Candy Dish: The Bachelor Can’t Stop Crying

jason-mesnick-the-bachelor.jpgThe dude is hot, but he can’t make up his mind!

Happy Square Root Day! Let’s party like it’s 3/3/09!

Accomplish more by working at your peak times.

Kanye’s new GF needs a bit of fashion help.

And he needs to stop defending Chris Brown.

How was Jimmy Fallon’s first night on late night?

The top 5 Facebook privacy settings for every college student.

So, Lindsay officially going to convert for Sam?

The strangest college classes in the country.

The best beauty deals are in….the men’s aisle?

How does Aniston maintain that slamming body? Dog treats.

How do clarifying shampoos work?

We heart school spirit.



    1. SonjaCovets says:

      Thanks for linking to my men's beauty deals post and for helping me learn about clarifying shampoos so I can degunk my hair. I also greatly enjoyed watching Jennifer Aniston eat a dog biscuit. That was really weird. I'm not aware of American TV show hosts that feed their guests dog treats. But perhaps it's a trend to come.

    2. Mamad says:

      Wow. This sounds like my own itsuation back in ’08 and even a little bit now. So I’m going to open up a bit here cuz I need it. Hope it’s alright .If I may offer some advice here. If you want it, and are certain you want it above all other things then you should do it. If you can handle the egos (as they get more visible the higher you go in studies) and you can handle the lack of funding (history unfortunately isn’t in high demand) and can accept that you if want to succeed it’ll come with quite a price tag (in time, energy, etc) then do it.I’m going to be finished my own master’s degree in May/June and I’m having a similar debate with myself now and the phd level. The University of Aberdeen in Scotland has just opened up four slots for phds in 2010 and four slots in 2011 and they are partially funded (fees only). I’m debating applying. However, my life is not such that I needn’t worry about finances. I’ve been accepted into an MBA at a university in Canada and I’m probably going to do that because I need a job. I’ve also reached some kind of limit and I’m tired of being a student in many ways. I’ve got other things I want to do in my life, I want a family of my own, I want to seriously study finance and economics and I want to travel.If you love history and can accept that by focusing your studies you’re by necessity cutting out other things (both in your life and in other fields of history studies) then you should go. You will not regret it I think, and it will change who you are in a positive fashion in ways you can’t imagine. Depending on where you go of course but being surrounded by people who share the same passion is intoxicating and addictive. They are individuals who are serious about their studies and therefore are a joy to be around. Most of them are very intelligent and kind people who are like yourself in so many ways it’s frightening. Like in my case, I had no idea there could be so many people studying the various aspects of Egil’s Saga or the Heimskringla. Paleography, linguistics, literary studies, propagandistic studies, economics, history. It’s unbelievable what people dream up to study and it’s multiplied when you go to a conference etc.On the flip side, if you have the slightest doubt or nagging feeling stop considering it. It’ll crush you like water does a submarine with a breach at 2000m under the surface. The pressure can be considerable both from the institution and from family and friends. So many people have expectations in the world. If you’re blessed in the way that those surrounding you are themselves educated highly then you’ll be golden in that respect but your own nagging doubts have a tendency to grow I think especially if they’re in the fertile environment of adversary from any number of external factors.Do it!

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