Getting Revenge on a Cheater


Ask any girl what the worst thing her boyfriend/fiancée/husband could do to her, and the answer is probably going to be the same: cheat. To most women, cheating is the ultimate betrayal of trust, which is probably why, when they find out their man’s been unfaithful, so many women get angry and seek revenge.

Scary, serious revenge.

Famous stories of women getting revenge on their cheating partners have circulated in gossip and in the news for years: women have reportedly cut up their husband’s clothing, dumped all their husband’s belongings in the front yard, and even destroyed their cars (the subject of Carrie Underwood’s hit song “Before He Cheats,” the story of one woman getting revenge on her cheating man by smashing up his car with a Louisville Slugger®). Another story tells of the wife of a British radio-talk show host, who sold her husband’s $45,000 car on eBay for 90 cents after she heard him tell a woman on the air that he’d leave his wife for her. One woman even paid for a billboard ad advertising her husband’s infidelity (see picture above)!

Even some celebrities have sought revenge on their philandering lovers: Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopes (formerly of the band TLC) set fire to her boyfriend’s house after discovering his infidelity, and comedian Terri Garr has admitted to smashing the windows of her boyfriend’s house in the middle of the night.

But this story is undoubtedly the worst of all: earlier this week, a woman in India, after discovering that her husband had been sneaking around on her, drugged him with sleeping pills. While he was sleeping, she cut off his “sausage” with a razorblade and threw it into the street, where a pack of wild dogs ate it for breakfast. Ouch. Guess she guaranteed he’ll never cheat again.

Or eat sausage.

What do you guys think? Is getting revenge on an unfaithful man right?



    1. K says:


    2. Lauren, University of Michigan says:


      i cant believe a bunch of dogs ate it.


    3. T says:

      All is fair in love and war.

    4. Sam says:

      That’s so wrong. I understand being hurt and upset, but physically harming the guy? That’s way, way beyond the line.

    5. Claire says:

      No, acting like these women did just makes you look immature, irrational, and psychotic. We wouldn’t think it was funny if a man broke his girlfriend’s jaw after he found out she cheated on him; no, we’d rail against it condemn the man as an atrocious bastard, but we think it’s funny that a woman sliced off her husband’s penis and fed it to dogs? Am I the only one that sees the problem with that? If your significant other cheats on you, leave him and never look back, but don’t break the law or act like a goddamned psychotic teenager.

    6. Cassie says:

      I like the one about the woman who sold the car for 90 cents. He shouldn't have cheater OR put the car in her name… ah stupid men…

    7. Rebecca says:

      I agree with Claire. I wouldn't do anything that he wouldn't do to me. Because in the long-term, if I take the classy route, he'll realize for a much longer time afterward what a great girl he essentially gave up. I think it'd be enabling him to use my own immature actions against me if I got revenge in any form.

    8. Katie says:

      I can't believe people still fall for these stories.

    9. chelle says:

      is it right? i do believe so, but i’m a woman with a lottt of pride, when a guy goes there it hurts a lot, and its humiliating. why not cause him some pain too? sureee its not the most mature road to take, i don’t think cutting off someones penis is okay, at all, thats digusting. but revenge like, deleting his itunes library and reseting his ipod..ahem.. or you know switching a number or two in each contact number in his cell… so that its impossible to call anyone.. i do believe is fair.

    10. jdmxrain says:

      Okay these stories are funny except for the one where the woman castrated her husband…but I think getting revenge like that just shows that you care too much in order to spite them..its just better to leave a toxic relationship like that asap…

      If it were me and I found out he was cheating, I would just leave without a decent face to face breakup. Jerks don't deseve a decent breakup. So yea I would just leave. But doing something outrageous just shows that you care too much.

      Its better to leave with your head held high and your integrity intact. Show the cheater that you don't care much about them and that you can do better than them.

    11. Cady says:

      Revenge is OK; penis-slicing is not.

    12. Vivian - Undecided says:

      For a lot of girls, cheating is the ultimate form of betrayal, so I’d understand wanting revenge. Though the whole billboard thing is classic (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    13. Tom says:

      Cheating is wrong no matter who does it, I've done it before and I've had it done to me as well. It just hurts you in the end if you have any conscience at all. Better to be up front with someone and honest. That way you can have some dignity and the other person can get on with their life.

