Everything is going good with us and one day we are going to get married so I don't really see what the big deal is about having a guy weighing lees then you, if you love each other then nothing else should matter.

    44. Ashley says:

      I weigh 160 and my man weighs about 110 and it doesn't really cross my mind…until we're naked. My thigh could EAT his and it makes me feel like a freakin whale. I've never really been THAT insecure but when i see us in a mirror it just looks so odd that I feel like the overweight girl that I am.

      But we are both very happy together and these feelings only pop up sporadicaly sooo I wouldn't let weight get in the way anymore than I would eyecolor.

    45. Ashley says:

      i weigh 140ish and my boyfriend weighs 120ish. and i have no problems with this at all. if anything, it motivates me to lose a few pounds =)

    46. Ally says:

      Currently, I'm dating a guy who weighs about 40 lbs less than me and I love it. I love knowing that the man I'm with will love me no matter what and is not one of those shallow guys who only goes for the "Barbie" types. He loves my body and my personality and wouldn't trade me for the world.

    47. mojo says:

      i weigh 170 and my boyfriend weighs 160. He's around 5'7'. he wears a 29. i can't help noticing sometimes but only because of my own insecurities. i've never mentioned them by word or deed but i do think to myself 'he's so tiny!!!!!'. and i do get jealous! ten pounds doesn't seem much and even though fortunately my weight is well proportioned to the point of shock (for me anyway last i got on the scale), it distributes much differently on him, the walking H&M ad. i chalk my fears up to a few self pitying blips. i will say when we met i could NOT imagine sleeping with him despite us cicking on every other level and him being very attractive. when we finally did it was so ungodly amazing and is every time. he's all muscle and surprisingly strong. i had it in my head he'd be all noodle arms and spindly legs, but he's got the nicest body. all that aside, he's a wonderful man and now i feel silly for ever almost not dating him because of the pre-existing fact that i wanted to change some things about my own body (which he loves and i am learning to embrace).

    48. Mark Martinez says:

      "it is hard to feel feminine and ladylike when you are bigger than your boyfriend." True that. On the other hand, I wann'a be able to pick up my lady, shower her with love at night… and me being even a bit bigger than her helps make things connect. That being said, there's a thing about taller women.

      Mark Martinez,

      Testing out hypergain like the energizer bunny

    49. Ashley F.M. says:

      "But unless you are Shamoo, this isn’t even an issue. And if you are shamoo, are you really going to be finding dates?"

      Okay, I am on the verge of dating a guy much smaller than me. He is probably about 130-140 and I am at a good 200. I am definetly not a "Shamu" (that is how it is spelled properly). I am 5'11" and have an athletic build and large bust size. He is fairly athletic, but still slim. he is also the same height as me.

      Girls usually just weigh more than guys. We have boobs, butts, and hips to account for. You know, those things that guys find attractive. What kind of guy likes a flat stick girl? Besides, the personality matters more than anything. My guy friend tells me that my personality makes me great, not just my boobs. Weight is more of a personal self-esteem issue than anything else. Mass media conditioning has lead us to believe that there is some sort of universal standard of beauty, and that is just not true.

      If you really want to know, why don't you ask your guy? he can tell you better than a bunch of self-absorbed girls who are concerned about their weight in comparison to their boyfriends.

      I am a college girl, and I don't see why height or weight really has to matter. Besides, those upside down-camera-angled MySpace style pics that everyone loves to take don't include most of your body anyway.

    50. Alyssa says:

      I'm 17, 5'3, and 160 LBS.

      My boyfriend is 17, 5'9-6'0, and 120 LBS.

      I don't like muscular guys and never have. I'm more of a "touch bitch, but poetic softie" at heart, so I've never really hated my size until I started dating him.

      He's attracted to me, and I'm attracted to him, but we haven't had sex yet, and, quite frankly, I sort of don't want to because of our differences in body structure.