      I think most of us are just cowards, or just greedy. We either don't have the balls to tell the truth and possibly hurt someone, or we have the nerve to willingly hurt someone while gorging ourselves on attention.

    14. Craig says:

      As a polyamorous (ethically non-monogamous) man, I agree cheating is wrong, but all of these reactions are violence or destruction of property, and are all probably illegal. The tacit support that many commenter have for these actions is downright scary.

      How about talking about it. Let the anger out, sure, but talk it through. I've never cheated, and never will, my partners always know who I'm sleeping with, but the immature way that both men and women typically do non-monogamy is atrocious. Cheating is one side of that, but the other is this ownership and possessiveness that lets people (men and women) feel they have the right to do outrageous things as punishment. Your partner is not your child, and not your property, grow up!

      I understand that cheating is a terrible breach of trust, but surely there are better ways for both parties to deal with it. Maybe, rather than assuming a relationship is completely monogamous right from the start, without ever talking about it, this could be something that gets talked about. If you feel that strongly that you need your partner to completely monogamous to you that you'd do something insane like destroy his car if he fucked someone else, perhaps it's worth talking about this early in the relationship. Communication helps!

      If you struggle with monogamy, check out "The Ethical Slut", written by two wonderful women, it's a great, very sex positive book, and challenges many fucked up ideas that society holds about sex and possessiveness in relationships.

    15. Julie says:

      Revenge, maybe. Physical harm, no. I've got pride but I've also got some self-respect. Not gonna stoop to his level.

    16. shoaib2k2 says:

      lol Killer women

    17. sianz says:

      nice of you to encourage women that its alright to be vindictive. if you are so afraid of being cheated on, then stay single.

    18. holycrap says:

      OMG that is so evil of that woman. i think cutting off his penis is worse than him cheating on her BY FAR…. like by WAY FAR. dont get me wrong cheating can ruin lives(for example my stepdad is ruining my moms life right now because he cheated and procreated with some whore)but two wrongs dont make a right. jeez, these people…

    19. Ty Webb says:

      shopped / lame

    20. Man Mcmanaman says:

      this is why we cheat on you:)

    21. Man Mcmanaman says:

      Also, just for laughs, if me and my girlfriend split, i'm gonna beat her so hard, cos it's funny according to this!

    22. rico says:

      Beave and cleave need to step off and make their man a samich and stfu. And a beer too or else. =D

    23. Marcus Aurelius says:

      This was seen on many different pics through the 'net, with exactly the same text, including names. Therefore it is clearly photoshopped.

    24. Allazay says:

      Nah! I truly believe in Karma and whatever goes around comes back around.Why get yourself in trouble or possibly end up in jail over some guy who you probably won't remember in 25 years anyway?I just chalk it up as a life lesson and it might hurt for a bit but you get over it as long as you know what to look for in the next relationship.

    25. The White Rabbit says:

      “Cady says :

      March 6, 2009 at 3:29 am

      Revenge is OK; penis-slicing is not.”

      Here, here!

      …unless he gives her a permanent STD or something. Then I’d say all bets are off.

    26. Dee says:

      Women in remote parts of India really have no choice. If she told anyone, complained, or asked for a divorce, he'd just burn her.

    27. Rick says:

      What Claire said is spot on! (post #4)

    28. john doe says:

      finding out someone is cheating is actually a relief… it's are cue to move on to someone better. Not finding out and being strung along is much worse. Revenge is a dish served cold. Sadly, it is your heart. Never let it get cold just to give to another, an unworthy.

    29. Shauvinist Pig says:


      This just goes to show you what feminism means.

      It means that women should be able to do anything with no consequences and still blame men for everything.

      Woman's rights? We need Man's rights for goodness' sake.

    30. Becky says:

      I agree with Claire. A man cheating is certainly reason enough to slap him upside the face and kick him in the balls, call him any name you think fitting and then walk away. There is no reason to stoop so low as to seriously physically harm him. He is not even worth that.

    31. Cwisten says:

      I clearly don't condone such vial behavior of slicing off appendages. BUT COME ON IT IS HUMOROUS, and that was the point. Both women and men do vengeful things, and some beyond extreme. But lets just admit that some people take the world so serious!

    32. Matt says:

      What is going wrong with the relationship that would make someone[male or female] consider cheating anyway?

    33. fred says:

      interesting how you all ignore criags truthfull and helpful comments. suggest you read it again.

    34. JER says:

      Not a real picture but a good idea. (see snopes) Funny thing is all these posts pertain to men cheating. Women cheat just as much if not more than men. My wife cheated on me and I never considered mutilating any of her reproductive organs. For a woman to do it, it sounds like a funny way to get revenge but if a man were to do anything along those lines he would be considered psychotic and people would demand he be tortured or locked away for life…if not killed.

    35. nessa says:

      I think revenge for cheating is perfectly fair, but you still have to draw a line. Cutting off your man's is going WAY too far. Burning houses or smashing cars is going too far too. Its dangerous and therefore shouldn't be an option. I think the billboard is genious. I personally think embarrassment is the most effective and satisfying form of revenge.

    36. SHARON says:

      I think there are many better ways of getting revenge than physically mutilating someone. You can, IF you have a JOINT account, take ALL the money and leave. Sure, he can get angry but if your name is on the account, it's as much yours as his. Hitting a man's pocketbook is something that hurts, after all how can he take the other woman out if he has NO money. LOL

    37. Joshua says:

      funny but messed up, cutting of a mans item is just plane sadistic and nuts, she should be locked up in the loony bin, but the billbord thing is great.

    38. Day Dreamer says:

      Cheating can have its toll on a woman's trust, but I think you have to remember that not all women are the same. Just like not all men are the same. It isn't fair to the good men and women out there, to be lumped together with the slimballs and psychopaths. If you've been cheated on, pick up your pride and move on. Revenge isn't going to fix anthing.

    39. Andy Jane says:

      I completely understand the need for revenge, as I have been cheated on myself. Three times. Same guy. And I'm still with him. But my point is…it is the ultimate breakage of trust, but guys can change. Some don't, granted, but some do. Especially if you show them that they are worth staying with, even if they were an ass for a little while. My boyfriend changed, and we're getting married, and very much in love. I still worry sometimes, but…I'm glad I didn't do anything rash. Revenge won't solve your problems. Moving on and making yourself a stronger woman for it will solve them. Hearts mend. Take it from one who knows.

    40. Alex says:

      Unless you call masturbation cheating I don't see how the common feeling seems to be that the majority of men cheat while the poor females on the surface of this planet are being cheated.

      It takes two to tango. Who the hell are they all cheating with? Hot single females?

      Actually recently a survey in Germany showed that slightly more women are unfaithful to their husbands than men are to their spouses.

      Double standards, anyone?

    41. Lark says:

      "Man Mcmanaman says:

      Sun, 8th Mar 20098:34 pm

      Also, just for laughs, if me and my girlfriend split, i’m gonna beat her so hard, cos it’s funny according to this!"

      Get a clue, dumbass. They didn't get revenge for "splitting". They were getting revenge for being cheated on. There's a difference.

    42. Lark says:

      "Alex says:

      Wed, 18th Mar 20092:42 am

      Unless you call masturbation cheating I don’t see how the common feeling seems to be that the majority of men cheat while the poor females on the surface of this planet are being cheated.

      It takes two to tango. Who the hell are they all cheating with? Hot single females?

      Actually recently a survey in Germany showed that slightly more women are unfaithful to their husbands than men are to their spouses.

      Double standards, anyone?"

      What exactly is your point? That women don't have a right to be enraged when their husbands/ boyfriends cheat on them, because some unknown other woman is cheating on some unknown other guy somewhere? Get a grip. It's personal, and they don't act as representatives for some dick-cutting union.

    43. michael c. says:

      i'm a guy, and i say, it is absolutely acceptable for a woman to get revenge on a cheating male. although, i don't think it's okay to chop off his genitalia…

      but anything that is below castration is acceptable though. the ass hole probably deserves it. so the next time you as a woman find out that your husband/boyfriend is cheating on you, instead of simply breaking up with him, think of some extremely clever way to get back at him.

    44. Shawn says:

      I agree 100% that ANYONE be it male or female that cheats is one of the lowest things someone can do, but come on people. I do agree that a person is allowed to get revenge, but destruction of property and things to that nature are cool and funny? I don't care what anyone else says, if people do things of that nature they deserve to get the harsh punishment of the law. Yes it's hurtful and hearbreaking but it seems when it comes to this subject people deem it "okay" to do these things then complain and regret it later when capital punishment is brought onto them. At times people just seem to forget what morals are. Christ I hate the world we live in sometimes.