      Of course him being thinner than me makes me feel less than appealing! Not all girls are like this, but most are.

      1. Kat says:

        wow I'm in that exact situation. like same sizes and everything. But I do like him. I don't know.

    51. Ravo says:

      im 28 ..i weight like 2 or 3 pounds more than my skinny boyfriend who is 34. lol ..but i have a nice butt and weight goes to good spots…and the only one who calls me fat is myself. he can't pick me up…when i sit on his lap i always feel like…am a crushing you? he says no. but he loves the shit out of meee…hes my best friend and sex is good. it does bug me out sometimes yea and i am trying to loose weight but mostly for myself..all of my boyfriends before were big…or stalky or something…so this is way different but we are attracted.

    52. regular guy in big b says:

      Well, what if you're 6' 3" tall and weigh 285 lbs and not fat? Then the ladies say "ewwww he's too big!"

      A man can't win.

    53. emo~sex~appeal says:

      wow! i've never heard anything so stupid as a girl needing her guys arms to be the size of manhattan just to feel "secure" and "protected". Protect you from what? and "secure"? as if you must be ripped to be stable? at first i thought guys were the more judgmental ones, but its rapidly becoming real to me as to just how shallow girls can be -.-

    54. girl says:

      I went on a blind date a few days ago. He was smart, nice and good-looking. And weighed less than me.

      I weigh 105 pounds and am 5'5", so it's not like I could lose weight. I don't actually know for sure how much he weighs but he is like 5'6", very skinny and smaller than me all over…smaller hands, wrists, waist, shoulders, etc.

      I liked him, but I can't imagine our relationship getting physical…

      I think it's more about me being uncomfortable with my own body than wanting to be protected.

    55. Gina says:

      So…I've been in a long distance relationship for this guy for a short while. He's actually seen a lot of me through pictures and such, but not really my full body because I'm insecure and wont post those type of pictures on Facebook..haha.

      I'm 5'7" and weigh around 155. (I can go from 157 to 152 in a couple days…Hahaha..)

      He's 5'10 and weighs 145.

      This is me:
      And this is him:

      He tells me that he thinks I'm beautiful and I shouldn't worry about how much I weigh.

      He's coming to see me in…a couple of days actually!

      Will we have sex? I don't know. I'm seeing how things flow.


      From what I've learned throughout this, guys hate it when you complain about the way you look when they love you for who you are.

      It hurt his feelings when I told him about my binge dieting to get myself thinner than him before he came. He told me that he didn't want me to do that…that he wanted me just the way I am.

      I've still got awhile to find out how he feels about me in person.

      But I have faith in us.😀

    56. Allison says:

      Ashley, I don’t know where you got the idea that “girls usually just weigh more than guys.” There’s no truth to that. When you compare average weights of men and women of the same height, men always weigh more than women. There’s nothing to this “we have boobs, butts, and hips to account for” theory. Fat doesn’t weigh much; men weigh more on average than women because they are more muscular and have larger bones (both muscle and bones outweigh fat; breasts and hips are surrounded by fatty tissue). Plus, breasts and hips don’t have to weigh much, but they get bigger the heavier you are. In other words, you can’t blame being heavy on the T&A, blame it on eating too much cake.

      I weigh 115, so any guy smaller than that would have to be pretty shrimpy and I’m definitely not attracted to that. I definitely prefer more of a manly man. There is no way that a guy weighing 110 pounds could lift me up against a wall, etc. etc. I wouldn’t want to feel like, at 115 pounds, I’m the more butch one in the relationship lol.

    57. Kira says:

      I'm a bit of a bigger girl at 5'7" and 160lbs and right now I'm casually seeing this guy who is 5'6" and 120lbs. I thought I'd feel uncomfortable with him, but I don't. Even in bed I feel fine, it's clear that he really wants me…and really knows what he's doing😉

      If he wore skinny jeans and eyeliner I probably would feel fatter around him, but he dresses like a normal guy and doesn't accentuate his skinny-ness…so I feel pretty good.