    45. […] The sad fact is that, while there are exceptions, many people who cheat, cheat again. So even knowing that, should you take them back? Sure, you want to, a part of you is probably aching to, but does that mean you should? And what about the truly repentant? Should they be punished because of a statistical probability? Or should you just do this? […]

    46. sarah says:


    47. DEE says:

      I think men whom cheat with get it in the end.I have one that has been cheating forever i just found out. and her name is linda brammer and she knows he is married and she dont care .so all u ladies that are angery call her and tell her what a slut she is she is. works in dalton,ga as a xray tech. 706-581-0712 battlefield imaging

    48. john says:

      ok cheating is cool dats all girls are here for is sex and 4 the man who got his penis cut of lol ahahah dats cool moor bitchs for me he dickless lol poor bitch i make his wife happy for him are your wifes happy for yous woohoo ahahah ya

    49. Chell says:

      I fully believe its okay to give them whats coming to them. No not with a knive but I want them to suffer like the pain caused upon me. The sleepless, anguished nights where I cried and cried and have never felt worse or more horrible about myself. How is that fair they cheat and I lost everything? I hardly have my sanity left… but damaging things wouldnt be revenge. I want him to feel the way I did when I walked in on our anniversary to him naked with some vial disgusting woman because I came home only 20 minutes earlier… he should feel the way I did.. feel the endless days of torture and the panic attacks I would get and just cry and couldn’t stop myself for hours. There is no greater pain I felt then being cheated on and I’ve lived a pretty difficult life.

      Try walking a mile in my shoes and saying the worst they should feel is “whoops I got caught”

    50. stoprevenge says:

      I'm a man and I've suffered through two infidelities, three if you count kissing, and I say it is completely wrong to get revenge. It hurts more than anything I've ever known elsewhere, but I would never think about harming my partner in any way. To say something about angry women, I think modern women are cheating more than men do, it's just that women expect men to be perfect and make it seem like we're the bad guys. Really, I know to many guys who give their girlfriends everything and receive crap. That's not love, it's called being a selfish diva. That's all I have to say.

    51. Ms. Buttersworth says:

      I have recently lost a lucrative job due to downsizing. Feeling secure in my relationship of 18+ years I gleefully returned to school. Unemployment aiding me in paying my share of the bills. Only to find out my partner now has "a brand new girlfriend". He still lives here in my house . Today I found that he suddenly locks up his truck. Why? A 2 am trip to the truck explained it all. he is now hauling around HER bowling bag in the truck. At first I was going to slice it to ribbons and roll the ball down the alley. I actually considered donating it. Having it come up missing just didnt seem like enough. Instead. I covered the contents in maple syrup and put it back into the locked truck. Tomorrow is bowling night. Good luck to her. And him? Im empting our account in the morning.

    52. ranger334 says:

      i may be presented with a very promising possibility of revenge on a cheater in the future, my ex girlfriend cheated on me when i was back home for two weeks, the night that i was supposed to come back, i missed my bus. She had a threesome with two of her friends, and i busted her ass when i found some rubs in the trash. we broke up and i left and went back home, i live in NY but went to school in boston where she is from.

      before i left she kept saying that this didnt have to be the end of us and that we could just go on a break, and how she is still going to call me and try to be my "friend". I know that sooner or later she is gonna come calling when she thinks i have moved on and try to wrangle me back into that shitty relationship.

    53. ranger334 says:

      This is where the revenge comes in, when she comes calling, i will give her the oppourtunity to set the record straight, because she never admitted to the threesome or any prior cheating, she swore up and down that it was a one time thing, but i know what happened. If she can man-up and own up to everything that happened, then the revenge plan wont even go into effect, but if she continues to deny in the hopes that she can get me back, i will play right back and feign some interest in seeing her and pretend to miss her all under the pretenses of getting her to come visit me for a weekend or something, and then when she does come visit and makes the 5 hour road trip by herself with all the hopes of sliding back into my life, i will burst her bubble by giving her a false address, (she doesnt know where my new apartment is) and telling her to drive right back when she starts calling me after shes wondering why im not in the condemned and abandonded house that i sent her too.

      What do you guys think??? tooo harsh, or a Perfect revenge plan.

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