    58. nugem says:

      Lotta anorexic chicks around here. That’s great. Dating chicks.that.are larger than I like to feel like the man. Sorry for.all the.damn periods . Damn phone.

    59. Lisa says:

      I've tried to…but it didn't work. I never really thought weight would be that much of a problem if we really, genuinely got along and made each other happy, but I was wrong. I was maybe 2 inches taller than this guy I dated, and heavier. He was really, really, really thin…underweight, in fact. It honestly made me feel fat. And I was already insecure about my body(I was average but thought I was heavy). I was just never turned on by him…unfortunately. I definitely think women need that strong, masculine body type on a man they are intimate with…unless they are completely secure with their bodies and happy with being with a smaller man. And in that case, kudos to them.:)

    60. average girl says:

      im actually dating someone who is very close to my weight. My dead weight is 110 and his is somewhere around 120. But he looks skinner than me. He is like scrawy skinny will im like a normal skinny (i am decently muscular) But im not going lie i woulnt want a bf that weighed less than me only because i weigh little enouh if there was a guy who was talller than me and weighed less than me it just would look like he was sick or something. Im not short short but i am short. Im 5'2" or 5'3" and i dont think it is too much to ask for a guy to be taller than me not saying i wouldnt date someone my height i just rather not. I feel so insecure for saying this but i do wish he did weigh more because i feel kinda insecure how much i weigh. There is a long story behind all that but i was finally getting used to being happy with how much i weighed and now im just content.

    61. Helene says:

      I'm pretty much average weight and height – thought my thighs and calves are a little thick and not very toned. The guy I'm in a relationship with right now is skinnier than me, which makes me feel wierd sometimes because I feel wider than him in all respects, but he's a good foot taller than me, so I still feel cute and pretty beside him or when we're talking face to face.

    62. slk55man says:

      As a guy, I can tell you right now, some of us LOVE it when our g/f weighs more than we do. I really love it, and even encourage g/f's to gain weight. My weight is 140lbs. The heaviest g/f I've had weighed 220lbs. Like I said, I wanted her heavier. Nothing better than your girl out-weighing you. I think its sexy, so you big girls out there, don't be worried that you're too heavy. Because he might be like me, and want you to get even heavier.

    63. bob says:

      I'm 5'6" and I weigh 125 pounds. My boyfriend is the same height and weighs 120 pounds. I've always been very self-conscious about my weight, and I have to admit it does get in the way of our relationship. When he takes off his shirt, you can see the lining of his entire rib cage. It makes me feel really uncomfortable taking off my clothes in front of him because I'm a lot curvier. To be perfectly honest, it is an instant turn off in bed, but he's a fantastic guy who treats me really well, so I'm doing my best to get over it.

    64. Dorris says:

      You are so cool! I do not believe I’ve read through a single thing like that before. So nice to discover another person with unique thoughts on this subject matter. Really.. thanks for starting this up. This web site is something that’s needed on the web, someone with a little originality!

      Also visit my page :: Dorris

    65. s.l.r says:

      My boyfriend is a lot skinnier than me. He’s only a few inches taller than me, and he’s a year younger. I had a problem saying yes when he asked me out, because I was afraid of what other people would think. I’ve always felt fat, but I’ve lost a lot of weight recently, and even.though I’m bigger than my boyfriend, I’m incredibly happy. Happier than I’ve been in a long time. I’m steadily losing more weight and hopefully someday I’ll

    66. s.l.r says:

      Feel prettier and more secure around him. All of the fears I had at the beginning of the relationship are gone, even though he’s like half my size. Once we got comfortable with each other and I realized he actually did love me, I also realized size doesn’t matter. Personality and feelings matter. So yeah, I’m dating a guy physically smaller than me. But I would rather occasionally feel bad about my weight and have him cheer me up than not be with him for something so pointless and feel bad all the time. I love him too much.

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